How Michelle Sorlea Lost 171 Pounds

How Michelle Sorlea Lost 171 Pounds

Weight Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo.

This week’s Weight Loss Winner is Michelle Sorlea, who lost 171 pounds!

Age: 28
Starting Weight: 326
Current Weight: 155
Weight loss: 171 Pounds
Method: Discovering a love of fitness and eating a Paleo-type diet

Head over to Yahoo to see her full weight loss story and more pics!



2 thoughts on “How Michelle Sorlea Lost 171 Pounds

  1. Theresa

    Great job! you look fabulous. One question did you drink coffee or tea. I have been trying to give up coffee and trying to learn more about drinking tea, especially for weight loss. I found some info on perfectteabody, but I can’t decide on red tea or green tea. Please help.

  2. Morgan Johnson

    This is a very encouraging story. Gives us all hope. Yes, we finally get back to a routine. It was a long hot Summer, but I managed to keep most of the pounds. I hope I can benefit from your content and the feedback of others. There are some great meal ideas. I did start a weight loss program that a friend was doing. I’m down 11 pounds and 2 sizes, and I’ve only been drinking this amazing tea for 14 days. I’m having success losing belly fat with this…


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