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  1. I need this support group. I’ve been known to close my eyes, tell the cashier I don’t want to know the final tally, and just hand over my debit card.
    Isn’t that how grocery shopping is supposed to happen?!

    I tend to buy the same basics every week, and then allow for one “splurge” purchase so that I don’t do crazy in the aisles of Whole Foods and throw everything into my cart at once. One week I might buy a special chocolate, another a new nut butter…

    Although, every and all rules fly out the window when I get to Trader Joe’s. My reasoning on that… “But I don’t have TJ’s at home, this is SPECIAL!”

  2. I’m OK at my regular grocery store which is small and doesn’t carry to wide an array of products. I do panic when I hit up the bigger, better stores b/c there’s SO much more to choose from and the prices are higher. But you’re right in that the expense of good food shouldn’t freak us out b/c we are feeding our loved ones!

  3. I love grocery shopping. I think it’s the most relaxing thing. But I need to bring a list or I’ll go all out and think I need everything. But I can’t handle shopping at Market Basket anymore; it’s like a zoo and I get claustrophobic walking down the aisle.

  4. I actually don’t care how much I spend at the market. I used to, but now I only panic when I go clothes shopping (which is rare). I think maybe it’s because I read this article about how little Americans spend on their food compared to some other countries, so it is much easier for me to justify it now.

    I do, however, take extra care to not waste anything. In the past two years I have probably thrown away only 3 or 4 items because I let them spoil.

    • Such a great point that you make- people in other countries spend far more on food and they value it much more too, I believe. You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t get caught up in the cost of it all because it’s such a vital and beautiful part of life! Hope you are well!!

  5. I want every one of these dishes… they all look fabulous. I will answer YES, I can absolutely Stay For Dinner. ;)

    I love to grocery shop, and always have a meticulous list. I love to take my time and go through each aisle (at New Seasons ALL aisles are good food… no “stick to the perimeter” for me!) When I do not have to luxury to browse, I DO see that most of the food we consider necessary IS on the perimeter! :D

  6. I always hold my breath when the cashier tells me my total. I don’t know how I manage to do it, because I’m only feeding me, but I spend a fortune on groceries. I can justify it to myself (and my bank account) because its actual food I’m buying. Its worth it. And it makes me happy. :)

  7. I read the Woman’s World today you have inspired me to loose weight. I have joined WW many times, I think I am the queen of join and quit. Today
    is a new day and I am going to start with the grocery store. You are right organic cost a lot more.The stores in my area all have the buy one get one free, it is easy to get sucked in. How long did it take you to loose the weight?I am 51 and really need to do this.
    Thanks for a great story.


    • Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by! You can do this. No matter how many times you start and stop, there will be a point when it will all click and you will follow through- I believe this wholeheartedly. It took me 13 months to lose all the weight. I wish you the best of luck! Thanks again!! Andrea

  8. oh how I’ve been doing the grocery bill Tango for a while now.
    you actually are one of my go to sources for healthy amazing family meals….check…

    don’t bring other shoppers with you (aka husbands) or oops, ice cream and what not ends up in cart Haha.

    I have your spicy shrimp dish set up for this week. Can’t wait to try that!

    I like to shop at smaller stores…less distractions and less temptations.
    Have a great week!!!!

    seems the couple of places I frequent, don’t have your magazine. I am getting peeeeeeeved now.

  9. I totally get grocery store sticker shock! I try to minimize that by shopping mostly at Trader Joe’s (so much cheaper, and I don’t have to clip coupons) and always making a list. And at the end of the day, I know that good food is a great investment, so I never feel too guilty. Oh and I’m totally like you- I enjoy the paper list more than an e-list!

  10. Awesome tips… I do the same thing–find something on sale then figure out what I can do with it :)

    I’ll be linking to this in the spotlight tomorrow on — thanks for sharing it!


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