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  1. Sarah Bower

    Teeeeaaaaa!! At work I am called “the tea pot”. I could drink tea all day, every day, rain or shine! My theory is that a cup of tea solves everything! (Even better when it is in my 1 litre mug).

    It was 35 degrees in South Africa yesterday (Johannesburg) and our power went off in true summer style. No air-conditioning in the office nearly killed us all. Yet, in the sauna, I still sat sipping my tea, much to the confusion of my colleagues!

    My favourite all day tea is definitely Five Roses. But.. I have recently discovered a blend of our famous Rooibos tea that is infused with honey (did I mention I was addicted to honey, too?) With a slice of lemon and a good dollop of Canola honey this is possibly the tastiest and most refreshing cuppa I ever did find!

    Oh dear, here I go again.. My sister recently toured South America and brought back the most delicious concoction ever. And I say that with great sincerity. See, when they make chocolate, they remove the husk of the cocoa beans and usually discard them (sacrilegious!) Well, in one of these countries, I think Peru, you can buy these husks for brewing. Do you think it tastes EXACTLY like hot chocolate?? And it is 100% guilt free, I have decided. Amazing amazing tea. If only I could get little elves to send it to me daily. Everyone should have that on their bed-side table when they wake up every morning!

    And yes, Mauritian tea is also great. I have a drawer full of the most interesting flavours.. including The a la Vanille, Golden Pokoe, The a la Menthe, The an Citron, and The a l’Elaiti.. mmm. And a beautiful glass pot to watch the leas swirl around as they brew.

    Ok, I am going to go now… Because talking about tea is only second best to drinking it and I fear my cup is empty.

    P.S. Your blog comes through to my mailbox in the morning and I love reading it as I munch through my breakfast. You seem like an awesome, down to earth person that would be a great giggle over a bottle of wine (or three…)

    Have a great Friday!


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