When Your Laptop Breaks Up with You

My laptop,

a gal who happens to be one of my best friends,

has decided she’s unhappy in our relationship.

Unofficially and unfortunately, she has refused to function.

Somehow I think we’ll work it out, as we tend to do. But today, I’m without all of those food-stained photographs, all the recipes I like to share.

To tide you over until tomorrow, here’s an article a friend recently sent me from the Wall Street Journal.



No nonsense.


Absolutely valuable.

The 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym by Jason Gay



15 thoughts on “When Your Laptop Breaks Up with You

  1. Ana

    So glad you posted this!
    I read it few weeks ago in the paper, and found it so delightfully funny I promptly read it aloud to my mom and sisters.
    A thought for Miss Laptop… I believe she is jealous… such yummy culinary delights and all she gets to do is show them to google eyed, salivating readers. Hope she decides to continue her duties soon!


    PS: Is it true you are working on a book?? I cannot WAIT to read a bounded literary piece of yours!

    1. admin

      Hey! First, thank you! Second, yes I am working on two books- a weight loss memoir and a cookbook. The first one should be released in spring 2013 :)


  2. Lu

    I broke up with my laptop at Christmas. I know, it was cold of me, but I found new, true love with my iPad. My laptop and I are still friends. He prints for me… For now. I hope your situation is resolved quickly.


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