My Ultimate Day of Eating

french toast

One of my favorite questions to ask people is,

What would you eat on your last day on Earth?

It fascinates me.

In fact, it fascinates me more than nearly all of my other favorite hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios and deserted island what-ifs. Mostly because I’m interested in hearing another’s favorite foods, but also because the forceful choice- narrowing down everything edible into three square meals plus dessert- gets to the root of what we love most. Our purest, most unabashed food love.

As you might expect, I’ve been crafting my ultimate day of eating for quite some time now.

Here she is:
geraldine's french toast

French toast bar from Portage Bay, Seattle, WA 

Thick, custardy slices of homemade challah bread that have been soaked in vanilla egg batter. The toppings bar includes a variety of fresh berries, whipped cream, nuts, butter and organic Vermont maple syrup.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Bruno’s, Amherst, MA

Fried chicken tenders, sliced and dipped in hot wing sauce, on top of traditional cheese pizza with crumbled blue cheese and a drizzle of blue cheese dressing.


Longhorn Burger from 5Spot, Seattle, WA

Pasture finished grass fed Northwest beef with roasted Anaheim peppers, bacon, pepper jack cheese & frizzled onions. Served with ancho dusted fries.



White Cake from White’s Pastry Shop, Hingham, MA

I die.

Now, please [please please please] tell me your ultimate day of eating. I need to know.


Photo sources: ginnerobot, karen_neoh, stu_spivack, micronova



97 thoughts on “My Ultimate Day of Eating

  1. Karen Ullrich Eastman

    hmmmmmm, this question is rather hard to answer. not surprising though. love to cook and eat :).


    breakfast: Great Grandmothers Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Bacon, Fried Egg, Caramel Frapp

    Lunch: Pizza, thick crust with sausage, olives and mushrooms. Diet coke with Cherries and Grenadine

    Dinner: Seafood galore: shrimp, steamed clams, lobster, shrimp scampi, scallops, etc. Amaretto and diet Coke

    Dessert: Mint Chocolate chip ice cream

    Now ask me this again in like a week and it will be completely different!! just made your bulgogi recipe tonight and on my that was yummy. rather close to making it onto the dinner list but my seafood love won out.

  2. Kelly

    Love this post!
    Breakfast…sausage or chipped beef gravy on white bread made by my mother, large glass of milk
    Lunch…Hawaiian pizza from Ciro’s Pizza in San Diego, giant mountain dew
    Dinner…French baguette, assorted cheese, salami, apples, nuts, mustard, honey & an overflowing glass of Cabernet Sauvignon
    Dessert…my famous homemade brownies, large glass of milk
    Why don’t we eat like this everyday? ;-)

  3. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Breakfast: Cook’s Calling omelet with 9 grain toast from Eggsperience in Chicago. (Could I please get a side of Cinnamon Roll pancakes from Orange from Chi-town as well?)

    Lunch: Loco Moco from Mark’s Place on Kauai or the mixed grill with butterfish from Hukilau Lanai if Mark’s was closed.

    Dinner: A pepperoni deep dish from Paxti’s Pizza in San Fran with a hunk of sourdough from Boudin Bakery.

    Dessert would be my peanut butter chocolate pudding but since I should’ve have to cook my last day on Earth, 2 Kara’s Fleur De Sel cupcakes and a black and white and vanilla vanilla from Sprinkles.

    As you can see, I haven’t thought about this at all.

  4. Vicki

    My favorite meal would be Baked Sweet Potatoe, with butter, Green Beans with Bacon and Meatloaf! And a large glass of Iced Tea. Then for Dessert…My Carrot Cake recipe. YUM! YUM! That will do just fine!

  5. Morgan

    Breakfast: White Chocolate Mocha Soy Latte and a Poppyseed Pumpernickel bagel from Hava Java, Phoenix, AZ.
    Lunch: Turkey Bacon Melt from Zanzabar, San Diego, CA.
    Dinner: Wings and a Monaco Foccacia (flat foccacia bread with grilled chicken, mozz. cheese, and ranch) from Goldie’s, Scottsdale, AZ.
    Dessert: Ice Cream from Mootime Icecreamery at The Del on Coronado Island, San Diego, CA.

  6. Jess

    Breakfast: A crispy bagel stuffed with egg, spinach, provolone and not too spicy mustard with a Nutella latte.

    Lunch: A smorgasbord of sushi rolls and cucumber vodka shots in little edible cucumber glasses from our favorite little place on the Big Island in Hawaii.

    Dinner: What I grew up on, cream of chicken soup with rice. Plain as plain can be, but with some homemade wassail to comfort me into the abyss.

  7. Elsa Patricia

    Oh dear!
    This is the best question to ask or to answer!

    French baguette, scrambled eggs and like 8 strips of bacon (pls don’t judge ;) )
    Rice, black beans, ropa vieja meat (look it up andie its like shredded meat cuban style.. Yes even thought I’m dominican) and fried ripe plantains with glass of cold coca cola.
    Friday’s Jack Daniels Burger with a glass of coca cola.
    A piece of devils food cake.

    And I just gained 5 pounds writing this <3

  8. Barb

    Interesting question. I think I would still keep my abstinence. I have peace with abstinence. I would like my last day to be filled with the people I love not the food I love. Maybe I would fast that day? Definitely an interesting question.

  9. Barb

    oh duh… I need to go to bed!! Hahahaha! I thought it was the ultimate day of eating because it’s your last day on earth. Time for bed!

  10. Shawna

    Breakfast: Croque Monsieur from Agate Pass Cafe in Suquamish, WA.
    Lunch: Butternut squash risotto with Parmesan and black truffles
    Dinner: Macadamia crusted shutome with crispy potato cakes and creme fraiche from The Beach House in Kauai
    Dessert: Salted caramel chocolate cupcake with fleur de sel from Sweet Surrender in Kingston, WA.

  11. Alma

    I’ve answered the last meal question a few times, but never the last day question. I’m all for variety, so this will meander a bit.

