Call for Recipe Ideas!

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Nearest and Dearest,

Tell me what you’d like me to cook/bake/snap a photo of, and I’ll make it so. The sky’s the limit.

All that’s jazzy,




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  1. Nelly Rodriguez

    Dearest Andie: I’d love to see anything you think is a good idea for breakfast before a workout! I have just signed up at the gym for the first time in 26 years (my entire life) and plan on going at 7am. So any breakfast items I could eat before that, would be appreciated! I know this is a broad request, but as a newbie to fitness…I have no clue. Not one. Thanks. Love, Me!

  2. Andrew

    love you, love the blog.

    i’d love to see what you can do with a vodka sauce…intense garlic, sweet cream, savory tomato.


  3. Katie G

    I would love to see the Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili that you mentioned you make in the slow cooker a few posts back. That sounds beyond heavenly, especially with Fall right around the corner. I am dying to try that!

    1. Melissa E

      Okay, I know that there is logic behind your statement. Understandably it would be reasonable that Fall would follow Summer but nooooooo (sorry, I saw the word Fall and had a bit of a childish moment).


  4. Michelle

    I love your blog! I visit every day =)

    I have been searching EVERYWHERE for an amazing healthy muffin recipe. Preferably something with flax seed meal and almond meal which is what I have in my cupboard all the time for some reason. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this kind of recipe.

    Thanks so much,

  5. Kate

    Shrimp and Grits
    Your favorite hot drink
    Tri-color braid bread (really fun to make)
    Different sauces and spreads? (green goddess, tzatziki, etc)
    Indian/Thai Curries
    Tapas meals
    Papaya salad
    Jerk chicken
    Your favorite foods when you’re sick (chicken noodle soup? or others?)
    Dinner party menu?

  6. Jessen

    Love the Blog, Very inspiring! I cook alot of chicken, and recently got into cooking thighs and legs instead of breast meat, because of the price in my area – Any marinades that you’ve tried and loved??
    Also, a Fruitless Salad, with a unique dressing, perhaps? =) Hope you like the suggestions!

  7. Courtney

    Chocolate bourbon pecan pie. World’s ultimate adult grilled cheese (my husband and I had the best one at the Oakville Grocery in Napa a few years back and keep meaning to recreate it, but have not gotten around to it – I believe it was sourdough with white cheddar, asiago and then some roasted tomatoes thrown in). Er, Momofuku Milk Bar crack pie.

  8. Allison

    Even though it’s summer, I really love the convenience of my slow cooker. A post with lots of healthy, balanced slow-cooker meals would help make our week night dinners so much easier! Thank you!

  9. Robin (RsIslandCrafts)

    I’ve recently found your amazing blog so I am still looking through older posts but a variety of healthy muffin recipes would be fun. I love making muffins because they are basically quick and easy plus my family will eat most anything in the form of a muffin.

    Vegetarian (meaning vegetable) dishes or side dishes are always nice to have.

    How to creatively use left over is always a big hit in our house. I love your wonton recipes for left overs :)

  10. Heidi C

    I second the chipotle sweet potato chili and the crockpot recipes suggestions.

    Another suggestion: an interesting fruit salad.

  11. Crystal

    I love your blog! I tell everyone about it!

    I love it when you share your basic, everyday how-to’s. I tried your method of roasting broccoli – it’s delicious & now I eat it a couple times a week! Any other insider secrets you want to share would be great! For example: The best way to make brown rice, things you make ahead, your favorite salad dressing, etc.

    1. Jackie

      Where is the recipe for the roasted broccoli? I have looked everywhere for it and I would really like that one if someone could please point me in the right direction!

      1. Crystal

        I found it in the comments on the “5 Healthy Foods I Love: Part 1” post. It’s really good this way!

  12. Jillian


    (Sorry for the burst of enthusiasm. I’ve had that stuck in my mind for the past few days since seeing it in another post.)

    And Shepherd’s Pies. I wish fall would hurry up and get here…

  13. Steph

    Kid-friendly food. I have one who will eat anything and another who doesn’t eat anything colorful (except for ketchup). My husband and I LOVE to cook new, interesting things but it requires a second meal to be made for the picky-eater.

    He does like shepherds pie (saw an earlier comment requesting that). Is there anything else that you can think of that would be fun for kids and maybe broaden his horizons?

    You’re inspirational and write beautifully. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. LG

    Tell me how to cook fennel! Also, lemon poppyseed bread would be nice. If you could send me a sample of this too, that would be great. :0)

  15. Carissa

    Your oatmeal! What kind you use, what liquid you cook it in, what you top it with. I’m always looking for new ideas. Right now, I’m stuck on peanut butter.

