6 Great Cupcake Tin Recipes

petite lasagnas

Petite Lasagnas

Oh how I adore my cupcake tin.

So many recipes, so few mouths to feed…


100 calorie vegan chocolate cupcakes

100 Calorie Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Promise me you’ll bake at least one?

rainbow tie dye cupcakes

Rainbow Tie Dye Cupcakes

homemade hostess cupcakes

Homemade Hostess Cupcakes

Cinnamon Sugar Crusted Coffee Cake Muffins

Cinnamon Sugar Crusted Coffee Cake Muffins

Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes



19 thoughts on “6 Great Cupcake Tin Recipes

  1. Ana Maria

    I have already baked the vegan chocolate cupcakes – they are PHENOMENAL! Such a light, delicate crumb and rich, rich flavour. YUM.

    The apple walnut cinnamon rolls are next on my list :)

  2. Raquel

    They all look great but as I´m trying to avoid sugar I´m gonna try the vegan choco muffin with Agave and vanilla protein powder! I´m a little freak, I know.

  3. The Chocolate Covered Kitchen

    Love the phyllo dough idea — one of my favorite vegetarian fast foods is to saute a variety of mushrooms in butter with salt, pepper, tarragon and/or bit of nutmeg; when they’re limp shove to side of pan, throw in a good splash of brandy or whiskey, crank heat to high; when it’s reduced, add whipping cream, reduce till thick. Takes just a few minutes of stirring, and it’s a fantastic dish for phyllo — I usually use puff pastry, but this is even better (or fill with ice cream!)

  4. Sanjeeta kk

    My..my…how did I miss out on this encyclopedia of baking! Those cinnamon coated muffins..colorful muffins..chocolate muffins..am going crazy looking at all the creations here. Yes, yes I promise to make all :)

  5. Tamara from Jem of the South

    Just discovered your blog. Love it! I especially like this post because I have several recipes in my head that revolve around using my cupcake tin for more than cupcakes. :-)Thinking of a frittata, and a breakfast muffin recipe. I plan to do a brunch with these recipes. I really like the lasagna twist. I used to make lasagna all the time, but it was always too much for me & my brother to eat because I didn’t know how to make a small batch. I will have to try your recipe. Thanks!

  6. Melissa

    I love the looks of those coffee cake muffins!

    I always make mini meatloaves in my muffin tin. I always liked the crusty part of the meatloaf best–now I don’t have to fight for it! ;)

  7. Brooke @ Waiting to Rise

    Wow…those homemade hostess muffins look great..as do the cinnamon sugar ones. Been going through alot of family stuff and haven’t been on my reader; therefore, haven’t been commenting! But I’m back! Again, breathtaking pics! Hope you are well girl!


  8. Penny L. Donath

    We made the Petit Lasagna on our grandkids sleepover
    From ages 8 to 85, it was voted an keeper! Seconds and thirds were had by all. The kids helped put together and wonderful new memories were made. :) Thank You.


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