    -Breakfast: 1 slice of cinnamon raisin toast with Irish butter and cinnamon sugar made with light brown sugar and Saigon cinnamon. 1 breakfast taco made with a corn tortilla, grilled, and topped with perfect scrambled eggs, grilled onions and peppers, cheese, avocado, and salsa verde. Giant cappuccino with some sort of beautiful decoration of foam. Giant glass of fresh-squeeze extra pulp OJ.

    Snack: Some greek yogurt and lime/cilantro scented pineapple with English breakfast team with just a tiny bit of sugar in the raw. No lemon or honey.

    Lunch: French onion soup with a buttery crouton covered in molten Swiss cheese. Arugula salad dressed with a lemon vinaigrette with some grilled chicken. Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Cherry lime soda, extra cherries.

    Snack: Blackberries and sugar snap peas. Rice crackers dipped in hummus and then dipped in tabbouleh. Ice water with oranges and cucumbers.

    Dinner: Potato and cheese enchiladas–green and red sauce. Spanish rice. Corn on the cob covered in lime and cotija with some chili powder. Banana brown betty. Pimms cup. Maybe 2.

    Snack: Peppermint tea with my most favorite cherry chocolate chunk cookie with three types of chocolate and pecans. Or maybe some pumpkin something or other if it was fall.

    Funny that almost all of the foods I crave are things I’d make myself. A lot of these foods are things I’ve had from childhood that remind me of my late mother. Tea at bedtime, for instance, is a habit I cherish. I couldn’t figure out a way to eat pho, but it’d be in there, too–if only as a bite off a friend’s bowl. I’d gain 100 pounds that day and wouldn’t be able to move, but man–I’d be happy. Of course, if you asked tomorrow, I might change this slightly. :)

  12. Erika

    This is one of my favorite questions too!

    Breakfast: Eggs Benedict, hashbrowns, fruit, and coffee with more cream than coffee in the mug from Glo’s on Capitol Hill.

    Lunch: a Cuban Roast from Paseo, with a can of Coke, eaten at Golden Gardens.

    Dinner: Buffalo wings and Sarah’s spinach salad (spinach, goat cheese, dried cherries, slivered almonds, and pomegranate vinaigrette) with Dr. Pepper from Hattie’s Hat in Ballard.

    Dessert: a slice of chocolate cake covered with my boyfriend’s grandma’s frosting, and a side of sour cherry gelato from Fainting Goat in Wallingford.

  13. Pam

    Breakfast- I love a McDonald’s big breakfast I make my own sausage egg hashbrown biscuit sandwich, with pancakes soaked with syrup for my sweet tooth on the side.
    Lunch- Planet Dallies, Las Vegas stuffed perfect Rueben sandwich with fries
    Dinner- Outback steakhouse Victoria fillet medium rare with seasoned fries
    Dessert- warm bread pudding with vanilla ice cream until its too painful to eat anymore!

  14. Kate

    This is so hard!

    Breakfast: Huevos rancheros with plenty of salsa fresca, sour cream, fresh guac and pinto beans. There’s no good mexican food here so I don’t know who’d make it for me! Followed by a pot of green tea, drunk slowly.

    Lunch: Mixed meat kebab with bread, olives and tomato sauce from my favourite stall in the Djeema el Fnaa, Marrakesh. Marrakeshi orange juice served alongside with a little cup of piping hot Morroccan coffee afterwards.

    Snack: Pot of mango sencha green tea and a slice of cranberry orange cake from Tea Sutra, Newcastle.

    Dinner: Bouillabaise with crispy, thin fries and creamy rouille. From Sam’s in Fowey, Cornwall.

    Dessert: Caffe al affogato from Marco Polo, Newcastle – vanilla icecream, amaretti biscuits, espresso and a shot of frangelico. Combine and devour.

    1. Kate

      My boyfriend says:

      Breakfast: Cinammon buns.

      Snack: Pizza from the Slicery.

      Lunch: Turkey burger with chunky chips from The Town Wall.

      Snack: Fruit.

      Dinner: Boxty from The Boxty House.

      Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake.

  15. Sheryn

    I think I would just spend the day eating hot, fresh french bread with a nice fruity olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt… and about ten million super ripe strawberries… and fresh raspberries… and dark chocolate with mint.

  16. Sonal

    Oh my gosh this is a terribly difficult question to answer, sooo close to lunch time when my stomach is growling, but let me try my best:

    Breakfast: Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

    Lunch: Sushi from Geisha House including avocado, spicy tuna, salmon and cream cheese etc. etc. With Lots of wasabi and soya sauce.

    Dinner: Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and tomato cream sauce with lots of chilli flakes (from Capitano).

    Dessert: A big piece of banoffee pie, with a side of choocolate ice cream.

    Ok i’ve officially died also.

  17. L

    breakfast- Crabcake Benedict from the Red Cottage in Dennis, MA

    lunch- Jerk Chicken mac&cheese from Ya Mon in Worcester, MA

    dinner- Eggplant Lasagna from Il Camino in Leominster, MA

    dessert- A Nutty Irishman (coffee, bailey’s, frangelico)

  18. Coni Otto

    Mine would have to be………

    Breakfast: Chicken Fried Steak, crispy hash browns, and 2 over medium eggs with a biscut, smothered in country gravy.. Any greasy spoon would work…

    Lunch: Definately Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah because the Fried chicken they serve there is the best I have ever had, with mashed potatoes, creamed corn… OMG… Make a reservation or you will never get in…

    Dinner: I would start with Dragos char grilled oysters

    I would move on to Deanie’s in New Orleans for some BBQ Shrimp.. so good

    For dessert I would by chick-fil-a and get me a large ice cream cup with chocolate syrup… OMG they have the best ice cream of anyone…

    That would be the perfect meal for me if it was my last day!

