An offer I cannot refuse





Celebrity Cruise Lines sent me an invitation last week. It read:


“Hi Andie,

We want to invite you onboard Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, Celebrity Silhouette, for the cruise line’s first-ever Epicurean Adventure on November 4-6, as the ship makes her North American debut in New York City’s backyard. Celebrity Cruises is partnering with Gilt City to create an exclusive culinary experience to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and we’d like you to come onboard to experience the festivities alongside these guests. A 5-course dinner hosted by Jacques Van Staden, Celebrity Cruises Master Chef, will showcase the cuisine of top chefs Claudia Fleming, Andrea Reusing, Lee Anne Wong, Daisy Martinez, and Alex Guarnaschelli. 

It will also be a great chance for you to experience the innovative and exquisite culinary experience that Celebrity Cruises offers first-hand. Celebrity Silhouette boasts 12 dining venues onboard including The Lawn Club Grill, the first large-ship outdoor, interactive grill restaurant where guests can grill alongside a Celebrity Cruises chef and the uniquely unordinary Qsine, the first seagoing restaurant to feature a menu and wine list on an iPad® and an engaging food-as-theater dining experience.”




I didn’t think twice.

Tonight I’m taking the red eye to New York.



46 thoughts on “An offer I cannot refuse

  1. Debra

    What a lovely and fitting honor. I’m certain this is one of many to come. Hope you have a wonderous experience.
    Safe travels dear Andie. We’ll all be here waiting to hear all about it, complete with pictures.

  2. johnny

    You deserve it! Have fun! We’ll all pray for safe travel and a wonderful time!

    Remember what I said about a year ago? One day I can tell my friends that I knew Andie (albeit by internet) before she became really famous!!!

    Lots of Love goes out to you! :)

  3. Lizzy

    WOW….when I read that you were coming to NY I thought “how cool would it be to have a great big, casual dinner for all your fans that are local. But really, you should contact Dr. Oz and be a guest tomorrow while you are here…it is the perfect venue and audience !!!Enjoy the cruise and the entire experience xoxo

  4. Maggie

    I was kinda hoping that you were coming to foodbuzz so I could stalk you (with love) in SF! But a cruise does sound loads better than a blogging conference…
    Have a very lovely time!

  5. Melissa

    Andie –

    Just came across your site…really have no idea how – long line of Pinterest posts, maybe?! Who knows – crazy internet!

    Anyway, just spent the longest time reading up on you, your history, your fun life, and I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have found your blog. I recently lost 50 lbs, and have 20 more to go. I’m at that point of “how on earth do I not get fat again?!” And your blog is a great source of ideas and inspiration.

    Cheers to you and all you do!

  6. Lea @ Healthy Coconut

    What a fabulous invitation.

    I myself just returned from Carnival’s 9-day Mexican Riviera Cruise. It was a lot of fun and a ton of food and a plethora of desserts. We had a wonderful time.

    I’m sure you enjoyed the trip and I can’t wait for you to post about your experience.


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