Eating in Cancun, Tulum, and Isla Mujeres

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Typical breakfast included at many hotels and hostels in Mexico: 2 pieces of white bread toasted with butter and jam, orange juice, and coffee.

isla mujeres tulum 034

Called the ‘Sooper Dooper’ at Buho’s restaurant in Isla Mujeres: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, toast, 2 small hotcakes.

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Even while traveling, I love to eat a big salad at lunch. It’s incredibly easy to do in almost every country because I either order a large plate of fresh vegetables alongside delicious street food or a full salad topped with avocado and some sort of wildly flavorful fish, beef, chicken, or pork. What’s important to me is tasting the local flavors while filling up on fresh produce.

isla mujeres tulum 060

isla mujeres tulum 062

Grilled portobello mushroom quesadilla with salsa verde from Mango Café in Isla Mujeres

isla mujeres tulum 064

Tostones con guacamole. Tostones (also called patacones) are fried rounds of unripe plantains.

isla mujeres tulum 066

This particular guacamole from Mango Café in Isla Mujeres was interesting because of the addition of mango puree and finely diced Granny Smith apple.

Mexico 112

Grouper and shrimp ceviche eaten on the beach at Buho’s in Isla Mujeres

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isla mujeres tulum 142

Cappuccino at Mezzanine in Tulum

isla mujeres tulum 163

Sangria made with fresh lemonade

isla mujeres tulum 014

Slow roasted chickens served whole with rice, beans, and corn tortillas

isla mujeres tulum 028


isla mujeres tulum 019

Teeny tiny frosted banana cupcakes

iPhone 132

Mexican street food- chile relleno, chicken taco

iPhone 133

Chicken soup I bought from a street vendor on a 90 degree F day. Bold move.

iPhone 138

Sope with carne asada. Sope has a base of thick corn tortilla dough, fried and then topped with meats, cheese, and salsa.

iPhone 209

Cucumber, jicama, and avocado salad with mango vinaigrette

iPhone 212

Whole steamed Vietnamese hogfish

tulum 020

Pork al pastor, chicken thighs, ensalada

tulum 036

tulum 043

Marquesita- a crisper take on a crepe rolled with nutella and cheese while hot.

tulum 026

tulum 072

Every kind of taco that a local Tulum restaurant offered, each for 7 pesos (roughly 50 cents in the U.S.)



20 thoughts on “Eating in Cancun, Tulum, and Isla Mujeres

  1. Michelle in N. Cal

    Every single food pic looks amazing! (well, okay, I might pass on the toast ;-) I’d love to try the Tostones con guacamole. I’ve never known of that combo!

  2. Amandine

    Looks divine! Have you had any stomach problems with eating fresh produce? I’ve always heard that it was best to stay away from since our American tummies are so fragile!

  3. Jenny


    Thank you for such lovely, delightful, DELICIOUS looking posts!
    You have been such an inspiration to me over the last year with my 10-year struggle of “extreme” eating; either nothing at all for days at a time, or bingeing every 4 days or so. Thank you for encouraging me to be “ok” with food again in an indirect way. Your absolutely wonderful, intelligent, and joyful posts motivate me to enjoy food and life for what it’s worth. Our world is better because of your influence! :)

  4. Diane

    Some wonderful dishes and a few of our local favorites (Mango Cafe)…
    For the question about “American Tummies”… start taking probiotics a couple of weeks before your trip, during and for a week or so after. That really helps keep things happy.
    Living in Mexico we eat yogurt every day (smoothie for breakfast usually)… that works well too. We eat everywhere and just about anything. You do need to be a little careful about salads (lettuces) and eat them at places you know to be good about cleaning veg properly. But anything that is cooked or peeled should be no problem. Cancun, Tulum and Isla Mujeres should all be fine anywhere you go. (especially Isla).

  5. Susan Stocking

    I’m loving your blog! I shared this with the folks at Cancun Map (map chick) and Mango’s. Isla Mujeres is just one of my favorite spots ever, and I love the great food on the island.

  6. Erin Motz

    This comes at the perfect time – we’re going to Isla Mujeres this summer. One thing’s for sure, I’m SO convinced the food/water will make me sick! We went to the Dominican Republic and I didn’t even DRINK the water and still got ultra sick. Maybe the ice somewhere along the way?? Anyway, how did you guys fare? Everything looks superb! :)

    1. Diane

      The water on Isla Mujeres is very well chlorinated. It doesn’t taste very good so everyone has bottled water (5 gallon bottles) to drink but it won’t hurt you.
      What makes most people feel badly here is excess alcohol consumption and not drinking enough water. Keep that in mind, eat yogurt daily and you won’t have any trouble. The food here on Isla is GREAT!

  7. Anna

    Wow, everything looks so yummy! When I saw the close-up of the tostones with guacamole, I said out loud (to no one), “Mmmm, that looks good!”

  8. Ed

    Please tell me you got the recipe for that soup.. I’ve been to Cancun, Isla and Cozumel last year, since then i’m desperate after that lime soup they served in Cozumel, but i can’t find a good one anywhere, i’d do (almost) anything to have the original recipe for that soup. i just loved it.


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