Dear Friday

Dear Friday,

Can I get a mimosa?

Hold the orange juice.

And the cup.

You know what, if you could just pass me the champagne bottle-

Nope, I’m great with popping it open.

Yes, I’ll use my teeth (mom, look the other way).

I’m just so tickled you’re here. And we should celebrate. Really we should.

Celebrate, I say!




Dear Reader,

I would have had a wonderful recipe to share with you this morning, but my computer was infected with malware and therefore decided to shut down last night. I will be restoring all of my extremely narcissistic and inappropriate pictures of myself and food now. You’re more than welcome. Please expect more of my favorite [egomaniacal and eccentric] I-love-food-and-so-should-you recipe posts to come.

And also, I love you.


Too much?

Get back to me.






27 thoughts on “Dear Friday

  1. Gina

    I most definitely drank cheap champagne straight from the bottle on occasion…ah college days, you are missed…but not your hang-overs!

  2. Di

    I’m sorry about your computer! That’s so awful!

    …I’ll be on the next flight out of Logan with a bottle of champagne. (I wish!)

  3. Cindy

    I’m with ya on a mimosa today!

    sorry about technical difficulites. I have them all the time. Sometimes it’s just trying to put on my shoes.


  4. johnny

    One monstrous smile looking through the screen
    at ya!! Even if you hadn’t had technical difficulties
    you deserve a day off…what the heck take the weekend off!! We’ll look for you when you are ready!Enjoy the mamosa :)

  5. Leah @ Why Deprive?

    Someone needs to invent a computer that works 100% perfectly all the time. It would make them SO rich.
    Im ready for some champagne too. Pretty sure it would soothe my sore throat beautifully! :)

  6. stephanie

    dear friday…. thank god you exist!
    dear saturday…. I wish you were friday again.
    dear sunday….. beeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp

    hangover cure on the international cooking club for all on sunday!!!!!

  7. Kerry

    Ugh computer problems are sometimes the absolute hardest things to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I always feel really spoiled and obnoxious saying it, but if our jobs didn’t require a computer that worked 100% of the time but supplied us with one that worked, say, 50% of the time… I wouldn’t have to complain!!!

  8. Stacy

    Andrea, due to a busy week my Read Can You Stay for Dinner Time was taken up with work & family. So I got to read all of this week’s posts in one sitting. Thank you a thousand times. You are a delight.


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