It Was Me All Along is Published!

Andie Mitchell, author of It Was Me All Along

I can’t believe it’s here, but it is. Today, and from now on, when I walk into Barnes & Noble, when I’m buying too much at Target, when I’m idling at hundreds of little bookstores, I will know that my book might be there — this little hard-backed thing all its own — and I will feel the full range.

January 6, 2015 — someone mark it down. Yes, today my memoir isn’t just something I tell to you about; now it’s something you can hold, and read, and hopefully something we can talk about when you’re done.

It Was Me All Along

What chokes me up is the part where maybe you don’t realize that you’ve meant everything to me on this journey to writing it. You’ll see there’s a dedication to my mother and acknowledgements to my best friends, my family, my Clarkson Potter family, and even Leonardo DiCaprio, and I wonder if there’s even a way to tell you — you’re the reason the book stands on those shelves. You are the reason I write.


Thank you. Thank you for all the joy, every virtual hug, for making me feel normal when we both know otherwise, and God, thank you for the bottomless support. Thank you for staying with me through the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly. You have made my life.

I love you like you just can’t know.



****UPDATE!! As of the end of January 2015, the book has been on the New York Times best seller list for 3 weeks!!! WHAT A MOMENT.

If you want to read It Was Me All Along, it’s now available at bookstores like Barnes & Noble. It’s even at my favorite store, Target. Or, order it online on AmazonTargetBarnes & NobleIndiebound, and iBooks!


PPS – I am just out of my mind, grateful beyond compare, for all of the fantastic press the book has gotten. Here are the ones I can share right now:

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522 thoughts on “It Was Me All Along is Published!

  1. Anne F.

    Andie Andie Andie!!!!! I am so very proud of you for sharing so much with your virtual friends and have seen this book from conception to publication. I cannot WAIT to read it!!! I will read it with bells on!!!! Hurrah!!!!! I know your family and friends are as proud as I am. Hugs to you!

  2. Sharon Wilson

    Congratulations Andie on having your book IT WAS ME ALL ALONG published. I only came across your blog today & I am already a huge fan of yours! I will certainly be ordering you book shortly and will continue to follow your blog! I am also trying to lose weight so your book & lovely recipes are such a bonus for me. Thank you for sharing your journey & I look forward to your future blogs. Take care and I hope your book sales are huge

  3. Leanne

    So happy for you! I cannot wait to get my copy since I pre-ordered it long, long ago! I just adore you to bits Andie… so happy for you and all of your success.

    xoxoxoxo big hugs!

  4. sheila

    I just found out about your blog from Aggie. I love her book reviews! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on your book….and getting familiar with your blog. Congratulations!

  5. Elizabeth

    I got your book today through Amazon!!!! I’m thrilled for you!!!! So excited to read it!!!
    Whooo Hoooo!!!

  6. Sarah W

    I ordered your book the minute you said it was available for preorder, and when I got the email yesterday saying my copy had been shipped, I was overjoyed! I can’t wait to read it! I hope it comes tomorrow! :D Your story inspired me to start a weight lose journey and I lost 45 pounds! I was at my lowest weight since high school! I then found out that I was pregnant, so I took a little break, which turned into a long break, (oh dear), but I’m getting back on track again! Thank you for being so open about your struggles. Thank you for being so real. Thank you for making it okay to love the heavy me and the not as heavy me. Thank you for writing this book!

  7. Gina F.

    Congratulations!! Even though I don’t actually know you, I certainly feel like I do. Because of that, I can’t express how excited I am for you! I can’t wait to pick up my copy and start reading! You are a true inspiration to so many as your struggles mirror so many of ours. Thank you for letting all of us be a part of your life!

  8. Dayna@kaleidoscopebrain

    Hey Andie!
    So so happy for you, and also thank you. Thank you for being the voice of the blog I needed to read when I felt stuff and just wanted to relate to someone. Your recipes are awesome, and also you’re the best!

  9. Marci

    Congratulations! I have followed your blog for a while now. Thank you for always making me feel normal. I’m so excited to order your book!!

  10. Melissa

    Congratulations Andie! Job well done! Cheering you on from the beginning! Don’t stop, you are such an inspiration! Much love!

  11. Diane

    Can’t wait to read it – I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time – especially the journey with your Mom.
    Nice work!

  12. Ruth

    It was a long journey but you finally published your book! I look forward to reading it and keeping up with you on your blog. I’ve tried some of your recipes and love them……(the meatloaf was very tasty!). I especially loved watching your mom shrink to a more healthy weight. We all struggle but with encouragement, we get somewhere. Best to you, Andie! Congratulations!

  13. Morgan

    Happy Andie Day! Because from now on, January 6th will be known as Andie day! So happy for you, girl! You deserve all of the good things that have come and will come your way. xo

  14. Erin

    When I received an email last night that my “order has been shipped” by Amazon, I let out a huge YAY! So excited for you Andie. I can’t wait to read your words on paper and pass it along to friends and family. xx

  15. Lanae

    Andie congrats!!! You and your family must be beyond the moon excited and oh so proud. I was going to go to work today but I saw that your book is now on my kindle and what the heck I think I’ll play hookie, stay home and read!! Thank you for being such an inspiration. xo

  16. Jenn

    I just got my email from Amazon that my book was waiting on my Kindle. Eek! Can’t wait to dig in. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You’re the best, Andie. No, really. You are. =)

  17. Jessica D

    Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy for you and so happy that I finally get to hold this in my grubby little hands and read this!

  18. Haley R

    Squeeeeeeeeeee! I preordered my copy and CANNOT wait for it to come in the mail. Happy book release day, Andie! Your recognition is well deserved! Soak it in dear lady. You are amazing.

  19. Theresa Meyers

    Andie, Congratulations! Birthing a book baby is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever do (next to birthing and raising real children, of course). Enjoy this moment. Soak it in. Let it fill you up. Enjoy. (I think I just said that, but like your Nana I’m going to say it again because it really matters.) After many books, I will tell you nothing feels like the first one. And I will share another secret with you. You have more books in you. Not just this one. You have an amazing voice. Use it to change the world. Congratulations again!

