Back in the States



Back in my own bed.



Back reading magazines.


Back eating all things chocolate.


Back to my best girl, Dee.

iPhoneograhy 035

Back to bookworming without literally finding that worms have nested in my books in the jungle. I read 3 books while away in Central America, and exactly none of them made it back to the States unscathed. st_pattys_day

Back to being *75% Irish.


Back with my sisters.


Back to Starbucksing. And venti-sizing for that matter.


Back brushing my hair.

Back to your *regularly scheduled blog programming tomorrow.

*I don’t know what this is, exactly, but let’s get back to it.



26 thoughts on “Back in the States

  1. Mica

    Hi Andrea!

    First-time commenter, but long-time reader! Welcome back!

    Just a quick question–I thought your itinerary had you staying until April. Did you decide to come back earlier?

    I mean, chocolate cake rolls would probably make me come back sooner… :-)

  2. Kate

    It feels like you just got there! I’m so sad you had to leave…I was having so much fun living vicariously thru your fabulous posts! Welcome home. I hope your adventure was everything you were hoping for :-)

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  4. Trish

    Welcome Home! So glad I was able to “join” you on your venture. You made it feel like I was right there. Although here in Vermont the temps will be in the mid 80’s today so I am enjoying a “vacation” as well! Glad your home safe!

  5. Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine)

    Welcome home, Andie! Are you officially in MA now? I think if this is the case we need to meet for one of those Starbucks sometime ;) I’d love to meet my blog idol in person! Either if you’re visiting your college in the Western part of the state or I’m visiting my college in the Eastern, we should figure something out. Good luck on continuing your book! I’ll be first in line when it comes to my local book store!

  6. Carol @ Lucky Zucca

    Welcome home!! Your Central American adventures were incredible but I’m sure it feels nice to be home again. :) Glad you’re back safe & sound and that your trip was nothing less than an incredible experience.

  7. Sara

    You are totally reading the Hunger Games in that picture. I just finished all three myself and that page look familiar… Headed to the movie this weekend??

  8. Tara Walker

    I have to say first, WELCOME BACK! Second, I am so glad you came back because my jealousy was KILLING me :-) Happy being back!

  9. Crystal Brothers

    Hi! I just discovered your blog. You are a talented writer and such an inspiration. I am amazed that you took control of your life at age 20. I am just now (hoping) to finally do that at age 29. I’m the girl who was skinny all through high school, gained about 15 lbs in college, then BLEW UP after getting married and having kids. I, like you, am an emotional eater. My food addiction is completely linked to depression and anxiety issues. I am praying that I can hang on this time. Again, I think it’s awesome that you were able to do such a HUGE thing at an early age.


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