First Trimester Recap

First Trimester Bump

There was a moment there where I thought I might be one of the pregnant women who doesn’t get morning sickness. I’d made it to week 6 with none of the nausea—only the extreme fatigue and headaches to contend with. But then, wham, it hit me. I woke up on the morning that marked 6 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy feeling queasy. I went downstairs, took a few sips of the glass of water I always pour myself first thing, and promptly threw up in the kitchen sink. A few minutes later, I was throwing up again in the bathroom downstairs. I felt better by nighttime, but the next morning things got worse. I was sick 4 times while getting ready to go to our first doctors appointment. I couldn’t keep anything down—not water, not saltines, not blueberries (a very bad idea, I admit). I held a plastic bag in my lap as we drove to our appointment, and then again on the way home.

I made Daniel stop at one of our favorite delis for a late afternoon lunch. All I wanted was a cold turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and extra pickles, but of course, I couldn’t have deli meat. I settled for a chicken cutlet sub with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Thankfully, it hit the spot—aaaand continued to hit the spot every other time I ordered it over the next month.

First Trimester Cravings

The nausea was strong and present from week six through week 12. I’d feel it first thing in the morning, wait for it to fade a little after breakfast (actually, having saltines next to my bed helped a lot), and experience waves of it all throughout the day and night. My savior might have been the combination of Vitamin B6 three times a day and a Unisom tablet before bed—a remedy my doctor recommended to help with nausea. That really seemed to help, and I know that because on days when I forgot to take one or both, I felt especially awful.

Eating saltines to fight nausea

And while the nausea was hard to handle, at least I can say that I had somewhat expected it. What I hadn’t expected was how intense the fatigue would be. The only other time in my life when I felt such crushing exhaustion was when I got mono my freshman year of college. Every activity I did—from walking downstairs to make breakfast to blow drying my hair—made me want to, NEED TO, lie down. I’m not much of a napper (naps always seem to make me feel sad and lonely for some reason), so this utter lack of energy made me feel so, so bad and left me wondering if I’d ever accomplish anything ever again.

Thankfully, as with the nausea, the fatigue phase passed too, and by the first few weeks of my second trimester I was feeling more myself again.

First Ultrasound

First ultrasound

Gender Reveal Cake

It’s a boy!

Weight Gain

I’m not sure exactly what the breakdown is of when I gained what (I’m only really aware of the total amount), but I’d guess I gained around 12-ish pounds in my first trimester. I attribute a lot of those pounds to having so many food aversions that left me craving only very specific, very calorie-dense foods. The emotionally tricky, and somewhat triggering, thing about gaining weight for me at the beginning of pregnancy was knowing that I had already gotten pregnant at a higher weight than I’m usually comfortable being. After our wedding last September and our honeymoon in mid-October, I was basically in gaining mode. Not really bingeing, but not really making healthy choices either. When I got that positive pregnancy test back in December—after the rush of joy and excitement settled—I thought of the fact that I would be starting this journey 15 pounds heavier than I wish I were. I remember thinking, man I’ve really backed myself into a corner weight-wise.

First Trimester Bump Selfie

But the anxious feeling I had about gaining weight didn’t last long—partly because I was too sick to obsess about anything and partly because of this odd, newfound sense of acceptance that settled over me around two months in.

Cravings / Aversions

Cravings: orange juice, pickles, tart/sour flavors, sherbet, and POTATOES.
Aversions: coffee, SWEETS (the shock of my life, believe you me), chicken, vegetables


Daniel should receive a Nobel Peace Prize simply for being the most loving, nurturing man. The very first day we knew we were pregnant, he was on Amazon ordering books about fatherhood, pregnancy, child-rearing, and the like. Within a week he’d read two of them, subscribed to parenting blogs, and daily began reading the r/Parenting subreddit. He looked into the youth sports cut-offs in our town, knowing that our baby would be born in late August/early September. One night I looked over at him in bed, his laptop perched on his belly, and saw that he had googled, “what to do for your wife in the first trimester.”

Daniel reading books on fatherhood

Throughout those first twelve weeks, he was endlessly reassuring—quick to calm my fears that I could lose the baby at any moment, happy to listen and talk me through any emotional wave or odd physical sensation. This man is a natural-born caretaker and a complete giver and he’s proven that to me a hundred thousand times already—it’s evident in the way he cares for and heaps love upon my parents’ pug, Dee Dee.

Daniel kissing my bump

Daniel kissing my bump

I loved Daniel more than life itself before all this, but now I’ve reached a truly clinically insane love level. If I love this baby boy even a fraction as much as I love his dad (and I mean, how could I not?), then my heart could potentially explode and without question my son will someday need therapy for all the over-the-top smothering I did.

*Note: I’m 24 weeks now (not far from my third trimester!) so I’ll be sharing my second trimester recap soon! I’m thinking of talking about what I decided to register for—would that be interesting? Regardless, I’d love to hear about your pregnancy journey, so please share below! 