  20. Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Thanks for sharing my post of my review! I truly loved the book, and I wish you nothing but success as it comes out today. Happy, Happy Book Coming Out Day!! (Is that a thing? It should be a thing.) Congratulations! I’m looking forward to continuing to follow along with your journey (and totally hope you come to PA for a book tour so I can give you a big hug!) <3

  21. Carole

    Congratulations Andie! I am so proud of you. You have been -and continue to be – an inspiration to many of us. Love you, and thank you for sharing your journey!

  22. Lety

    Congratulations on your book! I just found out about your blog and it is wonderful to know people that have overcome such a challenge. It is very inspiring!

  23. Natalie

    I just found your story and website while reading Marie Claire and I couldn’t be more inspired. I am so estatic that you were able to write a book and create a space to tell your story. Your recipes are approachable and user friendly which I have had difficulty finding in a blog. I am not an adventurous eater so using the recipes from your mom’s diet update has been really helpful in determining better options to make for meals and to use when eating out. I am now a loyal reader and have added you to my daily reads. Thank you for making nutrition achievable and for making yourself vulnerable to allow others to better themselves through your story.

  24. sarah

    This is just so fantastic! It has been so much fun watching your journey….and coming a long for the ride. You continue to inspire me and so many others! You have such a great voice and are wonderful, beautiful, amazing! I’m so happy for you. Someday I hope our paths cross in person. I’d love for my Lilly to meet you and see your lovely face.
    big hugs!

  25. Sarah

    Hi Andie! What an inspiration you are! The way you described your evenings of the sweet cravings is exactly what I am going through! I do so well all day but then 8/9PM hits and its all down hill from there. It is so frustrating. I’ve battled my weight all my life as well. I recently lost 50 lbs but have gained 25 of it back and its really made me depressed and disappointed in myself. I’ve always been an emotional/comfort eater. Its a daily battle and lately I am definitely losing! I was wondering if you had any advice for me? What kind of workouts do you try to do? Also, I am not a fish eater and I know its so healthy for you! So do you have any fish recipes you could share for someone like me or ideas of what to replace the fish with instead? Congrats on your success with the weight battle. You looked beautiful before the weight loss and you look beautiful after the weight loss. I can see your true happiness shine through your smile! I hope and pray I can defeat this battle some day too!

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Sarah, thank you!
      You will get to where you want to be; I know you will. I love walking as a form of exercise, but I also like to try some classes or yoga at New York Sports Club, too. It’s so important to find a mode of moving that you enjoy, honestly. For years I ran and really, really began to hate it. I dreaded it. That’s just no way to live. Find something that you can stick to.
      As far as seafood — in my recipe tab (up under my logo), there’s a section of fish dishes. Maybe try some of the shrimp ones? I’d say to try a stirfry, because the flavor of soy and ginger will overpower those of anything “fishy” and you might like it more. But otherwise, I see no reason for you to force yourself to eat fish if you really don’t love it. Be kind to yourself. Eat well, but eat what you like. You’ll be happier, and in general, when you’re happy with what you’re eating, you’re healthier overall.
      Wishing you all the good things :)

  26. Jenn

    The love is mutual, lady! My copy of the book arrived last night and I haven’t been able to put it down — I’m actually looking forward to my 2+ hour commute home so I can sink back into it. Congratulations on such a great achievement, but more importantly, thank you for sharing this journey with us. And for me personally, for being a beacon of hope in the struggle with food and weight. Cheers!

  27. Chris Baker Cox

    Andie, I am so very happy and excited for you!! I have been following this blog for a while, and I love the way you express yourself. It’s as if it’s me talking. I feel totally connected to you. Your thoughts and feelings are what all of us who are struggling are thinking and feeling. I started reading this post, and I have to admit, I started tearing up. So very, very happy for you. Congrats to you! Now I am going to hunt down this book!!

  28. Elizabeth Quill

    I just saw this and I plan on getting this ASAP. Been waiting so long and can’t believe it’s finally HERE. Congrats to you! What a major accomplishment.

    And thanks for everything you do here. I’ve sat down to write you an email on a few occasions and couldn’t find the right words to thank you.


  29. Routhie

    I can’t believe your book is on its way and I have to read something else for my book club! Hoping the ladies will consider it for the future. Thank you for putting into words what we usually feel, but rarely say out loud. Do you have a book signing tour lined up [I hope]?? I’m surely not the only in DC who would love to line up and have a book signed. I wish you all the best and many congratulations. :)

  30. Kristen

    I just watched your TED talk this morning, and when I went to Target this afternoon, I was happy to find your book on the “New & Noteworthy” shelf. Congratulations! :)

  31. Wendy

    And I saw a great mention your book on the skinnytaste site today! Yeah Andie! Ordering my copy tonight…..I meant to order it last week when you had the extra recipes but……congrats and best of luck!

  32. Meghan

    I preordered your book a long time ago and was so excited to see it arrive on my kindle today!! I also saw it at Barnes and Noble this weekend!! Very excited for you and I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations :)

  33. Cate

    Congratulations Andie! So happy for you! You deserve every bit of your success. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and appreciate your raw honesty. You have a gift for writing and I can’t wait to read your book! xo

  34. Jane

    CONGRATS! What an amazing accomplishment. I ordered the book today and cannot wait to start. Thank you for sharing – it means so much to so many people, including me!

  35. Lisa

    My copy came today! I can’t wait to read it. You are such an inspiration! Every time I read the story of when you almost ate you entire birthday cake, I remember the day I stood in front of a mirror, eating an entire can of chocolate frosting, telling myself how disgusting I was. I didn’t know anyone else ever felt that. Thank you.

  36. Mary

    Andie, I just read your book cover-to-cover and could not be more grateful for all that you’ve shared. Each page is a gift. Congratulations and many, many, many cheers and hurrahs to you!

  37. Hootie

    Amazon disappoints me…my copy will be here between the 12th-16th :( I want to read it on paper before getting the audio version. I may be myself a copy at target and give the ordered version to a friend :) so happy for you!

  38. Melanie

    Congratulations! My book came today that I preordered last July! I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years. I have related in so many ways to your blog. I’ve commented once on your blog and I almost fell off my chair when you responded back wishing me a Happy Birthday also (we share the same birthday). You made my day. I am truly so excited for your success. You are one of those truly wonderful people that make this world a sweet place. Congratulations again!

