Electrolux #splits: The Classic Banana Split

I suppose I owe Foodbuzz a letter of gratitude. No, not because they’re raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, though that’s really a plus. Because before now, I’d never spooned a banana split into my mouth.

The scoop:

To help spread the word and raise money for the OCRF, Foodbuzz is sponsoring a posting challenge, asking Featured Publishers to create the ultimate Banana Split. Foodbuzz will then donate $50 for every banana split posted (up to $5,000). To raise even more money for ovarian cancer research, head over to the Kelly Confidential website by clicking here.

To be quite honest, I always assumed that my sundae would taste more scrumptious when it was toppling over a warmed fudge brownie. Because unless it’s pies and cobblers that I’m gobbling, I discriminate against fruit when I’m seeking decadence. My apologies.

But like all judgments, I had been unfair and ignorant. A baseball sized scoop each of strawberry, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate ice creams, drizzled in homemade hot fudge, piped with whipped cream, and garnished with cherries and toasted walnuts- does indeed deserve it’s own entry in my definition of decadence.



20 thoughts on “Electrolux #splits: The Classic Banana Split

  1. Kelly

    I agree with Tina above…I am not sure I have actually ever had a banana split. It seems like such an American pasttime but one that I obviously missed! haha!

  2. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    I spent 6 summers working in a DQ, so I had my share of splits, but I agree about the fruit thing. I always seek out chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, coffee…anything but fruit. My husband is the opposite…which works out nicely :)

  3. Lauren @ Health on the Run

    Haha, I’m the same way. I usually discriminate against banana splits due to the whole “banana” thing, and go for the chocolate brownie instead. But this looks amazing!!! Now you have me craving one. I think it’s hot enough outside to justify having a banana split for lunch. ;)

  4. Faith

    I keep reading these posts and wishing I hadn’t spent the last several years adamantly hating bananas and ordering banana splits without the banana!

  5. Jennifer

    Ahhh! That looks amazing! My husband made me a banana split for the first time a few weeks ago. He could not believe that I had never tried one. It was so good. I put some sprinkles on mine for some extra cheer. haha

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