How Anthony Brown Lost 180 Pounds

How Anthony Brown Lost 180 Pounds

Weight Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo.

This week’s Weight Loss Winner is Anthony Brown who lost 180 pounds!

Age: 34
Starting Weight: 375
Current Weight: 195
Weight loss: 180 Pounds
Method: Counting calories and lifting weights.

Head over to Yahoo to see the full story and more pics.



4 thoughts on “How Anthony Brown Lost 180 Pounds

  1. scarf

    This is amazing, I love how each and everyone have their own way in losing weight. The diet menu is amazing and helpful too. I could really use some idea of diet menu :) people are also having success losing fats with this

  2. Sofia

    It is amazing to see how people like Anthony can achieve their goals. Everything is a matter of effort and dedication and nothing is free in this life. It makes us reflect that what we propose, we can achieve it in the same way as Anthony. He is a great example that we should admire. However, everyone has their way of losing weight. My recommendation for people who also want to lose weight like Anthony or to even lose a little over 180 pounds is the next product I was shocked and would like to see more winners like Anthony.


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