  19. DianeKay

    I would skip breakfast and dinner for a mid-day break at Cossetta’s Itallian Market and Pizzeria in St. Paul, MN. I’d start out with a slice of pizza (any kind)then move on to any one of their entrees and if I had room I’d eat at least one cannoli.
    My mouth is watering…………..

  20. Betty Coram

    I would definitely eat breakfast at Bingham’s Family Restaurant. They have the best freshly baked breads with which they make the French toast!!

    Lunch would be mac and cheese and lots of it!

    Dinner: Pizza with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and onions!!

    Dessert would be a big glass of milk and lots of Yodels. I know that sounds weird but I used to eat them as a kid and have had them once or twice in the last 20 years so that’s my choice!

  21. Shelby

    breakfast: BLT, I’m talking good wheat bread, thick cuts of bacon (piled high) and fresh, garden grown tomatoes with mayo and eggsalad and coffee.

    lunch: pizza, mushroom and onion with a side salad and water. maybe a beer.

    dinner: my grandpa’s pasta with white sauce, side of steamed broccoli and caprese salad. YUM! alcohol on the side, obviously.

    dessert: grandma Helen’s strawberry rhubarb pie, with a nice cold glass of milk.

  22. Melissa

    Mmmmm….I love this question!
    Breakfast: French toast with maple syrup, butter, hashbrowns with Tabasco, eggs over easy and sourdough toast with butter and strawberry jam.
    Lunch: my grandma’s homemade flour tortillas and chili beans, (ground turkey, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, and spices [chili powder, cumin, etc]). The beans are always saucy like stew.
    Dinner: fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken and chunks of broccoli, crusty French bread and a big glass of 1/2 orange juice, 1/2 cranberry juice.
    Dessert: my grandma’s homemade bread pudding with raisins, whipped cream and cinnamon.
    Wow. Food is so emotional! I’m tearing up now!

  23. Carolyn

    Breakfast: Biscuits & turkey sausage gravy, chocolate croissant, french toast, hashbrowns, iced coffee
    Lunch: Sub Shop turkey sub, nachos bianco, crab rangoon
    Dinner: Coconut chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus
    Dessert: Deep-fried snickers with vanilla ice cream!

  24. sweet addy

    Breakfast: A half a grapefruit with a generous sprinkle of sugar, followed by my father’s corned beef hash – a giant pile of it, cooked a long time until it’s a little bit crispy on the bottom, with two poached eggs, English muffins and several strips of my mother’s very crispy bacon.

    Lunch: A number five from Taco bell with an added burrito supreme, no tomato on anything, and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast to drink (after losing 80 pounds, I’m not sure I’d actually be able to fit all of this in my stomach anymore, but if it were my last day on earth, I’d sure as hell try).

    Dinner: I’d start with nomnomnom spinach dip from Publix with Tostitos scoops. I’d try not to eat too much of that, because I’m also going to have the three-course dinner at Craftsteak in Las Vegas with Wagyu beef.

    Dessert: So, the three-course dinner at Craftsteak includes dessert (the best monkeybread ever), but if it’s my last day, I can *probably* make room for a hot funnelcake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

  25. jeannine

    Breakfast-Bacon, lots of bacon, eggs with toast and butter.

    Lunch.-Lombardi’s Pizza NYC

    Dinner, – A big bowl of Linguini with garlic, & oil.

    If you are in the Seattle area, please visit “My Cakes” in Snoqualmie…Yum!

  26. Crystal Froemming

    This was surprisingly easy for me!
    Breakfast: Ihop whole wheat pancakes with butter and maple syrup.
    Snack: overeasy eggs with buttered toast to dunk in yolks.
    Lunch: Burger King sausage and egg croissants without cheese.
    Dinner: Griff’s Pizza in Long Prairie Mn’s taco pizza
    Dessert: Schwan’s triple chocolate cake warmed with a side of New York Vanilla ice cream!

  27. becky

    i went to gatlinburg, tn this weekend and did a 3 hour zipline tour. so it was a total weekend of celebration…celebrated my BFFs 40th birthday and our weight loss journey that i had finally lost enough to meet the weight limit of the zipline.

    so dinner friday night was 2 bowls of never ending pasta at the OG, basically a wine tasting there and 2 glasses of moscato…then baskin robbins reece brownie waffle bowl for to another wine tasting and took a bottle of wine back to the hotel.

    sat morning was breakfast at cracker barrel 4 fried chicken tender, 2 pieces of grilled sourdough, 2 over med eggs, biscuit with gravy…lunch after the zipline was a brick over 10in pepperoni pizza.. oh me oh my no wonder i gained 4lbs this weekend…oh well lots of fun and back on program today.

  28. Liz

    Breakfast: Goldie Lox, jalapeno cheese cornbread, and a Pickled Bloody Mary from Sarabeth’s Upper West Side.

    “Snack”: A junior cheeseburger and a deviled egg from Kincaid’s in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Lunch: Mezze, Dolmas, and Chicken Frarej from Hedary’s in Fort Worth, Texas. Also an RC Cola in a small glass bottle.

    “Snack”: A sausage slice from My Little Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York.

    Dinner: Rattlesnake Canape from Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth, Texas. Chicken Enchiladas Suizas plate with borracho beans and a flaming margarita (let’s be real, it’s my last day…probably two) from La Familia in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Dessert: A slice of Black Forest Cake from Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

  29. Karen

    Very interesting to read everyone’s choices!

    Breakfast: Fluffy omelet with broccoli, mushrooms, spinach & feta; Bruegger’s pumpernickel bagel with honey walnut cream cheese; fresh pineapple; huge iced hazelnut coffee

    Snack: Chobani strawberry greek yogurt with fresh blueberries

    salad: tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar;
    sandwich from the Whistlestop Cafe, Lincoln, MA: grilled chicken, pesto, Boursin cheese, L&T on their homemade french bread;
    Snapple peach iced tea

    Snack: cheese plate with brie, sourdough bread, red grapes, Braeburn apple

    Dinner: garden salad with walnuts, blue cheese & Brianna’s poppyseed dressing, my chicken curry and carrot cake, more iced hazelnut coffee

  30. Lori

    Oh… such a very good question. Love thinking food first thing…

    Breakfast: homemade buttermilk biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, with a side of eggs over easy on toast. Paired with a nice hot cup of coffee.

