5 things you don’t know about me, part 1

barnes and noble

1. Sometimes, I go to Barnes and Noble just to read all the magazines.

2. I am exquisitely talented at painting nails. Just ask any of my best friends from middle school, or my yellowed nails, who haven’t had a break from polish in twenty years.

3. A favorite hobby of mine is drawing greeting cards.

4. Every day, I wear yoga pants. Comfort and the ability to exercise at any hour of the day are just two of the perks of working from home. If you should catch me wearing jeans, it is either a very special day, or all of my yoga pants have been confiscated and burned ceremoniously by my mother.

5. During every session with my therapist, I fight the urge to ask her questions about herself. It’s one of the hardest parts of therapy for me–the one sided nature. If I’m being honest, it’s beyond the curiosity of, “What would you do in this situation?” or “Have you ever felt this way?” and more in the vein of “Hey, how are you doing?” Part of me just wants to turn it around, to open it up as I would any normal conversation. But then, that’s also the part of me that wants to be friends with her and ask her out for coffee.

Tell me something others might not know about you!



47 thoughts on “5 things you don’t know about me, part 1

  1. Alison @Coupon Kitchen

    I’m literally laughing out loud because I’m sitting here in my yoga pants – as I do everyday! I work from home and I’m so glad to know someone else has the same philosophy as me about wearing workout clothes so that at any moment I can go exercise! Why waste your day with two outfits and two showers? :) Thanks for making my day!

  2. Brie


    This is so strange… With each number, my jaw kept dropping with the sentiment of: No! Someone else does that?! #1) yes. And actually, I’ve been known to take pictures of recipes in the magazines to jot down on recipe cards later; #2 – not talented here; #3) I am known for this among my family and friends…began when I was 19 or 20 and my dad graduated with his PhD. Watercolor is my favorite medium, but I also do a lot with acrylics and I am getting into mixed media…like fabrics and stamps etc…love that, too. Cards never say what I want them to, and everyone loves getting a handmade card. Hobby of choice (other than cooking); #4 – Holy cow. That’s all I have to say. I would live in these if I didn’t have a job that required business attire. Sigh. I never have enough…always hunting for the perfect ones…and I’m always washing the ones I have. Love…love….love; #5) Sometimes, when I read your blog, you verbalize things, and I get a sensation like: If my heart could speak, I think that’s what it would’ve said. That sounds so cheezy, reading over it, but it’s true. I sense that you like that kind of honesty, so there it is. I’ve honestly come to love therapy/counselling for that reason. I have the freedom to NOT think of others in that one hour of time (fighting the guilty feelings…selfish feelings all the while). I try to give myself permission to let go and make it about me, which I do very rarely. And I walk away thinking: is that REALLY what I’m supposed to do in there? Just talk and talk and talk and never ask about the other person? And I laugh. And you made me laugh.

    And I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. Jessica

    I did the whole magazines at B&N thing one time and I was such a nervous wreck that someone was going to tap me on the shoulder and not-so-politely ask me to leave. You know, like the magazine police. It really got in the way of me enjoying my frothy beverage and I’ve not gone back and done it since.

  4. Liz Diaz

    I just love your blog Andie, the other night I went through and read as many posts as I could in the three hours I had and appreciated all of them. Your honesty, humor, recipes, and everything else are wonderful! :)

    I definitely have had to stop myself from asking my therapist how their week has been in response to them asking me. It’s such a strange thing to have someone know so much about you and not say anything about themselves!

    A little known fact about me…one of my favorite ways to take a break is to roam the isles at Whole Foods. I love looking at all of the unique items & exploring different areas of the store.

  5. Monique

    HAHA! I love this! I, too, like to wear yoga pants though I can’t on the days I have to go into the office(super corporate!). But that is what you can find me in on weekends and the days I work from home. They don’t have to know. ;)

    Something about me: I absolutely love quotes. I save more pictures on pinterest and instagram of quotes than I do anything else.

  6. L

    I completely agree with you about the therapist thing. I saw someone all of last year who I LOVED (unfortunately she moved, and I haven’t had the heart to find someone new) but I always wanted to know more about her life. Sometimes she would share a tiny glimpse, but I felt so selfish spilling my thoughts and emotions to this woman every week or two and knowing very little about her!

