Resolution to Routine

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If you are anything like me you went into the New Year with the best of intentions. This was the year you were finally going to ditch the sweets, the snooze button, or the second helping of dinner. The first few days were hard but empowering and by day three or four it probably started to feel like the goal was attainable, maybe even easy. But as you entered the second week maybe you started to think about possibly having just one bowl of ice cream before bed, or tapping that snooze button just once before getting up. You started to rationalize that some progress is enough, so maybe you backslid a little bit.

But some progress can quickly turn into no progress if you don’t push through and develop discipline. After the initial buzz of excitement that comes from deciding to do better, there is inevitable burn out from actually doing better. To really make change you have to develop new routines to replace old habits, and it takes several weeks before a new habit sets in.

If you are having some trouble with resolutions you made, reevaluate your situation. Is the goal something you really want? Is it realistic? Maybe you just need to put your head down and work through the discomfort for awhile (it always feels uncomfortable in the beginning). This is a particularly difficult time for making change for a lot of people. There is a natural come down after the excitement of the holidays. The weather sucks. People are getting sick left and right. In fact, my resolution to stop procrastinating and communicate better has already suffered because I have been throwing up for the past few days. There will always be an excuse to not change but if you really want to do better, you simply have to be better. If not, you will find yourself making the same hollow promises to yourself next year (about the same time you can expect me to respond to an email.) :)

How are your resolutions going? Have you felt burnout already or are you still going strong?



23 thoughts on “Resolution to Routine

  1. marie

    Dear Andie,
    I’ve been pondering this question for some time, so your post is timely. I often have difficulty sticking with commitments I make to myself, and will throw what I need out the window if other people need something from me. I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies… she categorizes people into four groups based on how one fulfills external obligations to others and internal commitments to oneself. It’s fascinating… and makes perfect sense. (I’m an Obliger, so I need some form of external accountability to help me keep commitments to myself).
    At the link below you can access the quiz to find out what your tendency is & see other resources.

    Finding this information out was revolutionary! I am now structuring my goals in a way that will enable me to fulfill them.

    1. sara

      I just finished Rubin’s book and found it extremely helpful, too! Learning how I “work” has helped me tremendously in all of my goals. Just have to figure out how to get some outside accountability right now! Having read all of Andie’s great stuff (including her books!) I am thinking she is an Upholder…one of the few, the proud!!!! LOL

  2. Rebecca B.

    Thanks for posting this – I needed to hear it! I’ve been struggling lately with letting excuses rule my life. I don’t do it on purpose, it just seems to be a habit I never intended to start doing. Thanks for this encouragement!

  3. danielle

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was sick for a week starting a few days before Christmas and then my husband has been sick for the past 2 weeks with a miserable, awful cold. It’s January 10th and my house is still fully decorated for christmas and my living room still looks like christmas morning (Santa presents and all). I’ve committed myself to go easy with the ‘resolutions’ this year and to calm down about everything. I’m moving my body each day because it’s good for me mentally and physically and I’m picking one thing in my house to work on each day and keep my kitchen clean. This mind set has worked for me for the past 10 days and I’m feeling good about it.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Kaila

    I just finished your book (in 2 days might I add) and could not put it down. I share so many of the same issues as you, minus the part of being overweight as a child, which made it slightly hard to relate to. However, your thoughts about food seemed to be so similiar to how mine were and continue to be. At 30 years old, 5’7 and 180lbs I feel like I’m overweight although not obese by any means.
    Either way – your book really resonated with me and for that, I wanted to thank you.

    My resolution this year was to be healthier and a better person. I’ve nailed it at the gym however the snacking (however healthy) is still on going. My snacks include fruit and/or popcorn on most days but I feel terrified that will turn into something else. Any suggestions on how to get through the cravings for snacking, even if it’s healthy?


  5. Susan

    Hope you feel better soon. Enquiring minds can’t help but wonder, “Is the newlywed…pregnant? Is it morning sickness?!”

  6. mts

    So far so good with my 2018 resolution which began on January 8th for me (decided not to set myself up to fail knowing the holidays weren’t quite behind me). I guess that makes this week #1. Andie, I rely mightily on the quote from your book “can’t you just make it through today?” It’s been the difference maker! Today is Day 4 and I’m feeling much stronger and healthier than Day 1. Thank you!

  7. Cat

    Thanks for posting this! Could not be more timely as just this morning I resolved to commit to my goals – AGAIN. These are the same goals I’ve
    “committed to” for several years. Sigh. You’re right – discipline is key and I think I need to reframe my thinking to focus on that word. Maybe if I do this year I can actually achieve my goals!

  8. Barb Legare

    Andie, were you at my house? Were you reading my mind? Did you “read my mail.” I actually ate ice cream last night! I have to put my head down and will now get into the routine. I lost a bunch on WW last week and thought ” Wow, I got this!” I’m so thankful for this post. Time to realize it’s a marathon not a sprint. Thank you!


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  10. Shauni

    I did not make a resolution. Last year, in October, my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment together and I’ve been eating super healthy since then. So I’ve just been sticking with it and it’s going really well.

  11. Nidhish shetty

    Thank you for posting this.This was very helpful to me.I am a lazy person to begin with and every year my new year resolution would be to loose weight.
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  12. Garrett

    Agreed! Stick to your plans people! Usually when I’m not feeling motivated to hit the gym, I realize I’m asking myself the wrong question: namely, “do I feel like working out today?”. The answer is usually no, but say my schedule is MWF at 6PM, well then all I have to do is ask myself: “Is it Wednesday at 6PM?”, if the answer is yes then I go to the gym, I don’t expend willpower I just answer a yes or no question. Recently I added a new habit to my daily routine and it’s been working well so far! Learn more here:


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