An email from a reader: Part 2

“Hi Andie!

First and foremost I must tell you congratulations on your journey! I discovered your blog tonight and I have read every page of it. You are such an amazingly well rounded person and I plan on continuing to follow you! I just recently started trying to live a healthier lifestyle and would just like to hear your view on a few things. I’m 20 years young, 130lbs and from the the deep south! I’ve grown up on less than healthy foods and practically zero vegetables! I’m currently experimenting with vegetables and trying to learn how to cook better, for one lol, but healthier as well. My typical diet consisted of rice, potatoes, pizza, fried foods, pasta, lots and lots of cheese and desserts! I’m currently doing Crossfit and have cleaned up my diet 90%. My main worry though is once I’ve obtained my goal weight, how do I incorporate those foods I love back into my life? Because like you, I have a true love for food. I want to eat for nutrition as well as for enjoyment. I see that you seem to do that well! Do you just cut back your proportions or have your substituted a lot of ingredients? Do you eat less healthy foods (dessert, pasta, bread) as much as your do healthy foods? Thank you so much for your time, and your response is very appreciated!”



Thanks very much for writing! As soon as I read your email, my mind went to New Orleans and how badly I wanted a fried oyster po’boy. Then, I collected myself and thought of this post I wrote a while back, on my love for vegetables and how I let those sprawl spread eagle across my plate. It’s the backbone of the way I ate then, to lose, and now, to stay still. Here it is:

Hope you enjoy it: Wishing you the very, very best and congrats on changing your life for the better!!!



14 thoughts on “An email from a reader: Part 2

  1. Candice

    Thanks so much for linking to that post! I’ve read it before, but re-reading makes me think some more about vegetables and how to include them in my diet.

  2. Katie

    So funny that you included a link to your roasted broccoli … I tried it three days ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it!! It was so incredible. I never dreamed in a million years that it could have been that good! I love broccoli just fine … but this was outstanding! THANK YOU!

  3. Kate

    A great reminder to bulk up a meal with vegetables. I forget how much I love them ’til I let them take center stage again. So, as a tribute to this post, I WALKED to the grocery store and bought broccoli. Exercise AND vegetables?! 2 for 1! Thanks again, Lady!

  4. Tracy

    This falls in line with what a friend of mine did. He made sure to eat vegetables with nearly all meals, and as much as he could incorporate then into his diet. He dropped 30 pounds, along with a semi-regular exercise routine. Veggies seem key, especially as an appetite suppressant and key filler, though still super yummy!

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  10. Stacy Dalton

    I just started bagging 100 calories of food – so I can visualize what 100 calories of celery looks like compared to 100 calories of cookies. This helps me sooooo much! I fix 1500 calories of food for each day – in 100 calories bags. Once the bags are gone – I’m done eating. I do fix 100 calorie bags of treats and sweets…but when I’m really hungry…really, really hungry – that bag of 8 chips or 1 teeny, tiny bite of candy bar is NOT going to be okay. I choose the celery, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, etc…ALMOST every time.

    Sometimes, the sweet wins – but I’m still not going to go over my calories…I just might go to bed hungry.

    1. Lau

      This. Is. Amazing. When I first read, “I Just started bagging 100 calories of food,” I thought “WELL, HOW LOVELY FOR YOU.” But being able to see how 100 calories of chips compares to 100 calories of carrot stick or celery is like, golden. Love it, love it, love it!


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