How Esther Hollander Lost 174 Pounds

How Esther Hollander Lost 174 Pounds

Weight Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo Beauty. Here is an excerpt from this week’s inspiring story:

From 321 to 147 Pounds, Esther Hollander
 Became a Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Esther Hollander
 is 41, 5’4″ tall, and currently weighs 147 pounds. In 2015, she realized that her weight had been negatively affecting all aspects of her life. With her 40th birthday approaching, she was determined to make a change. Click here to read the story of her weight-loss journey.



3 thoughts on “How Esther Hollander Lost 174 Pounds

  1. Barb Legare

    I’m so Inspired by the stories! I began my journey at 297#. The struggle to recognize I needed help was and has been so real. When I was told my health was very serious and my heart could not handle my lifestyle, I had to choose a healthy path or die! I’m am 265# after six months of weight watchers and am learning how to live healthy! Thank you for caring for those of us who have too much to lose…our lives!


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