Rattlesnake Mountain: North Bend, WA









I live here.



34 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Mountain: North Bend, WA

  1. JJ

    Sigh. So beautiful. Hiking is what I live for….but I live in flat prairie! We’ve got our share of beauty to see, but my summer mountain affair has come to an end. Glad you still get to enjoy though!

  2. Debra

    Ah yes. I remember hiking in Washington a few decades ago during those few choice non-gloomy months. Awesome! I’m a ex-Issaquahite. The other 9 months drove me out and over to Maui, where I no longer have to pop Prozac because of S.A.D. That being said, Seattle,the Puget Sound, and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains are hard to beat for those wonderful 3 months. Have you been to the San Juan Islands or Vancouver Island in Canada? A must not miss!

  3. Johnny

    Ahh! God’s handiwork is always breathtaking. You’ve experienced both of God’s most spectacular places, the North East and North West. Enjoy!! :)

  4. Amber

    I was there last summer. Went to the falls, but didn’t hike. I wish I could go back because it was gorgeous!!! Thanks for the pics…brings back good memories

  5. Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)

    Isn’t it great to love and appreciate what you have in your own backyard? Sometimes I look at pictures from around the world of amazing things that *they* have… but then I realize there is so much beauty where I live (Canada)… I’m a couple hours away from the mountains… we live near beautiful lakes… :)

    I read your previous post about writing a book (part 2) and I’m so happy for you. I really cannot wait to rush out and buy your book. I mean that sincerely <3

  6. Kristin

    I love that you can always tell when you’re in the NW. So much green… We’re getting the beginning of fall down here in Portland… Leaves are starting to change and fall and there’s been cloud cover all week. I camped out along the Wilson River in Tillamook over the weekend to get my last fill of summer in. Gorgeous pics Andie. :0)

  7. Lea @ Healthy Coconut

    Even though there is a “rattlesnake” in the word next to the mountain, I think I will still want to hike there. The views are gorgeous.

    Do you have any recommendation on hiking shoes? I would love to buy my first pair of hiking shoes.

    1. Stacy

      I know this question wasn’t directed at me, but OH MY GOODNESS, buy a pair of Merrell hiking shoes if you’re planning to invest. They’re unrivaled, especially in terms of options for women. There are trail runner, light hiking, moderate hiking, and extreme hiking options. I own a pair of light and moderate level shoes, and they were the best investments.

  8. ron coates

    me and my wife did this hike at night for our very first date.. we have since done 2 more night hikes there since on of them was for the first snow fall of this winter!!


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