How to Make a Delicious 400 Calorie Salad

how to make 400 calorie salad


Show me your fridge and I’ll show you an unlimited salad bar. When I tell people that I eat a salad for lunch every day, I’m often met with, “But, doesn’t it get boring?”

The truth is…no. It seems impossible, right? I get the skepticism. But salads are pretty limitless. By nature, they’re just mixes and matches and variations. The trick, or the secret, to loving them for a long time, might not just be finding fun, new ways to make them but in being committed to finding fun ways to make them, which might at first sound like the same thing, but there’s a subtle difference there, and it matters.


How to Build a 400-Calorie Salad

how to make 400 calorie salad

100 calories: vegetables
(add as much as you want of any of the below)

  • greens: kale, romaine, baby spinach, mixed baby lettuces, arugula, frisee, red or green leaf, butter, bibb
  • carrots (grated, sliced thinly on the diagonal, spiralized or shredded)
  • peppers: any color (sliced or chopped)
  • red cabbage (shaved)
  • cucumber (seeds removed, halved and chopped)

how to make 400 calorie salad

100-150 calories: protein

  • 3 oz of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, tempeh, or fish
  • ½ cup beans or lentils
  • 2 large eggs (hard-boiled)
  • 1 can tuna fish or salmon
  • 1/2- ¾ cup cottage cheese

how to make 400 calorie salad

100-150 calories: fat

  • ]1/3 of an avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of any dressing (all will generally be oil or fat-based, and average around 150 calories per serving)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped nuts/seeds: almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, pepitas
  • 3 tablespoons full fat sour cream (excellent topping for a Mexican salad along with salsa or fresh pico de gallo)
  • 1 ounce or ¼ cup shredded/grated/crumbled cheese: any kind

how to make 400 calorie salad

100 calories: fun

  • ¼ cup dried cranberries or raisins
  • handful croutons (1/4 to 1/3 cup)
  • mandarin oranges and fried wontons (for an Asian-style salad)
  • tortilla strips or chips (for a Mexican salad)
  • ¼ cup hummus
  • 2 slices bacon, crumbled


how to make 400 calorie salad


What are your favorite salad combinations? Any healthy dressings you love?



126 thoughts on “How to Make a Delicious 400 Calorie Salad

  1. Lindsay @ The Reluctant Runner

    I love this. Lunch is the hardest meal for me because, like you said, it’s important to feel full but still light. The idea of prepping a salad base on Sunday and having it each day for lunch is so appealing. I also really appreciate the calorie breakdown, it’s really helpful!
    Cottage cheese used to be my favorite salad topping! For the longest time, my favorite salad was baby spinach with veggies like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushrooms, chickpeas, and cottage cheese. Nowadays I’m really into adding sweet elements, for example yesterday my lunch was a ton of romaine with leftover roasted chicken, diced apple, and pomegranate seeds. There is enough flavor with the savory/sweet combo that I don’t even want dressing.

  2. Alice

    i love your ideas for a ticker dressing. i’ve been stuck in a rut of using balsamic vinegar, which i used to love but now bores me, making me dread my lunchtime salad. LOVE THIS POST!!!

  3. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey

    I never ever EVER get sick of salads. I probably eat one every day and crave one if I don’t eat one. I usually top mine with hummus – lately I have been into a huge bowl of veggies, black beans, avocado, and then hummus/balsamic vinegar. So delicious. However, I’d be willing to try the peanut butter/soy sauce dressing! Sounds good!

    1. Karla

      I really appreciate the way you broke down each element of the salad so we can build our own, following your formula. The possibilities are indeed endless! I am very inspired by your blog, and I feel much less scared about my approaching maintenance! Thank you.

  4. Kate

    I am SO excited about this post! Salads for lunch every weekday is going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions! You have so many good tips!

  5. Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen

    I am a big salad for lunch girl – not so much dinner. At work my old coworkers used to always comment “YOU EAT SO MUCH!” “How do you eat so much and not gain weight?” Veggies! I always brought a huge container of lettuce and whatever carrots, peppers, tomatoes were around the house and used whatever extras we had lying around. One of my favorites (it sounds kinda weird) is actually leftover pasta. A small, saucy scoop warmed up (not hot, just warm) over mixed greens with about an ounce of goat cheese is a really fun way to switch it up.

