Checking in from Fire Island

Hi friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that Mom’s weekly diet update will be coming to you late Monday night. I spent the past few days on Fire Island with friends, and have been away from the computer until now. Before I left on Friday morning, I gave Mom a pep talk. “Do your best,” I said. She nodded. But when I checked my email only moments ago, to look for the weekly progress update that she sends me on Sunday nights, I found one that read, “Slight Eating Rampage.” I’m only a little bit alarmed. I decided, for the sake of ending the week on a high note, and the fact that it’s midnight, not to open that email tonight. I’ll fill you in tomorrow. I will say, though, to rest your mind a bit, that if I know my mother like I think I do–which is to say, better than I know myself–she’s likely being hyperbolic. My bet is that she had a doughnut and is now regretfully calling it a bender. We shall see.



PS–Have you been to Fire Island in New York? It’s a summer paradise. I’m going to post some more of the photos of the trip on Instagram soon, but for now, I only have two. In one, I’m drinking the island’s signature cocktail: “Rocket Fuel:” it’s like piña colada mixed with hell-fire and gasoline. Not awesome.




6 thoughts on “Checking in from Fire Island

  1. Cinnamon Vogue

    Slight Eating Rampage. :-) Good one. You should have booby trapped some doughnuts with some exploding pink dye Andy.:-). Have a great time on Fire Island.

  2. Mavis

    Wow this is her weekend for a eating rampage. We have all been there. Some like me do it more than twice in a week which explains why your Moms plan has been inspiring. I am so proud of both of you. Blessings

  3. Salvador

    Hi i love what your doing i Am trying to do the same lose weight but i Believe it is harder than anyrhing i hope you dont lose hope And keep trying thats all that you can do

    Hope your fine And happy

  4. nancy

    I am just starting on a weight loss journey (for the umpteenth time). I am enjoying your blog and your recipes. Thanks for a great blog.

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