Buffalo Chicken Rolls

Here’s the easy step by step tutorial on how to make healthy baked buffalo chicken egg rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! They’re just over 100 calories each, making them a great light appetizer, but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

I’m thinking we’re very comfortable together at this point, me and you. You and me. At best, we’re virtual soul mates bonded through food and cooking. At worst, we’re in a one-sided pen pal relationship and you’re not keeping up your end of the bargain. I’m tired of paying for postage when you never write back.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

But really, it’s mostly good, isn’t it? Beautiful, even. I cook and clean the dishes, you pop in and eat with your eyes. I bake and stow the goodies in the pocket corners of my thighs, you stow them neatly in megabytes of ram. I pour my heart out and it spills onto your computer screen, and you, for your part, keep the mess contained.

Give and take. Take and give.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

So today I’m going to ask you a favor. Just going to put everything on the line here and as you to do something for me.



Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Please get your cute bottom to the market, pick up a package of egg roll wrappers, some hot wing sauce, blue cheese, toss in a box of Junior Mints for good measure, and then get situated in the kitchen to make these.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls.

They are beyond perfect for the Super Bowl. Beyond perfect for your nagging comfort food craving. Beyond satisfying knowing that bar food has been turned inside out and healthy.

The exterior is a crispy, crunchy flour shell. The interior is moist shredded buffalo-sauced chicken, with creamy, cool, and pungent blue cheese, and a few strands of refreshing slaw. Texturally, tastefully balanced and delicious. If you love buffalo chicken, you’ll adore these little rolls. They’re baked instead of fried, and the chicken isn’t breaded or fried either. Each of them clocks in at approximately 100 calories, so they’re absolutely worth adding to your game day snack roster.

Here’s the step-by-step process to make them yourself:

buffalo chicken rolls

buffalo chicken rolls

buffalo chicken rolls

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

buffalo chicken rolls

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!

**Note: Find egg roll wrappers in the refrigerated case of the produce department at your grocery store. They’re usually near the tofu and hummus.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls Recipe! Here's the easy step by step guide showing you how to make healthy buffalo chicken rolls with egg roll wrappers, blue cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli slaw! Perfect as an appetizer but they also work as a main meal, too!
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Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls

Crispy and full of flavor, these baked buffalo chicken egg rolls never disappoint! They're easy to make, freeze well, and serve as the perfect healthy party appetizer!
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine: American, Asian
Keyword: baked buffalo chicken rolls, baked chicken rolls, buffalo chicken recipe
Servings: 12 Rolls
Calories: 104kcal


  • 12 egg roll wrappers buy the ones that are roughly 4" x 4" square
  • 1 cup cooked and shredded chicken 6 ounces
  • 1/2- 2/3 cup Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • 1 cup crumbled blue cheese 4 ounces
  • 1 cup broccoli slaw or coleslaw dry
  • Blue cheese dressing for serving


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lay egg roll wrappers on a clean work surface. In a small bowl, stir chicken* (see note below) and hot sauce until well coated, using more or less sauce depending on your spice preference. The meat should be moist with sauce.
  • Begin by placing one tablespoon of the broccoli slaw on the diagonal of the bottom right corner of one of the wrappers. Next, place 2 tablespoons of shredded spicy chicken evenly on top of the slaw. Spoon 1 tablespoon of the blue cheese crumbles over the chicken. Do not overfill.
  • To fold: Fold the bottom right corner over the stuffing mixture so that it covers it completely, with the tip of the corner now pointing to the center of the egg roll wrapper. Fold in the bottom left corner, followed by the right, so that you now have formed an envelope. Roll the wrap upward one time, leaving the top left corner open. Wet your index finger in the small bowl of water and press to moisten the top left corner. Now fold that down on top of the filled roll, sealing it like you would an envelope.
  • Repeat with remaining rolls.
  • Place the rolls on a wire rack set on top of a cookie sheet (or just on a greased cookie sheet) coated with nonstick cooking spray. Spritz each roll evenly with nonstick cooking spray. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the rolls are crisp and beginning to turn a light golden brown.


*Note: To make the chicken, place 1 large breast (about 6 to 8 ounces) in a small saucepan and fill with enough cold water just to cover the chicken. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat slightly, then simmer for about 12 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through. Drain and let cool before shredding with two forks, pulling against the grain of the meat.


Serving: 1g | Calories: 104kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 18mg | Sodium: 881mg | Potassium: 110mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 135IU | Vitamin C: 19.6mg | Calcium: 73mg | Iron: 0.8mg


618 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Rolls

  1. Evan Thomas

    To quote The Sandlot, “you’re killing me, smalls”. Anything buffalo chicken is good. Buffalo chicken, buffalo chicken dip, these, anything. Now I need to start my mission to make these without wheat and dairy.

      1. Hannah

        If you want to make these gluten free, buy a gf flour blend and make your own eggroll wrappers. I actually used a gf wonton wrapper recipe I found on pinterest.

        1. Karen Joy

          You could use spring roll wrappers, which would make them gluten-free, but not dairy-free. Just omit the cheese to make it dairy-free. For spring roll wrappers, you soak them in warm water, and roll them just like wonton wrappers. DON’T bake them, though.

        2. Erica

          I’m so glad I saw this comment! Now I just need to track down the gf wonton wrapper recipe :D Thanks for sharing!!

    1. mommy2011

      I found this recipe on pinterest…. and I just made them, OMG! i love this so much and I know my husband will love them too. Thanks for this great idea!

    2. Karen

      I think if you used rice paper wrappers, it would be wheat free, I’m not sure there’s a sub for the blue cheese. You could always leave it out, then use a dairy free ranch as a dip. I’m going to suggest it to my friend recently diagnosed with celiac disease.

        1. Karen Joy

          If you’re in a city large enough to have an Asian market, they will be there. The market close to my house has about 20 different sizes and shapes. It’s spring roll wrappers that you want.

        2. kachine

          You must make sure they are the clear rice ones that you soak. There are also spring roll wraps that are made for frying which contain gluten. Look near the asian isle in your local grocery store otherwise an asian market of course.

    3. Michelle

      You ready my mind! I’m Gluten Free as well and was wondering if rice paper wrappers would work. I may have to try it this weekend, I have the wrappers and have yet to do anything with them. Yum!

      1. Brooke Poeppel

        I just tried to make these with rice wrappers and it definitely didn’t work =( They just ripped apart and never browned.We ended up just putting them in a bowl and eating them that way. It may work if placed in a deep fryer? Just thought I would pass this on.

        1. Jill

          Well, I’ve deep fried bananas wrapped in spring roll wrappers and that was delish so I think it would work. Did you try it yet? I think the baking method described would work too with the right technique and maybe a bit of brushing the rolls with butter. I sometimes barely wet the wrappers under my faucet just to get them pliable before I use them for something else. Then they soak up fluids from whatever’s inside of them without falling apart. I’ll try to repost if I get around to this one.

    4. Ana T Rico

      Please let us know when you find the wheat substitute. As to the dairy, nothing can take the place of blue cheese but if you are lactose intolerant try eating goat cheese instead. Happy eating!

    5. Silvia M

      I am literally “LOLing” that you quoted The Sandlot…awesome!!! I also can’t wait to try these as anything Buffalo Chicken is usually delicious!!!

        1. Mrs Laurent

          YES! I’ve made these 3 times now. We use spring roll wrappers and freeze them in pairs in wax paper, uncooked. When you’re ready take them out of the freezer, let them defrost for 30 min or so. Then spray and into the oven. They’re perfect.

      1. Colleen Lavallee

        I was just thinking that I am going to try them with maybe a 4 cheese blend instead of bleu cheese because I do not like bleu cheese. I think it’s just going to be chicken and cheese inside with ranch dip. Sounds really good to me.

      2. Darcy Hajduk Castellanos

        5 stars
        I use goat cheese instead of bleu,tastes so much better and creamier. Now even easier to make with the air fryer.

    6. Greta

      I made these last night and they were amazing! Took a bit of time putting together but it’s fun! Thanks Andie you are awesome!