    Lunch: Good ol’ bratwurst on the grill with grilled onions, mustard, and ketchup. Side of creamy mustard potato salad, and an ice cold IPA.

    Dinner: Going out for Mexican food, getting a combo platter with an enchilada, a wonderful taco, and a chili relleno, side of rice and beans. Strawberry blended margarita. Maybe two.

    Dessert: a bowl of beautiful mint chocolate chip ice cream coving a brownie, one of those that still has chips in it.

    Runner Up: Day of pizza. Breakfast pizza, pizza pizza, then pizza again for dinner, and a dessert pizza.

  31. Roxie

    Mmmm. For breakfast it would be my grandmother’s chocolate-gravy-and-biscuits. I haven’t had it since I was about twelve years old and my mouth still waters every time I think about it.

    Lunch would be most likely a plate of nachos on a bed of rice, with lots of chicken, red peppers, grilled mushrooms, and onions.

    Dinner would be my mom’s chicken-and-rice, where she boils a whole chicken, then boils rice in the broth, tears the chicken up into bits, adds it to the rice and mixes the whole thing together with cream of mushroom soup. She used to make it all the time when I was little and it is the ultimate comfort food.

    For dessert, there will be some sort of cake or cinnamon bun. If it is my last day on Earth, there might be a little of each, because I have a weakness for both. And somewhere in this day I am drinking some apple cider, because it is one of my favorite things ever.

  32. Nicole

    Breakfast: Mickey waffles from Disneyland with butter and surup, a side of bacon and a side of fresh berries. Disney room service vanilla latte. (with a Diet Coke chaser!)
    Lunch: A few slices of Fromage a Trois pizza, on sourdough crust from Flying Pie Pizza in Boise, Idaho. Salad bar, iced tea.
    Dinner: Hamburger from Wheeler’s Drive In in Nampa, Idaho with special sauce and pickles, fries with more sauce on the side for dipping.
    Dessert: Cake donut with blueberry icing from local donut shop!
    Currently on WW, so I am trying NOT to think of all the points!! Ha! but…yummmmm, Happy Monday!

  33. Liz

    I can sure warm up to this post!
    Breakfast: A great omelet plate or ANYTHING at the Flying Saucer, Chicago, IL
    Lunch: Plain pizza at Luigi’s, Lincroft, NJ
    Dinner: baseball steak (medium rare), with a baked potato and salad at The Keg….all over Canada!
    Dessert: A store-bought yellow cake with buttercream icing (it’s all about the icing) and a side of Rolo Icecream.
    Yeah, now we’re talkin’.

  34. Jennielynn

    Breakfast: Chicken ‘n’ waffle sliders and a mimosa from the Purple Place.

    Lunch: Homemade linguini and vodka sauce, grilled Italian sausage and green salad with vinaigrette and some crusty rosemary bread.

    Dinner: Marinated tri-tip, grilled medium rare, twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus.

    Desert: My mom’s sour cream lemon pie.

    Ooooo, that’s fun!

  35. Janet Vaught

    Not fair!! I do not have time to properly think this answer through. I have too much work to do and have spent too much time reading your blog and not working! Soooooo. I am going to pencil in on my calendar returning to answer on another day when I’m sure you won’t remember having asked. . ..

  36. Ame'

    Oh my favorite topic ever!!! Let’s see . . .

    Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with my mothers’ homemade biscuits & a fresh cut of steak

    Lunch: Crawfish Pasta with Creamy, Spicy White Sauce, Roasted Asparagus, & Fried Green Tomatoes

    Snack: Goldfish Crackers & String Cheese

    Dinner: Ground Beef Tacos with extra Guacamole

    Dessert: Yellow Birthday Cake with Butter-cream Icing & Vanilla Ice Cream

  37. Kristin

    Breakfast: my mothers fluffy buttery pancakes that I have yet to master, and her country fried breakfast scramble…DIVINE! Also, a chick-fil-a chicken bagel…I’m addicted. Soy latte from starbucks.

    Lunch: Greek sampler from The Olive Oil, The Woodlands, TX

    Dinner: large pizza with pepperoni and tomato & a large satchels salad from Satchel’s Pizza, Gainesville, FL.

    Dessert: brownie sundae with Oreo icecream, or my homemade dark chocolate cake, or an entire plate of baklava…or all of the above.

    That was really hard.

  38. Erin

    Breakfast: my family’s Christmas morning breakfast, which is Sausage Scramble Egg Bake, cheesy hashbrowns, homemade (by me) double blueberry jumbo muffins, and fruit compote with apricot pie filling as the “dressing”…oh a a never-ending mimosa. Prepared together with my family, in PJs.

    Lunch: Plain cheese pizza on a thick & soft crust with a side of garlic breadsticks and a caesar salad with a never-ending glass of Diet Coke. Preferably while sitting on a deck/patio next to an ocean, with a cool breeze blowing and warm sun on my face.

    Dinner: Mexican. Nachos, quesadillas, tacos. My dad’s fresh guacamole with chips, garlic salsa, and a never-ending Corona-rita.

    Dessert. A big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with a soft brownie (no nuts) on the side.

    I didn’t get it when one commenter said this was emotional, but I totally do now that I wrote out my own answer. Interesting.

  39. Diane

    Breakfast: Huge, delicious toasted everything bagels smothered in cream cheese, vanilla soy latte

    Lunch: basil, tomato, mozzarella panini, sweet potato fries, chai frapp

    Dinner: Bruschetta, love of my life, veggie stromboli, garlic bread

    Desserts: sour cream coffee cake, pumpkin bread, turtle cheesecake

  40. Michele

    Oh my gosh, ya’ll are making me hungry!