    1. Andrea

      I LOVE putting warm pasta on a salad! It puts a totally new spin on it! My best friend and I have ‘our salad’: mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions, mushrooms, and any other veggie we have/want, warm macaroni, homemade balsamic, topped with a little cheese and/or sunflower seeds! It’s the best, and now my mouth is watering! We’ll be getting together for a meal soon…I’m sure that salad will be it! =)

  6. johnny

    I tip my hat to you. You make something that seems so mundain sound so fantastic. And those pics would make a die hard meat eater crave one of those salads. How do you do it?! :)

  7. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Apparently I needed a tutorial to understand why plain lettuce wasn’t filling me up. I’m bookmarking this for when we shake things up in the new year and I might actually be able to eat a salad and make it until dinner. FYI- it was when you said anything you put between 2 slices of bread made it click for me however peanut butter and jelly won’t be one of my options. ;)

    1. connie

      I could actually see some romaine or baby spinach with chopped apple or pear, walnuts, jicama and peanut butter and jelly… it might work… :)

  8. Kristina

    I totally love this post. What a terrifically flexible plan for getting your fill of veggies, without feeling like you’re missing out. Thank you so much for the calorie/content breakdown! This will make throwing lunch together a snap come the new year. Thank you thank you thank you!

  9. Katie G

    Love this post! I am also a fan of the “dump” method. I’ve dumped chili, tuna noodle casserole, even bolognese over a huge bowl of spinach leaves. Whatever works!

    1. Katie G

      Oh, and for extra protein I love to dump a half cup or so of cooked quinoa. It adds an extra heft of bulk to any salad and is so good for you.

  10. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    Thank you so much for this – I recently started using a salad as my side @ lunch instead of say chips, or anything else that is bad for me… Now you’ve inspired me and given me the tools to make salad my FULL meal w/ protein as the side/topping!

  11. tK

    I’m a carrot fanatic, so you’ll ALWAYS find them in my salads. I love to use gruyere cheese — it’s strong enough that you don’t need a lot of it to enjoy the cheesy taste! I also love edamame, chick peas, sunflower seeds, egg whites and slices of that fake crab meat. Mmmm protein!

    tK :)

  12. Mary

    I think one of my favourite salads is a salad Nicoise. I make an ‘easy version’ to take to work…I skip the potatoes and just put in green beans, half a can of tuna, about 4 olives sliced in half, cherry tomatoes, two hard boiled eggs (I put in one if I decide to put in avocado – which has nothing to do with a salad nicoise but tastes good), and then spinach and arugula mix. I make a lemon vinaigrette for it too.

    I also really like my take on a black bean salsa for lunch: black beans (sometimes I put other beans in), diced tomatoes, some corn, avocado, sometimes some tuna, and just plain old lime juice.

    Finally, I have a huge thing for couscous salad…any roasted veggies, mixed in with couscous, some mint, some feta, some pine nuts and a balsamic vinegar dressing. MMMM…

  13. Libby Bouma

    Thank you so much for sharing this. A few weeks ago I was hooked on salad for a couple of weeks, then got bored. I also like to be creative with my leftovers, but this is oh so inspriring. You have motivated me to prep what I need on Sunday’s for an easy put together in the mornings.

  14. Meg

    I also see a bed of greens as a blank slate, and I’m a big fan of adding leftovers to round out my salad meals. Sliced leftover steak, chicken, or pork, leftover roasted vegetables (I make a double batch at a time for this very purpose!), sliced hardboiled eggs, olives, crumbled cheeses. And every vegetable in my house!

    I’ll be honest. If I’ve got fresh greens and some really flavorful toppers like herb roasted chicken and feta with a variety of other veggies? I rarely even find I “need” dressing. There’s plenty of flavor and texture (though I might add a scoop of cottage cheese or hummus on the side for a bit of extra protein!).

  15. Karli

    Andie. I LOVE your blog! I found you a few days ago through Pinterest & relate so much to you {I know you hear that daily}. My story is long & I’m still working on getting to where I’m comfortable maintaining without sacrificing everything I love.