    7. Melinda

      For wheat free egg rolls I use rice paper. I haven’t tried baking them but I think they would work. Some rice paper doesn’t work as well as others but it is worth experimenting.

    8. abbey

      We made these as described this weekend and while quite good, very good, the egg roll wrapper is too thick, kind of rubbery once baked. Highly suggest making these with Spring Roll wrappers instead. Thanks for the fun recipe!

    1. Dana Williams

      You can try ranch dressing for dip and mozzarella cheese inside instead of blue cheese if you prefer. Works great!

      1. Casey

        I found this on Pinterest and was going to make it for the Super Bowl tomorrow but almost passed it up because I really don’t like Blue Cheese, i saw your comment and now I am going to make it your way! =)

      2. crystal

        Not a fan of blue cheese but love ranch thanks for suggestion! Wonder if they would be okay without the slaw not a big fan of that either..

    1. Earlene Blosser

      And except awesome look their taste is amazing! I have tried to make them, although they were not perfect visually the taste was amazing. Thanks for this recipe!

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  3. Missy

    These look scrumptious! One question though – do you think I could substitute the coleslaw/broccoli for maybe a little chopped celery (ya know, buffalo wings and celery!)??? Cause my hubby does not care for broccoli or coleslaw! I just thought celery would be good and still keep some green in it!!
    I may try it and let you know! ;)

      1. Missy

        I will try to make this weekend if I can find the egg roll wrappers – but if you try them with celery before then, do post or say so on Twitter!!! :)

  4. Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com

    These look amazing! We love anything buffalo chicken – they are definitely going on our party list!
    Thanks for the recipe – had to come over and say “hi” – didn’t want to be one of those, take-take-take readers. :)

  5. Megan

    Man, now I REALLY wish I was having a superbowl party! Hm…I don’t really need a party as an excuse to make these…hmm…interesting. Buffalo chicken completes me.

  6. Jenn

    I MUST make these! I’m a big-time buffalo wings junkie, but we all know that ain’t too friendly on the waistline. Yay, for a more figure-friendly but still super tasty alternative!

  7. jeanne

    Great idea for the Big Game this coming Sunday! I will add the ingredients to the grocery list. I will post the results on my blog Sunday!
    BTW, junior mints, nostalgic! My Mom and I have always treated ourselves at the grocery store checkout, She would get a Peppermint Pattie and I would get a box of Junior Mints. Thanks for the memory.

  8. johnny

    That opening picture jumped out at me and said MAKE ME!!!!!! Wow where do you get the inspiration from. I thought I had a good imagination for food but your are the master in comparison! Keep it up you’ve got a follower!!!

  9. Erin

    As a Buffalo girl, I can tell you that you’ve officially made my mouth water. And I love you for not instructing us to dip them in ranch. It’s blasphemy. I’ll be making these with celery this weekend!

      1. Lois

        I eat them with ranch because of a medical condition that keeps me from eating soft or mold-ripened cheeses. But these will definitely be on my menu this weekend.

  10. Lu

    I consistently refer to you as my friend Andrea…my hubby thinks I’ve lost it. I do spend way too much time on the internet. I want to eat these immediately. As in I want to manifest them to my desk at work. Any ideas?

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  12. Karen Matthews

    warning / disclaimer !!! the writer is under the influence of Andrea’s Buffalo Chicken rolls….. I’m eating (devouring) them as I write….Bloody fantastic as we would say back home !! OMG these are wonderful, rich and tasty, oozing with flavour, can’t get enough of them. THANK YOU from the bottom of my stomach…oops I mean heart. Actually if my stomach could grin stupidly it would be right now !!!!:)))) You’re a genius Andrea :)

    off to eat more of them :) yum !!
    Karen XO

      1. Tisha

        I have not made these yet but will tomorrow for a party! Tried buffalo chicken dip last weekend and could even consider using a canned chicken. I kept ” tweaking, and tweaking” but something still felt missing.
        All of this great feedback is very encouraging! No major changes and everyone loves the concept. Can’t wait to try!

  13. Kace

    I am totally on the buffalo chicken bandwagon. Buffalo chicken pizza? Buffalo chicken dip? Bring it. I can’t wait to try these….not having a superbowl party, but that’s cool-more for me.

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  21. Martha

    This recipe is awesome! I just made them for me and my boyfriend and we are huge fans. It’s really not that hard, either! I gave up cooking and baking for a while but this website has inspired me to start up again =)

  22. Shelley

    I made these tonight, with a slight twist. They were incredibly yummy! Not a fan of blue cheese, I opted for goat cheese and thinly sliced red pepper in place of the broccoli slaw (grocery store was out so I made a compromise.)
    The red pepper was just enough sweet to go with the heat of the buffalo chicken !
    Can’t wait to bring these to the next get together with friends … sure to be a hit!

  23. Tasha

    I make something almost exactly similar, I just call them buffalo chicken egg rolls, hahaha. My husband doesn’t like any kind of slaw so I just usually do chicken, I mix in some ranch, and viola. So tasty!

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  25. Lindsey

    I found your site while Stumbling, and I finally got around to making these last night. They turned out wonderfully, and now I’m keen to try some of your other egg roll recipes – I think the Tuna Rangoon might make good use of the other half of my package of wrappers! I’m a sucker for those when I order Chinese takeout. :)

      1. Naomi

        Oh yeah, her too =). My mom used to work with an Andrea Mitchell at the corporate 24 hr fitness in Redmond too, so when I saw you were in Seattle I thought you might be her. But I guess there is more than one Andrea Mitchell around here! Anyway, great recipes and nice to “meet” you.

  26. lisa fisher

    Made these in different variations this weekend. They were a big hit!!! I made them with chicken and roasted peppers and cheese and was delicious. I think I’m going to try to make a rueben one with corn beef and coleslaw and cheese. I am so happy I found your site. Thanks for sharing all the great recipes.

  27. Karol

    This is AMAZING!! I’m off to the store RIGHT NOW to grab these ingredients and try out this recipe. I love it!

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  30. Meghan

    I’m making these right now… going with the feta cheese since I’m not a blue cheese fan. I love buffalo chicken but I can never eat it since I eat an extremely healthy diet, but thanks to you now I found a way to eat buffalo chicken!!

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  32. Megan

    These look fabulous!! and I will be making them tomorrow! … let me tell you something about Wing Sauce. as a red-blooded buffalonian, I’m letting the cat out of the bag.

    One bottle of franks.
    One half stick of butter.
    A couple splashes of worcestshire (if you’d like)
    Put it in a pot on the stove, bring it to a simmer. let it simmer til you smell it and it’s nice and thick.

    BAM. authentic buffalo wing sauce. this is how we do, and now you can too.

    add as much or little butter depending on how hot you want the sauce.

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  34. Jenova

    You are my new cooking god! I won’t be able to take this recipe from my head until i taste it.:)

  35. cat

    Do you have any tips for prepping ahead with these? Would they stay fresh if I wrap them and keep them in the fridge for a couple of hours before I bake them? Having a party for my dog’s bday and I am trying to prep as much as I can to lower stress level. Thanks for help!

  36. Katherine

    These were a hit! I’m fully convinced into buying any cookbook you make… hint hint. You weren’t kidding about a tablespoon of blue cheese, I wasn’t that generous and could barely taste it after cooking. Still amazing though! I loved the crunch of the broccoli slaw, and the buffalo sauce is genius. It will be a permanent addition to my fridge.

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  38. Irene L.

    Hi Andie!
    I tried the phyllo… not bad, but not good, I made a couple and baked them up, they were too fragile. I promtly ran to the store and bought eggroll wrappers. I am making them tomorrow for a Pampered Chef party.

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  40. Jessi

    so i wish you were my best friend and would just come cook for me every day. seriously. these taste amazing (just pulled them out of my oven) but my eggroll wrappers didn’t cook evenly and i followed your instructions to the letter. i didn’t get that nice crispy golden brown. did you use a convection oven or something? i can’t figure out why mine didn’t cook evenly. :( the taste and texture combo though blew my mind.