    Breakfast: poached runny egg atop toasted crusty bread and a slab of bleu cheese. A ripe peach you have to eat over the sink.

    Lunch: steamed blue crabs with lots of mustard. Maybe a beer and steamed shrimp to go along.

    Dinner: grilled fish, cheesy potatoes, green salad, and creamed spinach.

  41. Bethany

    Breakfast: Eggs Benedict and French Toast from Arties – Fairfax, VA
    Lunch: 7inch Turkey Sub with Everything from A Deli – Manassas, VA
    Dinner: 1/2 a Large Pizza (I’m about to die, no judgement) – Peppers, Onions, Pepperoni and Sausage – Tony’s New York Style Pizza – Manassas, VA
    Dessert: 2 Cupcakes (Vanilla Bean & Flourless Chocolate) from Cupcakes Actually – Fairfax, VA

    Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

  42. Kate

    After looking at the pictures in this post, I feel that my ultimate day of eating would be best spent trying to invite myself to YOUR ultimate day of eating. With some peanut M&Ms thrown in, too.

  43. Sabrina

    I never comment since I read from my phone but I had to share!

    My ultimate last meal would be at my favorite childhood restaurant Adesso. I’d start w the Blaise salad (endive, radicchio, arugula, tomatoes in a sour lemon dressing), then I’d share the four cheese pizza with my dining companions. For my entree id have the housemade gnocchi in a pink vodka sauce and dip their crusty Italian bread in it. For dessert I would eat every bite of their mascarpone sweet, dotted with chocolate chips and topped with crushed amaretti cookies.


    The restaurant just reopened after 10 years of their absence. I can’t wait to check it out and hope the head chef is back.

  44. Min

    My fare is decidedly international, taking each meal from some of my favorite places:

    Breakfast: A typical English breakfast of eggs over easy, hasbrowns, organic, pasture-raised, apple-mustard sausage links (I bought some at a farmers market in London this summer and nearly died, happily), and an assortment of breads/crumpets/croissant, plus a healthy slathering of Marmite. Mmmm…yeasty!

    Lunch: Baja Shrimp taco and tortilla chips w/queso from Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, TX.

    Dinner: Cheese and buta (pork) okonomiyaki from Manmaru in Nagoya, Japan.


  45. Kristen

    Breakfast- Giant frosted cinnamon roll from The Machine Shed, Davenport Iowa

    Snack – fresh berries with a Greek yogurt and maple syrup fruit dip

    Lunch – Mexican! Fresh salsa with lots of cilantro, black bean and queso blanco quesadilla with stir fry veggies. Fresh fruit juice daiquiri…mango and strawberries.

    Oatmeal Caramelita bar with glass of ice cold milk…or maybe Rumchata ;)

    Dinner- Grilled Fresh margherita pizza with homemade sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil leaves. Greek salad with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

    Dessert- Hot fudge brownie sundae with caramel and chopped pecans, The Cone Shoppe, Monticello Iowa

  46. Kristy

    Love this post…
    For my breakfast, I would have what my family has every year on Christmas Day-homemade biscuits with sausage gravy made by my mother, and her sausage egg casserole that has cream of mushroom soup in it… Yummy. and I would also like her French toast Casserole!

    For my lunch, I would really enjoy Ultimate California Pizza (my favorite pizza place in Myrtle Beach) with some yummy breadsticks, and a Coke Zero.

    For my dinner-I would like my mom’s beef stroganoff with some fried squash. I would like Strawberry Lemonade from Bubba Gumps.

    For my dessert- I would like a slice of Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!
    Then, I think I would gain 100 pounds!!! But, if it’s my last day on Earth, who cares!!! I will die happy!

  47. Jessica

    Ommmmmmm. I saw Portage Bay and my mind instantly went to a state of food dreaming. Although I don’t like french toast (I know…freak of nature, right?), they have SO many good options. Your whole layout looks great. I’ve never gone to 5Spot before but I will have to check it out now! That looks tasty!

    As for my day… I am really struggling to narrow it down. Serious struggle. With an unfortunate side effect of suddenly craving a ton of different foods, many of which are neither healthy or accessible at this current moment. Good thing I have time to think…?!

  48. Jill

    Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, crispy corned beef hash, turkey sausage links, harvest grain and nut pancakes with butter pecan syrup, cinnamon raisin toast with mixed berry jam and all the Kona coffee I could drink.

    Snack: Stacy’s simply naked pits chips and roasted red pepper hummus.

    Lunch: Chili cheese burger, steak fries and onion rings, and ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper.

    Snack: 1 lb bag of peanut M&Ms with some Reese’s peanut butter cups mixed in.

    Dinner: Chicken fried steak with cream gravy, real mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, hot,sweet yeast rolls with butter and tall glass of sweet iced tea.

    Dessert: Banana pudding with meringue, brownies with walnuts and cold glass of milk.

    Then I can die fat and happy! : )

  49. Violet

    Breakfast: pancakes from Schuba’s Bar in Chicago. Thick, fluffy pancakes with a strong – but not too strong – vanilla flavor. The best pancakes I have ever had.

    Lunch: Mexican pizza from Micheleo’s Pizza in Normal, IL. Really tasty, spicy toppings on top of a thick, chewy crust. Most Mexican pizzas seem like a taco salad on top of a regular pizza but Micheleo’s IS a Mexican pizza. Lots and lots of regular Pepsi – no diet on my last day!

    Dinner: a big, thick ribeye steak grilled by my dad. He only uses lemon, salt & pepper but there is something magical that happens between his spatula and the steak. Baked potato with butter, sour cream, and cheddar cheese; the broccoli-cheese casserole from Cheddar’s; roasted zucchini.

    Dessert: white layer cake from Janet’s Cakes in Bloomington, IL. I call it “wedding cake” because it is almond-flavored and the frosting gets that great crust that all excellent wedding cakes must have. Plus, if you ask she will decorate the cake with sweet little sugar violets.

