Girls’ Weekend in Vegas

vegas 2013-6

I spent last weekend in Vegas with my best friends.

Now, I’ve been to Vegas five times. I’ve stayed and eaten all over the strip, but this time was, in a word, unforgettable. Here are a handful of photos from our stay, snapped oh-so-professionally on my iPhone.

vegas 2013-4

Sourdough waffles at Bouchon in the Venetian, where we stayed. I cannot recommend the hotel and the restaurant enough.

vegas 2013-3

The pastry basket we split at Bouchon, which included pain au chocolat, a pecan sticky bun, 2 raspberry beignets, and a cheese danish. Each was out of this world delicious, but those beignets? Heavens yes.

vegas 2013-8

The Bellagio, where we partied at club Hyde.

vegas 2013-9

Kate at the Bellagio fountains.

vegas 2013-4-1

Kate and Sabrina at STACK in the Mirage. The food was just OK.

vegas 2013-5-1

“Adult Tater Tots” stuffed with bacon and brie at STACK.

vegas 2013-6-1

In our seats before the Cirque du Soleil Beatles LOVE show. Highly recommended.

vegas 2013-2-1

Awesomely photo-bombed.

vegas 2013-1-2

Kate and I at club Chateau in the Paris Hotel and Casino.

vegas 2013-2

So much iced coffee fueled this weekend.

vegas 2013-5

The Strip.

vegas 2013-3-1

The four of us at Ghost Bar at The Palms.

Of note:

We also dined at TAO Asian Bistro in the Venetian, which was fantastic, as it always is. Everything on the menu is packed with flavor and cooked to perfection.

For brunch on Sunday we went to Serendipity 3 outside of Caesar’s Palace, where I ordered the Saints and Sinners French Toast. The food is fair and the portions are massive, but it’s the atmosphere that makes it fun and worthwhile for a visit.

A perk of staying at the Venetian is the discount offered to its world-class spa, Canyon Ranch. For $20, we bought day passes to use the complete European-inspired suite of thermal spa cabins, tubs and aquathermal bathing, aromatherapy rooms, rain showers, salt grotto and wave room. B.l.i.s.s.

Question: Have you and your friends taken a weekend away together? Where did you go?



33 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend in Vegas

  1. Stephanie

    A couple years ago (when I lived on Oahu) my girlfriends and I spent Memorial Day weekend on Molokai. The historical island that housed leprosy patients. We took the tour of the grounds and then stayed at an ocean side hotel. We sipped sex-on-the-beaches by the pool and ate the infamous Hawaiian hot bread. Not your typical girls weekend, but that’s just how we roll.

  2. Cinnamon Vogue

    Great to see some pictures of some cute girls. Wow. Wish I could have come. Yes I heartily recommend the Tao Asian bistro. The food is very good and very reasonably priced. Even Tao Nightclub is pretty fantastic although I think XS is more visually stunning. The Hyde at the Bellagio also plays great music. Of course no trip to Vegas is complete without a show. I don’t think the Venetian/Palazzo is that great, especially for the price. Now I prefer the Aria, especially the pastry shop they have in the lobby. Maybe because I won $2500 in February. That was my first ever win of anything.

    But I have to say Las Vegas food has improved dramatically. Of course I avoid any Vegas Buffet if I can. They make the food look good but taste awful. I suspect this because they don’t seem to use any spices which we all know is at the heart of any good food. I guess that would increase their expenses and make people eat more. I heard the Bellagio Buffet is good. Tried the Aria breakfast buffet which was surprisingly good. Off the strip I like Fogo de chao of course, but you must not have eaten for about two days to get the best value. Either that or you take a doggy bag hidden inside your handbag or jacket pocket.

  3. Jess

    My friends and I (guys & gals) try to take a weekend getaway at my cottage every summer. It’s my favorite weekend of the year :)

    Looks like you guys had a blast! You look beautiful in that red skirt by the way.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  4. Patricia

    My husband is dying to take me to Vegas. It’ll be the first time both of us, likely within a few months from now. What’s the one (or two) thing you would recommend?

  5. Gracie

    My mother and I spend a week in Vegas together every year the week before I go back to college. We lounge by the pool, have spa appointments, and of course, eat at some pretty wonderful places. I HIGHLY recommend the seabass at Tao, the miso sauce is out of this world!