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  42. Melissa E

    Frank’s Red Hot and Junior Mints?

    *gets all doe-y eyed* It makes me extra excited about Friday just seeing the pics.

    Thanks lady!

  43. Katie P

    Oh Andie, are you conspiring my with my boyfriend to post recipes that he will love and I will want to make for him? He is gonna sing your praises when I make these this weekend!

  44. Toni

    Thank you for giving me another appetizer to serve at our next get together! I cannot wait to make these!!

  45. Zita

    Love these too Andie! Had a little trouble working with the egg roll wrappers in the beginning but your superb visuals were most helpful! Delicious as always.

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  50. Ilene

    I made these for dinner tonight along with a salad. They were so good and so easy. I will definitely make them again.

  51. Linda K

    I just made these and they are super delicious! Awesome flavour plus crunch. I just found your site the other day and have enjoyed reading it so much. Well done :o)

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  54. Shannon

    I am SOOO excited to try these! My DH and I are on the WW plan…..and this recipe is certain to be a favorite. I think I’ll use the broccoli slaw to sneak some veggies in on him! Thank you for such an appetizing (looking, at this point) recipe!

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  57. Aidan

    I’m blue cheese phobic so I made this with Ramano and Mozzarella cheese and dipped it in ranch. It came out really well! :D

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  59. KJ

    I made these, subbing out mozzarella, bc I have a complete contempt and disdain for bleu cheese.

    They were delicious, approved by the menfolk I cooked for (dad, uncle, brother)…I’ve made them 3 times since I initially found your blog.

    Tomorrow, there will be BBQ chicken rolls. I look forward to more deliciousness.

    I have 35 more lbs to go, and seem to be at a standstill. Life is getting in the way. You are such an inspiration.

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  61. Ali

    oh my gosh! these look absolutely delicious. we are going to try an make these this weekend, to hopefully share with all our friends/family!

  62. Heather

    I can’t wait to try this one too! I love that is is roughly 100 calories. How easy to count is that?! You are an inspiration. I can’t wait to buy egg roll wrappers.

  63. brendan

    I can’t believe I never thought of this…. but it is ALL about the shell/wrapper you get! Can’t wait to fix them right now, I have foodwood! Thank you!

  64. Glaucia

    Found your website thru a friend last week and I love it!
    I made these with a twist. I made a honey ginger mustard sauce and it was divine!
    The whole family devoured it and I have to make more it next time!
    Thanks for the great idea!!

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  66. Jami

    First of all I LOVED reading about your journey. I lost about 75 lbs over the course of years and your take on maintainance was right on. I’d like to follow your blog but I’m not sure how; is this a wordpress site or blogger or other? Do I need an account to follow you?

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  70. Sara d

    Oh, my goodness. Made these for dinner with wonton wrapper…whoops!! Just put two wrappers together and pinched. OH SO GOOD with some celery on the side! Yum yum! My husband is one happy man! Wll definitely make again! Thanks for posting!!!

  71. Michelle S

    I found this recipe on Pinterest and I’m SO glad I did! I made these tonight…SO yummy!!! It was so easy, too! Thanks for sharing. My hubs and I really enjoyed it!

  72. Kayla

    I discovered this recipe on good ol’ pinterest and decided I just HAD to try them. And then I checked out the rest of your blog and plan to try almost all of the recipes you’ve posted. But…Anyways. My husband and I no doubt went and bought the ingredients tonight so I can make your buffalo rolls tomorrow…minus the veggies because well, my husband is crazy. :-P

    I really just want to add that you have truly inspired me. I have been heavy for far to long and reading your “what I miss from 135 lbs ago” section almost brought tears to my eyes. All the thoughts and feelings I have ever had about being overweight were laid right out in front of me on my computer screen. And everything I DREAM ABOUT was on there too. Thank you so much for your blog.

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  75. Jen

    I tried these last night; couple of things:
    1. I need a wire rack. We bakes them on an oiled cookie sheet and oiled the tops and they were just a little soggy on the sides.
    2. I think I would turn the oven up a little; my broccoli slaw cooked, which wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as crunchy as I’d like it to be. 450, maybe?
    3. I’d start with cold chicken, as it wouldn’t get hot enough in ten minutes to completely melt the cheese and have it leaking out of the wrappers.
    4. Otherwise, YUMMERS!!! I’m trying these agin soon, with a few adjustments.

  76. Jenn

    Found you through pintrest! These look yummy! Making them for dinner, already got the chicken cooking! Using feta cheese instead of bleu (hate that stinky, rotten stuff), so we’ll see how it goes! Should be delicious!

  77. Debbie Bogenschutz

    Just got thru making these little babies. Very easy to assemble. Taking them for Thanksgiving appetizer. Hope they’re a smash!

  78. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I just made it using leftover Thanksgiving turkey and it was a huge hit with my family for college football Saturday!

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  80. Amy

    THANK YOU for this recipe! Made them tonight and they are amazing! Even my 23 month old loved them (she is a hot sauce fan, so it was right up her alley!).
    Came across your blog though Pinterest, and I’m so happy I did! You are a HUGE inspiration to me!

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  83. Kelli

    SO I just made these and it seems that i had to double to cooking time and the wrap that was not on the outside was a little gummy. I followed this word for word! I think i may take the wraps and cut them into 4 small squares and make then little bites and this will solve that problem!

    Any thoughts??
    Thanks for this good recipe!!


    1. Angela

      May be the brand of wrappers. May also have been your cooking spray. I followed the directions exactly and they came out beautiful and crispy.

      1. On.line

        I had a similar problem and am so disappointed. They were not golden brown but crispy at the ends and pale in the middle. I’ve never used egg roll wrappers so any tips on brands or baking them evenly?

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  85. Misty

    Ok…these are delicious!! I am making my second batch right now!! I followed the directions exactly and my husband and I made ourselves sick by eating too many the first time I made them! EXCELLENT! I am a sucker for anything with hot sauce and blue cheese, but these are the the best. One thing I did do, and you may have mentioned it, but once the tops were brown I turned them and browned the bottoms. :) Crispy and yummy! Thanks!

  86. The Activity Mom

    Found you on pinterest. I’m going to try to make these for an appetizer on new years eve. Do you think I could make them the day before or on the morning of and then keep them in the fridge until I put them in the oven?

    thanks! =)

  87. Alisha

    These look amazing.
    I’m planning on doing the BBQ chicken ones this weekend except using turkey instead (I have leftovers).

    Can I make them ahead and freeze them uncooked? Or should I cook them first and then freeze them?

    Thank you!!

  88. Kelly @ No Thanks to Cake

    I made these as a New Year’s Eve appetizer and they were so yummy! I will say, I’m quite the egg roll rolling expert… although, I think yours look prettier – more golden than mine. So tasty though! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  89. Angela

    I made these for dinner and they were fabulous! I used leftover chicken I had cooked in my Crockpot. I made up enough to make the 20 rolls that were in the package, and I cooked 10. The other 10 went into the freezer and my husband is going to attempt to cook them this week in the toaster oven. He thinks they will make great lunches. (He works weekends and fends for himself while I teach during the week)

  90. Ashley

    Thank you so much for this recipe! My fiancee and I have a terrible habit of getting buffalo wings multiple times a week… With new years’ resolutions and waistlines not what they were in college, I’m so grateful for the same flavor without the guilt! I paired these with sauteeed green beans tossed with hazelnuts and bacon. Sounds weird, but it went oddly well. Recipe here: http://pinterest.com/pin/191895634092196940/

  91. Jill @ a mom with a lesson plan

    Yum… Yum… Yum! We just finished up dinner and I am in LOVE with recipe. It was easy to alter to accommodate those who wanted bbq sauce instead of franks or monterey instead of blue cheese. I ate it as you posted it and this one is getting printed out and added to my recipe book.