  39. Kate

    Congrats Andie!!!! I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I just adore you. I ordered the kindle version today because I didn’t want to wait to start it, and I’m already on chapter 4 and only put it down to leave you this comment. I’m going to oder the hard copy as well. Your childhood experiences bring back memories of my own and it’s so encouraging that you really have been there and overcome. Also thank you for being so real- you follow my Instagram accounts and comment and like pictures as if you are a friend in real life- which makes me love you all the more!

  40. carolyn

    Just read Huffington article from Facebook link. very good and very sad. Oh my, disordered eating certainly has its similarities for so many of us. Wishing you continued success! You made me think about when I too would come home from school and not always someone there. My mom needed to work.

  41. Lauren

    I received a text from Amazon that my book is on the way!!!!! I preordered and am so excited to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3

  42. Sally

    Haven’t been able to put your book down. You are an amazing person, and I pray that God continue to use you to inspire others. I cook so many of your recipes and follow your blog, but this book adds a new dimension. Thank you for your willingness to share your life with us.

  43. DeziT

    I am only 2.5 chapters in and have NEVER read such a wonderful and POWERFUL book. Congrats Andie and God bless you!!

  44. amanda june

    Sweet Andie, I’ve read your blog for years and preordered the book in August and am trying to pace myself, savor it slowly, but let’s be real, I’m devouring it and will likely not be able to stop myself from finishing it today. You’re breaking my heart and making me laugh and I see myself in so many pieces of your story. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the world. You are lovely and (is this weird?) I’m so proud of you!

  45. Disha

    I have been a reader for a long time, a lurker really. Pre-ordered your book, read it in one sitting yesterday night, and cried my eyes out. Thanks for writing such an unflinching, unapologetic, and honest book about your struggles. It must not have been easy to bare it all, but this will help so many who struggle!

  46. Jamielynn

    Andie!!! Congrats to you again! I started reading this last night…I got through two chapters and had a very hard time putting it down-it was almost 12:30 am-I HAD to!! Let me just tell you I did not get through those two chapters without tears in my eyes!!! Thank you for letting us into your life to read about your most personal obstacles!! I really can’t wait to get home and get settled so I can sit down and read on! As much as I can’t wait to finish the book I want to savor it-like a good book should be. Thank you!

  47. Jillian

    I forgot that I had preordered this several months ago and was absolutely delighted to see it on my kindle today. I’m already 3/4 of the way through. You are an incredible inspiration to me and that you can be so insightful, and so inspirational while remaining unaffected and kind is amazing.

  48. Christina

    Just finished reading your beautiful book. I’ve found myself in so many similar situations… it’s a relief to know that someone else has had such experiences. Several instances just stopped me in my tracks, triggering feelings and emotions I’d long since put away deep in the recesses of my mind. But in a positive way… and I addressed them positively…. my therapist would be proud ;)

    I’ve said it before, but thank you thank you thank you for your openness and honesty in your writing. You’ve been such an inspiration for me on this journey of becoming healthy and making peace with food. You’re such an incredible woman!

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author


      This comment touches me in a way that I can’t even express in words. Thank you. Just thank you. To know that my book means something to you..that’s everything.


  49. Maryalice Whalen

    Congratulations Andie! You have come so far and I am so happy to see your success! You were always a beautiful girl with a warm and caring heart. Enjoy this wonderful moment and keep up the good work – you have so much to share and you are doing it with grace and integrity. You are an inspiration to so many!!

  50. Chuck

    Girl! I am so very happy that your book is finally here! I absolute love you with virtual hugs! Feel em? I come back to visit your blog from time to time, savoring it like a good cup of soup. I have tried many of your recipes to my friends and family’s delight. You seem to be a wonderful girl! I will be getting you book. Nice meeting you!

  51. Ioana

    Andie, your book was amazing! When I started it two days ago, i found myself torn between wanting to finish it all that night and not wanting it to end, but it really is a remarkable story. Congratulations for this incredible book! I’m looking forward to read the next one :)

  52. Chelsea

    Oh Andie. I just got goosebumps because I’m pretty sure I saw a commercial about your book on good morning America. I have followed your blog for 4 years and read it religiously as I was losing weight. You probably don’t remember me but I used to message you quite a bit. I am so dang proud of you. You helped me lose my 170 lbs and you helped me feel a little more normal. You are amazing. And I want to be like you. My biggest dream is to help others with weight and to write a book one day. You’ve followed your dream. I’m rambling but I just had to tell you I love you.

  53. Pat

    The Washington Post had a piece on your book today. It sounds like they drew from other publications and didn’t talk to you directly. (If they had, you would already know about it, and there would be no point to this post…)

    Congratulations on the book! I’m planning to order it but haven’t yet. I’ve been reading your blog for more years than it seems possible.

  54. Caroline


    I have been reading your blog for a few years now, and was thrilled to receive my pre-ordered book on Tuesday! I wish I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with you to express how INSANELY similar my junior/senior years of college were to yours…these are issues I am still overcoming, but it’s amazing to read your experience and to have it to relate to. Thank you. :)

    to love and to living!

  55. Lydia

    Thanks for sharing your story in “It Was Me All Along.” I just finished the book and it was incredible! I picked it up after reading a review and thinking it sounded interesting, but I didn’t expect to find such an honest, compelling voice.

    You are a great writer. Keep doing it!


  56. Morgan

    I am such a sap…it makes me so happy that your book was published that I got tears in my eyes. Congrats! You are a lovely, lovely, woman that I hope to one day be very much like.

  57. Meg

    Just finished your book and cannot wait to read again. It is so refreshing to hear language used around weight loss that is kind and forgiving, rather than harsh, restrictive and riddled with shame and guilt. I approached weight loss last year negatively and ended the year 7 kilos heavier. My goal this year is to change my relationship with food, so it no longer consumes me and is just something I do. Discovering your blog last week and now your book has made it a great start to the year!!! Congratulations.

  58. Kim

    Congratulations! I have been waiting for it to be released. Do you know if the eBook will be available in the Australian iTunes store? Only the audiobook is there at the moment. thank you.