    Anyway, I copied/pasted & gave you credit on my blog today for this post. I LOVE salad & often get bored with it, so your ideas were perfect. Please let me know if you’re uncomfortable wit me linking to your blog & using your post {I gave you credit several times}.

    You are an inspiration! Completely amazing story.

    Karli Cleaver {under confessions tab}

  16. Sarah@The Flying ONION

    I adore this post!

    Salads are wonderful. I honestly can’t get enough of them, even when the weather turns chilly. One of my favorite salads is having a combination of dried cranberries, avocado, clementines, and white beans. Or a zesty Mexican type of salad with a black bean burger, salsa, avocado and a cilantro based dressing.

    So much flavor in one big bowl. :D

  17. Ana Hopkins

    Hi Andie!

    I love your blog. This post just made me want to get up and have a huge salad for lunch! So great! I’d love to see a something like a food diary or a week in the life of with your food choices for a week. Do you think that’s something you can post someday?

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and for being an inspiration!


  18. Arline

    I’ve never done the eat-a-salad-everyday-at-lunch thing, though my MIL has always sworn by it.

    However, I think this post has changed my mind. :D How creative I must become!

  19. April

    Hey Andie,

    I used to be anorexic, and when I was in the process of gaining the weight back I became accustomed to eating a lot more than normal, so now despite my healthy weight, my appetite is a little out of whack.
    The oatmeal recipe you posted the other day along with this one have been amazing at keeping me full much longer than usual, so I just wanted to say thanks a bunch!
    My salad today: my base was mixed greens, lettuce, shredded carrots, red pepper, red onion and then I sauteed some tomato and spinach in garlic and added a squeeze of lemon and added it to the salad. I topped it with walnuts, a bit of goat cheese, and homemade hummus. SO good.

  20. Ashley in NC

    I just want you to know that I am eating one of the most beautiful, colorful salads of my life and it was inspired by you! I’ve never really given red cabbage a thought, but after researching all of its health benefits, I am absolutely smitten!

  21. Lindsey

    Andie, you have been such an inspiration to me! I have read your blog through and through and love all of your tips. This post was SO amazingly helpful. I was in a salad rut and got to the point that I would rather starve than eat another spinach leaf. This makes me so excited to start eating a healthy salad again! Hummus as a dressing….why didn’t I think of that? Hummus will beat that low cal dressing any day! Thanks again!!

  22. Monica

    I made the BESSSSSSSST salad EVER a few weeks ago:
    Trader Joe’s Cilantro salad dressing………….Oh My God…….YUM!
    spring mix
    persian pickles
    cherry tomato

    so incredible!

  23. Missy

    Wow, great post!!! I got bored of salad a long time ago, I like your ideas though (epsecially about making Mount Salad at the beginning of the week, and topping with meat leftovers throughout the work week – brilliant. I will try and make peace with salad again!!

  24. colette

    Such awesome ideas, thank you! Can’t wait to try the PB&soy sauce combo! Also love the idea of prepping everything on Sunday so it’s easy to make each day for lunch. A dressing I love with a “taco-ish” salad is 1 part olive oil, 2 parts lime juice and some lime zest and cilantro. On a salad with fajita chicken and avocado, it’s delicious!

  25. Linda

    I love salad with all my heart. My Croatian mama made a plain salad with dinner EVERY day gowing up (and still)with just greens and olive oil and vinegar. I’ve grown into an avid salad eater and am a little more elaborate with my fixin’s. I love adding a warm element, like a warm dressing or boiled baby potatoes. And nut oils are fantastic in dressings; olive and walnut oil with shallot, dijon and lemon juice – so good! To my balsamic dressing I throw in a chunk of garlic (usually half) and until lunch it steeps the dressing without giving you too much garlic breath. Mmmm…I know what I’m having for lunch now! :)

  26. Gina

    I do a similar thing by adding whatever left-overs I have to a bed of spinach for lunch the next day! My favorite salad combo at the moment is spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes, hummus and feta with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper…yum!