  92. Véronique Niedergang

    Hi from Paris( France…)
    Thru Stumbleupon I discovered your blog
    1st I like the name of the Blog, then I start to read and although Ican’t grasp all the subtilities, I like the tone you used, challenging the reader. I do read A Lot of french food blog but i’ve never seen until now that tone! Only complaint, if I may, it’s too long.As for your recipe, I’ll certainly try it, it’s a real originality ( at least for us on this side of the ATlantic)
    ;) Véronique

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  97. Lesley

    I made these two nights ago when we went to a friend’s house for dinner and they were a huge hit! Thank you so much for your recipes. I have yet to be disappointed by a single one!

  98. Pingback: As Soon As I Can Eat… « Catch the Moments

    1. admin

      Hey Libby, any kind of cheese would work here. If you’re looking for something milder- perhaps try provolone, American, Monterey Jack, or Colby
      Andie :)

  99. Devin

    I’m not a fan of pretty much anything with even a little bit of spice! My hubby would love buffalo, but do you think I could alter this for myself with BBQ chicken and cheddar ?

  100. Mandie

    I am so drooling right now I can not wait to get back from vacation to try these!! Hubby and I both love buffalo wings but they honestly get too boring after awhile. Question… as is everyone else on this plant, I’m pretty busy and tend to do a lot of make ahead meals, how do you thing these would freeze?

    1. admin

      Hi Mandie!
      I think they’d freeze just fine. I haven’t done it, but I suspect they’d still crisp if you do this: When you’re ready to heat them, just pop them right in the oven from their frozen state. Perhaps try 400 degrees F for 15 minutes?

      Let me know if you do try!


    1. Heather

      I was thinking, I bet you could freeze these and heat them up just like store bought ones. I’m going to make a few batches of different kinds and try it

  101. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Showdown: Meatballs vs. Eggrolls | Daily Deliverables

  102. Kailene

    Are these good reheated? We’re taking the family to an indoor water park. Got a fabulous deal, but we’re going to plan our meals to take along to continue the savings. All we have in our room is a microwave and fridge. I tend to like things like this heated in an oven better. What do you think?
    Just had an afterthougt – we’re also taking our George Foreman grill – that might work to heat them and keep crispy. (?)

  103. Pingback: Baked Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls « Try It You Might Like It

  104. Heather

    I just wanted to let you know, I made these last night and I LOVED them. They were super fun to make and very easy. I think I have become a junkie when it comes to egg roll wraps. You can put anything in there! Portion control and low cal. What more could you ask for!

    Thank you!!!!

  105. Amy

    Just made a rendition of these tonight and they are fantastic! I used some Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy garlic sauce, added a little avocado and replaced the blue cheese with cream cheese in some and pepper jack in others. Love em!

    1. games

      Quality articles or reviews is the important to interest the viewers to pay a visit the web site,
      that’s what this web site is providing.

  106. Natalie Petersen

    These look amazing!! I am going to make these this week. Thank you for explaining the recipe in such great detail. Quick question..My husband really dislikes Blue Cheese. Any suggestions for a different type of cheese that would taste good with this? Thanks!

    1. Deb Farr

      Hi. I also dislike blue cheese. A local restaurant I go to suggested (and they do it often) switching feta for the blue cheese when they make a buffalo chicken pizza. I think that’s prob. the closest cheese, texture-wise… It’s delish this way, so I would think it would work for this recipe, too.

  107. V Patricia Smith

    Just started my pinterest boards tonite, and so this pin. Being from Buffalo, You get a thumbs up, on a recipe that looks like it give true homage to our wings. I working on my Superbowl blog now, and I am adding this recipe to the menu.

    Your detailed instructions on how to put these together, have almost taken away my fear of making egg rolls.

    I’ll have to let you know how they turn out. Thanks . . Pat

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  109. Pingback: Dude Food? No way! It’s Ladies Night. | Inside NanaBread's Head

  110. Allison

    These are in my oven now. Sadly halfway through I realized I was doubling the wrappers. Oops. Hope they are still ok :-/

  111. Tracy

    Just made this for girls night and I truly thought they looked delicious, however; I must have bought the wrong won-ton wraps because the actual outside wrap didn’t taste good at all. I’m going to try again with a different brand next time. The inside was delicious though! Thanks for posting

  112. Jessica

    these were so tempting that I had to make them pronto!! I actually made the chicken/buffalo mixture and let it sit in the fridge overnight and made the rolls fresh in the morning to bring into work. They were a huge hit :) thanks for providing such great, tasty, easy receipes!!

  113. Pingback: Spicy Richmond

  114. Patrick Myers

    Will be making these tonight! I’m also experimenting with a non-spicy BBQ version for the hot sauce haters in the crowd. I’m using BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese in place of the hot sauce and blue cheese, and will have some Ranch dressing on the side. Can’t wait to taste these! They’re perfect as a healthier option to hot wings in my attempt to eat healthier, even on days like this. Thanks!

  115. Patrick Myers

    Will be making these tonight! Also experimenting with a non-spicy BBQ version for the hot sauce haters in the crowd. Using BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese and will have some Ranch dressing on the side. They’re perfect as a healthier option to hot wings in my attempt to eat healthier, even on days like this. Thanks!

  116. Dana

    Just made these for the Super Bowl! Awesome!!! I skipped the blue cheeses in the roll and just dipped in lite blue cheese dressing to lighten them up even more. Great recipe! Thanks!

  117. Caroline Musacchia

    These look amazing! I’m gonna try these soon. My boyfriend and I love buffalo wings, but he hates blue cheese so i’ll have to make some with ranch! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for sharing :)

  118. Marla

    OMG this look amazing. I make a Cambodian type egg roll now and they are a huge hit. I am going to make these now and I think I will like these better. One thing I do with the cambodian ones is cut the egg roll wrappers in half on the diagonal. That will give you 40 triangles per pack of wrappers. This way they are more like appetizers and you get a big tray of them. I am making them for a party on 2/17! I can’t wait for everyone to try them.

  119. Amanda

    These look fantastic – AND, I have all the stuff here at the house to make them :) One COMPLETELY unrelated question, what is the camera that you use to take these shots with? It does great with fine food detail :)

  120. Amanda

    oh my goodness!!! these look amazing!!! i came over here from pinterst and wow!!! i’ll totally be making these soon! i’m a huge buffalo chicken with blue cheese lover! in fact over on my blog i’ve got two of my fav buffalo chicken recipes! can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog now!! :)

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  124. Angela

    Just made these tonight for a work party tomorrow. I tasted a few and they are AMAZING. How should i reheat them tomorrow? Thank you so much love your recipes

      1. Kimberly

        I’m a Chef here in Plano, TX and love your recipes! I’m actually Demonstrating this recipe for a group of Friends at My Church tonight! You have an awesome story! Thank You!!!!

  125. Pingback: Jen’s Meal Plan 2/20-2/26 | Meal Plan Girls

  126. JenJen

    To the author of this wonderful blog,
    I just stopped by from pinterst which is where I found this. Thank you for posting this AMAZING recipe. I will be joining you in stowing away these calories somewhere in my hips, gladly. This is only because you asked nicely and called my behind cute. ;) And because cooking eases my soul.


  127. Justin

    Hello! I loved the idea of these egg rolls after my girlfriend shown me them from pintrest, so I tried them myself! I started off by attempting to make a single roll because I wasn’t familiar with working with egg roll wrappers. I ended up experimenting for about three hours totaling 6-7 attempts (3 with your BBQ recipe rest with the buffalo). Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get them to turn out right! The ends were browning to the point where the looked burn but the middle of the rolls still felt undercooked and doughy, not crispy and flaky like described! I was just wondering if you had any suggestions to help me get these things to turn out properly? I really want to try a proper buffalo chicken roll!

    Thank you!

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  129. Andrea

    Just made these for my husband and he loved them. I had the same problem as the previous commenter. They browned on the edges but the center stayed a bit soft.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I am going to experiment with some other filling ideas so I can get the kids to eat them.

  130. Dana

    I found these on pininterest and told my mom about them. We ended up making them a couple days later. We changed the recipe up a bit by putting Mozzarella cheese in them. Another thing that we did different was make our own hot sauce for them. They came out pretty good.

  131. Sarah

    I just made these and they are delicious!!! Such an easy meal. I seasoned the chicken with complete seasoning for more flavor and I had it with cheese ;) Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing.