  16. Evan

    I vote for cherry pie. Lattice-crusted, in season, red and juicy-luscious cherry pie. I know, pitting cherries may be a royal P.I.T.A (very different from flatbread), but it’s just so darn tasty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Cherry pie is so buttery, sugary, and soul nourishing. Sort of like your blog :)

  17. Lindsay

    Things you can make with very limited (read: VERY basic) ingredients and nothing but a 2-burner stove. I live and work in South Korea, where ovens and things like whole wheat bread basically don’t exist. I’m getting very tired of rice, stir fried veggies and salads (sans delicious things like sunflower seeds, avocados and feta cheese). I know it’s a tall order, but I need help! I’m in a culinary rut!

  18. Stacy

    You are in Seattle! Let’s see some Salmon, and fresh berries (cobbler?) something chocolate and yes, the chipotle sweet potato chili!

  19. Irene L.

    Are you in a rut? I just bought “Baker’s Illustrated”. The first thing I made was a New York classic, Black and White Cookies! Make them, you’ll thank me!
    PS I love your blog!

  20. Lee

    Angel food cake? Boyfriend’s been dropping subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints and wanting me to bake one. Seems like a lot of work! Been trying to find a simplified yet still tasty recipe.

  21. Lauren C

    Oh please do goat cheese brownies. You can search the internet but can find so few decent looking recipes.

  22. Chelsea

    I would love something “summer-y”. Also, I’ve recently discovered I’m gluten intolerance for a yummy dinner dish with a lean protein & veggies would be great. :)) Get to cookin’, good lookin’!! Seems like you’ve got a lot of good requests on your hands!!

  23. Pamela

    I would like to see something with spaghetti squash, that’s not made with marinara or some kind of red sauce, and is on the healthy side. Something else that would be nice is new ideas for those of us who bring our lunch to work. Sometimes I just find myself getting stuck in the same lunch bring rut!

  24. Kace

    Hope this doesn’t sound creepy, ha, but often times I think to myself, “I wish Andrea would post a recipe for ________________, maybe I’ll email her” and then never do. Yet I find myself feeling unprepared right now!

    I guess the two things I can think of are baklava (or any greek food, really), or chicken parm – the kind you can get at any good italian restaurant.

  25. Emily Earl

    Hi! I love your blog, I read everyday! Keeps me inspired to cook healthy meals. I would love to see what you do with some gluten free food, as I am trying to stay away from it. I have a hard time finding good recipes that also taste great! Any ideas would be amazing, thanks:)

  26. JAMIE

    Since i live landlocked on the other side of the country….i would love pictures of things you shop for in markets, farmers mkts…etc and then pictures of what you cook with the items when you get home……so i can see what all i am missing in your beautiful part of the world.

  27. Leslie Lockhart

    I used to make a roasted potato salad with ingredients like a roasted head of garlic, asparagus, sugar snap peas (maybe?) and many other incredible things and a wonderful dressing that I cannot remember….. I think you are just the person for the job of recreating this! :) I have actually “re-ordered” cookbooks I have gotten rid of in hopes to find it- it is that good! Thanks, Andie!!

  28. Nicole

    I’m trying to find a good recipe for stuffed zucchini… :) And jumping ahead to your next post, I would LOVE to see cupcake recipes!!!! I LOVE cupcakes and have been trying to make them once a month. :)

  29. Jules

    I know I’m late on this.. but I have a boatload of zuchinni and cucumbers from my garden that I can’t seem to use quick enough! I’d love a fresh take on either ingredient (or both if you’re up for it!)

  30. M.J. Jacobsen

    You do such a fab job that it’s hard to find something! I love seafood, and I get fresh dungy crabs every week from Guemes Island……….. so how about the ultimate crab cake? Thanks Andie! :)

  31. Natalie S.

    I want to see the weirdest food combos you snack on– pickles and marshmallow fluff, maybe? cheddar bacon fluffburgers? I also want to see a few recipes from your childhood — maybe your favorite thing your mom made for you after a bad day at school.

  32. Sam

    Stuffed Grape Leaves (I’ve always wanted to try this and I’m not sure where to begin)

    Also, I have undertaken a huge garden this year with all kinds of lovely vegetables and herbs. If you could come up with some recipes that would utilize these it would be much appreciated :)

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  34. OnlineSunshine

    I know you’re Italian, but how about some Asian dishes? I’d love to see what you come up with.

    My favorite dishes are:

    Shrimp in garlic sauce over white rice
    PF Chang’s Zodiac Noodles recipe
    Shrimp and Snow Peas with Yellow Saffron rice
    Southeast Asian Fried Rice (OMG this one is to die for!)

  35. Decor Girl

    Hmm, this may be more of a challenge: What to make as a main dish, healthy, not heavy on meat but for someone who like meat, allergic to tomatoes and detests cooked veggies?

  36. Chip

    Would love to see you come up with a sauce maybe mushroom, to put on baked potato to replace butter and sour cream. Are you up to it?


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