29 thoughts on “First Trimester Recap

  1. Bethany

    I don’t generally notice the pregnant glow people talk about, but damn, I see it on you! You look radiant. I hope your mother’s day was wonderful! :)

  2. Cate

    You look great! I did not think I could love my husband anymore until we had our daughter 3 months ago- seeing him be a dad is so amazing!

  3. Ti Reed

    I was not very sick with my son but with my daughter, I was so sick the entire time well into her first three months of life! The only thing that got me through was a vegan diet. Which was difficult but what my body wanted, i guess.

  4. debbie in alaska

    Naps make me feel sad and lonely too — I attribute it to being forced to take naps as a kid and waking up alone in bed during the day and feeling like I missed out on something. Love the in depth more personal posts. Yay baby!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh man, the exhaustion. I only had mild, low level nausea in my first trimester but every little thing I did was bone-numbingly tiring. Thankfully I was on summer break (teacher!) and returned to school just in time for the second trimester energy to kick in!
    You look lovely! Don’t sweat the weight gain, make whatever healthy choices you can manage and worry about the rest later. Nothing altered my self image more than growing and feeding a human being with this imperfect body!

  6. Stacey

    you look so beautiful!!! I’m 24 weeks as well, and we’re having a little girl! I would love to hear what you’re registering for

  7. Stacy Hyatt

    First trimester fatigue is like nothing I have ever experienced. Contemplating pregnancy #2 and how desperately I want another baby — and trying to overcome the inevitable reality of what the 1st and 3rd trimesters did to my body and energy.

    Also, I totally hear you, Andie, on that feeling backed into a weight-gain corner. I got pregnant when I was 25 lbs heavier than at my wedding — and 45 lbs heavier than my goal weight. Now, 20 months after my daughter was born, I’m weighing (literally) the pros and cons of getting pregnant with 15 lbs MORE weight on me. It’s challenging, but I know the weight gain is worth it. I can always step it up and work hard to lose that weight — but I can’t always give my daughter another sibling who isn’t too far apart in age.

    Blessings to you, always, but especially now as you get closer to the 3rd trimester.

  8. Rachel

    I’m 21 and a half weeks with my first, so not far behind you (!!) and figuring out my registry as well – would love to hear your thoughts in another post! :)

  9. Carrie

    Andie, I am so happy for you and Daniel. You are just a few weeks ahead of me (14 wks) and give me hope that I will feel better soon. Morning (all day) sickness is the worst. Looking forward to reading more as you progress through this journey. I am having a boy as well so I am excited to see how things go for you.

  10. Julie Day

    With my 5 birth kiddos pregnancies were quite similar to each other. All boys but the 5th. Never threw up until #5 (the girl), but nauseated all day every day first trimesters. Lots of hot tea to settle my stomach. With my first boy, I especially craved lemonade with lots of ice. My mom ate sour kraut right out of the can when pregnant with my brother! Congratulations! Enjoy the home stretch!

  11. Anne F.

    Both of my children were delivered to the front door without an ache nor pain! Did my fair share of worrying….will I drown the baby the first time I bathe him? But I did gain 15 with each one and can tell all the pregnancy war stories of my friends! LOL! New moms, enjoy every minute of that bundle of joy. It goes by so very fast! Mine are now 39/36 ( boy/girl! Who me? Can’t believe they are that old and so am I !!!!!!! Enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️P.S. I want to hear what you registered for!

  12. Chelsey

    Love the update – I’m 25 weeks right now and it sounds like we’ve gone through a lot of the same! I started out (much) heavier than I would have liked, but I’m trying to look past it and think more about how I can stay healthy throughout. It’s been so hard.
    My first trimester was the same as yours – including sub sandwiches being the only thing I could stomach, with a major aversion to sweets.
    I hope the 2nd and 3rd trimesters go smoothly for you! You look great! Also – I’d love to hear about your registry thoughts. We just put ours together, and it was much harder/more overwhelming than I expected!

  13. Juliana @ Urban Simplicity

    Each of my five pregnancies was different, and I carried my boys much differently from the girls. The boys I gained side to side and the girls was all out to the front. I didn’t have nausea with any of my kids, but I did have bone-crushing fatigue all the way through, and I always felt vaguely flu-ish throughout. The biggest problem for me with the weight wasn’t the gaining during the pregnancy. It was the losing after, when you are so sleep-deprived and nursing (which makes you crazy hungry). I never make good food choices when I am tired, and my kids never slept well or regularly until they were over a year.

    As for baby registry. A baby carrier (I like the ERGO, particularly since they redesigned them), a boppy for nursing, possibly a nursing stool because they are nice to have, carseat, onesies (long sleeve and short sleeve), a few sleepers (the zipper kind are the best), and diapers. Some kind of pack-n-play or bouncy chair to put the baby down for a bit. A nose frida is helpful (it sounds gross, but when your baby gets his first cold, you will love it). My favorite stroller is the City Mini; it is the only true one-handed fold stroller I’ve ever encountered. Use a backpack for a diaper bag with a few diapers, extra sleeper, maybe a hat and small toy for when they are old enough to care about it.

    Good luck!

