Tulum, Mexico

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Where we stayed: The Weary Traveler, roughly $10 USD a night. Offers free breakfast, free purified drinking water, WiFi, air conditioned private rooms or dormitories, free shuttle to the beach- approx. 10 minutes away.

Where we ate: El Camello, Antojitos La Chiapaneca (order the tacos all pastor for 50 cents each)

What I thought of Tulum: This isn’t a place I’d revisit. Though the beach is beautiful with white sand and pale turquoise water, it’s not as magnificent, as picturesque, as the waters of Cancun or Isla Mujeres (the best). The Mayan ruins on the beach are interesting to see, but other than that, the town offers little in the way of nightlife and activity. Day trips from here are what make it worthwhile: I recommend one to Chichen Itza to see the ruins of the Mayan mega city ($55 USD for tour of city, swim in the cenote, and lunch. 9am-6pm), and another to snorkel and swim in the cenotes (fresh water pools)- $55 USD for 4 hours.

Below are photos from a day trip to Chichen Itza.

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14 thoughts on “Tulum, Mexico

  1. Shelley

    these pictures are gorgeous!!!! (even if you wouldn’t necessarily go back). I’m jealous of the beach.. I’m in Australia for the semester and it is actually getting cold this time of year :(

  2. Bailey @ Onederland or Bust!

    I spent a day in Tulum and it was very pretty, but that was enough for me. Play del Carmen is a great little place and tons of nightlife! Akumal was by far my favourite spot to visit and it’s only about 10 minutes (maybe?) from Tulum.

  3. Valeria

    Wow! What lovely photographs!

    The restroom signs are so hilarious and cute :D

    By the way, the name of the dish is “tacos al pastor” (I’m Spanish native ;)

    I hope you continue to have a great time in Mexico.

    Regards from Chile,

  4. Trisha

    I couldn’t agree more. Tulum has a gorgeous beach & the ruins are cool to see once, but the town itself has very little to offer. That being said, I just legit open-mouth drooled over that ceviche!

  5. Amandine

    Andie, I’m writing a literary thesis right now about Mexico and am having a tough go of getting through it; thank-you for your encouraging photos of Mexico! They add a little bit of sunshine to this dreary writing :)

  6. Maryellen Loiacono


    I am panic stricken, I have not been able to talk to you for 2 weeks and I can’t stand it!!!!!! Call me from your cell phone, you have service from Belize set up by PJ. I miss you too badly.

    1. amip

      Andie’s mom:

      have you heard from her? i look for updates to her site reguarly..and since she hasn’t posted for a few days…I start to worry too…and I’m not her Mom!

      please let us know if you have heard from her.

      Andie, I just hope you are just having too much of a great time to update!

  7. Michelle

    Just got back from a WONDERFUL, yet very short, trip to Belize! We were in San Pedro, and loved being able to walk all over the town. Be sure to go to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley for snorkeling… amazing sights and bragging rights that you dove in with sharks! If you are heading to the island, heads up, food can get expensive… not sure about mainland. Happy (and safe) travels!


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