Baby Gender Reveal!

It's a Boy! gender reveal cake

When I was pregnant with James, I always thought of the baby growing in me as a him. Daniel called him Joey (like a Kangaroo but he’s also a big Friends fan so who knows) and we just always used male pronouns. When we were about to look at the genetic testing results to find out, I remember thinking I would be absolutely shocked if the baby was a girl. Our intuition, of course, turned out to be right.

With my second pregnancy, I had the same feelings as I did with James. Right from the beginning, I just thought of the baby as a boy. Daniel named him “Olivier” (I have no idea why) and even though we lost him before we ever really knew, whenever I think about him, I picture my second boy.

This time it felt different. Very early on, I just didn’t have a strong feeling one way or another. Then as time went on I became more and more convinced it was going to be a little girl. I knew mother’s intuition was likely wildly inaccurate but I couldn’t help picturing the potential differences between raising a girl and a boy. Teaching her “girly” stuff like doing hair and painting our nails. Daniel and I both have opposite sex siblings so in a way it felt natural. We did an early genetic test and got the results back recently. My doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex over the phone and as Daniel and I huddled close the receiver we heard her say, “You are having a little boy!” We were both surprised but so, so delighted. Brothers!

It’s a boy!

So…turns out my intuition isn’t very accurate. But I am so excited for the future of our family and for James to have a little brother to love and grow with. I’m going to be in a house full of boys and it’s going to be the best.

It's a Boy! Gender reveal for baby 2!

For the moms out there, was your intuition correct or were you surprised like me?



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  1. Deb

    My intuition was correct till baby no 3. Convinced it was a boy but she came out a girl. Fast forward a few years and I had the biggest Tom boy on my hands. Go figure. Even to this day 15 years later. She rides scooters, plays soccer, hangs out with all the boys.

  2. Jennifer

    My symptoms were exactly the same in both pregnancies!. I was convinced number two was another girl because of it. Low and behold, baby number two was a boy. Our 2.5 year old daughter loves her baby brother!

  3. Judy Caywood

    Our first was a girl and then our second and third were boys. We loved having three. If one was out of sorts the other two still had each other to play with. They were all the best nature’s fun kids though. I do feel boys were a lot easier to raise and most mothers I know have felt the same. However all the kids are now grown and our daughter still mothers her brothers so much and she reminds them of all family dates like birthdays etc. I feel good knowing when I am gone she will keep them both aware of each other’s times to send caring and live each other’s ways as well as comfort when needed.

    Congratulations Andie.


  4. Lacee

    Congratulations Andie! How exciting for James to have a little brother. We knew from the start we were having a boy and the ultrasound confirmed we were correct. I’m due in June with my first child and can’t wait to me a boy Mom. :)

  5. lee

    Andie! Congrats. It’s all about wishing and hoping but as Mommies we both know…Our unborn babies health is all that matters. I grew up with 3 brothers…(& 1 sis) Good Luck! LOL. Stay well, & healthy xxx

  6. Melissa

    Congratulations! My intuition was correct on both and I had 2 boys. We didn’t know the sex of the first until he was born and everyone else was so convinced it was a girl that they all gave me pink frilly things for my shower and when he was born I only had 3 boy outfits. The second pregnancy was so different that everyone was again convinced it was a girl but as much as I thought I wanted the “set” (1 of each) I had a sneaking suspicion he was a boy and the scan proved that correct and I couldn’t have imagined him not being a him.

  7. Jane elliott

    Mom of two boys also! You’ll be the queen of your household!! When I was pregnant with my second son, our first kept saying I was having a brother. We were concerned if it was a sister we’d have a tough time!! They are grown and married and I have a granddaughter now because God knew I needed some girl time!!

  8. Amanda Morey

    I have two girls, 19 months apart. My first I had absolutely no idea what we were having. Our second was so incredibly different from our first that I was convinced it was a boy. Turns out I was wrong! Now our life is full of tutus, fancy dresses, and pink and purple.