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  133. Lisa

    I made these. The broccoli didn’t stay crisp, so i might fore go this part next time. Also, the texture of the egg roll wrap just did not taste quite right for me. Not sure how to “fix” this problem. the egg roll wraps were really super easy to use.

  134. Brigitte

    Sounds delish! What would you in place of the Blue Cheese in the wrappers? I am allergic. I plan to use Ranch as a dip.

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  138. Allison

    I just finished eating these and they were so good! I used a couple leftover chicken breasts and used Franks wing sauce. I also added a little ranch and since I don’t like coleslaw I added shreded lettuce. They did come out a little chewy so I will have to get a cooling rack. Overall this was a great way to use leftover chicken and I will definitely make again!

  139. linda

    Found this on pinterest. I had never made egg rolls before. It was so easy! Who knew?! I used a rotisserie chicken that I shredded so the process from beginning to end was really quick. I relatively small bird gave me 10 decent sized egg rolls that I then halved. Everyone loved them. Thanks for the recipe!

  140. Aimee Cook

    I have just made these with a hot sauce sweet bbq taste…these are A-MAZ-ING!!! i only put chicken and mozzarella cheese. these were great :o) thanx

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  143. Aimee Cook

    i have just made this again, however we arent into the egg roll taste. there are so many varieties you can make. i took chicken put it in fettuccine sauce and then sprinkled some parmasian cheese before wrapping it up. Oh my gato! it is like portable chicken fettuccine :o)

  144. Kimberly

    These are amazing! A friend brought them over for superbowl and I just got the recipe. I am currently doing Weight Watchers, so I just halfed the Bleu cheese crumbles and mixed them in with the sauce and the chicken. This made each roll 3 points per roll, which is awesome for anyone that is on WW. I will definitely be bringing these little beauties to Easter celebrations with my family this weekend! Thank you!!

  145. Jamie

    I’m going to make these for Easter but wanted to make extras for a later date. Can they be frozened? If so would you freeze them after baking or before?

    1. admin

      Hey Jamie! Yes, they can be frozen. I would freeze after baking them and then reheat straight from frozen in the oven.
      :) Andie

  146. Diane

    I just found this site while looking on pinterest…..saw the buffalo chicken rolls and my they look yummy.

    Cant wait to try them.


  147. Christine

    These look great. You are hilarious and I will refer to this page when I need a good laugh!! mmmm. buffalo chicken!

  148. Juli

    Hi I’m a new reader and I found you because of Pinterest. In effort to share/bookmark this recipe, I pinned it!! Yay! BUT it looked like you didn’t want it pinned. :( There was only one photo that was pinnable. Was that intentional? It’d be sad if you don’t want people pinning your stuff does that mean you want less blog exposure? I’m so glad I found this! I read your story and I’m absolutely inspired! I started reading Women Food and God per your recommendation; it’s changing my perspective entirely!

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  150. Ashley

    I finally made these after seeing your recipe all over pinterest!!! Oh wow they are so yummy. Thanks for sharing, I will forever make these delicious bites!!!

  151. Daryl

    I got this recipe through Pinterest and made the rolls for dinner tonight. I flattened 2 chicken breasts & grilled them on my George Foreman grill, then shredded them. The rolls were amazing & so quick & simple to make. I bought spring roll wrappers by mistake, but was glad I did as they are thinner than the egg roll ones. I will definitely be adding this recipe to my favourites!! Thanks so much!

  152. Melissa

    I just made these and want to eat them all!
    Of course I can’t follow a recipe so I used shredded carrots and celery instead of slaw but it worked :).

  153. Nancy

    Oh My!!! I make buffalo chicken (not fried) into just about everything, quesadillas, salad, croquettes…you get the idea. But, NOW I must try these. Brava.

  154. Pingback: Buffalo chicken rolls??? Yup, making this next!!! | horsesneverlie

  155. Abbey

    I was wondering if I could brush these with olive oil instead of a spray of vegetable oil. I own a gym and olive oil is a fat that I do push to my personal training clients. I cannot wait to suggest these to clients. I love your blog too btw! I even put it on my board at the gym for people to check out!!

  156. victoria

    These are goin straight to the top of my bursting “to try” folder. There isn’t a thing about it I don’t salivate over.
    And thank you for your THOROUGH step-by-step pictures, I usually find that there is one step where the maic happens that gets left out and I’m left winging it. Yours are amazing! Well worth the effort you put in.

  157. Shelly

    I made these twice and am uncertain what I’m doing wrong. The outside crisps (almost burns) but the insides and ends are a bit gummy. Longer cooking time? Different temp? I followed the recipe exactly except I don’t have a wire rack.

    Help, I love them and want them to crisp up nicely. :)

  158. Frazz

    Had a little lightbulb:
    I prefer ranch with my buffalo chicken, so I am thinking I could mix up a pack of ranch seasoning with some cream cheese in place of it. Hmmmmm?

    I will comment and let you know how it turns out!

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  160. Johnny

    This looks pretty great! Would using a light ranch instead of blue cheese inside the roll make it even less calories? And I recommend using Frank’s Red Hot as the hot sauce, amazing sauce for buffalo wings and chicken.

  161. Makia

    I made this recipe this weekend for a bachelorette party, using mozzerella instead of blue cheese. I am so not a cook, but this was simple even for me! And they were quite yummy! Thanks!

  162. Lynn Hammond

    I made these for a block party last weekend. I doubled the recipe and made it exactly as the recipe called for. After 15 minutes I went to get a second one and they were all gone! They were delicious! I would probably bake them a little longer to get them a little more crispy, but other than that magnifique!!!

  163. Kristi

    These are awesome! I split the recipe in 1/2 and made 1/2 with caesar dressing and parmesan cheese for the kids. It was hit!

  164. Bree

    I’ve never posted a comment before but I had to after seeing this recipe, I have to day I love those oh so bad for you totinos pizza rolls, now I can make these and never look back, I imagine you could freeze them for later cooking?

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  167. Leiza Grissino

    Hi Andrea- I wanted to share a very easy way to shred chicken, I read it recently but I can’t remember where. After cooking it, pop it in your stand mixer with the paddle. It will come out a perfect shred.

    Your blog and recipes are wonderful enjoying both so much. My husband just told me he wanted some chicken wing dip and I had to tell him no because we are trying hard to eat healthy whole foods. Now I can make him something that will satisfy his craving. Thanks so much.

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  169. jajmie

    Did anyone else not use a wire rack and have these turn out alright? Thats the only thing, except not add bleu cheese, that i did differently and they aren’t looking the same at all! the texture is really hard but not in a cooked way, more in a stale way… :/ Not really sure what i did wrong!

  170. Kim

    Awesome, I’ll be doing a modified version tomorrow. Thanks for your nice photos and the effort you’ve gone to to make this a scrum diddly umptious post! ( I cannot believe I said scrum diddly umptious- I promise i do NOT watch the simpsons-very much;-)

  171. Chris Vaile

    I found these on pinterest, and I’ve been reading your blog. Congrats on your weight loss, the maintaining, and the lovely life you’ve made for yourself! I’m looking at your other recipes now…. YUMMMMMMM!!! I can see myself spending hours on here just drooling over the stuff I hope to make one day!!

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  173. Amy

    Have you tried making these in advance and refrigerating them? do they reheat very well? I’m wondering if they would get mushy?? Thanks

  174. Amy

    So I made these for dinner tonight and they tasted fabulous. That being said, I followed the directions and had all the right amount of all the ingredients but only got 6 egg rolls out of it. Did I miss something?

  175. Casey

    These look amazing. Can’t wait to try them. I was wondering if you could make these the night before and refrigarate them after you roll them and cook them the next day? it would make it super easy for a party. I like making all I can ahead of time.

  176. jody

    I just made these for a party tonight. I made a double patch. They sent so good cooking them, and tasted so good. Every one asked where I learned to cook them.

    Thank you so much for sharing these.