  27. Nicole from Loving Simple Moments

    I LOVED this! I’m going to be honest here… I don’t usually like salad. And I think it’s because I tend to let them become boring bowls of lettuce. You’ve inspired me to be creative and to let it be as crazy and delicious as I want it to be. Thank you SO much for this post!

  28. Cass from My Food-Infused Life

    Thanks for the helpful post, Andie!

    It’s crazy how easy it is for a salad to get out of control health-wise, and even scarier how much fat can be packed into them at restaurants.

    I love putting whatever veggies I have on-hand in mine. I’m a big arugula fan, too. I usually use a store-bought dressing that is very low in fat or fat free.

    Some of my favorite dressings are:

    Cardini’s Light Caesar Vinaigrette
    Cardini’s Fat Free Caesar (has a nice acidic and peppery kick to it)
    Trader Joe’s Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette (Fat Free)
    Wegman’s Fat Free Roasted Red Pepper

  29. Casey

    I loved this post. Im a stay ay home mom and am so lazy when it comes to making lunch. I live the idea of prepping them on Sunday. I just got back from Market basket (fellow New Englander) with salad fixins. I would love some more salad posts. Or better yet, since your in town, could you deliver a week of salads to Haverhill?:)

  30. Aggie

    I just found your site…on Pinterest! And I’m so happy I did. I love this post, I love salad, but I’ve been in a HUGE salad rut the last few months which has not been good. Your delicious pictures have totally inspired me!! Can’t wait to explore the rest of your site! :)

  31. Biz

    Taco salads are my favorite – I mix 1/4 cup of salsa with 2 tablespoons light ranch dressing, with leftover taco meat, black beans, corn, avocado – so filling and delicious!

  32. Rachel

    I made up my big bowl of salad yesterday when I got home from the grocery store, and tonight while my kids had tacos, I had a big salad loaded with veggies, some taco meat, sour cream, and salsa. It was DELICOUS! And only about 350 calories. Thanks for getting me started on salads again!!

  33. Jen

    I found your blog last week from Chris Loves Julia and I’m such a fan! I love this salad strategy, but I think I need a little help with the veggies. I spent some time on a calorie counting website, figured out a shopping list of veggies that totaled about 500 calories (100 per day), then bought and prepped it all last night. Um, I think I might have gone a little overboard or miscalculated somewhere. This is a TON of veggies. Would you mind sharing the rough quantities of vegetables that you purchase for your salad each week? For example, how many heads or bunches of greens would be a huge help. Thanks!!

  34. Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn

    Thank you for writing such an inspiring and informative post, I’m going to put this very much to use when I get back to uni.
    Your writing is so wonderful and as usual your photos are stunning.
    I first read your blog about 6 months ago and I loved it, and I just adore it the more I read!

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  36. Megan

    I love salad so much and I too eat it every single day for lunch. I love it so much I even sing a song about it as I make it, my kids even cringe when they see me making my salad and start yelling, “Don’t sing the salad song!”

    So yes, salad, it keeps me happy, healthy, satisfied and full until my next meal.

    Salad helped me overcome food addiction and lost 67lbs. and counting! Thank you salad!

  37. Deanna

    Thank you so much for posting this blog. I weigh 220 and am 5’7″. I don’t know how I got to this point, though if I really sat down and thought about it i’m sure I could figure it out. I need a change, bad, and You are so inspiring. Thank you!

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  40. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count

    I am also a volume eater and salad is my savior! I’ve been doing it for years. I have a Big Purple Bowl that I got at a rummage sale for 50 cents. It is my vessel of choice. I fill it with everything imaginable. When I was working I would also prepare on Sunday and have it ready throughout the week for lunch. My friends always used to marvel at how good my salads looked. I never thought of the paper towel on top of the already chopped veggies. That’s a great idea. Thanks!

  41. Charlene

    I put a few paper towels in bottom of bowl under the salad also. Never thought about removing the seeds from the cucumbers to keep them from becoming soggy.

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  43. Jenny

    i love this!! my new eating plan has this as its base!! i’m excited. Today i’m eating a huge salad with tons of leafy greens, the chili i made last night, sharp cheddar and some blue cheese dressing to top it off! so good.

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  45. Kim Harris

    I have done this every work day since I read it. I have to say that I feel better in the afternoon, I don’t have my 2:00 slump. THANK YOU ANDIE!