  6. Frieda

    Me and my three friends had great couple of days in Amsterdam last december. The christmas decoration was beautiful and we argued about where to go for dinner as always because we have such different tastes :D
    (we are multinational group: one Chinese, one Vietnamese, one Latvian and one German) ;)

  7. Cassie

    Looks like you had so so much fun! My parents and boyfriend have been scheming and plan on taking me to Vegas for my birthday which happens to be on Halloween! I’m so excited and might have to check out a few spots you suggested!

  8. Haley

    I got to see LOVE a few years ago. My uncle took my mom, sister and I to Vegas to see it. It was amazing! I would love to take a weekend away with friends. I could definitely use some relaxation. I think I’d want to go somewhere with a beach!

  9. jennielynn

    I have a group of 6 mommy friends and one owns a cabin up in Lake Tahoe. At least once a year, we go up and spend a lovely couple of child-free days. We are all firmly middle-aged, so no clubs or partying, but I will say that hours of uninterrupted conversation produces a high not unlike a strong, well-made cocktail!

  10. Tina Cook

    My friends, myself and our husbands are headed to NOLA in August. We too are firmly “middle aged”…however, there will be plenty of partying and cocktailing going on. We rent a house just off Bourbon Street so there is no need to drive and just forget we have children and responsibilities back home for four days. Counting the days!

  11. Jade

    I went to Vegas a few weeks back and I loved it. i went for a conference. I highly recommend Rock n’ Ritas. Its a restaurant with home style cooking in the Circus Circus hotel and Casino. Also try the Madame Tussand’s Wax Museum. It’s amazing.

  12. Hootie

    Looks like loads of fun with the girls! The husband and I went to Vegas last summer…our favorite parts were the Grand Canyon tour we took and Emerils restaurant in the MGM grand. Oh and the crazy horse peep show where a girl used her cheeks to climb a was very impressive :/ the favorite getaway for my BFF and I are overnight trips to go see the Braves when they’re at home and get bad consessions and hit the sports bar after and outlets on the way home from ATL.

  13. Corisa

    I love Kate’s white dress in front of the Bellagio ! I’d love to know where I can find it! Thanks! Going in a few weeks and I cant agree more with the suggestion on Bouchon! My favorite!

  14. Jess

    I’m going to Vegas for my honeymoon in July. We go Vegas for three nights, San Francisco for three nights, LA for three nights and San Diego for three nights. I am so excited. It’s my first time for any of them. I am going to eat myself crazy!! Any recommendations??

    1. Abbie

      Go to Animal in LA! It’s on Fairfax in Hollywood and so so so so so so so good. Definitely make a reservation ahead of time. Also Gjelina in Venice. Same deal. If you like a great steak, BOA – my favorite steak house in the world and super super chic atmosphere. And don’t forget Sprinkles – the original of our now cupcake crazed world. It’s a heated debate among cupcake lovers, but I think they’re hands down the best :)

  15. Alyssa

    I rarely comment, but just had to say how much I enjoyed this peek into your personal life! You seem like such a genuine person and I love your blog. And, of course, you are beautiful!

  16. Sandy

    Andie…every time I read your blog and see your pics, I think “she could very well be my younger, cuter, thinner, funnier self.” You definitely rock!

  17. Jojo

    Your weekend vacation looks so fun! I’ve never been to Vegas, but definitely want to go some day. I wish I could just take a weekend off to go somewhere, but I’m usually too busy with school work. Maybe some day…

  18. Amy

    I LOVE Vegas!! I spent my 24th birthday there by myself actually, and even though I love my family and would never dream of going alone again, it was so fun! I think Las Vegas is like DisneyLand for grown-ups. Anyone who is bored in Vegas has no idea how to have fun :)
    Actually, the first time I travelled to Vegas was with my best friend, we went on a three week trip around the USA (we hail from Australia) and it was the first time either of us had been outside the country. I fell in love with the US from our first landing in LAX and I’ve never really fallen out of love. I can’t wait to take my poker-playing boyfriend to Vegas next year :) I think he might fall in love too :)

  19. Tara

    Love Vegas.. Go once a year for work. Tao has great food & a great atmosphere. I will have to try Bouchon as that dish looks amazing. Where did you get the white/red dress or shirt/skirt? Super cute!

  20. Janet Vaught

    Houseboat weekend – all girls. So many up sides I can’t count . . .but the two downsides to all girls?

    1. I always cry. (is it ’cause chicks share feelings or the booze?)

    2. We can never finish a game. I don’t care if it is Cornhole, Cards (we play Euchre here in the midwest), Darts, “Washers” – even truth or dare. We could never finish a game because women just talk a lot!

    Love my girls and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Looks like you had a blast!!


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