An Emmy Inspired Dinner

shrimp louis

Appetizer: Shrimp Louie <–click for recipe

When I decided to create an Emmy-themed dinner tonight, two things came to mind: the first being the tremendous love I have for the hit series “Louie,” and the second being that I may very well be the only twenty seven year old still actively playing with my food.

“Louie” creator and star, Louis C.K., is my favorite stand up comedian working today. I’m in constant awe of the breadth of his talent. Obviously the show is hilarious, but what surprises me week after week is how moving and poignant it can be.

shrimp louis

Episodes of “Louie” are essentially short films. They entertain. They give us insight into life. Louis C.K. is nominated for best actor, writer, and director.

meth cupcakes

Dessert: Meth cupcakes

A favorite show of mine for the past few years (well, favorite Emmy nominated show) has been “Breaking Bad.” It follows a high school chemistry teacher who “breaks bad” and starts cooking meth to provide for his family after he receives a cancer diagnosis.

meth cupcakes

His signature meth is called “blue sky” because of its color. I broke up a blue lollipop to represent the meth and sprinkled it on top of chocolate cupcakes. The show is nominated for best drama series and Bryan Cranston has a chance to win his fourth straight acting Emmy for the role.

old fashioned cocktail

Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Mad Men has been an Emmys juggernaut since its inception, winning best drama series all four seasons it has been on the air. It will most likely win again and to honor it I decided to make Don Draper’s signature cocktail.

old fashioned cocktail

This recipe is from Rachel Maddow, to which I added maraschino cherries.


My other favorites are “30 Rock,” “Girls,”  and every single reality show on television. Click here for a full list of Emmy nominees.

Tell me: do you watch the Emmys? What are your favorite shows?



16 thoughts on “An Emmy Inspired Dinner

  1. Suzanne Johnson

    Yep, watch the Emmys although I don’t actually watch much TV. When the remote is mine, all mine, I try to watch The Good Wife, Grimm and 30 Rock. The salad you prepared looks amazing and should be sitting right here in front of me! Mmmm, think I will pass on the cupcakes though. I think lollipop pieces would get in the way of hearty eating. Love the Old Fashion! Cheers!!

  2. Lindsay

    I am seeing Louis C. K. in NYC at the end of October-I am SOOO excited. He is so unique and clever. I love breaking bad as well-great job on the creative recipes!!

  3. Alan Nguyen

    I just came across your blog (Love the url!). Do you have that still have that Susan Fernandes Chicken Piccata recipe? I couldn’t find your email to contact you, so I resorted to the comment box, haha.

  4. JustJo

    I’ve enjoyed your blog in the past months but this post really takes the (cup)cake.

    Thank you for you depth, creativity and inspiration.


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