  59. julie

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and have tried some of the delicious recipes. You are the reason I never steam but roast broccoli (which by the way, my teenage sons love). thank you for your open heart. Congratulations on all of your well deserved success.

  60. Barb

    Hi Andie: I finished your book last night. I think I saw it first in an email from amazon. The little girl on the cover looks so much like my little girl who is now 33. You have been through a lot and come out very wise. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I hope to put it to work in my own struggle.

  61. Mae R

    Congratulations on your book! Saw your story on yahoo this morning as I wad working out on the elliptical, can’t wait to read it and hope that in doing so I may find peace and healing. Your story from what I’ve read so far is/was as if I wrote those words myself. P.s. Say your book at Costco and meant to pick it up, but darn kids distracted me, or maybe it was my son eating his hotdog.

      1. Mae R

        Just thought I would let you know that I have finally bought the book. I also borrowed the book on tape from the library since I shuttle the boys and hubby to work or school. Well, they are hooked to the point of being offended if I listen to it without them. They ask me to turn it on as soon as they get in the car. What am I chopped liver…? I’m practicing self control and patience since it’s taking me twice as long to get to the end. Sorry to ramble just had to share…. :0)

  62. Michelle Christine

    I read my preordered copy today and loved it. I enjoyed learning more about your family and especially your mom. :)

    Congratulations on your journey to success!

  63. Mindy

    Andie, you ROCKED it on GMA today! You look gorgeous, and were so inspiring to listen to. Have a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket – as soon as the weather gets above 0, I want to go and get your book! Congrats!!

  64. Susie

    I just bought your book. I can’t wait to read it. :O) I love to write, too. However, I just make stuff up. hahhaha

  65. Susie

    I just bought your book on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it. I love to write, but I just make stuff up. :O)

  66. Sunny Chandrasekar

    I Bought your book at 8pm last night after it tweaked my interest on ibooks best sellers. Unable to put it down, I just finished it, having cried many tears along with you. It was an exquisite and inspiring read, thank-you for sharing!

  67. Julie

    Andie, I have followed your blog for the past three years, and I have loved reading about your journey. You have inspired me in so many ways. I feel like I know you personally, which I think is a testament to how good you are at connecting with your readers. I’m so happy for all of the success you are experiencing. You deserve it! I can’t wait to read your book! :)

  68. Jenn

    You give me hope Andie. I’m 5’9″. I’m 263 lbs. I eat cereal by the box in private. I don’t say no to a sweet ever. I am shamed by my body much like you describe in your book. You give me hope that one day I will find the courage and motivation to loose weight. I know what i need to do, but somehow knowing and doing are two separate things. Thank you for giving me hope that one day I might be fit and happy.

  69. Kathy

    Andie, I have chosen your book for our February Book Club. So excited. I have a few questions. Can you e-mail me back? Thanks!! Kathy from Atlanta, GA

  70. Stephanie

    Your book is the first memoir that I’ve read that truly gets to the heart of an eating disorder and your struggles and triumph. I shed tears reading it because in many ways your early life is so similar to mine So far 2 of my daughters have also read it, and we want to send you a collective hug and high 5. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  71. Katy

    Wow. That’s all I can say about this book. I just finished it and am literally crying. This book is the most relatable thing I have ever read!!!! You’re life, your experience and so very parallel with mine I just can’t believe it. You have touched a place in my heart that no one ever has when it comes to being the ‘”fat” girl my whole life. You are an inspiration to me like never before. This book and you’re story have taught me so much about FORGIVNESS and how to feel good with food! Wow!! Just so amazing you are a fanominal writer! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to look at my past and embrace it and be PROUD of the girl I was and am. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


  72. Eden

    I saw your book featured on @inspiralized’s Instagram account and I bought the Kindle today and read it. I wrote an Amazon review as soon as I finished it tonight. So much of my own experience was laid bare on the pages of your book. So much of my own loss and triumph was articulated by you. It astounded and amazed me. In your heart, I see so much of my own. Thank you. Amazing read.

  73. Michelle in N. Cal

    A huge congrats Andie! I picked up your book at Target last week and read it it 24 hours – I could not put it down! You will always be an inspiration to me – thank you for sharing yourself with the world! PS – LOVED your TedX talk too.

    Lots of love and best wishes always,

  74. Sue Wexler

    I just finished your book.
    I am 69 years old and have been fat my entire life. I am on my 40th or 50th attempt at Weight Watchers and have achieved success thus far. 50 down, 70 to go.
    Binging is my Achilles heel and has been the downfall of all my attempts.
    Your book is an inspiration and an enlightenment! When I finished reading it this morning, I went for a 20 minute walk. which is hopefully the beginning of something new and meaningful.
    Thank you so much.

  75. Heather Kadlec

    Andie –
    Thank you for writing your book. Thank you for putting it all out there. I read it in 2 days and I don’t even like to read. I could not put it down. I so needed this. I too have always been the fat girl – the really short (4’9″) really fat girl (291 lbs at my highest) I’m 38, happily married for 16 years with 2 sons. I’ve been doing WW for over 2 years now, I had lost 82 lbs .. the closer to my goal.. I freaked myself out, and now have self sabotaged my progress …and started gaining. I so needed this book to get me back on track and really look at why I would do this to myself – why would I derail myself? Why do I not allow myself to succeed? I’m going to start that journal .. I’m going to finish this race I started ! Thank you again !

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Heather, thank YOU for your honesty and for sharing. You’re on your way, my friend. Look at what you’ve done so far! Amazing. Wishing you so much goodness.
      Thanks for sticking with me :)


  76. Grace @ Sweet Spree

    Hi Andie,
    Just finished your book – it inspired me beyond belief. Your journey is amazing. Your memoir was beautifully written and really touched me. I think a lot more people struggle than we think with a relationship to food, and I love how your narrative continues through your blog. It’s a process not a destination. Thank you for sharing your story! :)

  77. Monica

    WOW! Just finished. Literally couldn’t put it down all weekend.
    It definitely made me feel all the feels! You just get it! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world.

  78. Nicole

    I finished your book this weekend! Amazing! Just watched your Tedx video on YouTube! Beautiful! All I can say is THANK YOU!

