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Hi friends! WE’RE MARRIED!! Our wedding was last weekend and I can’t wait to share details and pictures of the whole process with all of you. Writing those posts seems overwhelming right now, but I am definitely going to start focusing more attention on the blog this fall and winter as soon as we get back from our honeymoon at the end of October. We decided to wait a few weeks after our wedding to go on our honeymoon. We figured it’d be good to get back to normal life for a little while so we could recharge before a long trip. We are going to Hawaii and we’re both super excited about it. We’re visiting Maui and Kauai so if you have any tips for things to do or sights to see or great food to eat on those islands, please let us know in the comments!

Here are some links I came across this week that I wanted to share:

The Mayo Clinic compiled a list of how many calories you burn performing various exercises. Sadly, sitting down and looking at Instagram while drinking an iced coffee doesn’t seem to qualify as exercise to these “scientists.”

Here is an interesting look at the life of a professional movie and TV extra.

One of my favorite memories from childhood is when I stayed home “sick” from school and watched daytime TV all day. The Price is Right was one of the highlights in my sick TV schedule and even though it isn’t the same without Bob Barker, a pretty amazing thing happened recently on the show. All three contestants spinning the wheel landed on $1.00, winning $10k in bonus money. Then on their bonus spin, 2 of the contestants landed on $1.00 again, winning another $25k. The video is in the article.

Here’s a great tip on how to dry dishes in the dishwasher quicker. If you open the door as soon as the dishwasher finishes draining, the water will evaporate and the steam will escape through the door. Your dishes will be dry in a couple of minutes.

Here is a list of five food trends that are good for you according to Forbes. Sushi burrito sounds pretty good to me.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

    1. Donna Heinrich

      I agree about Mama’s Fish House in Maui. Best meal I’ve ever had…and the most expensive! Worth the splurge.

  1. Christel Goetsch

    Congratulations, Andie and Daniel! Wishing you many years of happiness and good health together! (Oh yes, lots of good food, too!,)

  2. Monique Ochieng

    Congrats on getting married!!!! Married life is amazing! My husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon we didn’t want to leave! My advice is to eat all the delicious fruit you can and to go parasailing! Even if you’re afraid of heights it’s the most peaceful activity and you feel so connected to nature!

  3. Beth R.

    Congrats to you and Daniel on the wedding! You are going to love Kauai!! it is the true meaning of paradise! You should plan to take a drive along the shore at least one day. There are fun stops along the way. We stopped in to a little grocery and grabbed some fruit and sandwiches and ate lunch on the same beach where they filmed the “I’m gonna wash the man right outta my hair” scene from South Pacific! And the canyon is a must see amazing that something like that is on the island. it is a quiet island and you will truly be able to relax and enjoy your time together. Here is a link to the shore drive and canyon: https://www.tripsavvy.com/sightseeing-tips-for-kauai-1529815 Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Sherre

    Congratulations on your marriage! We just returned from a week’s vacation in Kauai. You will both love it there. Go to the St. Regis for drinks and watch the sunset. Waimea canyon is beautiful. It’s considered a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. Then go have lunch at DaBooze. It’s a little hole in the wall lunch spot that serves delicious pulled pork sandwiches. Sprouting Hole is a must see. The lighthouse, Hindu Monastery, Waimea shaved ice (lava flow) is sooo good, Hanelei Bread Company good for breakfast, ruins from Club Med and check out Stone Dam (easy walk, gorgeous waterfall) and enjoy all the beautiful beaches! Costco is located near the airport. Great place to load up on snacks and Aloha clothes. Have a wonderful honeymoon! ❤️

  5. Judy

    Hey Andre

    So happy for you both. My niece and her husband will be in The same area of Hawaii end of the month. Beautiful. Have the times of your lives.

    I always do that with the dishwasher and it works!

    Excited to see the photos and hear about it all but it’s healthy to relax and take time for the two of you. How smart!


  6. Julie

    Congratulations!!!!!! Wishing you both all the best. We love Maui and highly recommend Leoda’s, where you can find the best pies, fresh salads and sandwiches. Everything there is amazing!!

  7. Naomi

    Congratulations Andie & Daniel. I too went to Maui & Kauai for my honeymoon. You wont be disappointed. The thing I loved about my last trip to Maui was the Fresh fish -EVERY night. I never ate healthier. :) If you have the ability to barbeque, you don’t want to miss The Maui Fish Market – 3600 Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina, (800) 665-9895. They will prepare the fish, so it’s ready for the grill. My personal favorite: Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi. It’s also a great place to grab a yummy Fish taco. Mama’s Fish House is a MUST. The view is stunning and the fish (& cocktails) Amazing. If you are looking for a good spot to snorkel: Slaughterhouse Beach is Unbelievable. We didn’t even need snorkel gear to see the plentiful sea turtles; They were so close, you could reach out and touch them: 6501 Lower Honoapiilani Hwy. Lahaina Not much parking, so arrive early. Also, quite a few steps down to the beach, but worth it. And there was a Wonderful Banana bread stand up the road from Slaughterhouse Beach. Warm, freshly baked, truly melt in your mouth Banana bread. A fun place for breakfast: Slappy Cakes. You can make pancakes right at your table and the variety of fresh fruits, macadamia nuts, etc. to fill them with is delightful. (I’m a little biased, because we also have a Slappy Cakes here at home, in Portland, OR.) http://www.slappycakes.com. Finally, I also LOVE Aloha Mixed Plate: 1285 Front St. Lahaina. Affordable and absolutely delicious dinner with an unforgettable sunset. Have a Lovely time, Andie. Wishing you both Every happiness.

  8. Michelle

    Congratulations!! I would echo the above comments about Kauai and add to take a helicopter tour if at all possible It is the only way to see some areas of this amazing paradise, especially parts of the Napali coast and Waimea Canyon. It’s a little pricey, but so incredibly worth it. We were married and honeymooned on Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island and Kauai is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see.

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