  177. Ryan

    Thank you Thank You Thank You for sharing! Looks amazing!! I’m making this tonight with celery, pepper-jack, and ranch… CANT WAIT!!
    Thx again, and keep the delicious recipes coming :)

  178. Jackie Clonan

    These look wonderful….thanks for a great reconstruct! If you’d like to be really authentic, here in Buffalo New York, The Wing Capital, carrot and celery sticks are served with wings. You might want to match stick some to use rather than slaw or broccoli next time.

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  182. Denise

    I recently started eating healthy. Since May I have religiously stayed on my healthy eating and healthy living plan but it has been tough! Can I just say that I made this recipe and it was the BEST thing I have put in my mouth since May and possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten!! I can’t wait to make them again!! Your story is inspiring and I love your writing. Reading about your jorurney and your blogs are comforting like visiting a friend’s house. Thank you for sharing your story and your yummy recipes!

  183. Kristin

    You’re a genius! These were amazingly delicious and so easy to make. Had them for dinner with a salad tonight and can’t wait to make again. Will definitely be a “go to” when I have to make a crowd appetizer.

    Like Amy (7/1)I found that 1 cup of chicken only yielded 2 TBSP of chicken for 6 wrappers. Is there possibly a misprint? Everything else seemed perfect for 12… Maybe I’m going something wrong but I thought I followed exactly. Even so, split the difference and made 10 and they were terrific. Thank you so much for sharing! (And glad you had a wonderful and well-deserved vacation!)

  184. Cherie

    These are AWESOME!!! After I made these, there was a request for the recipe from all 4 guys my husband had over for a sales meeting. And SO easy! Thanks for sharing!

  185. Rachel Bartosic

    OMG!!! AH-MAYYY-ZING!! I made these with a buffalo chicken salad. i can not wait to eat these again!

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  188. Susan

    I pinned this this morning, went to the store for the egg roll wrappers and broccoli slaw (already had the other ingredients), and was enjoying these for lunch! They are killer good!

  189. Jennie

    I made these with rotisserie chicken, shredded and wonton wraps (tiny! Didn’t realize til I got home I got the wrong thing) and used diced celery… From what I can calculate my mini ones ended up being about 1.5 pts each. And YUMMMMEEEEEE!

  190. Jes

    I found this on Pinterest but I’m not a huge fan of spicy. So instead of the Frank’s Red Hot, I made it with some Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque sauce and a decent amount of Tabasco sauce… amazing.

  191. Mesheala

    I just stumbled upon these on pinterest—-and I’ve never cooked with any “papers” before. I happened to be in an organic store the other day and looked to my left and saw spring roll paper (and of course I thought of your recipe). Will that work as well? I’m assuming so—and hopefully not any more tricky than wonton or egg roll paper. :)

  192. Jazmine

    I made these last football season a few times and they were a hit! My husband asked me to make them tonight for the first game of the season! Love ’em!!

  193. Pingback: Yum – those look good! | Creative Moments

    1. Mesheala

      I made these the other night as spring rolls instead of using egg roll wrappers and they turned out great! I even made my own buffalo sauce. Was quite impressed with myself—simple and fun! Picture can be found here: pic.twitter.com/4qs79KzU

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  195. Sharon

    I made these tonight for dinner. They were fabulous! DH loved them too. I served a little Ranch dressing on the side for dipping since we already had blue cheese in the egg roll. These along with a green salad made a perfect meal! Thanks for sharing!

  196. kay

    saw this recipe and had to try. YUm YUm…for those who don’t like blue cheese, I always use ranch dressing…and for the sauce, I use ranch dressing with 5 or 6 dashes of hot sauce. delicious! thanks for this recipe! Its coming with me to my next party also, and i’m sure many more!

  197. Pingback: pinned it. tried it. {recipe: buffalo chicken wraps} « delightfully teal

  198. Tanya

    So glad I found this post. I’m Filipino and one of my FAVE foods is lumpia. It’s full of delicious and healthy things, but once it hits the fryer, it ceases to be good for me. Now I have found an alternative to frying!

    I am also working on changing my life by losing weight and becoming healthy. Your blog is inspiring and I will be visiting it often! Looks like there is lots to catch up on :) Thanks for being awesome!

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  200. Sherry O

    Just made these tonight and my family LOVED them. I substituted feta for the blue cheese and diced celery for the broccoli slaw. They were amazing! Never made my own egg rolls before and I have to say they turned out great. Thanks for the awesome recipe! The photos of how to roll them up was super helpful!

  201. Antwan

    Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It actually used to be a entertainment account
    it. Look complicated to far added agreeable from you!
    By the way, how can we be in contact?

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  204. Tonya

    Thanks for the great idea!! Repinned these on Pinterest and now I think I MUST start following your blog!! What a great idea!! I used coleslaw mix and diced celery because I couldn’t find broccoli slaw and it was fabulous!! Thanks for the great idea!!

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  206. Krista Quintrell

    3 Teenage boys looking over my shoulder reading this as I was…all at the same time said….”I LOVE HER”…Looks like this is a must make if I want to survive….lol

  207. Pingback: Festive Tailgating: Tips & Recipes | An Appealing Plan

  208. Brenda

    I just made these tonight . I’m a huge fan of anything with blue cheese and buffalo sauce and they sure didn’t disappoint ! Hubby and I loved them :) They were so quick and easy to make too , which is a super bonus …thanks for sharing your recipes !

  209. Mary

    I made these for a party we had this past weekend using wonton wrappers – so they were mini rolls. Everyone RAVED about them! I love finding new recipes to basic foods. Thank you!

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  211. Debbo

    I am trying to lose weight and found this on Pinterest. I love eggrolls and I love that I found that I can do them as low fat. I made them for dinner tonight and they were sooooo yummy!! Thanks for sharing.

  212. Nat Lawrence

    Ohhhh my goooodnessss!!!!! I am going to make this tonight. I have leftover chicken, & was wondering what to do with it today. Soooo thankful for Pinterest & the blogger!!! Gracias!!!

  213. Jen

    I made these tonight for poker night with our friends. They went over great! I don’t care for blue cheese so I put smoked provolone inside and served with Ranch and Blue Cheese dressing for those that wanted it. Pure Awesomeness! I used the broil on my oven to brown the outside and turned half way through. They came out crispy and beautiful! I will be saving this recipe. Thanks!

  214. Erin B

    I love your writing style! The way you make each reader be a part of your blog entrys is wonderful! I normally do not post comments but I wanted to let you know after months of debating if I should make this or not I am for supper tonight. Wish me luck!

  215. Mrs Laurent

    These were AMAZING!!! We do the OAMC in my house and these are on the menu every time. I’ve used spring rolls cause they’re a bit thinner and i prefer them to egg roll wrappers. They freeze perfectly (pre-cooking). I’ve kept some at work before, sprayed a little oil on them and finished cooking in the toaster oven! It’s one of our favorite things, only problem is they never actually make it to the end of the month. :)

  216. Dana

    These caught my eye so I decided to check your site out and I’m happy I did. I’ve watched someone make a variation of these that I really didn’t care for. After reading all the rave reviews these received I’ll have to give them a try. I’m sure the kids will devour them!

  217. Cathryn

    How would these do if I made them ahead of time and froze them? I want to take them on a weekend trip and cook them once I get there.

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  219. Christine

    These were AMAZING! I switched out the blue cheese for Shredded sharp cheddar, & a ranch dip instead! I also slow cooked my chicken for 5 hours in Franks Buffalo sauce and a packet of ranch dip mix. Wonderful!!!

  220. Marisa

    I am a buffalo chicken addict and these have been tempting me for months now. I think I may make them soon for a football Sunday. Can’t wait!

    -A Girl’s Guilty Pleasures Blogspot

  221. Meghan W

    Made these tonight for dinner and they were a huge hit! They taste just like a chicken wing only much healthier. Thank you for making food fun!

  222. donna

    Hello! I am making these this evening-New Years Eve 2012! Just a quick tip for shredding chicken: Put your cooked chicken breasts in a stand mixer(if you have one) and turn on a low speed and in an instant you will have perfectly shredded chicken!!