  79. Jill S.

    I guess in reverse order of your many readers, I found your blog through your book. I just finished your book and absolutely loved it! It was honest, it was real, it was funny, it was inspiring. So terrific to have this bonus now of your blog and all the recipes that look so delicious! I think you should publish a cookbook next! Thanks for sharing your journey and all these recipes which will help me achieve my health and weight loss goals without sacrificing joy and pleasure. Congratulations! I think your book will be a bestseller and help so many people. It’s not just about losing weight–it’s about having the courage to create the life you want.

  80. Jen

    I read about your book online and felt compelled to order it – and read it in it’s entirety the day it arrived! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  81. Nicole S.

    Wow what an inspirational book…..felt like I was reading about my own life. Well minus the amazing weight loss :(. I feel for once like I can really accomplish weight loss without killing myself. I have always gone into superdrive when it comes to diet and exercise. I try a super restrictive diet and try starting out with 5 days a week of extreme exercise. And the first time I screw up I feel like a failure and say screw this….start binge eating and quit exercising all together. I know in my head I need to start out slow with small changes…but I can’t seem to put that in practice. I want results immediately!!! So funny it takes years to put on weight, but yet we tend to want to loose it like now!!!!

    Andie’s story is so inspiring! It makes sense. From this day forward I am going to strive for starting with small changes and moderation…and understand it is a lifestyle change not a quick fix…..and it may take years to achieve my healthy journey.

    So please keep blogging and posting responses….because you are all a huge inspiration and I don’t want to do this alone!

    So here is to keeping our heads high and striving for a healthier life!!!!

    Nicole S. :)

  82. Rachel

    Congratulations on the book! I bought it and finished it in a day, it was absolutely lovely. I really appreciated your candid descriptions of life growing up in a dysfunctional family, and the deeper struggles you experience beyond just weight loss. I’ve always felt that weight loss is pointless unless you address the underlying issues, and I’m so glad to read a book where that’s dealt with instead of just glossed over.

    I was also really pleased to read about you growing up in Massachusetts, as that’s where I was born and raised, too (North Shore). I also struggled with finding a prom dress at David’s Bridal! Too funny.

    Anyway.. congrats again!

  83. Erica

    Andie! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to read your book. I have visited your website countless times over the last few years and found myself really connecting with you and your struggle. Some of the things you wrote made me cry, because I get it, I lived it. I used to weigh 357lbs 4.5 years ago. I have lost over 175lbs on my own like you did. I just had to tell you I can’t wait to read your book and that I hope you know what an inspiration you are to other people. I’m so happy for you.

  84. Kate

    Hello Andie!
    I never leave comments, but your book, and your story are so inspiring. I hope you have a lovely and bright 2015. Thanks for sharing your story.

  85. SusanLH

    I read a short article about you (so my apologies if I’ve taken anything out of context) and was struck by the theme of the article you were unhappier at the end of achieving your target than when you started because (my paraphrasing) you no longer had a numbing behavior to mask your underlying issues.

    If I’ve interpreted this correctly, thank you for telling your story. Thank you for pulling the curtain off the idea we’re miraculously changed by achieving an outward goal. Numbing behavior (and Brene Brown is a master at working with people on this) is probably the single biggest way we get through the day and past problems and yet the single biggest inhibitor to self growth.

    Thank you for telling your story. It’s really important we all understand we do this and what it means for us so we can work out how we each do it and think of ways to tackle it within ourselves.

    Best of luck to you.


  86. Genevieve Livingston

    Hi Andie!
    Congratulations and so happy that you are happy!! My friend and I live in seperate states, shes an avid reader, so I called her from Barnes and Noble to ask her to help me pick out a book to read. She said she just bought your book, so we thought it would be fun to read together. I bought it that day and just finished it last night! Thank you for sharing your incredibly painful and insightful journey. Although I did not have a problem with my weight growing up, my mom did. She is no longer here, but, my eyes have been opened to her life long struggle with obesity and happiness. She always said to my sisters and I, “don’t ever be fat, its not a good life”, it would make me sad because I knew she was sad. I wished she could have found her way with her struggles to be happy while she was with us. I am now 50 and starting to have weight struggles, so, thank you just in the nick of time!! (And thanks for the sour cream fudge cake and buttercream recipe!!! )
    Happiness always,

  87. Charlie from Oz

    Hi Andie and congratulations on your publication!

    I’m 35 and in the last two years or so I’ve gone from an 18-20 to a 10-12 (I used portion control – I still eat out and eat junk if I want to but I usually stick to the kids menu). I’ve actually bought shorts and worn them in public this weekend! I started putting on weight around 20 after always being fairly trim. It’s amazing how many people just ignore you as a bigger lady.

    Thank you for your words and I wish you all the best for the future.

  88. Jamie in Kentucky

    Congrats on the book sweet thing! I bought it yesterday, and finished up this evening! I just wanted to say thank you- not just for the book, but for all your writing. I’m so grateful for your absolute honesty. It has prompted me to recognize so many similar behaviors in myself- things that I did without consciously noticing, ideas I had about myself that I never said out loud. Secretly binging, and then restricting, and then starting over again. I didn’t even have names for these behaviors,I just always supposed I was lacking in self-control.
    Thank you for giving us your truth- your writing has been such a blessing.

  89. Angela H

    I worked at a bookstore over the summer and was lucky enough to read an advance copy of your book a few months back. I just reread for maybe the third time and wow it still resonates just as deeply as the first time. The anorexic in me gets it. The fat girl in me gets it. Wow. Just wow… thank you so much for sharing your story.

  90. Sara

    I cannot put your book down. I have a toddler and work full-time, so I don’t have very much time to read, but I started your book Friday and am almost finished (Tuesday). For me, that’s super fast! I love it. You are so open and honest. Thank you so much, Andie!

  91. Lety

    Hi Andie, I just finish reading you book. I find myself impress on how you transmit all those feeling of such a sensible person that you project. Congratulations on all your achievements and above all finding and not forgetting who you are deep inside.

  92. Jenny

    Admittedly I have never heard of you or your blog, but your book sat on the New Release shelf at the library and the cover photo spoke to me. Now after reading your book, I will never forget you. Your words had me nodding my head, “Yes, that’s how it feels!”. Tilting my head in disbelief, “Huh, so I’m not the only one.” And finally resolving inside of myself, in spite of all the broken pieces and memories, to not give up or ever settle for anything less than living life to it’s fullest.