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  47. Annet

    Wrote a post about salads today because of you! Thanks for the inspiration. My salad rut was getting quite boring (standard greek salad fare). Yesterday my salad was 1/2 avocado, 2 boiled eggs, a cucumber (though I kept the seeds in), a clove of garlic (luckily I have my own office to stink out), some red/spanish onion, some spring onion, baby spinach and a pink lady apple. The apple made it light and refreshing instead of being heavy. A revelation. Dressing was seeded mustard, balsamic and bit of oil mixed. Today’s was much the same except minus the avocado, since i was out. My lunches have gone to a new level, thanks!!

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  52. ASuburbanLife

    After months of looking at your salad photos and thinking “why would I make that when I could make Chewy Double Chocolate Coconut Blondies or Chocolate Toffee Almond Bars?”, I finally tried one. Lordy, now I’m hooked on colorful chopped salads with homemade dressing. Yum!

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  54. Jennifer

    I love this post – I constantly reference back to it! And your “what does x-hundred calories look like” is an amazing series!

    I look forward to your blog every day!

  55. Julie

    Wow, glad I found this post. Makes me want to run to the store and stock up on the “fun” stuff. My favorite protein topper is a fried egg where the yolk is still just soft enough to kind of melt over everything. Some people gag when they see it but I promise, if you like eggs, it’s awesome!

  56. Linda

    I wanted to come back and say thank you for this post. I read it back when you posted in December, and I’ve been eating a giant salad everyday ever since. Before, I was having leftovers or other heavy foods, and it was leaving me feeling sluggish and sleepy at my desk job. Eating salad everyday has not only helped my energy level, it’s made me feel healthier. I crave greens and vegetables now when I don’t have a salad. Thank you so much, Andie!

  57. mary

    To the lady who said peanut butter & jelly wouldn’t be on her list–I actually think pb&j whisked together would be delicious over some micro-greens, golden apples, walnuts & raisins!

  58. Earma Brown

    I’ve never eaten a lot of salads. But lately found myself wanting a salad. I could only think of the old boring way. I loved your post. I now see my path to healthy, delicious salads. Can’t wait to do my first one. The dressings sound yummy too.

  59. Katie

    You are so wonderful, even though I know this stuff in my heart, its soooooo good to hear it from others sometimes. I just got excited about making lunch tomorrow instead of pissed. One thing I love on my salads is tuna with mayonaise and celery on a bed of lettuce….MMMMMM MMMM MMMMM

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  61. Alice

    Omg Andie I’m going to have to marry you a little bit because tucking into my AWESOME Super Salad Lunch I am so grateful you showed me the way to get my thinking out of the box about homemade salads. Today we have greens and veggies galore topped by organic feta cheese and fresh salsa. It is so yummy. Thank you, sincerely.

  62. Diane

    Will you be my new best friend? LOL!
    My husband owns a wholesale produce company and is Greek so we eat a lot of salads…I just called him with a big list of things to bring home! I’m thinking of salad for breakfast right now!

  63. Roberta

    I love to eat salads, but generally struggle on how to make it filling, flavorful and fun. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  64. Carly

    This post is so awesome! I love making new salad creations and you definitely sparked my interest with a few of your combinations. I was just wondering what usually went on a salad that you put preserves or honey on? I’ve been experimenting with sweet salads lately (chopped apples, berries, etc) and wondering what you had thought of.

    1. admin

      Hi Carly! I usually put the preserves on a salad with chicken or turkey breast. Especially in the fall, I’ll buy a great cranberry sauce or cranberry relish and then use that on a salad with roasted turkey meat (like Thanksgiving in a bowl). Also, raspberry preserves with roasted chicken is a great combo, especially with a tangy cheese like feta or goat. Hope this helps :)

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  66. Lynn

    Hi Andie! My absolute favorite salad – heck, one of my favorite meals, period – is a combo of baby spinach, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, a bit of avocado, and these homemade super thin carmelized onion rings that resemble those canned fried onion strings, but are more tasty, of course, with balsamic dressing. Local restaurant salad, and it’s the total B O M B!!! I’m madly, truly, decidedly in love with your blog and cannot wait to pre-order your books. Go Andieeee! – L

  67. Sue Carames

    Andie, I’ve been making Salads in a Jar for just over a month now, even selling them to friends for lunches. I was trying to find some different ideas and found your site. Wonderful ideas from you and your fans! This week my friends are going to be surprised at what they’re getting! Thanks

  68. Parisian Girl


    Found your blog yesterday and read it all (or almost :p); i loved it for all these little things, so true, that people talking about “going healty” usually choose to omit, and that you mention with honesty and humour.

