Get Healthy with #AndieGina2016

Get Healthy with Andie Mitchell and Gina Homolka!

Happy Sunday, friends! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your kindness on my engagement to Daniel! You can’t even imagine how much your comments, emails, and messages meant to me. You’re the best of the best. Thank you!

Today, I’m thrilled to tell you about a new partnership I’m doing with Gina Homolka from! I have a pretty good feeling that you know who Gina is, because she’s just an outright internet queen and let me tell you, that title is so deserved. Gina is, to put it simply, one of a kind. She’s thoughtful, sincere, kind, and so positive that I can’t help but feel a boost in my mood when I’m around her. And she just so happens to make the best healthy recipes (case in point: The Skinnytaste Cookbook is a masterpiece). I’m praying she’s a disaster in at least one area, but I haven’t found it yet.

Get Healthy with #AndieGina2016

We’re teaming up to help YOU reach your health and weight loss goals. Why? Because we have goals, too, and it’s so much easier to achieve them when you have support–especially when your support system really gets it. Goals are hard to achieve no matter where you are on your journey, and even an easy resolution can end up being a rough ride.

So, we’ve created a private Facebook group, that will be led by the two of us, where we can build a community to motivate, support, share victories, talk through struggles, and just be there for one another daily. Gina and I are also offering you the chance to win one of two Skype dates with us.

How to join the group and enter to win a Skype date:

Get Healthy with Andie Mitchell and Gina Homolka in 2016! #andiegina2016

From now until February 15th:

1. Buy BOTH It Was Me All Along in paperback! AND The Skinnytaste Meal Planner

2. Share a photo of the 2 books on social media, tagging Gina @skinnytaste (instagram), @skinnytaste (twitter) and @skinnytaste (facebook) and me @andiemmitchell (instagram), @andiemmitchell (twitter), and @andiemitchell (facebook), along with the hashtag #AndieGina2016

Once you do that, you can request to join the private Facebook group here: Get Healthy with Andie and Gina in 2016 (URL:

And you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for the Skype dates in February!



22 thoughts on “Get Healthy with #AndieGina2016

  1. Emma

    Hi Andy,

    I bought your book on my kindle last year, is there a way that can still count, or do i have to purchase the paperback?

    1. Trudy

      Hi Andie,

      I just finished your book on audible, that’s how I found your blog. I also coincidentally bought skinny taste from Amazon last week. I have requested to join the group. Please take me

  2. Jahyd

    Hi Andie! I bought the hardcover last year. Can I join the group with a photo of that or does it specifically have to be the paperback?

  3. Kiani

    I love this! My two favorite bloggers. I had been putting off buying your book, although I had wanted to read it, and hadn’t planned to buy the skinnytaste meal planner. At first this was a turn off for me, not wanting to be forced into buying these things (it feels a little like a cash grab) but when I looked into the planner, I realized that it actually looks more helpful than I originally thought. Can’t wait to get my books and join the group!

  4. Greta Marie

    Hi Andie!
    I just finished reading your book – so happy to see your news about engagement to Daniel!

    Ps- I discovered your buffalo chicken rolls several years ago (mind blowing, I make them probably too often) and it’s so cool to see you become so well known!
    You are a rockstar . Very inspiring <3

  5. Alexis

    Hi Andie!
    LOVE your book and am new to your blog! I do have a question about this -I bought your book via kindle – do I need the paperback for the facebook group? Thanks, looking forward to joinging this group with my two absolute favotire bloggers!

      1. Alexis

        Thank you!! I just bought the skinnytaste book on amazon and requested to join! I can snap a pic of both books as soon as my prime shipping delivers my skinnytaste book ;) So excited about this group!

  6. Michelle Christine

    The requirement to purchase both books disappoints me. I have enjoyed your blog for years now Andie. I pre-ordered It Was Me All Along, as you asked us to in a blog post. I read it, enjoyed it, and passed it on to a friend. All I have now is my amazon page telling me I purchased it on 1/21/14. I own Gina’s cookbook and love it, but I am not interested in a meal planner since I recently began using Plan To Eat online. Meal planning helps me. However, tracking points/calories only causes me to obsess and ultimately, binge.

    I clearly support both of you as authors. You have both in your own way, helped me on my journey, and I love the idea of you teaming up. However, if your goal is to support others in reaching their goals, I am not sure why you would require a purchase, as opposed to recommending it. I have enjoyed reading many of the diet books you recommend as having helped you along the way (Intuitive Eating, Geneen Roth, etc.).

    It disappoints me to be closed out of the facebook group because of the purchasing requirement. “Knowing” both you and Gina, I believe the group will be a terrific community and help many folks. I would have gladly paid some kind of registration fee. However, being “forced” to purchase a book I don’t want to participate simply causes me to feel manipulated. If you honestly want folks to make the purchase because it will help them, why not just recommend the books? If members find them helpful, the discussion on the fb group will spur plenty of purchases. I hope you will reconsider. Thank you.

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Michelle you can absolutely join the group if you’ve already bought the book! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and thank you for your support! Please request to join. I’d love to have you in there <3

  7. cathy

    hi- i purchased your book last year but have recently have moved and don’t have the book with me right now? can i post a photo of my order confirmation as proof that i did in fact order it and it’s under my name. thanks!

  8. cathy

    Hi- I tried joining and posted on my facebook but it says my membership is still pending and I know the deadline is tomorrow so wanted to check in! Thanks!

  9. Tamara O'Leary

    I just finished your book and I absolutely loved it! I identified with you and your attachments to food so much. Now as a mom I a struggling with helping my whole family stay healthy and fit. I was hoping that your blog/website would give me ideas of healthy menus that I can prepare in advance for my family as I work full-time and commute. Therefore, I do not get home until really late each night. I hoped to cook healthy meals during the week that my family can enjoy all week long. Please let me know how I can gain access to your blog and recipes. Thanks much.

    Tamara O’Leary

  10. Paige Moore

    Hi Andie~


    I started your book last night and finished it this morning. Words aren’t sufficient in how I feel about your willingness to be vulnerable, your courage to change, your love of people and life and your ability to be a LIGHT for us!

    I am forever grateful~
    Love and Light,
    Paige Moore


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