  93. Biz

    I LOVED YOUR BOOK! I downloaded it to my Kindle yesterday morning – I was flying back home and had a layover in Boston. I read the whole book yesterday from beginning to end. Sadly, I didn’t figure out until half way through that I could highlight things that stuck out to me, so I’ll be re-reading it soon.

    I was a binge eater for the longest time – why do we think food will solve anything? But I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, and like your Mom said “you ARE a writer!”

    Hugs and thank you – I know I’ll be referring to your book as I get back into gear after my husband died after a quick illness five weeks ago. With no one home to watch me, I can do some serious damage, but I have to use your Mantra – “can you commit to doing the right thing today?” and usually that answer is yes – not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.

  94. Rebecca

    Hello I just put down your bool after blazing through it is 3 days! I am very touched by your story and feel that is is a story many of us can relate to in some form. Most of us struggle with our relationship with food, our bodies, our weight and our health and it was just so enriching to read your story and how you finally came to be at peace with yourself. I learned a lot about myself, and really think you are the most amazing woman. I am very excited to find your blog and look forward to reading your posts! Thank you for having the courage to share your story!

  95. Vicki

    Hi Andie,

    Congratulations on the publication of your book. I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s really helped knowing that there’s someone else out there who has thought exactly the same way during a binge. I used to think I was nuts!

    I just wanted to let you know that your story has reached the main news website in New Zealand!
    I felt weirdly ‘proud’ seeing your picture as I checked the news this morning :-)

    All the best, Vicki

  96. Robin

    I Just finished your book, couldn’t put it down. I already loved you from your blog, love you even more now. Congratulations!

  97. Tami

    I just finished your book. Loved it. While I never binged, per se, I was 75 pounds overweight, lost it, and became terribly unhappy. I liken myself in the phase of your book where people are almost waiting for you to put the weight back on. It is hard to describe unless one goes through it, and you nailed it. I wonder if there ever will be a day when I am not thinking about how many carbs I have eaten. I think that some of us must have different brain receptors, maybe an addiction gene, to make us this way. I understand your writing about the psychological aspects of it all, but I wonder if a part of it is woven somewhere deep inside our brain. The bottom line is that you wrote a wonderful book–one, I am positive, made a lot of people, like myself, really think of our relationship with food and how my moods and emotions play into it. I will look forward to a sequel.

  98. BCAinNC

    EXCELLENT book! I highly recommend reading it. Such an honest story and so well written. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t put it down. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Andie thank you for this gift and please, PLEASE keep writing!!!

  99. Melissa

    I see a movie in the future! Loved your book! Couldnt put it down! So inspiring, heartfelt!
    Being 5ft 9 size 8 and always dieting I now feel like i may be able to work a little harder get to a happy place and just be!

  100. Grace

    I just realized the other day that I have been reading this fantastic blog for a full four years! It has been such a joy to read about your journey, and words cannot express how much I appreciate the honesty and reality you bring to your blog and to this wonderful book. Keep on keeping on Andie dear! Thanks for everything!

    Natick, MA

  101. Debbie

    Hi Andie.
    I just finished your book, and was very happy to find ‘Can you stay for dinner?’.

    Eating can be so many things. I could relate in so many places throughout your book.
    A big difference between us is that you have a handle and understanding on the subject at such a young age.

    I’m also very impressed to see all that you so freely share.
    Congratulations on your successes!


  102. Ceci

    Andie, hi. I ore-ordered your book in kindle version and I’ve just finished it. I felt so identified with your story I could not put it down. Thank you for a new sense of hope. Greetings from Uruguay :)

  103. Cathy

    Just finished your book last night. Couldn’t put it down!! I struggle big time with my weight – and I found your book to be ever-so inspirational. Your writing style is so inviting and well, I just loved every minute spent with you in the mornings reading your book. Thank you and GREAT JOB!!

  104. Angie

    Andie I finished your book this morning. You truly are a wonderful writer and I found your words inspiring. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of your books in the future, since I know you will write more!

  105. Tiffany


    I got your book yesterday and finished it the same day. It was great! I will recommend it to anyone, especially those struggling with food issues.



  106. Carroll Larremore

    Love, love love. What a wonderful read! Loved the comment about so much of the enjoyment of cooking is in the pre-creative planning (not an exact quote.). And loved the part about eating ten times more than the one serving will not give you ten times more enjoyment or pleasure.
    I reminded myself of that one when I made my French silk pie yesterday and during the pain of finishing one piece and wanting another.
    Loved This Book!!

  107. Brandi


    I needed you to know how much reading your memoir meant to me. For years I have struggled with losing weight. From my grandma making me try Jenny Craig in college, to restricting myself of everything I have loved-been there done that. It always ends the same. Gorging myself on salty or sweet snacks because I have deprived myself. After college, I lost 40 lbs, and a few years later, put twenty of it back on. Everyday I pack clothes to hit the gym after work, and everyday I find an excuse. “Oh I have so much to do…I’ll go tomorrow”. Reading those words you asked yourself everyday “Can you do it just for today?” made me re-align my thought process. Yes, I can eat healthy just for today. Yes, I can devote at least 30 minutes to the gym. So, thank you Andie. You have re-motivated me more than you will ever know.

  108. Rachel

    Just finished your book and I didn’t want it to end. I’m 43 and still struggle with self-control when eating, all stems from growing up with an obese, diet-obsessed mother. Anyway, your book had me in tears of sadness as well as joy. Thank you for sharing your story. Excellent work!

  109. Anne

    Your book is excellent. You are a gifted writer and an inspiration. It can be food, alcohol, drugs or any addiction…your message is truly motivating and a pause for self reflection. Thank you.

  110. Jessica

    Hi Andie,

    I bought and read your book in one night. You are a truly gifted writer, and I enjoyed reading your memoir immensely. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and I look forward to your next writing endeavors, whether on the blog or in print! :)

  111. Tammy

    I saw your book mentioned in Shape magazine (which I never buy, but I follow Brooke Birmingham and she was in the round table discussion “The Journey After the Journey”). I downloaded it to my Kindle and read it in 2 days. I loved it! Now, I will start following your blog.

