Scenes from IFBC 2011 New Orleans

I’d say

that this past weekend at IFBC

was among the very


best of my life,

but I’m not convinced that quite captures how much I loved every


deep fried,

sweet southern


I felt engaged in each session.

I ate my (and your) fried food quota for at least 16 full weeks.

I “found” beads in the French Quarter.

I may have even [successfully?] guilted my dear friend, Andrew Scrivani, into photographing my second book, a cookbook.

I laughed and loved with dozens of friends.

I Bourboned more than one Street.

I danced and cocktailed and hurricaned til each morning came, hot and humid.

Made absolutely certain to publicly embarrass myself no less than 3 [three] unmentionable times.

Slept a combined ten hours in 5 days.

The International Food Blogger Conference New Orleans was


Can’t wait for Santa Monica :)



19 thoughts on “Scenes from IFBC 2011 New Orleans

  1. Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

    Ha! It seems a lot of people are publishing their IFBC posts today! Loved, loved, loved every minute of last weekend and I CAN NOT thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to come. And I’m so glad I got to meet you!

    After IFBC Miami, IFBC Memphis at the Peabody Hotel would also be a good choice in the future!

  2. Emily

    Andie, you did an AMAZING job organizing this conference. I had an amazing weekend as well, and as you know, I was very excited to meet you! I posted the pic I snapped of you, me and Marissa in the recap I did on my blog. I’m so glad I was able to attend. I met some amazing people and came away with some great tips and ideas. I can’t wait until next year!

  3. Andrew Scrivani

    No guilt trip involved, whatsoever. I am excited about the possibility of working with Andie on her book. Judging by how exciting and well organized IFBC was on her watch, I am sure it will be amazing. You all need to come to Santa Monica.

  4. Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)

    I’m so happy that you had such a great time! I can’t watch the video at work right now because I don’t have sound on my computer though :(

    Can you please do a recipe about spinach and artichoke dip for me? It’s one of my favorite dishes to make and I’d love to see your take on it.

  5. Irene L.

    I want your job! Want to trade, how does being a 6th grade middle school math teacher in Brooklyn sound to you Andy?

  6. jamie

    these pictures!
    i wish there was a conference for us “just blog readers” to go and meet the people we follow everyday.
    we feel left out :)

  7. Lisa

    Your posts make me feel like I was there with you…and your words make me remember how important it is to “follow bliss” in moments and do what I love in life.
    Thank you!

  8. bunkycooks

    The photos were great and a perfect reminder of a wonderful event! Thanks for putting everything together. We really had a great time meeting you and everyone that attended.

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