  50. Sarah W

    Oh my goodness! So much good food to choose from, and so many good answers already! Let’s see if I can narrow this down. :)

    Breakfast: Bacon and avacado eggs benedict on a sourdough english muffin; REALLY crispy hashbrowns (McDonald’s style); a fruit plate with kiwi, berries, grapfruit, and other delicious fruits I can’t think of right now; glass of chocolate milk.

    Lunch: A donair from the farmer’s market in Fredericton, NB Canada. A donair is like a gyro, but you use a creamy garlic sauce in place of a tzatziki sauce. I love gyros, but I grew up eating donairs so I love them more :); fresh pressed apple cider, from a different vendor in the same market(My last day is apparently going to be in the fall); and finally, samosas, let’s do a veggie and a chicken, from a different vendor of that same market.

    Supper: Lobster from Nova Scotia, with lots and lots of butter and an insane amount of lemon; fiddleheads with butter and apple cider viniegar; twice baked potatoes; fresh out of the oven rolls with butter; blackberry lemonaide.

    Dessert: My husband’s cheesecake, with a fresh berry topping and fresh whipped cream.

  51. Lindsay

    Breakfast – my mom’s egg casserole, an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and lox, mimosa
    Lunch – First Watch’s chicken salad sandwich and potatoes, iced tea
    Dinner – Scallops with mushroom lo mein from Sycamore in Columbia MO
    Dessert – Warm apple pie with ice cream

  52. Angela

    A whole day!
    Breakfast: Grand Marnier French Toast, berries and thick uncured bacon
    Lunch: A dozen oysters on the half shell with a West Indies Salad (Alabama Gulf Coast Specialties)
    Supper: Pork chops or pork loin, baked sweet potato with butter, turnip greens cooked with bacon, and cornbread.
    Dessert: REAL key lime pie!

  53. Kelly

    Breakfast: 3 egg whites and a slice of american cheese on a bacon/egg bagel from Bageltown of Levittown (Levittown, NY) topped with a bit of ketchup and black pepper

    Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Mama Theresa’s in East Meadow, NY AND a slice of Grandpa PIzza from Spasso’s in Wantagh, NY

    Dinner: Vegetable Lasagna and House Salad topped with grilled chicken and shredded mozzarella cheese from Mama Theresa’s in East Meadow, NY

    Dessert: Caramel Apple Cupcake from Crumbs Bakery (the Woodbury, NY location is close, but I would take this from any location)

  54. Deborah

    Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes with a side order of bacon at Le Peep.
    Lunch: Soft Tacos Los Arcos from my favorite Mexican restaurant (one beef, one bean and one guacamole soft taco smothered in yummylicious green chile).
    Dinner: My mom’s homemade lasagna with warm garlic bread.
    Dessert: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

  55. Lindsay

    Breakfast: buttery biscuit, eggs scrambled with cheddar, sausage, hashbrowns with onions, 1 pumpkin spice pancake with fresh whipped cream, 1 original fluffly pancake with maple syrup, and 1 cinnamon sticky bun

    Lunch: Chicken finger pizza-with extra blue cheese dressing to dunk the crust in, seasoned curly fries, and a chocolate milkshake

    Dinner: Delmonico steak smothered in sauteed onions and mushrooms, bacon wrapped scallops, loaded mashed potatoes drizzled with jack daniels glaze, and warm italian bread with an oil/seasoning.

    Dessert: Bottle of reisling, chocolate & caramel cheescake covered with reese’s peanut butter cups

    No doubt I would perish with a very bad stomach ache!

  56. Jenn

    I sort of did something like this for the day before Lent. I was giving up fast food for lent so I decided to have my last fast food meal (day). I stopped at 3 different places just for lunch!

    I also have only been to a fast food place 5 times in the last 3.5years since I did this!

  57. Lauren

    Breakfast- Eggs Benedict from the Black Dog (Vineyard Haven, MV) with a side of an apple fritter (Oak Bluff, MV)

    Lunch- Many rolls of sushi & miso soup from Fugakyu (Beacon St, Brookline, MA)

    Dinner- Fusilli pasta with vodka sauce and shrimp- made from scratch from Al Dente (The North End, Boston, MA)

    Dessert #1- Cannoli from Mike’s Pastry (North End)
    Dessert #2- Turtle Pie (TCBY- Belmont or Hingham, MA)


  58. Melanie

    If it’s my last day I’m assuming that somehow I’ll be able to find the strength to eat all of this… ;)

    Breakfast: Salt bagel with chive cream cheese from NY Bagel in West Bloomfield, MI and an iced chai tea latte from Coffeetime in Commerce, MI.

    Snack: Challah bread from Dakota Bread in West Bloomfield, MI.

    Lunch: Start with a cup of homemade chicken noodle soup, followed by a Thai noodle dish (pad see ew to be exact!) plus a side of french fries from The Alcove in Los Feliz, CA.

    Snack: Baked brie

    Dinner: Four course Italian meal from Sposita’s in West Bloomfield, MI: Minestrone soup, Italian salad with garbanzo beans and a delicious Italian vinaigrette, a side of spaghetti with meat sauce, and a 6 oz. filet mignon with zip sauce and a side of mashed potatoes.

    Dessert: Blue velvet cake from The Alcove in Los Feliz, CA and anything white chocolate.

    And I would definitely be sipping on Coke Zero all day/night long!

    And now I’m drooling.

  59. Sarah

    Mmm great post. I would have:

    Brek: A bacon sandwich followed by waffles with blueberries, cream and maple syrup.

    Lunch: A four cheese pizza with garlic bread and chips and salad, followed by toffee ice-cream

    Dinner: A fillet steak with wild mushroom sauce, potatoes dauphinoise and green beans

    Dessert: Chocolate fudge cake with cream and icecream

    Now my mouth is watering!