  112. Merry

    I had never heard of you or your blog before. As a recovering fat kid myself, I was intrigued when I came across your book after checking my email on Yahoo. Immediately upon seeing the cover I thought, “That’s me.” So I read the review and had it shipped via Amazon. I hate reading. Seriously. Ups delivered my package in two days. That was Tuesday. I finished the book about an hour ago. (Saturday) Four days. Thank you for sharing and leaving me with the feeling I am not alone.

  113. Michelle

    I bought your book and read it in 3 days. I felt like you were reading my mind as you wrote about food and the feelings around the food. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with me, a complete stranger. Best of luck for continued success and a happy life!

  114. Sharon

    Thank you! As I read your book it was like reading my own life story. Of course there were a few differences and twists but mostly the growing up part was similar. I could actually see my own childhood as I read yours. I grew up with a alcoholic father too however my mother was also mentally sick. To everyone on the outside I think they thought we were a normal family but behind closed doors it was different. I too found solace in eating. It calmed the fear of when the shoe was gonna drop in every day. I wasn’t overweight as a child or adolescent but I turned to eating as an adult when I was scared. It seemed so familiar like an old teddy bear. It made things go away for a little while. I eat alone in hiding as if no one could see that as they look at my body. I am so thankful for your book and blog, thank you for opening my eyes up to why I am the way I am and how I can change!!!

  115. Casey

    I was in Book A Million yesterday with my best friend, leisurely walking the shelves of books. Book stores are fairly quiet places by nature, and true to form, this store was hushed. Then I saw your book. I screamed, “IT’S ANDIE!!!” Like you and I are the best of friends. I said it with such pride. “HER BOOK IS HERE!” The truth is, even though we’ve never met, you are my friend. I read the things you write and you get me. I am not alone in how I feel and I have a friend in you who is brave enough and articulate enough to get it all down in type. You words make me feel sane and understood and hopeful. And oh so proud. Congrats on your book, Andie. I hope the next time I see you at the bookstore, I can keep from screaming like a mad woman!

    All the best,

  116. Michele T.

    I read your book in 1 day. I could not deny the many similarities we have despite our age difference (me looking down the nose of fifty sooner than I care to admit!). You give a voice to the emotional roller coaster of eating and gaining weight with such sincere transparency it brought me to tears at times. Thank you for showing us there is a light at the end of the tunnel once you’ve reached your goal weight, but more importantly, that the journey doesn’t stop there. Your real work was finding a balance maintaining and taming the old demons and in turn you found the self that was living in you all along. I wish you continued success personally and professionally. And look forward to the cookbook!

  117. Krista T.

    Andie I just wanted to tell you that your book is more than just a great read, but a book that I will now be re-reading over and over again whenever I need a boost of motivation. I bought the book before a flight on Friday and finished it before my flight home on a Sunday. Your honesty and openness made me feel like we were best friends and I was half-expecting to see my name mentioned in the acknowledgements. You have an amazing story and an incredible talent in the way you share it. Thank you SO much for writing this book, it was just what I needed. I will be recommending this book to everyone I know. Excellent job.

  118. Gloria J

    Finished your book in two days! You have a wonderful way of expressing your joys and sorrows. I really enjoyed your book and recommend it highly to all weight watchers! Best of Luck in your future projects.

  119. Lavada Ferguson


    I am inspired by you. I visit your blog often…I just happened upon it one day:)

    You have made me look at dieting differently. You’ve given me permission…someone I don’t even know…to go at it at my own pace.

    I’ve read the book…in one sitting. I’ve highlighted passages where you write about your emotions, your feelings, like you were me.

    I’m at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I’m changing my rating habits and exercising…changing my life.

    Thank you for inspiring me

  120. LN

    Just finished reading your book. Even though it was a pre-order, I was surprised it took so long to come to me. It was worth the wait, however. I had no idea your early family life was so traumatic. I am so sorry. I was glad you reconciled your feelings towards your Dad. I was also surprised how much losing the weight has affected you. I hope you are at a good place now. Your wonderful mother worked so hard. God bless her. I so enjoyed the series on your blog regarding putting your mother on a diet. She is a wonderful person. Even more so. when I learned that she used some of her pension funds to help you. I am looking forward to the next book you are working on. You are a very special and talented woman. Thank you for writing the book.

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Thank you, LN. There aren’t words big enough or feeling enough to describe Mom or how I love her. She’s everything to me. Glad you could see that, too :)

      Thanks again!

  121. Carrie Ware

    Andie, I am a 50 year old woman who has struggled with various forms of an eating disorder since I was 12 years old. I just finished your book and found it to be so beautiful and inspiring! You write with such depth and capture the struggle of an eating disorder with clarity. Much later in life than you, I am finally finding the healing that you describe – coming to accept myself, my body, the pleasure of eating one meal at a time. I love that you are real in your book – not pretending that you never struggle with food anymore, that there ever is a happily-ever-after. Yet there is growth and pleasure and healing and your book is a sweet example of that. Thank you!


  122. SkippyMom

    I came over from Bizzy Kitchen to congratulate you on your new, inspirational book. You have every right to be proud – not only for writing a book! A BOOK – published and everything – but especially for losing the weight, keeping it off and being healthy. Truly inspiring. Enjoy your success, you truly deserve it.

  123. Susan

    Andie, I just finished your book and can say I identified with your struggles 100%….only……. I am 65 yrs. old and have THAT many more years of walking around in the dark thinking this was all a consumption issue of what, how much, when………. instead, it is all about ME. I can confirm your path as I have been on many similar and have just turned and stared square on into the eyes of “WHY”. Why do I eat what I eat, when I eat…….etc. I loved your honest dealing with so many aspects of your journey and I can also confirm that your decision to Blog is a very big “Yes” for all of us pulling back the curtain and finding answers! Thank you for everything you bring “to the table”!

  124. Lily

    Andie, I found your TEDx talk not too long ago, and immediately afterwards, looked you up and found your website (and memoir!). I found myself nodding along to nearly everything you said, at times with tears in my eyes, because I finally knew that I truly was not alone in my struggle. I have not finished your memoir yet, but want to tell you that you are such an inspiration. For the first time in my own journey with weight-related issues and food, I feel a sense of relief, of the tension (the guilt and shame that you so perfectly describe) leaving my body.