  9. Ashley

    my first pregnancy i knew for SURE in my bones it was going to be a girl, and “she” was my son Zion. LOL. this 2nd time around, i was hoping for a girl, but also excited for a boy if it was a 2nd boy and it was a girl. it was a completely different pregnancy too!

  10. Jana

    Congratulations to your family! I just had our first child two months ago. I thought from the very beginning that it was a girl. We opted not to find out the gender so for nine months I had it in my mind that we were having a girl. I would have been absolutely shocked (and had to make some mental adjustments) if we ended up with a boy. Turns out my intuition was right! We have a beautiful baby girl and she’s just the best! Funny how you just know these things sometimes.

  11. Katie

    I’m so thrilled for you!! As a (biased) mom of two boys, 18 months apart, I LOVE having boys! People kept asking me if I was going to “try for a girl” next. Nope! Having two boys is the best

  12. Danielle

    I only have one baby (my 14-month old) but I always knew she was a girl. We were not surprised at all at our 20-week anatomy scan when the tech said we were having a girl :)

  13. Sarah

    Congrats! I love following along on your journey of life! With my first I wanted a girl SO badly and “knew” it was a girl and I was right! With my second i lost it early on like you and don’t know the gender but didn’t have a feeling either way. Then with my next I had hoped for a girl for my daughter to have a sister but didn’t have a feeling either way and it was a boy! Now I’m currently pregnant with my third and have absolutely no idea haha. We find out in a few weeks!

  14. Meg

    Congratulations!!! I have fraternal twin 4 year old girls. Initially, I wanted to keep gender a surprise before finding out there were 2 haha. Then I needed to know! I had a dream leading up to the gender scan, I was wandering an old house, heard crying, opened up an old built in dresser and there were 2 pink blanket wrapped babies. Everybody built up that the scan would be tough to get accurate pics to determine gender but the tech knew within 20 seconds of starting. Two girls!!! My husband was devastated but now cant imagine it being any other way. Also, is that a Whites cake??? Fellow MA resident :) congrats again!!!!

  15. Katie

    Congratulations!! So happy for you! When I got pregnant I knew right away it was a boy. But then I had such bad morning sickness I thought maybe it was a girl (because no little boy would do that to his mama, right? Hahaha) Turns out he would because it was a boy! And I absolutely love being a boy mom!

  16. Beth

    Congratulations! I didn’t find out the gender of either of my kids, but everyone told me my second was going to be a boy like the first one, from the grandmas at church to the UPS delivery guy. So we were shocked when she was born and we had a little girl but so, so excited.
    Your little guys are going to have such a great time growing up with brothers and you will be a great boy mom. Congratulations!

  17. Leanne

    My first were twins. We did not find out the gender but I felt very strongly that at least one was a girl. I was right! Baby “A” was a girl…as soon as she came out, I had such a strong feeling the other one was also going to be a girl…12 min later out came another girl!
    Our third was a boy…same thing..we didn’t find out but felt very strong that it was a boy! My fourth and fifth I was wavering and really had no idea….they were boys
    Congrats on your pregnancy! My fifth is five years old and is named James as well!
    I loved your book and have been stocking u ever since! Thanks for all the yummy recipes! I think of u every time I make my family meatloaf!

  18. Teresa

    I always wanted a girl but when I was pregnant I was convinced it was a boy… like so convinced that I started gushing over little boy clothes and trying to make piece with it because I knew that I only wanted 1 child. Then we had the ultrasound and my baby was behind up… and it was definitely… not a boy haha and then the results came back from the genetic testing confirming again it was a girl! I was slightly disappointed for 2.5 seconds but it quickly gave way to pure delight! I honestly would have been happy either way but my daughter is the best, even when she’s the worst! Congrats to you guys

  19. Carol

    My two boys are 24 months apart and have been best friends from the beginning. Of course, there were times the younger one was always trying to keep up with his older brother! They are now in their 20’s and are each other’s closest confidants and biggest fans. I know they will always be there for each other no matter what life brings.


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