Dishing in the New Year


Vegan Black Bean Burgers


Setting foot in a new year, with a technicolor bright future ahead of us, I want to share my favorite healthy recipes. I figure, they set me afire with inspiration and motivation to eat well, to eat naturally, so maybe that will happen for you too. The very thought of eating them holds enough thrill to send me hurdling to my kitchen.

Learning to cook saved me. While losing weight, I learned to make the meals that I’d loved my whole life in a healthier, lighter way.¬† It was the best and most fulfilling project I’d undertaken. It made my year-long journey worthwhile. This post is a sampling of those dishes.

You will find an obscene number of burger recipes here. You might wonder if I’m The Hamburglar. You might even consider drawing¬† up a business plan with me for our own Wendy’s franchise.

But beyond that, there are lots of re-creations of traditionally decadent dinners. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel inspired too.



Chinese Chicken Salad



Loaded Healthy Nachos



Spicy Garlic Shrimp



Meatloaf Burgers



Falafel Burgers



Sesame Salmon Burgers with Dill Yogurt Sauce



Crispy Buffalo Chicken



Korean Beef Bulgogi



Hearty Chicken Stew



Beef and Bean Enchiladas

Dal Makhani



Turkey Pot Pie with Cornbread Crust



Chicken with Creamy Mustard Mascarpone Marsala Sauce



Spicy Coconut Chicken with Mango Basil Salsa



Pulled Pork with Tart Apple Slaw



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