Grape jelly.

grape jelly (2)

I promise that come Friday, all will be right and good and pure and sensible in the world. I may become one or more of those things, even.

But today,

let’s have a nice long look at the sexiest picture of jelly I’ve ever taken.*

grape jelly (1)

*And I’ve taken a lot.



22 thoughts on “Grape jelly.

  1. Wendy

    Hi Andie – I happened to come across your site a couple of weeks ago and have to admit that I am pretty much hooked now. Your recipes are fab (have tried a few; your photos are great but most of all your writing is wonderful!

    By the way here in South Africa we would call this ‘Grape Jam’ and what you call ‘jello’ – we call jelly!

    Oh and an exta by the way …. summer is starting here!!

  2. Melissa E

    Eek, my RSS feed hasn’t been telling me when you post new posts. That seems awfully mean. My RSS feed is absolutely grounded.

    Lovely the jelly pics. I remember singing about grape jelly as a young one but I don’t think I’ve ever actually tasted it. Shocking but I feel alright about it at the moment ’cause I just finished making the best bruschetta from scratch. Mmm, yummilicious.

    Hope the writing is going swimmingly!

  3. Johnny

    OHHHHH! Grape Jelly is my no. 1 favorite jelly! Never saw it as being sexy before this, those pics are indeed sexy! :)

  4. The Decor Girl

    Whoa, before I even got to the bottom of your post I could taste the jelly on the screen. That was a really great pic! Nice work. Now stop, I’m trying to wean myself off sweets for a while. :)

  5. Riss

    Dearest Andie, I’ve stayed away for too long! School and the fall semester has consumed my time… but I’m so delighted that I took the time to stop by this morning. Still loving your blog, your sweet precise words, your unparalleled perspective, and your lovely pictures… and I’m more excited than ever about your book deal.

    I shan’t wait so long before stopping by for another visit!

  6. Brook - Learn to Preserve

    You’ve been a very busy girl Andie.
    If you ever have some spare time , how about taking a walk with me in one of our beautiful Pacific Northwest forests? We can forage for some Wild Oregon Grapes and then we’ll do more “wild preserving”, turning them into Oregon Grape Jelly. (Remember how much fun the Pickled Fiddleheads were? Huh?)
    Then I can look forward to you taking a photo of the sexiest WILDEST grape jelly ever!

  7. Hannah

    Made this last night for 6 people and it was a hit! Even the 7 year old ate ALL her vegetables and wanted more chicken! :) Perfect recipe, and I’m making it again next week… Great way to get veggies in… Since it didn’t give servings, I added a little water and a tad more cornstarch, and it turned out wonderful!


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