This Costa Rican Life: Episode 4



16 thoughts on “This Costa Rican Life: Episode 4

  1. Jessica F

    That looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Much nicer than my grey view outside and my endless amount of work to finish the quarter up. At least flowers are blooming everywhere so I get some brightness! And you are enjoying the setting (which is better than neither of us)!

  2. Karista

    You two gals look like you are having a blast! :) Keep Em coming…I’m up here in rain soaked Seattle and love looking at the beautiful tropical pictures.

  3. Claudia

    Just read your weight loss story..awesome!!! and Im pretty jealous of you for being in Costa Rica. I must have spent every summer there as a kid. It’s my international home. Enjoy :)

  4. Amy

    Such beautiful photos! Thanks for letting me liberate myself vicariously through your South American adventure :)
    Enjoy, and good luck with the writing!

  5. Bee

    Oh, Andie. I just read the Daniel post. I, too, had been wondering. And since he was seemingly absent from this new chapter of your life I had assumed. It’s great that you have such a positive outlook and are taking the split so well. And you’re definitely making the most of life! I read your posts with such admiration–with just a touch of jealousy–and wish you only the best :) Keep having this grand adventure and I’ll keep living vicariously <3


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