How I feel about cheeseburgers


There’s good reason why I press pause on life

and snap a Glamour Shot or two with my burgers.

Cheesebabies, as I’m fond of calling them. 


They are

my happiest savory food.



25 thoughts on “How I feel about cheeseburgers

  1. Amy

    Very cute! I love the ‘cheesebabies’ title :)
    My sister thinks I’m slightly (okay, so not so slightly) crazy when I talk to my food. Now I know I am not alone :)

  2. Monica

    I SO get you on the burgers! Loving your blog, btw. You have inspired me from sentence #1 and it continues. I’m currently living a WW life and have lost 30 lb. so far. And there are many more to go for me. Thank you, thank you for teaching me that there is a balanced life out there that’s fun, flavorful and waiting for me too. :)

    1. Katie G

      I just have to say congrats to you on your weight loss! I am also a WW member and am currently down almost 70 pounds. I attribute a huge amount of my efforts and motivation from this blog. It basically changed my life and my entire outlook on weight loss. Keep up the great work!

  3. Megly

    Cheeseburgers are the best! Especially with bacon…maybe an egg…or green chiles…omg.

    How is your book coming along? Absolutely can’t wait to buy it :)


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