Christmas 2010

I’d love to share with you some scenes from my Christmas weekend, one of my favorite to date. Before we begin, I should clarify a few things:
1. Yes, I live in a Christmas Wonderland unparalleled by any earthly territory, including the North Pole. Santa, my apologies, and better luck next year.
2. Yes, I spent an extraordinary amount of time in slippers and holiday-bedazzled socks. This is a judgment-free zone.

3. Yes, the food pictured involves only the following three ingredients:

Remember what I said about judgment-free zones.

4. Yes, I’m currently snowed in. And though I do believe life is better bundled up and blizzard-ridden, please send a sled dog team in one hour if I’m not back. I’ll be next to my shovel eating snow.

Happy holidays to each and every one of you. I hope yours were just as wonderful!



26 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. speakingofwine

    First trip to your site. I can’t wait to explore more in terms of recipes, food, etc., but I wanted to comment on the pitcures – nicely done! I’m a photo nerd in addition to a wine/food guy, so this post was a lot of fun. Thanks!

  2. Karlyn

    Andrea! Can I come visit your house at Christmas next year? :P I love all the decorations! But out of all the photos, I honestly got most excited seeing the ones of your new camera :)) Can’t wait to see it and see YOU (more importantly hehe) soon :)

  3. Cindy

    oooh Camera Envy!
    good for you lovie, and your holiday decor reminds me of my Mom’s house. She has decor for every season for every nook and cranny of her ouse.


  4. Lu

    I’m using your house as inspiration for a properly decorated Christmas. Wow! Hello, camera. Lucky girl. I can’t wait to see all the pics you take with it.

  5. biz319

    First of all, love all the snowmen and festive socks! I got a new camera too, which I was not expecting at all – it made me cry!

    Even though you are snowed in, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas – looking forward to all your good eats in 2011! :D

  6. KatieG

    I have to remark on the china. I am so jealous!!! I inherited my parents’ wedding china when I got married almost three years ago (my mom died in 1995 when I was 16). It’s 12 place settings of beautiful Lenox china, but I have always wanted the classic holiday pattern too! Also, I’m curious, did you buy your diningroom furniture recently or has it been passed down to you? I ask because my father also gave me my parents diningroom table and chairs (and my chairs are identical to yours) and china cabinet. The cabinet is just a teeny bit different, but the wood and hardware are also identical. I couldn’t help but notice. :)

    Your home is so beautiful I couldn’t help but be a little entranced. I also am dying over that burnt orange color that it looks like you have in your kitchen! Very pretty!

    1. Can You Stay for Dinner

      Hi Katie!

      Thank you for the sweet comment about my home. To give proper credit- this is my parents’ home in Massachusetts where I grew up and am staying for the month of December (just for the holidays). I’ll go back to Seattle next week! I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mom. It’s wonderful to know that you’ve inherited her china though, as I bet you’ll just treasure it. My own mom is the most fabulous decorator and has unbelievable taste- a real eye for styling spaces. She and I love Lenox and that holiday set has been something we’ve been collecting and adding to for years- just picking up pieces here and there at Macy’s or wherever until we made it complete. She tells me Lenox is unbeatable in terms of quality. Her standard, everyday plate set is also Lenox- pure white. I have Fiestaware at my apartment and love the colors and heavy weight. The table, chairs, and china cabinet are all Knob Creek (made in the ’70s or ’80s I believe) and purchased at Paine Furniture in Boston (which has since closed) years and years ago. It’s absolutely beautiful and so well made. The set has been in our family for a long time and has really held up. Timeless. How funny if you have the same table and chairs!! The brick red color in the kitchen is “Wulfenite” by C2 Paint. It’s sort of a terracotta shade. Really really perfect in the kitchen.

      Thanks again for your kindness! Happy holidays!!

      1. KatieG

        Well I stand corrected. Your mother’s home is beautiful. I like her thinking about Lenox. It sounds as if she and my mother would’ve gotten along great, as my mom collected all things Lenox (my china pattern is ‘Moonspun’). Between my three sisters and I, who all have various things of hers, I still have Lenox bowls and other pieces up the wazoo!

        I’m not sure of the brand of my diningroom set (I’d have to crawl underneath the table tonight to check it out), but I do know that my parents bought it around 1987, so I suppose it’s possible it’s from the same collection. Funny! :)


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