Good morning, Friday

3.12.11 055

Don’t tell the others but I like you best.



20 thoughts on “Good morning, Friday

  1. Nicole @sugarcoatedsisters

    Marshmallow fluff is so good… I made some chocolate marshmallow frosting a few weeks back to top some brownie cupcakes. I kept wishing the marshmallow chocolate ratio was more marshmallow than chocolate. Next time ;)

  2. Johnny

    I linked back to the March post and just went into a major sugar high!! (and that was just from looking at the pics :)

  3. Cindy

    I am glad you showed a picture of your beloved fluff.

    I’ve only seen it called Marshmallow Cream and didn’t know for sure if it was the same stuff.

    OH YES!!!

    and don’t tell the other but Friday is my favorite too!


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