  7. Cinnamon Vogue

    I really feel guilty at Barnes & Nobles so I try to buy a magazine whenever I can for all the reading. But any girl who paints her nails is all right in my book. What we need if proof Andie. Show us some pictures. :-)

  8. Larisa

    I am ashamed to say I haven’t posted before, but I have enjoyed reading every post.
    Some things people do not know about me is 1)I absolutely love rage comics and gifs. 2)I love playing online games (and am quite addicted to them). 3)I collect everything monkey. It is my hobby. 4)I enjoy eating healthy foods and exercising more than I ever thought I would. :D

  9. Sarah

    I think the weirdest thing about me that no one knows (except my husband and he thinks I’m nuts) is that I’ve always wanted to own chickens. It’s crazy because I’ve never lived on a farm or in the country and I’m very much an “indoor” girl. But for some reason, I just can’t help myself! I love looking at those build-your-own chicken coops. Crazy.

  10. Laura

    1. I am on my 4th day of sticking to an eating regime, and am NOT enjoying the wild ride that is my emotions.

    2. I’m wondering if this is hormone driven from switching what I’m eating, or if it’s because I’m not sinking my emotions in food and everything is really raw.

    3. I got a shin splint exercising, so I decided to pool run with a belt, and got a burn on my arm from hitting the belt. FRUSTRATED.

    4. I’ve lost 80 lbs two other times in six years, and this is me attempting the third go.

    5. I am really, really grateful to have somewhere to vent. This is just simply NOT easy, and I don’t know that anyone really quite gets that.

    1. Au Naturel

      Sarah, that’s not weird at all! Chickens are amazing little animals. I am a poultry fanatic! There are so many interesting breeds. Have you checked out Feathersite? A great website to see all the different breeds and help you choose one that suits you best! Do you live in a city that allows urban poultry keeping? Fresh eggs from home everyday reduces (even if minisculely) the need for long-haul transport, diesel, and perhaps the worst of all (imho) factory farming. Go for it, girl!

  11. Sam

    I can’t imagine a job where I couldn’t wear yoga pants all day! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be comfortable in anything but.

    One thing that (most) people don’t know about me is that I have a blog. Well, most in real life people anyway. My husband is the only one who is aware, as far as I know.

  12. Derek D.

    1. I think you are absolutely fascinating.
    2. Cookies are my kryptonite.
    3. I love books and movies about people who overcome adversity.
    4. I love to cook big, fancy meals for people I love.
    5. Whenever I have an epiphany with my Therapist, I wonder why he kept it a secret from me, like I could’ve understood it if he’d just explained it to me. Even though I know I had to figure it out myself in the end.

  13. Amy

    Biggest thing at the moment:
    I had my heart shattered last year, and haven’t had a date since last September. This week I have been asked out by two different men. The universe moves in strange ways.
    Bring it on.

  14. Rachel Robinson

    I am a therapist and have been in therapy! I get it :) the best news is.. You are and your therapist are connected and that means true growth can happen :) love it!

  15. Pam S

    I always used to go to B&N to get a coffee from Starbucks next door and then read all the magazines I wanted :) I live in London now so unfortunately can’t do that anymore!

    PS you look so pretty in your homepage picture

  16. DJ

    Things people dont know about me:
    1- I am an emotional over eater prone to binge eating. I’ve never told anyone close to me but I’ve gone to therapy for it… I’m too embarassed to admit it to the people I love.
    2- It’s not such a well kept secret but I LOVE COOKIES
    3- If I could do anything in the world (as a job) I would be a Reiki master, a yoga instructor, a life coach or a therapist… instead I work for a dirty oil company because none of the aforementionded would pay the bills.
    4- when I listen to music I close my eyes and dance in my head… trust me when I say- that is the only place where I am a fantastic dancer!

  17. Jenny G

    Thanks for making me laugh! I always go get a coffee and read all the magazines, look at books I want and leave. I also wear yoga pants or sweats daily.

