Gift Ideas for Anyone 2021

By now we’ve all heard about the supply chain shortages and shipping delays ahead. So this year, I’m hoping to bypass (some of) them and give gifts for services, activities, and subscriptions that I know my friends and family will love. It’s one way I can aim to shop small and support local businesses when possible. Below I have a list of ideas I’m considering for loved ones and I hope they give you some inspiration as well :)

This post contains a few affiliate links!

Artifact uprising gift card
At the recommendation of my best friend Sabrina, I bought Artifact Uprising baby books as a memory and photo albums for each of my kids. I am so glad I did. They’re beautiful and I am so impressed with the quality. They also give you prompts for entries so it’s a really fun project to work through. This is one of my favorite baby gifts for new moms. But of course there’s so much more than baby books—check it out.

Instacart Express subscription
One of the best gifts you can give someone is more time. Instacart offers grocery delivery from a wide range of local stores. I have been using Instacart fairly regularly over the last year and I think it’s a great service for people who don’t love going to the grocery store, or don’t have the time or ability to get there, and/or could use a little more convenience. This link gives you $10 off!

Knife Sharpening (usually a mail-in service) – I recently got my kitchen knives sharpened by a local knife sharpening service and it was so, so worthwhile. My dull knives are like new. Google local knife sharpening or refer to this helpful article about mail-in services nationwide (like KnifeAid).

Car Detailing or Car Wash
Find a local carwash and ask about the deals they offer for multiple washes or packages that include detailing.

Home Cleaning Service (you can gift a one-time cleaning or multiple) – If you’re like me, you became obsessed with GoCleanCo over the past two years. Their cleaning videos are instructional and inspiring and I wish they’d come to my house buuuut…they’re based in Canada. So search your area for a local cleaning service and give the gift of a deep clean to someone you love.

Laser Hair Removal – Laser hair removal is something we can file under, “I’d love it but I can’t afford it/don’t want to pay for it,’ which is why it’d make such a great gift. Groupon is the best place to find deals on laser hair removal packages (typically 6 sessions or treatments), so start there.

Blowout or Hair Cut – There’s always DryBar for blowouts if you have locations nearby, but it could also be great to find out the salon your loved one goes to and get a gift certificate there.

Manicure and/or Pedicure


For Podcast Lovers, Music Lovers, and Audiobook Lovers:
Subscription to…
Spotify Premium
Stitcher Premium
Wondery Plus (there’s a 40% off deal going on right now)
Audible (all the audio books!)

Hope you have a lovely holiday season :)



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    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It helped me a lot to choose gifts for my loved ones. Only one thing was missing a gift for someone who wants to be fit and healthy.

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  21. Helen

    Has Andie posted anything since this? Just wondering if everything is ok. We miss you Andie and hope you’re doing great!

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