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  1. stacie

    Your previous post was SO real…so honest….so revealing. It was as if someone opened up my head and heart and saw all of the hurts there. You are amazing! Thank YOU for sharing your journey with us all.

  2. Suzanne

    Even in our darkest hours, there are many traveling the path with us. It’s good that we reach out and hold hands occasionally. I think about you a lot and send another jolt of strength, warmth and affection your way.

  3. Sally Maijenski

    I’ve recently started following you, and lovelovelove your blog. I think I want to share your last post on sadness with a former student of mine. She’s sad, and her parents refuse to believe her. She’ll be starting college in the fall, and it’s a fresh start for her. I know she’ll relate, take comfort, and love reading your stuff, especially about feeling homesick at home. Thank you for your honesty, humor and wit. You are an absolute joy to read! And YES, I’d love to stay for dinner!!


  4. Rebecka LeFoll

    I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled across your website this morning and started to cry. You are SUCH an inspiration to me. I’ve been large my whole life and have started that weight-loss journey that every overweight person dreads. Thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts and feelings. You are an incredible person. Thank you!

  5. Lexi

    Thank you for saying all of that in your last post. It is some kind of magic to read words like that; like they came from inside my own head head, but were delivered in a new voice I could actually hear – a voice I haven’t smothered and tried to ignore. Thank you, Andie.

  6. Diane

    I love everything about this! Your blog is wonderful…honest, open and heart touching. Thank you for sharing yourself with us…it’s appreciated!

  7. Sue

    I too just began following you and you touch me in so many ways.

    thank you for being you and being here.

  8. Lori

    Just imagine all the people who didn’t comment on your last entry, the silent masses who are also with you on your journey.

    Like me. I’m homesick with you.

    You are loved. Thank you for everything.

  9. Mary

    I have LOVED following your blog and seeing your transformation. I come from a similar story of suffering from binge eating and reading your story gives me hope that I will one day overcome this! Thank you for this blog, for your hope and for being you!

  10. Trish

    Sweet, wonderful Andie. The battle that you fight inside of you I have no experience with but I want you to know that you have already conquered it. You are aware of what it is, what it is capable of doing and what YOU need to do to help keep this beast at bay. Most importantly you weren’t afraid to share it with us and because of that you are the one in control. I pray happiness shines on you and for the days when you feel it isn’t know that you are in control of this – if you feel like crawling under the covers with a bowl of ice cream it is ok. But not for too long, I’m patiently awaiting another blog entry from you! You may remember when I don’t hear from you I get all discombobulated :) We all love you!

  11. Yasmine

    I like what Suzanne said, above: “Even in our darkest hours, there are many traveling the path with us. It’s good that we reach out and hold hands occasionally.”
    And what Lori also said, above: “Just imagine all the people who didn’t comment on your last entry, the silent masses who are also with you on your journey.
    Like me.”

    I didn’t have the words to comment on your last post, but I’m grateful that you opened up your heart and shared with us (and have been sharing so much with us all along). I, too, am on this journey right now, and it makes me feel so much more comforted to know that, as Suzanne and Lori and so many others pointed out, we are in this together. I’d hold hands or highfive any of you, any day!

    Sending you much love and light from California, Andie.

  12. Amy

    Oh I am just seeing the first post. It was so honest raw and beautiful. I am sad that there are so many people on this earth that feel the way that you do even at times when as you say your life is beautiful. I am happy for you that you are lucky enough to realize that it is helpful to talk to someone and to seek help. I wish you the best in your journey to being able to feel the happiness that you can see. hugs.

  13. Leanne (Simplicitlee)

    Andie my dear <3

    1) I havne't been by your blog in too long. I missed your beautiful writing.

    2) I read your previous post on depression. You are SO brave. I suffer from anxiety (bouts of depression too) and it's something that can be hard for others to understand. Talking it out with someone is always helpful. You've actually helped me in the past when I needed a inspiring comment to pick me up.

    Wishing you all the content-ness you deserve. <3

  14. Nossi @ The Kosher Gastronome

    I didn’t comment on your post the other day, but I wanted to..I wanted to say I totally understood what you were saying, and it made sense…and to give you props for being open in such a public forum…well done, and may we all have your courage

  15. NoThankYouPlease

    Hi! This is the wrong area for this, but in the recipes tab, when you try to click tuna rangoon, it takes you to the tater tot recipe instead.

    Maybe not everyone has this issue, but I tried a few times before eventually just typing the recipe name into the search box, but I figured you would want to know! :)

  16. amy s (OH)

    I’m curious… how did you manage to work through your depression and still lose weight? I’m a lot like you. Everything around me and in my life is great yet that heavy weight of depression suffocates me at times. Sometimes I’m fine sometimes I’m sad. I’ve been trying to lose weight, and like most people, have turned to food when depressed. When you had those rough times of depression, what did you do to keep yourself from turning to food and eventually allow yourself get to where you wanted to be with your weight?
    P.S. I’m a big fan of yours and always love to read your blog : )

  17. Mindy

    Andie – I didn’t comment on the original post, but you have helped so many by your heartfelt and honest words. We love you too!

  18. Kelly

    I stumbled upon your website via pinterest and I’ve been soaking up all your goodness, your journey, your wonderful words and delightful manner of sharing for over an hour now. WOW. You are amazing and I have LOVED reading about your weight loss journey. I’ve lost 75 lbs and have another 50-60 to go…sound familiar?! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I found your website and insights to eating, exercise, recipes, thoughts. I KNOW what you shared from what you learned will help me to continue on my own journey. Reading your stories is JUST WHAT I NEEDED. JUST.WHAT.I. NEEDED and when I needed it. Maybe I wouldn’t have been ready if I read this before today?! THANK YOU! PLEASE CONTINUE SHARING!! You have helped me and I’m CERTAIN, looking at all the comments, you are helping others–MANY others!

  19. Liz

    I think about all the lives you touch and inspire and many times tickle. We do all the taking from you. Thank you for all your wisdom…you are a sane voice in a sea of impossibility.

  20. Ashley Bee

    I didn’t think it was possible for you to become even MORE of an idol for me–girl, I have been dealing with depression for YEARS and have just recently come to terms with it. You are SUCH an inspiration and such a wonderful person. I totally get you. You’re wonderful. I can’t wait for your book. I hope our paths cross someday.

  21. cristina

    HI, im from brazil, i hope you will be abble to understand my english coz it´s been a long time i haven´t practice at all.
    First off all welldone and congratulation, you look just gorgeous..i would like to share my history with you peharps you can help me.. im not fat, but i need to lose like 10 kilos, but for me it´s so dificult, im anxious and this feeling never let me lose weight, actually im just putting on, and more anxious i get, more food i eat, sometimes i dont feel the taste of the food at all but i still eatting coz i feel like it. Im taking some medicines (i went in the psychiatrist) not to lose weight, is to control my anxious and even to a psycologist to try understand why lose weight is so important to me, coz i feel like every one are looking for me and thinking that im fat, that im ugly, and i cant buy clothes coz i don´t let me, i will, but just when i look thinner as i want. And i stopped doing so many things i like even sunbathing, coz i dont fell like coz of my overweight, but i always say that i will start a diet next day, and the next day i still eating junk foods, but i eat a lot of junk food. The problem of my anxious is that i want to lose lots of weight in 2 months not in 6 or 10 months..and this let me down..i dont feell happy

  22. Big Lovely

    You are a beautiful sister. And I love your writing. Glad I “stumbled” upon your site. There are some great people out here and you are one. Thank you for sharing your story and your advice. It helps.


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