  60. Rachel

    breakfast – an everything bagel with cream cheese, capers, onion and smoked salmon from Russ & Daughters in NYC. top it off with a venti mocha with whipped cream from Starbucks.

    lunch – PIZZA! covered in cheese, olives, mushrooms and every fattening meat there is (sausage, pepperoni, salami, etc.) A side of shredded kale caesar salad

    dinner – good ol’ Southern bbq. I’m talking bbq pork ribs, juicy chicken, beef brisket, corn bread, mashed sweet potatoes, buttery collard greens, macaroni and cheese, fried okra.

    dessert – the salted caramel popcorn sundae covered in chocolate sauce and peanuts from ABC Kitchen in NYC.

    Ok, I feel ginormous now after typing this, and also very hungry ;)

  61. RBee

    What a yummy question. I feel rather voyeuristic reading the responses. Here’s mine…
    Breakfast: Ginormous long john, pure white icing filled, covered with a thick vanilla glaze. Coffee with cream.
    Lunch: Chicken ranch pizza from Pungo Pizza.
    Dinner: anything my mom cooks. If mom is not available, then eggplant bartha from my favorite Indian spot.
    Dessert: Yellow cake with about a foot of icing, carrot cake with another foot. Whoopie pie. A milk chocolate Lindt truffle.(This is probably the reason I’m hypothetically about to die.)
    Snacks in between: My mom’s homemade whole wheat bread with homemade apple butter.

  62. Emily

    Amazing!!! I want to try that cake :)

    For me,
    Breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes and a side of bacon from Amy’s in Long Branch, NJ
    Lunch: Chicken tenders with curly fries and barbecue sauce from Belmont Station in Portland, OR
    Dinner: Cheese pizza from Vegas Blvd in Hartford, CT
    Dessert: Cherry pie from Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ
    Late night post-party meal (hehe): Carne asada fries from Tecos in Portland, OR

    That’s right, I’d eat the greasiest crap junk food! Proud of it!

  63. Dava

    Instead of my last day on Earth, I like to think of it as you titled it, “My Ultimate Day of Eating,” because I would have to bring back the past and I also like to think there’s still a big wonderful world out there (like the day I discovered black raspberries).

    Breakfast: Nana’s Cardamom Bread right from the oven with butter and lots of strong black coffee. Nana across the table still trying to teach me Swedish (it never sank in).

    Lunch: Daddy’s lobster roll. It’s not the real thing unless it’s mixed with mayo (and nothing else!) served on a New England style hot dog bun that’s been grilled in butter to a crispy golden brown. The bun still has to be a bit warm inside when served. Nothing else required!

    Dinner: Pad Thai and avocado and hot peppers. It’s hard to say who makes the best, Wondee Siam in NYC, or Rod Dee in Brookline, MA, but they are both my favorites. It’s a sad day for me without avocado, so I would have it on the side. And hot sauce is just mandatory, as is a Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

    But I would be just as happy to eat beans and rice with my sweetie (he’s shy about “adventurous” food) sitting across from me.

    Dessert: Cake and ice cream. It doesn’t matter from where–I’m not picky–it’s cake and ice cream! But if I had to choose, a simple chocolate cake from Verrill Farm and salted caramel ice cream from Reasons To Be Cheerful, both in Concord, MA.

  64. omglawdork

    Tough call…

    Breakfast: peanut butter and syrup (you put a few tbsps of PB on a plate and stir with Aunt Jemima (real maple syrup need not apply) until you get a slurry, then eat with biscuits or bread. Delicious, and my daddy taught me how to make it, so it’s a happy food. (My husband, on the other hand, can’t even stand the smell, God bless him.)

    Lunch: Home Slice Pizza from here in Austin. It’s freakin’ delicious, and I love going there with my husband, who loves it even more than me. Alternatively, my mom’s beef stroganoff because it’s delicious and she makes it for me when I’m sad or sick.

    Snack: Corner Bakery cookies. So. Dang. Good. And my mom loves them, so they make me think of sharing them with her.

    Dinner: my Spanish mom’s paella. I lived with a host family for a semester in southern Spain, and her paella was to die for. Also, I loved her (and continue to love her) desperately and haven’t seen her in a decade. I would love to have that paella one last time.

    (As you can see, there’s a big focus on family/comfort foods, ha.)

  65. Sara

    Breakfast: a toasted sesame bagel with butter and cream cheese. A fried egg, very crispy bacon, strong coffee with half and half and real sugar.
    Lunch: Crab cake sandwich, cheese steak eggrolls, and apple crisp from Kill Devil Grill in the Outer Banks.
    Dinner: Appetizer of a margarita on the rocks with salt (top shelf obviously), chips, and guacamole from Luna Maya in Norfolk…then salmon on the grill and fried oysters both cooked by my dad. Big glass of cold sauvignon blanc.
    Dessert: bread pudding with a caramel whiskey sauce. Irish coffee.
    I think I need to do this one day!!! But hopefully not die afterwards.

  66. Lisa

    I’m too scared to even think about what my ultimate day of eating would look like! But it would have lots of Chocolate for sure :)

  67. Larry Rudiger

    Breakfast: my mother’s. Eggs, hash browns, peppers and onions all cooked together; patty sausage, its gravy on biscuits.

    Lunch: Del Rancho Steak Sandwich Supreme, side of onion rings.

    Dinner: my grandmother’s okra, which is this crazy melange of cornbread-coated okra, potatoes, onion and bell pepper, LOTS of salt and pepper, then ketchup. My mother’s brisket, and then her lemon meringue pie.

    I can die a happy man. I mean, sheesh, at this point, I’ve had more than enough foie gras.

  68. Amanda V

    I wish more people would ask me this! Well, maybe it wouldn’t be the most productive use of my time, but almost.

    Breakfast: Strawberry-banana vanilla oatmeal, cottage cheese and peaches, and an iced coffee

    Lunch: Chipotle vegetarian taco salad (black beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, corn salsa, pico de gallo) and a tall Horchata

    Dinner: Vegetarian lasagna with lots of veggies and ricotta, with garlic bread, and a sweet berry lemonade

    Dessert: Mocha cheesecake with Heath bar pieces

    thanks for this wonderful question :) :)

  69. Tracey

    No answer to the question. But I AM marking this list for great food when I travel ! So many of you have posted restaurants and food-eries which will be great to visit !!!