  223. Belinda

    I tried these tonight but took out the blue cheese for both my Buffalo wraps and I switched out the buffalo with BBQ sauce for my husbands version. Both were delicious and will be going in my circulation of easy dinners.

  224. Shannon F

    I made these tonight and they tasted great. I like the broccoli slaw too. The only concern I have is that the undersides did not cook well and were a bit gummy. I cooked them on a wire rack. I don’t know how to fix that.

    1. admin

      Hey Melissa,
      You can use any type of cheese in these. Feta works, but other people have told me that they’ve used mozzarella and cheddar with good results!


  225. Crystal

    I’ve been making these for about 2 months and I love them. Yet, my husband is sick of them. I want to make them and freeze them. Can I do that and them still be good when I take them out of the oven?

    1. admin

      I’m so happy to hear you like them, Crystal! I honestly don’t know how they’d fare if frozen because I haven’t tried it myself. If you do try it let me know!

      Thanks :)

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  227. Jessica O

    Let me comment on AMAZING!!!! I made this for dinner the other night and my husband ate till he was stuffed (4 of them) and then took the remainder to lunch the following day.

    I am thrilled to have found your website!! Please continue doing a fantastic and encouraging job :)

  228. Rick Bond

    I just made these – and they were delicious! Paired with a cold beer, the heat gets an extra hit. Next party these are definitely going to go fast.

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

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  237. Noemi

    I found this recipe via Pinterest.

    I made them ahead last night for a Super Bowl pot luck at work today. I was able to warm them up in a microwave and they still tasted really good. These rolls were a hit!

    I did alter one thing though which defeated these being a sensible meal — I ended up having to fry them. I couldn’t get them to get a nice golden color in my oven! I tried spraying them with cooking spray prior to baking and even had them on the rack like in the instructions – no luck. With a separate batch, I tried brushing them with olive oil and didn’t bake them on the rack – only the bottom got a nice golden color. The first batch I baked in my toaster oven, the second batch in my regular oven. Perhaps it was the egg rolls themselves?

    Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe!

  238. Michelle S.

    Making these for the Superbowl party today and everyone is excited for them. Thanks so much for sharing theses!!

  239. Pingback: What’s For Dinner?

  240. Tanya

    HI! I just wanted to stop by and say WOW! We tried these last year on Super Bowl Sunday, and have been in love ever since. I hope you won’t mind if I refer back to these on my blog. I like to try out recipes I find on Pinterest and then pass on to my family and friends. I will, of course, give you full credit for their awesomeness! :)

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  243. Julie

    I never take time to comment online to anything, but I had to write and tell you how delicious these turned out. They were extremely easy and ridiculously good! The best part is knowing how healthy they are. I am excited to bring these to my next party as an appetizer in place of my usual buffalo chicken dip. Thank you for this recipe!!! :)

  244. Rebecca

    This recipe looks great! I can’t wait to make them for my fiancee,who has been so supportive during my dieting endeavors that he definitely deserves this healthy version of one of his favorite foods. Thanks a lot!

  245. christine

    Hi – shared this today on our facebook page for create a cook, a cooking school in Newton MA. we may incorporate this into one of our date nights or classes. it’s perfect as an appetizer.

  246. Christina

    I’ve made these a couple times in the past few weeks and they are GREAT! I’m not a big bleu cheese fan, so I substituted mozzarella and used low fat ranch for dipping. Buffalo wings are a weakness of mine, and these really hit the spot when the cravings come along.

  247. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

  248. Laura

    THESE ARE AMAZING! I make them all the time now. I have been using Laughing Cow Cheese bleu cheese flavor instead of crumbled bleu cheese and also sriracha hot sauce instead of regular. WOW! This is the most satisfying meal I have ever made. Thank you so much!!!!!

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  250. Easy Chicken Everywhere

    After all these positive reviews, I’m guessing I ought to try this. Probably not too difficult for me… I hope.
    I’ve seen “Easy Chicken Everywhere!” (have you?)

  251. Lenis

    I just want to say Andie i love all your recipes i have all my friends checking out ur site for recipes they are totally hooked!!! Ive made a bunch of ur recipes my fave being your petite lasagnas they have earned me many accolades and these rolls are next making them as we speak!!! Please don’t ever stop i dont know what i would do without you because you make me look soooo good in the kitchen. I always do tell hey it was easy this is the website but you know most ppl like to eat not neccesarily cook it all but with your recipes they for the most part are easy to make and with the best step by step pics and the final product more then perfection in flavor there is just no way to go wrong. Even when i find recipes for things i wouldnt normally eat if the recipe is coming from you i dont doubt it will be delicious.

  252. Bridget

    I made them and they are amazing! After I realized how delicious they were I tried a crab and cheese version. They were good as well, but the buffalo chicken was fantastic!

  253. jesspants

    Our friends host an annual tribute to fried food called Fry Fest. We made them and they were a huge hit! Can’t wait to try them baked. The broccoli slaw was the best part – crunchy, but doesn’t hurt my tum the way cabbage does. Thanks again for the recipe, and for the email, Andie! :)

  254. Cindy Herr

    I made these tonight and instead of broccoli slaw I used broccoli sprouts and they turned out so delicious!! I will definitely make these again but I wonder if you could freeze them? Anyone try freezing them?

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  256. Erin

    This is the second recipe I’ve made of yours, and it’s the second winner! These were so delcious! I love buffalo sauce, but I’m not a big fan of buffalo wings, so these were an awesome way to get all of the yummy flavor without all of the gross skin and bones of wings. I loved the idea of using eggroll wrappers…since I finished eating your buffalo rolls, I have been trying to think of other things I can shove inside of eggroll wrappers! Thanks!

  257. Fendermama2

    I’m curious… Did you use franks red hot buffalo or original hot sauce? There is a big difference, but I have both. To make them taste like wings, I’m going to try the buffalo/wing sauce. Looks delish!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Hey there,

      I used Frank’s Original because I prefer it to the Buffalo Wing Sauce, but I’m certain that you’d have great results with either one!


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  259. Amanda G.

    Made these tonight! They were a big hit with the family. I made a few with no buffalo sauce and added bacon, cheddar, and the cole slaw, and passed them off as club sandwich rolls ;)

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  262. Jeannette

    These look amazing! I love your photos and easy directions! One question, do you think these would freeze well? I was thinking of making a bunch and putting them in the freezer for quick heat em’ up snacking. Should I cook them all the way and then freeze or should I just prepare them as far as oven ready and then freeze?



    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Hey Jeannette,

      Thanks! Yes, you can freeze them. Bake them first, cool, then freeze. Heat them up directly from their frozen state in a 400 degree F oven until they’ve recrisped (about 12-15 minutes).


  263. Dottie

    Good morning, just found your website. I was looking for recipes to fix for a group of Schriners. They are a great bunch of guys and we fix a meal for every month for them during their meeting. This buffalo chicken one looks great. I am sure they will like it. I plan to visit you a lot. Thanks for creating this site.

  264. Chris

    Thank you for this great recipe! I’ve even made these with chopped celery instead of the slaw. I love bleu cheese – and these are wonderful!

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  266. Joy Coleman

    Hi, I can’t wait to make these, even thou I do not like Blue Cheese, I will sub with feta. and possibly ranch dressing. Thanks for the long hot kitchen days to keep me pinning you efforts. lol…..Friends now? Joy

  267. Chrysta

    These look great, and I really want to try them! I wanted to let you know that I found out about them on Pinterest, but unfortunately, I wasn’t directed to your blog first–the pin was to this phony “blog”: http://recipesweet.net/buffalo-chicken-rolls/ which is using your images. They do at least give credit and say that one should visit your blog for instructions to make them, but still…I can only guess that site is set up to put adware/malware on the computers of the people who think they’re clicking a link to your blog. :( You may want to tell them to remove your photos.

  268. Teddy

    OK! I know I’m a freak, but I don’t eat chicken, turkey, steak, etc. I eat fish, ground beef, deli meats, hot dogs, that’s about it. You think you’ve got it rought with your Mom!! You oughtta plan my menus! Anyway, so many chicken recipes look so good, like these – do you think I could substitute some kind of fish instead of the chicken? It would sure broaden my horizons!

