5 things you don’t know about me, part 2


1. Like everyone’s nana that ever lived, I have found my signature lipstick. Indeed, I found this shade in August of 2010 and I haven’t let even a day pass where I haven’t smeared it wildly beyond the borders of my natural lip line. I’ve even taken to buying a few tubes when I pop in to buy a new one at CVS, fearing that one day I’ll find that it has–heaven forbid–been discontinued, which will naturally leave me inconsolable and dowdy. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #463 “Sassy Mauve.”

2. Homeland, Parenthood, Walking Dead, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: the shows I’m hooked on this season.

3. Every night in bed for the past six months, I lie there and read articles on my iPhone for an hour until one of my eyes inevitably closes, which, within ten minutes or so, unsurprisingly becomes a burden for the lone awake eye, at which point I call it quits. I read anything that interests me,  while also trying not to judge myself for not reading true literature, as I had always done before now. It is pure wind-down entertainment and I love it. A good tip for any article online that you may have stumbled upon during the day and didn’t have time to read: quickly open it as a new tab on your phone’s browser to read later. Or, use one of the cool phone apps that allows you to flag articles to be read later: Instapaper and ReadItLater.

4. I think I may have just discovered–through quiet creeping on Facebook–that an old teacher of mine, who I always had a massive crush on, is now in a committed relationship and I am somehow saddened by it.

5. My mother calls me Francie. And neither of us has ever been entirely sure why.



26 thoughts on “5 things you don’t know about me, part 2

  1. Cinnamon Vogue

    Well I think Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #463 “Sassy Mauve “ does probably look good on your skin tone. Andie just buy a whole bunch and can them. I think that should keep it for a few years right?. Ah… crushes. We have all had them. Mine was Mrs. Henderson. I even persuaded my mother to let me get Math lessons from her after school. She was a very attractive and stylish teacher who was just brilliant at teaching math. Sadly it was only math. 

    1. Janet Vaught

      Mine was Mr. Nixon and he taught Law Ed. He wasn’t generically attractive but I was in L.O.V.E! I got in trouble on purpose so I could stay after with him alone and had a whole secret fantasy about how he would end up kissing me.

  2. Courtney

    Isn’t Parenthood the best show?? I almost cried one week waiting for it to come on, only to find out it was an off week and wouldn’t be back until the next Tuesday. Ha!

  3. Sarah

    Andie! Walking dead! Tell me you ship daryl and carol! Or daryl and his crossbow? Or just want to be left alone in a ship with daryl?

    Erm, i have a thing for um, daryl.


  4. Amy

    I wish I could find a lipstick to suit me, or just gain the ability to wear lipstick without smearing it across my face or looking like a little kid who got into her mum’s make-up stash…
    I maintain that it is a genetic failure. I think I can remember my Mama wearing lipstick about three times in my lifetime.
    I am an in-bed reader too, and I think I may have a little problem since I have started checking my emails at 4:30am. No, I am not that important, 4:30 just seems to be the ideal time…

    1. Hootie

      You might like my signature lipstick if you aren’t a fan of standard lipsticks…I like pink beach (or it might be beach pink) by Clinique in their butter lipstick. It does not feel like lipstick and its there but doesn’t scream “lipstick” in the mirror. My local belk doesn’t carry it and I will pay shipping to get more online if I’m not going out of town.

  5. Victoria

    Did you know that instead of having all those tabs, you can just touch the arrow key and add the article to your reader? Then when you come back later, they’ll be neatly saved and in a more reader friendly format. Plus, you don’t need an Internet connection, so it’s good for saving reading material for flights, etc.

    1. Victoria

      (This was a recently discovered feature for me. I used it at Thanksgiving to save recipes on my iPad to take to my mom’s house, a land where there is no wifi. Now I use it all the time. But perhaps this is not news to you, you just prefer the tabs.)

  6. Amy S

    I may just have to go get myself some sassy mauve to try out. I love Parenthood! I got hooked on watching all the seasons on Netflix and wound up staying up all night a few nights. I will have to see if the current season is on and catch up.

  7. Melissa

    I love these!!! lOVE. Don’t we all have these seemingly “little” things that almost no one (perhaps maybe a very best friend) knows about that makes us uniquely us!? We should all do this, just for ourselves..it kind of makes you appreciate yourself, and the season of life you are in. I wonder if “sassy mauve” will be your color for your next season of life….whatever that may be :)

  8. Becca

    Do you use the app Zite? It collects a bunch of articles based off your interests in one place, the nest version also has news headlines and top articles. Can be pretty dangerous :)

  9. Jennifer

    Parenthood is a new found obsession of mine. I got addicted a couple months ago on the current season, and I am in the process of watching the previous 3 seasons. I just love everyone on the show!! I was thinking of watching Homeland next.

  10. Jentry Nielsen

    Oh my goodness I am obsessed with Housewives of Beverly Hills this season too! I don’t know what it is about those women, they’re addicting! ha Boyfriend is not too pleased about it…but hey I can’t help myself! :)

  11. Janet Vaught

    Can we start calling you Francie now?!?!
    Also, I have to read myself to sleep each night. It’s like I can’t just lay there in the dark with nothing to do until sleep happens to come by! What if it takes an hour?

  12. Reanna

    I am envious! After years of sheer lip gloss and trying (and hating) new things for my lips I have been relegated to chap stick lately. Beauty products are expensive to experiment with and for some reason I can not figure out lips at all! So I gifted myself a 12 month Birch Box subscription. Hopefully after a year I’ll be a little more beauty savvy.

    I’ve been wanting to watch Homeland, definitely have a crush on Damien Lewis who coincidentally looks just like the teacher I had a crush on in high school. Small world…

  13. Brooke

    This post inspired me to track down a lipstick I LOVED when I was just out of high school. I remembered it was my summer semester in college and I was having the time of my life. It had a particular fragrance that I couldn’t remember and it had toasted in the name but I was drawing a complete blank. Last night, while perusing the lipsticks at CVS, I opened one and with one sniff I transported to my freshman year of college!! It was an amazing moment. Thank you, Andie, for inspiring me to search for something so simple yet so gratifying.

  14. Lila

    That is the EXACT reason I got a tablet, because I love reading blogs and internet articles in bed at night. Until I got a tablet I also was reading those blogs and articles on my iphone.

  15. Anne Farris

    My all time forever lipstick is from Clinique and is called, “Crushed Grape”
    #427. I have used it for years and buy at least 3 at a time.


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