Handling Cold and Flu Season with a Baby

Ezy Dose Kids Nose Pals

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I still can’t help feeling like an imposter. The first week I told Daniel, “How can they trust us with a baby?” During a particularly trying moment I looked up at him and said “Should we call someone?” He looked back confused, “Who would we call?” and in my delirious state I could only muster “I don’t know…the police?” You quickly realize, there is no one to call. It falls on you to keep the baby healthy, safe, fed, comfortable, and hopefully happy. The next several weeks have gotten progressively easier and we are so lucky to have such a happy and pleasant little guy. But the fear never completely goes away. At some point there is going to be a situation where we can’t instantly help him. I am dreading the imminent cold and flu season—just the thought of dealing with my newborn’s first illness fills me with anxiety. The only thing we can do is be prepared.

Ezy Dose Kids Nose Pals

Ezy Dose Kids makes a number of products that will help you make it all better for your little one this cold and flu season. I have been using the Nose-Pal already. Even though James hasn’t gotten sick, he does tend to get a stuffy nose in the mornings. Every time I hear him struggle to breathe the fear shoots down my spine, “Is this it? Is this the first cold? Why didn’t Daniel dive out a window before sneezing in the house the other day?!?” But thankfully it has been just a run of the mill mild stuffy nose. The Nose-Pal no yuck system lets you blow into a tube that creates suction to gently remove whatever is obstructing your child’s nose. It is super easy to use and James doesn’t even seem to mind.

Ezy Dose Kids products

Other products that I have when the need will inevitably arise are the True-Easy Syringe and Medi-Pal. The syringe is an easy way to measure medicine which is important because you want to be extra sure you are giving such a little human the correct dose. The Medi-Pal is a great way to administer medicine in a quick and easy way.

Ezy Dose Kids

Being a first time parent is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. At this point, I am pretty confident I can handle most of the issues, but not without anxiety. Sometimes my mind wanders and I start to get nervous about problems James may encounter in high school or college and then I know I’ve let myself go too far. Anything that can make parenting a little easier is a big help.

Before this year’s cold and flu season gets in full swing, head to the Ezy Dose Kids amazon page HERE and get prepared for the inevitable.

For the parents out there, how did you feel when your child had their first illness and how did you get through it?



One thought on “Handling Cold and Flu Season with a Baby

  1. Anne F.

    How about everyone get the flu shot that even suspects they might be around him? It is a feeling of overwhelming responsibility. But. You two will be fine. James will be fine. You will become less anxious as time rolls on down the road. Happy Thanksgiving!


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