  14. Wendy

    Down here in Adelaide, South Australia, I’m delighted to be sharing in your pregnancy updates. My own baby (son) is almost 26, so it’s been awhile, however we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild. Our daughter is 33weeks-due on 2 July-looking fabulous and feeling good, except for the ever present fatigue. Like you, she is blessed with a caring and supportive husband, which is great for us, too. There have ben a few mood swings to cope with…! They have elected not to know the sex of their baby until birth, so they are keeping us all in suspense.
    Each week or so we are sharing some dedicated mother/daughter time. It wasn’t planned that way, but just seemed to evolve. We both cherish the time, mindful that things will soon be different. It’s my joy and privilege to share her journey towards motherhood and new life stages for all of us. I do hope your pregnancy continues smoothly and is a time of continued discovery and delight for you, Daniel and your wider family.

  15. Phi

    OMG Daniel kissing your bump at the bottom made me tear up!
    When I was pregnant I remember the morning sickness just hit me all at once. And bam, I threw up every day until the second trimester, it was so bad lol. But it passes. You look amazing and I cannot wait to see what your little man looks like – being a boy mom is the most rewarding thing in the world (well ok, being a parent is, but I love that I get to raise a little man!)
    Love you

  16. sarah Redmond

    You are lovely. You look so happy! I’m so excited for you and D. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  17. April Arnold

    Your comment about craving potatoes made me laugh and think about my own first pregnancy. Potatoes were the one thing that settled my stomach when I was feeling nauseated, and I craved them on top of that. For about a month during my first trimester I went through a 10 pound bag every week! And now…my firstborn is a potato fanatic.

  18. Sue

    Andie, you look wonderful! And I’d love to see your registry. Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first at about the same time you are! Love seeeing all the baby stuff!

  19. connie

    Hi Andie! I’m so happy for you and so glad to see a pregnancy post!
    Whenever you feel tired,remember that you’re already doing something- At every moment you are busy knitting together a new human being, so of course it’s hard to do something else too! This time is precious for you- pamper yourself. -and God bless Daniel for being so good to pamper you too. What a guy!

    As far as baby registry- I remember being so confused as to what we needed or didn’t. I look forward to seeing what you guys chose! Three things were most valuable to me- 1. a baby monitor that played music (yes we got tired of the song all night, every night, but when we traveled or had someone over, having that music with us made it easier to get them to sleep in an atypical place/situation) 2. baby washcloths (rolled up, soaked in apple juice and frozen. The babies chewed on them through months and months of teething) 3. I didn’t have but wish that I did- a wedge that allows your baby to safely sleep on his tummy- it would have solved so many problems!

    Keep sharing your sweet stories please- so happy for you!

  20. Mary

    So happy you are having a baby boy!!! Wasn’t sure at first if Daniel was you husband . . .So glad he book and could see he was the best pick!! Congratulations. on you marriage and pregnancy Andie !! I am just a grandma from northern Calif. That loved you book and cookbook. keep me on your list!! Mary

  21. Nancy

    OMG, I just finished your Memoir yesterday and today I look online and need to catch up about you (how about a sequel?) Congratulations on your pregnancy (I’m a NICU nurse…babies are my thing!). And, my heart is smiling … you married Daniel! Congrats on that too!!! Just ordered your cookbook …. Thanks for keeping your blog going! I can’t wait to “catch up”!

  22. Belle

    You look amazing. Really amazing! Pregnancy suits you, and I hope the nausea has calmed down?

    Looking back, these are top 7 things that made my life easier as a new Mum:

    If I had to choose just 3 of these things, I HIGHLY recommend The Baby Sleep Solution book, the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, and the microwavable sterilizing bags. These things made the first few months of parenthood so much more doable for me and my husband. You’re most exhausted in those early months, and anything that makes your life easier is a blessing. Plus anything that helps you understand ways to encourage your baby to settle and sleep are gold!

    Looking forward to your next update :-)

  23. gozso

    So happy you are having a baby boy!!! Wasn’t sure at first if Daniel was you husband . . .So glad he book and could see he was the best pick!! Congratulations. on you marriage and pregnancy Andie !! I am just a grandma from northern Calif. That loved you book and cookbook. keep me on your list!! Mary

  24. Dana

    Honestly, each pregnancy is different. Some women get morning sickness with every pregnancy, some with none. Most of us get it with some pregnancies and not with others (if we’ve been pregnant multiple times). I got it with my second pregnancy but not my first. Funny thing is there was a bug going round the household with my second and it enabled my morning sickness to fly under the radar for a few days and I only recognized what it was in hindsight. With baby #1 I only felt ill if I got overheated, and that happened twice. (Quite a feat living in Savannah, GA in summer.) Otherwise, nada.

    Soooo… if this is your first, maybe you’ll get no ms next time. Maybe you’ll get it more. Hard to say.

  25. Bethany

    I commented back in May and now I’m back to say I’m 8 weeks pregnant and just re-read this post. :) I could have never imagined just how exhausting it is and how much the nausea takes a toll on me. I’m glad I can look forward to an end to these symptoms!


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