  18. Jennifer

    1. I sleep to get away from all my problems & over thinking I do. Which means, I sleep too much.

    2. I want more than anything to be a singer, but I was not blessed with a voice to allow that.

    3. I didn’t begin actually reading books for fun until recently, I wish I would have known how fascinating they were before then. I feel like I have lost so many years to stories I could have been introduced to long ago.

    4. Music is always speaking to me. In each song I can find a way to relate it to my own life & it helps me more than any other form of “free” therapy.

    5. I have a sweet tooth two sizes too big. I need to have it extracted!

  19. M

    I have to know… what do people wear with their yoga pants/sweats when they leave the house… so as not to be cold or looking overly sporty?

    Please share… Thanks!

  20. Danielle

    1. Today was the first time I found your blog

    2. I started my own blog 2 days ago

    3. I need to lose 60 pounds for my heath

    4. My favorite excuse is “I don’t have time”

    5. I have a 4 year old daughter, a 8-5 M-F job that allows me to grace my chair with my butts presence every day.. and I HATE to cook.

    6 (an Extra for you) I need all the help I can get.

  21. Laura

    1. Writing about the struggle of day 4 yesterday really helped. It’s good to not be alone in this.

    2. I’m ODDLY peaceful and hopeful and focused today— showing that’s it pays off to push through the hard spots of starting… again.

    3. I had a green smoothie for breakfast— figure if I’m going to eat Kale, I might as well eat it raw so I get all of the benefits.

    4. The words from Andie’s writings have framed many of my days— moments eating, moments gazing at beauty through a camera lens. Her fight to live fully alive fuels My fight to fight. I really appreciate her honesty about how much she loves food. That takes guts as a woman, and it has given me guts to acknowledge the same!

    5. I’m meeting my husband for a gym date in 1 hour. Spicy!

  22. Anna

    I am a therapist and have also had therapy myself: strange huh, the kind of thoughts you can have about your therapist! It was really interesting to me to realize how some of my own clients might view me! :)

  23. Amanda Morey

    1. My favorite date my husband took me on was to Barnes and Noble. I knew then he would let me read in peace and this meant he was a keeper.
    2. Baking cakes and watching other people’ enjoy them is one of my favorite forms of therapy.
    3. My therapist would have to remind me that my sessions were about me and not them. Haha
    4. I love to run when it’s cold out.
    5. No matter who you are, if you say you’re having roast with potatoes and carrots I will invite myself to your house. I’ll bring wine of course to share!

    Thanks for once again sharing yourself with your readers!

  24. Sue

    I am going to be honest….I am so depressed. and a bit upset/confused…why is it OK to read magazines and not buy one. I do pick up a tabloid in the grocery line but I don’t sit and read the whole thing. If I owned Barnes & Noble I would make people pay to sit in the chairs.
    I do not understand this. I feel guilty reading the mags at the grocery store….

    Go to the library

    1. admin


      I don’t think it’s OK at all. I’m not advocating it by any means. This is more of a guilty admission on my part than a “hey, wanna know something fun to do?” I do agree with you that it’s not fair to the business, and I feel that guilt every time I go. Because of that, I usually do end up buying something.


    2. Laura


      I hear where you’re coming from, and think it’s really cool that you have strong morals.

      I am positive, however, that that is part of Barnes and Noble’s marketing plan— they get you in the door, have you buy from their coffee shop, and expose you to all of their goods. It is super effective. I go and read my munchkin books, and end up leaving with a copy of Peter Rabbit AND the stuffed rabbit… and then spend the next month thinking about how much I’d like to go back and buy the whole Beatrix Potter collection for only $40!

      It gets people in the door, and they know that. That’s every business’ ambition: get them in the door. They’re a huge corporation and can handle this even better than a mom and pop.

      I can get stuff MUCH cheaper from amazon, and I end up impulse buying from B&N when I go in to read stuff for “free”.

      Andie— you inspired me to go do the same thing! Such a good option for a stay at home momma when the hubs gets home and I need a place to get restored.