  70. Abby A

    This is a hard question…So much food so little time.

    Breakfast: Foamy cappicino from Holiday Inn in San
    Fransico, cinnamon bun, bacon, fried egg, melon

    Lunch: Cafe Rio’s tortillas, Chipotle’s burrito bowl with chicken, pinto beans, sour cream, medium salsa, lettuce, Izze

    Dinner: Mix of sushi rolls, grilled shrimp, broiled salmon and baked veggies.

    Dessert: Cheesecake Factory’s lemoncello cheesecake, big glass of milk

  71. Kari-Anne


    Breakfast: A stack of Cinnabon Pancakes from Ihop. It tastes just like a huge gooey cinnamon roll!

    Lunch: The Banzai Burger and unlimited fries from Red Robin. The combination of teriyaki sauce and grilled pineapple on the burger is superb!

    Dinner: I’d definitely indulge in my mother’s famous chicken enchiladas. These don’t use red sauce at all. They are more like sour cream enchiladas but way more yummy.

    Dessert: Holy Cow Cake. This is devils food cake infused with a caramel sauce. Then it’s topped with icing that is mixed half Cool Whip and half cream cheese and then topped with chopped Butterfingers. DELISH!

  72. Linda Sue

    Breakfast: Migas – TexMex egg mixture with nice sticky cinnamon roll for a chaser.
    Lunch: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, cream gravy with side of cooked summer squash casserole.
    Dinner: hard to say – either TexMex – Rellenos stuffed with seasoned meat and cheese or a Steak, loaded baked potato, Creme Brulee or German Chocolate cake for dessert – couldn’t pick

  73. Sharon

    This question (and these answers) are amazing

    Breakfast: a cappuccino made by my husband, a slice of Beckmann’s California black bread piled with avocado, salt, hot sauce and quickly pan fried tomatoes, poached egg

    Brunch: (yes there will be brunch) eggs scrambled with chard, chives and goat cheese, crispy potatoes, sourdough toast with butter and homemade jam, coffee with cream, a few bites of my husband’s lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries, all from plow in SF

    Lunch: onion bagel with 1/2 butter, lox, tomato, onion, 1/2 white fish salad from ess-a-bagel in NY, lemonade

    Snack: hot chocolate from Jacques Torres chocolate in NY
    A sampling of donuts from voodoo donuts in Portland
    Pomme Frites (at Pomme Frites in NY) with at least 5 dipping sauces

    Dinner: salad with ranch, cheddar, bacon, chicken, raisins and croutons
    Marinara pizza and green beans from Tony’s Pizza in SF, iced tea

    Dessert: gelato from Naia in SF, 1/2 chocolate mortale, 1/2 burnt caramel and a brownie with walnuts

    And before bed, tea and rugulah

    This is the most delicious question ever.

  74. Bree

    Breakfast: Bread Pudding, Tartine, Mission, San Francisco, CA.

    Lunch: Steak Quesadilla, Cancun Taquaria, Mission, San Francisco, CA.

    Dinner: Pad Thai and Swimming Rama (I couldn’t pick one) from the Thai Garden, Tacoma, WA. Although really I could eat here for every meal ever.

    Now I’m hungry! But I’ve put your favorites on my list of places to try in Seattle. Glad that two are near me!

  75. Brooklyn


    I’m writing from Florida so…

    Breakfast: Chicken & Waffles w/ Cajun Syrup & Blueberry butter from The Peach Valley Cafe in Lake Mary

    Lunch: Spring rolls w/ Peanut Sauce & Chicken Pad Thai medium w/ taro boba tea from Siam Garden in Winter Park

    Dinner: Brazilian sea-salted steak from the grill w/ black beans & rice topped w/ fried garlic

    Oh, and Captain Jack’s buried treasure for dessert!

  76. Taylor

    Okay. Really difficult. And in a week, this would be different. But here it goes.

    Breakfast: IHOP’s cinnamon roll pancakes. Hashbrowns and sausage from Jim’s. Eggs over medium from PG’s diner. Multi grain toast with peanut butter. A tall glass of Tampico citrus punch. A cup of coffee, 2 sweet and lows and extra milky.

    Snack: Cora’s strawberries with splenda. A biscuit with apple butter and a biscuit with blackberry jam. A bottle of Big Red.

    Lunch: CiCi’s spinach pizza. Olive Garden salad and breadsticks. French Onion soup from Bennihana’s. McDonald’s sweet tea.

    Snack: Back to Cora’s for loaded nachos. A vanilla coke from the General Store in Bandera. And a bottle of lemon Nestea.

    Dinner: Meatloaf made by mom. Mashed potatoes and asparagus from Ruby Tuesdays. Mac and cheese from Macbar. Mountain Dew from a fountain.

    Dessert: Bread pudding from Golden Corral. Black Tie Mousse cake from Olive Garden. Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappe. Pepsi from a fountain.

  77. Alison

    Breakfast: breakfast burrito with a basket of fresh tortilla chips from El Sombrero in in Juneau, Alaska
    Lunch: The hummus platter and Napolitano Pizza from the Island Pub in Juneau
    Dinner: An antipasto platter and Penne with Crispy Spinach from Carluccio’s in Cardiff, Wales
    Dessert: my dad’s chocolate cake and a bottle of Dom Perignon

  78. Lisa

    Breakfast: biscuits and gravy from Jenny Rae’s with chai tea.

    Lunch: the appetizer sampler from Chili’s with southwestern egg rolls, buffalo wings, and spinach and artichoke dip.

    Dinner: Pierogies with caramelized onions and sour cream…maybe with some shrimp scampi on the side.

    Dessert: lemon poppy seed french toast with cream cheese icing

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