Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their summer. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately, with new house stuff, work stuff, and future wedding stuff. These days I feel like I am always one step away from a nervous breakdown :) But our house is finally starting to take shape—the kitchen is now all fresh, white, and bright—and I think I just need to settle into some new routines here and establish a little structure. That always helps. Anyway, here are some links I found interesting while I was surfing the internet (do people still say that?), trying to avoid thinking about all the stuff I should be doing instead:

Here is one that really struck close to home. A new study revealed that the societal pressure to be happy actually makes depression and anxiety worse. Depression rates are higher in cultures that have a greater emphasis on happiness.

Here is a chart that shows some of the better options at fast food restaurants depending on your diet. This could be helpful if you are someone who might need to to occasional grab something quick and convenient but you try to follow a particular diet like low carb, vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.

If you are looking forward to spending time outside in the sun this summer, remember to wear sunscreen! Here’s a list from the LA Times of the best sunscreens to use.

There is a solar eclipse coming up later in the summer. Here’s some information about how to see it!

Michael Phelps is setting the record straight about the claims he ate a 12,000-calorie-per-day diet. He says he ate much less than that. “12,000 is not real. It’s impossible. You can’t eat that much.” Have to say, I feel like I’ve done it.

Daniel and I just watched the full season of The Handmaid’s Tale this week. It wasn’t a perfect show, but I did really enjoy it. For other fans of the series, here’s a NYT piece with Margaret Atwood who gives some episode by episode insights about the series and book.



8 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Juliette | Namastay Traveling

    I’m kinda bummed that he didn’t actually eat the 12,000 calories! But I guess, that would be tough to maintain? Maybe. I don’t know. Interesting reads! Thank you for sharing, and best of luck with all the wonderful things coming up in your life!

  2. Margaret

    Pretty sad list of “food” available for low carb lifestyle. Not sure why the saladsat Wendy’s weren’t included. If you order Ranch dressing instead of sugar filled vinegarett, and take the massive quantities of apples out of the apple pecan, and you don’t eat the sugared pecans….never mind.

  3. Sandy

    I always thought I’ve made good choices for fast food, but disappointed they didn’t include any salads with grilled chicken or grilled chicken sandwiches. I mean really……..if that’s the only bread you eat for the day, a grilled chicken sandwich is ALWAYS a good choice. Even if you ate a tiny bit of bread in additional to that, that’s no big deal. And the next day or two you could eat no bread whatsoever and make up for it. Personally I try to eat what I call high protein, but I always make sure to include one serving of bread or a starchy vege (like a baked potato) a day. I end up with a very upset tummy if I don’t have something other than just protein and lots of veges and a little fruit. But that’s just my body. I have fibromyalgia and many years ago I discovered eating more protein than an average diet makes me feel tons better and I’m not starving an hour later. Now I see that my knowledge has spread throughout the fibro communities and they regularly recommend eating more protein.

  4. Tam

    Love reading your Post! Sounds like life is crazy busy for you. I hope you dont have a nervous breakdown, just breathe & enjoy all these moments. ❤


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