20-Minute Creamy Shrimp Pasta with Seasonal Vegetables

20-minute creamy shrimp pasta

This recipe is part of my working partnership with Philadelphia, a brand I trust and truly love.  

I cannot let go of summer. Can you? If so, tell me how.

I don’t want all the fresh vegetables to die off; for the berries to be gone—or at least, to be shipped in from far away places; for the flip flops to need stowing in the attic. Will I be wearing them until it becomes pretty clear I shouldn’t be? Yes, but still. It’s hard to transition. This meal was like a last hurrah—a sort of going away party for summertime fresh produce before I immerse myself in all squash, all the time. I wanted to make something that would be really veggie-heavy, with seasonal favorites like zucchini and sweet tomatoes, but what I ended up finding was that the recipe can be tweaked to accommodate whatever season we’re in. Now, admittedly, broccoli is best during fall and winter months—I just couldn’t help myself; I love the stuff—but this one pan dish can just as easily work with Brussels sprouts, chopped butternut squash, and kale in winter.

20 minute creamy shrimp pasta

The unifying force in the recipe is the creamy pan sauce. A blend of garlic-infused chicken broth and Philadelphia cream cheese (I mean it when I say that this is a brand I’m very loyal to, and have been for years and years), it’s the kind of thing you’d consider spooning into your mouth like a light, silky soup. I find that the herbal sweetness of fresh basil really helps to bring out the other flavors—the uniqueness of each of the vegetables, the gentle tang of the cream cheese blended with savory broth, and the freshness of the shrimp. It’s delicious. And it’s so, so easy. Make it this season or next, with whichever vegetables are freshest near you. Feel free to use chicken in place of the shrimp, or omit the meat/seafood altogether.

20 minute creamy shrimp pasta

Get the recipe over on the Real Women of Philadelphia site!

Nutrition Information for 1 Serving (1/4th of Entire Recipe): Calories 540, Total Fat 19.7 g, Total Carbohydrate 55.1 g, Dietary Fiber 5.1 g, Sugars 5.9 g, Protein 36.2 g

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13 thoughts on “20-Minute Creamy Shrimp Pasta with Seasonal Vegetables

  1. Cinnamon Vogue

    You know Andie just when I was getting bored with everything, you come up with something interesting to eat. Got to say Philadelphia cream cheese is a favourite but I would have never thought it went so well with chicken broth. Yum Yum Yum. Off to market to get some of that cheese I guess. But you better come with a couple of recipes for this cheese so we can use it up.

  2. Diane @ Vintage Zest

    That last picture makes me want to cook up the pasta right away. I’m heading over to pin it for a dinner ASAP! By the way, I’m totally with you on being sad once summer fruit & veggies start to slowly disappear from the stores. :(

  3. Marie

    Yes, out with the old in with the new – it’s time to get all winter on their asses!..Bring on the pasta! bring on the soups!…That recipe looks delish by the way and I don’t even eat sea-food but looking at that I may be persuaded! :D

  4. Sinead Regan

    Dare I say it, I’m not a fan of Summer per se. I am so ready for Fall, there is just something so comforting about the food. Pumpkin pie spice, apples and cinnamon, butternut squash…… I could go on and on.

  5. Elizabeth Atchley

    Hi, Andie!
    I just came across your blog and found this shrimp recipe. It looks delicious, but the link no longer works. Is there any possible way I could get you to email me the recipe?

  6. Dre

    I have made this several times and it is soooo good! I’ve substituted chicken for shrimp before, which also worked great. The sauce is really what makes this a winner. Thanks Andie for the great recipe.

  7. LLM

    This is what I hate about these blogs, I have to read through paragraphs of garbage to finally get to a recipe. Then in this case it is a link & the link is broken….frustrating!!


    One of the best shrimp dishes out there. Healthy, tasty, colorful and light. Great spring or summer dish!


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