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Hey Teddy!

      Hmm…good question. I’d say you should try a type of white fish–tilapia, haddock, cod…those would be mild enough to still show off the buffalo and blue cheese without any “fishiness.” I’d recommend simply preparing the fish (grilling, pan-frying, or baking), and then flaking it before tossing with the buffalo sauce–just the same as I do with the chicken.

      Hope this helps!


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  270. S.Rybak

    Can you make these ahead of time? How far advance least a couple of hours w/o getting soggy, any ideas please post.

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  274. Mia

    Tried these last night and they came out great! The egg roll wrapper was easy to work with and really, the only part that took a while was the boiling of the chicken. I will definitely make these again! Thanks for this recipe :)

  275. Pingback: Yummy Buffalo Chicken Rolls | Alex Miklin

  276. Melissa

    Made these tonight for the first time and made the mistake of only making 8 rolls! My boys went crazy for them and wanted more! Definetly a keeper recipe!

  277. Evelyn

    OMG!! I made these last weekend and I loved them! I gave some to my co-worker, since she is the one that told me about the website, and she loved them too!! I hope to try another recipe or two this weekend! The meatloaf and Tuna Rangoon looks great! Can’t wait to make them!! The recipes are so easy to follow! I’m trying to learn how to cook and just love this site!! Thank you!!!

  278. Lauren

    Do you know how many calories are in the blue cheese crumbles?

    Or if possible what the nutrition info for each roll would be with the blue cheese crumbled eliminated?

    Cant wait to make this recipe, it looks awesome!

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Hi Lauren!
      The blue cheese (4 ounces or 1 cup) accounts for approximately 30 calories per roll, so if you’re eliminating it, each roll would clock in at around 73 calories.


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  282. Hollis

    What a great idea! I love that they are baked. I agree with the comment on Neatorama that either celery as a substitute for, or in addition to the slaw would be awesome. Thanks!

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  284. Good

    For gluten free but not dairy free, you can easily make your own little roll ups by baking grated parmesan cheese on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. You can make them as soft of crispy as you like…They are most pliable and easy to work with when directly out of the oven…

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  292. Jody

    Girl you are my new hero! I need to lose 115 lbs. and I think that your blog might be just the help that I need. Thanks I will keep you posted through the new year.
    Jody <3

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  295. robin

    I am so excited to eat these! I am making them now. Love that these are baked and not deep fried. Hopefully they still have a nice crunch to them. Thank you for this recipe!

  296. Anne

    You may want to correct the ingredients list for the egg roll wrapper. It says “roughly four square inches” which would mean 2″x2″. I think you mean 4″x4″ or 16 square inches. I think the people who bough wonton wrappers were “mathy/sciencey” people like me who saw that area measurement and bought the smaller ones!

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  301. Jenny

    I made these for a Super Bowl party and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved the different way to eat buffalo chicken and I loved that they were lower calorie. Thank you and can’t wait to buy your cook book when it comes out.

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  306. Agustin

    Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to check it out.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting
    this to my followers! Excellent blog and terrific style and design.

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  309. Elyse

    My egg roll wrappers came out chewy (the ends and top were crispy). But the filling was good…anyone else have this problem? I brushed them with grape seed oil…I wonder if that was why?

  310. natasha

    I did this recipe; however, they did not come out looking like the picture. Only thing I could think is I used a grease pan vs the wire rack..
    would it have made a difference?

  311. Mary

    Made these today for a BBQ. I used rotisserie chicken (was being lazy) and these came out delicious! I baked them on a greased sheet pan and they were fine. I’m not a mayo based dressing person so I took equal parts greek yogurt and light sour cream and mashed in some blue cheese crumbles for a dipping sauce. Everyone thought they were amazing, which they were! Thanks for a great, easy, crowd pleasing app!

  312. home theater receiver reviews 2014

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that,
    this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read.
    I will certainly be back.

  313. Robin

    I made these Saturday night and to quote my husband, “When can we have these again?!” DELICIOUS and so flavorful. I didn’t have a wire rack, but the bottoms came out just fine on my greased cookie sheet. I skipped the dressing to keep them lighter (while my husband dunked away in a vat of dressing) and they were outstanding… fun to make, too! Keep ’em coming, Andie!

  314. Taylor Chambers

    Beyond the fact that these look absolutely incredible, I’m so happy with how easy you’ve made this recipe to follow. But that’s not even my favorite part. THANK YOU for such a fantastically easy way to create chicken to then shred. Is it terrible that the thought of doing it in a crockpot scares me? I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this foolproof way.

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  316. Natalie

    Delicious… although my wrappers didn’t quite crisp up so next time I’m going to try frying them in a shallow pan with oil. Thanks for the recipe!

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  320. Julie

    I was excited to make these and I did, took a bite and bland city.
    Can’t taste the blue cheese at all.
    Very disappointed. I will try again tomorrow, I hope I get better results

  321. Allison

    This recipe is SO good! I was in a pinch for time so I stopped by Publix and bought some crispy chicken fingers. I chopped them up, tossed them in Franks Buffalo hot sauce and it was perfect! I also like using the angel hair shredded cole slaw best. Cannot say enough about this recipe!!

  322. Toni Cunningham

    We made these last night and LOVED them! My husband ate way too many, but my portion (3) were completely delish and totally satisfying! Thank you for this recipe.

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  326. Trudy

    Hi from Ireland,
    Came accross your blog this morning on Pinterest while looking for motivation & I am hooked.
    Loving these rolls & planning them for next Friday night.
    So excited to keep reading & learning from your experiences.
    Take care x

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  328. Bonny~FurnishMyWay

    These look and sound absolutely amazing. I’m making a trip to the store later today, and upon your firm suggestion I will be buying the ingredients to give these a go in my own kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe, your time, and your photos!

  329. Julie

    I just read your book and LOVED it! ( I got it at Target, LOL, where I also buy wayyyy too much.)
    My husband just found out he’s diabetic, and I’m making these for him instead of a cake. This will be our first recipe of yours. Everything looks sooo good. Will be waiting to see your cookbook at Target next. :) Good luck!

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  331. roxanne

    It look so good that I can eat monitor. Also instead of chicken you could use turkey. One time I tried with turkey meat and was delicious.

  332. choisir un appeareil photo compact

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  333. Debbie

    I made these and didn’t realize I was supposed to put the ingredients on top of one another, but I think the tbsp. of blue cheese is to over powering and I like blue cheese, next time I will add less blue cheese or a milder one and then dip in ranch.?? Any ideas
    Oh and I would brush a little butter on top because the didn’t brown, but if they hadn’t been so overwhelmed with the blue it would have been better. I will try again.

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  338. Carol Hansen

    Hi Andie,

    I just made these and they are sooooooo good and easy to make! Perfect for game day! Thanks!!xoxoxo

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  344. Jesse Smith

    Man, I need to make these. I love to cook, it’s one of my passions at home. Whole Foods has these buffalo wraps that are great… so I decided to try replicating them myself at home and I did. Now I can’t wait to make these. Every Friday I make lunch for all my employee’s, so I think I’ll try these with this fantastic Stilton Blue cheese a friend gave to me as a gift. Great recipe!

  345. Alison

    I made these for the SuperBowl. They were delicious! I also froze some of them before cooking and pulled them out at a later date and cooked before serving. I am making them again now as I type. Thank you for the recipe!

  346. Sabrina B.

    I realize this is an older recipe but still haven’t seen it anywhere else, thank you for sharing it, it does in fact look “even beautiful” as you write in the post!

  347. Beth

    My whole family LOVES these! They are the new requested dinner. I add in some rice or quinoa (whatever we have leftover in the fridge). Great recipe!

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  351. nicola

    5 stars
    These are the absolute BEST!!! Coming on here again to remind myself of the ingredients so we can make them for next weekend’s Super Bowl! I don’t even watch football, it’s just an excuse to make these! Thanks Andie!

  352. Jennifer

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