How Brad Lost 104 Pounds

How Brad Lost 104 Pounds

Weight Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo Lifestyle. Here is an excerpt from this week’s inspiring story:

The Life Change that Helped this 25-Year-Old Lose 104 Pounds and Move Out of His Parents’ House

Brad Thornhill is 25 and 5-foot-9, and he currently weighs 151 pounds. In 2016, after struggling with his weight for a long time, he had a realization that in order to be happy, he had to undergo a lifestyle revamp. Click here to read the story of his weight-loss journey.



One thought on “How Brad Lost 104 Pounds

  1. Damian Campbell

    Wow! Amazing story, Brad! It is so inspiring. 104 pounds is a big number! For me, I think it is impossible to lose weight even for 20 pounds! But when I saw your story, I’m somehow motivated and I want to lose weight like you! I’m planning to start my personal program to be fit and to make my stomach flat again. I used to go to gym but stress just came to me and I start stress eating. So this coming year, motto would be “New Year, New ways to be healthy.”. Thank you again for sharing your incredible story of yours! I feel more inspired to be fit again. More power to you! Cheers!


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