    Really liked this article, cauz i’m a salad addict, so lovin’ the concept :D
    Do you mind me translating it to put it on my blog?
    mentionning of course that it came from you.

    Thanks for the “happy mood” of your writting and the recipes ideas :D

  69. Shannon

    Andie, Thank you so much for this breakdown – I have recently decided that this is the best way for me to tackle lunch, but wasn’t sure about the ratio. The other day I literally dumped half a bag of mixed greens into a large mixing bowl (for reals) and chopped up some turkey and threw on some dressing, and ultimately hoped for the best. This makes total sense and is actually a stress reliever. Thank you!

  70. lily

    I love the way you actually listed the protein, fat…that way I can make up my own salad, I have had nutrition issues in the past and are hoping to love the vegetables that give me so much more than other things, I also became a vegetarian which is hard because you have to figure out what to eat and modify everything….salad for lunch is perfect! And maybe I can add some soup or rice and fruit bad nutrition for me anymore.

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  72. Jamie

    My favorite salad is a greens-free salad. Tomatoes, red bell pepper, red onion, grilled corn (cut off the cob), and avocado with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. SO delicious and satisfying.

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  74. lettuce eat

    I thought you were putting the cell phone in the salad to indicate that you literally will throw everything onto a bed of greens! Haha. I am JUST now becoming a salad fanatic after realizing I’ve been doing it wrong for years. Trying to force myself to eat a bowl of just veggies was painful and basically everything would go bad! (though tasty, not something I am willing to do everyday). The BEST thing I ever bought myself was a salad spinner. I am LOVING throwing my leftovers onto lettuce for a fresh, filling lunch. Whole wheat pasta – another favorite to bulk up my lunch… i’m actually looking forward to my lunch tomorrow! Thanks for all the fun ideas :)

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  76. Linda

    FYI Andie….I use glass food storage bowls to store my lettuce in. I line the bottom with paper towels and I change the towel twice a week. Sometimes I get 2 weeks out of my lettuce!! Not that it lasts me that long, but I once went on vacation; came back to very fresh lettuce!

    I, too eat a salad everyday. I love the ideas of what you add!

  77. Tracy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my SALADS! I am the exact same way! But I always find it hard for the dressings! You have just inspired me to once again restart our salads!! Thank you! Thank you for your inspirational site! You are beautiful!

  78. Arika

    Andie, I actually really hate salads. And vegetables, except for the starchy ones, of course. However, I am trying to do better and have eaten two salads for lunch this week. I love all of your great suggestions. I will try them out and hopefully be able to eat more greens!

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  81. Brendon

    Hey Andie,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I started the T25 diet and am looking to spice up my repertoire of foods I can eat under 400 calories. Im really a stickler for details bc I want to be able to lose the weight, so what would be your portion(s) for the Vegetables section (eg the lettuce, spinach, etc.)? I know it probably doesnt make that big of a deal, but again, I REALLY WANT TO DROP THE WEIGHT!

    Thanks, and Id love to make you my World Famous Pulled Pork if you make room for a cheat day!

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  83. john


    Those salads look so tasty! I’m currently trying to loose weight so I’m trying to eat alot more veg. I’m kind of lucky in the fact Ilove veg so I really need to try this! thankyou. :)

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  87. judy ponto

    I would loke to start receiving your recipes by e-mail . It sounds like a site with recipes i would really enjoy.

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  89. Vicz

    god sent! my second month on a strict vegetable diet, which is very difficult for someone like me, who loved food and everything about food and especially donuts and even donut game so much, it’s exactly because of recipes like this that I tolerate this diet. thanks alot, <3

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