  25. Kelsey

    I love reading your posts, they cheer me up without fail every time. So well written :)

    1. I have to have at least 1 piece of chocolate every day, it would be an understatement to say it’s my kriptonite haha. Definitely love this time of year ;P

    2. I much prefer the winter and autumn. Walks in the cold make me happy, plus it’s so much more rewarding when you come inside to a nice warm home.

    3. I am constantly reading a book. As soon as one is finished I have another at the ready. I’ve lost track of how many I’ve ready this year!

    4. I’m very much an “outdoorsy” person, I just wish I had money for the equipment I want/need D:

    5. I love hard physical work. I could not have an office job! I used to volunteer at a zoo and also do work experience at an animal sanctuary and the exhausted feeling when I get back in makes me feel fulfilled.

  26. Amelia

    I feel the same way about my therapist!

    I get a little resentful when I write the check for the co-pay feeling like a just spent an hour hanging out with a friend. Then I feel like a BAD friend for talking about myself too much.

    Therapy is a strange animal.

  27. Laura

    1. I have stuck to my food plan for six days as of today- and… it’s that strange place of feeling kind of easy. Of course, I’m still in my pajamas and haven’t actually tried to do anything that would ignite struggle.

    2. Did you see the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? I liked that that guy laid in bed for the first part of changing his eating and wallowed and struggled and it was validated. I think … (now I’m convincing myself here) that that is why it’s hard to change eating. It’s pretty rough to continue on with life as usual, and maybe pausing and saying “This is my life right now. Just getting today done. One day closer.”

    3. I’m about to write a shopping list of ingredients that will set me up for a week of staying strong on this plan.

    4. And first I’m going to make a pizza made out of Almond Meal crust instead of flour.

    5. One of my best friends on earth was my therapist in college.

  28. JR

    For all of my fellow B&N readers…I once asked my friend about this. She worked at the Barnes & Noble Cafe: Serving Starbucks (it’s not technically a Starbucks shop–just B&N serving Starbucks coffee–she said that’s a very clear distinction). Anyway, she told me that you’re SUPPOSED to just read the magazines. That’s what all the chairs are for–they WANT people to stay and read for a while (I’m sure it has something to do with increasing odds of a purchase the longer a customer stays). B&N is kind of like the library where one–if they wish to leave the store with a book/magazine–buys it instead of borrowing it. It’s also like the library in that you’re welcome to read in-store all you want. I once read half a book–sitting on the floor, no less, and nobody even glanced my way.

  29. Laura

    1. Day ELEVEN of eating plan. Ah! Kind of in that ridiculous place where I wonder why I’m not skinny yet.

    2. Yesterday was the clearest, easiest to confront & conquer day I’ve had in as long as I can remember, and I think it has something to do with being “Sober”.

    3. Fuzzy today… which is what propelled me to write. I think the “one day at a time” that Andie discusses has to kick in here, because I’m comparing yesterday to today & overwhelmed by the tomorrows… So—

    4. I will write down a plan for my day.

    5. And I will include be REALLY kind to myself on there.

    When do we get Part 2, Ms. Andie?

  30. Karen

    1. It takes a miracle every morning to get me up and out of bed before 9am.

    2. I always have a hard time dressing for work and play.

    3. Music gets me through the bad times

    4. My self esteem is not the best in the world

    5. I always manage to talk myself out of doing stuff (working out, hanging out, etc)

  31. Jade

    After a recent injury to my shoulder, where my mobility was limited, I had a hard time putting on anything other than yoga pants. So after everything was said and done and I gain some of my mobility back, I still wear yoga pants out of comfort :)

  32. Judy

    I know here it is several years later but I just read this and I wonder, did you ever give us any nail polish tips?

    Here are some of mine…

    Calligraphy relaxes me.
    Painting walls relaxes me.
    I have to talk myself into big projects. Like I just moved everything and cleaned two bedrooms top to bottom.
    I’m never sure what to do when someone I know but not very well has experienced a great loss. I know to listen and just be there but I don’t know should I bring food, how much, how often.
    I search out hair color and cut photos and stick them in a folder or on my desktop and along with that I look up all the local salons and check out reviews on individual stylists.


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