    I know now, more than ever, that I am not alone, and want to thank you for your inspiring words, your willingness to be vulnerable and honest instead of sugar-coating your journey, to acknowledge your fears without letting them hold you back. You truly are an inspiration, who has (and is!) daring greatly. Thank you, thank you!

  125. brandy

    Ohhhhh Andie!!! I just finished chapter 4 and I’m sobbing. You’re so amazing; I feel like I am right there at that prom and that party. I don’t know you in real life but I love you and I am so inspired by your bravery, your honesty and your journey. Never stop writing!! I’m trying to savor the book but it’s hard it to gobble it up in one sitting :)

  126. Marilyn Carrier

    I finished reading your book and it was inspiring and helpful. Since childhood I had to struggle with my weight. I tried every diet imaginable only to put the pounds back on. At present, I am doing Nutrisystem since Weight Watchers point system was too complicated for me. I will try to follow some of the tips in your book in order to maintain my weight in the future. I love food too and love to try unusual items whenever I can. I like all sorts of ethnic foods and I love to cook. It relaxes me, can’t do it now on Nutrisystem, will do so in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  127. Stephanie

    I just about devoured your book, not knowing about your blog. I want to say thank you for sharing your story, and for writing about your EDNOS (which seems scarily similar to mine) in such a beautiful and honest way. You’ve found yet another reader in me, and I’ll be back to this blog day after day.

    I’ve started journaling, like you did, and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped. This book – which I’ll likely read again – is changing my life.

    Congratulations on the book, and all your success.

  128. Lori


    I’ve never written to a blog before and a bit like your mother(since I’m around her age), I’m not sure I understand that world. What I do know is that when I had stumbled upon your blog I had written you off because you were so young and I didn’t understand how my struggles would compare but then I kept reading. Your wisdom and insights are way beyond your years and your willingness to share as brave as anyone I know. I have since watched your TED talks and just last night finished your powerful book. The last 2 pages are my favorite. I have struggled my whole life with weight and self acceptance. I have had some major break throughs at times but have always gone back to old patterns. I’m the mother of 3 incredible children and happily married for 21 years. I have so much to be grateful for that I don’t want to wish the old me away. Thanks for saying it so well. Thanks for Hope!!!

    Shout out to you mother for raising such an intuitive and inspiring soul!

  129. Kelly

    I got your book off of Amazon last week after reading the review in People, I read usually anywhere from 75-100 books a year and this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to seek out the authors website to comment…with that being said, I could have written this book myself albeit 20 years ago. I too was fat my first 20+ years and decided to renounce my membership in the “Clean Plate Club” in my early twenties. Your story resonated with me almost every step of the way from the desire to eat with reckless abandon to feeling humiliated for not being able to fit in the cute clothes my “regular” size friends were wearing and everything in between. I too struggled with what to do once I finally lost the weight and ended up in the same predicament as you did with the excessive exercising and being afraid to eat anything. The bottom line is that there has to be a balance, one that also took me awhile to find. I can say that at 42 years old, I have kept my weight off for about 20 years and while it hasn’t always been easy it has been rewarding in so many ways. I also find great joy in spending time in my kitchen and have always dreamed of opening a small bakery, who knows, maybe someday I will! I want to thank you for your candor and honesty and quite frankly your nerve to write the book that I never could! Congratulations to you and best of luck in all your endeavors!

  130. Kristi

    I just finished the “It Was Me All Along” audiobook. I loved it. Thank you so much for writing the book and for creating an audiobook for it. I feel so inspired.

  131. Tim

    Andie, This is my first time on your blog, or any blog for that matter. I just finished your book, and how shocked I am regarding what I took from it. I got the book to give it to someone else, then thought I should read it first myself. Never did I think I would find myself in it, but I did.

    WOW…. so many things to say. 1) I was/am emotionally moved. 2) I see more clearly now, in raising my children, (who are adults now) how I could have and should have done things differently. Out of love, my focus was to help them grow into adults of good health, independence, and self confidence, when my focus should have been to just love them more. 3) I too am a binge eater,(guilt, anger, 1 Ho Ho, are you kidding me, I’ve never eaten 1 Ho Ho in my life, more like 1 box at a time) anyways, I unfortunately passed this trait on to my children.

    I never really thought much about it, probably because for more than 25 years I have been successful in recovering from another debilitating addiction, I have been blessed with great success in the business world, am in excellent physical shape, have great self-confidence, (but perhaps not self-contentment) and prayer, meditation, and self-reflection/analysis are my daily routine. I always knew I was often gluttonous while eating, and would call it bingeing, yet didn’t really understand anything more than that.

    You have opened my eyes. I identified with so much of what you have written. Thank you for the enlightenment into my parenting, and eating. I plan on reading your blog, to catch up on what I have missed, and find more nuggets of info to help me be a more content person to me, and therefore to all those in my life.

    Sorry for the length of this comment, I am just so grateful to have read your book and see what I am now able to see. It will help many, even those of us who may not think so when we pick it up, thank you.

  132. Irma

    Hi! I came across your book while looking for a book for my Kindle to read during a business trip of mine last week. I have enjoyed your book so much, I had to stop myself from reading it in one day (I am at 86%). I want to enjoy it longer! I relate to many of your experiences and am currently on my road to a smaller, happier me. Thank you for sharing your story, I am a huge fan!

  133. Mindy

    Andie, I saw your book mentioned in Shape magazine and decided to read it. I am now checking out the blog. Just wanted to thank you for writing what so many people need to understand. We all know how to lose weight by eating properly and working out. But the thing that you shared is the emotional reason we over eat. I was so moved by your story and your willingness to share your heart and soul with your readers. I have personally struggled with weight for most of my adult life and have finally been able to reach a goal of being under 200 lbs and a bit of a workout addict. But I realized that I like your mom was not around for my daughters because I was working and they like you found comfort in food when they were lonely. This was such a sad reality for me and I believe it is one of the main reasons so many latchkey kids are struggling with weight issues. Emotional eating is huge and very deep. We need more information on overcoming this problem. I know that your story will help many people like me. I guess I am writing to say thanks for the insight. I truly enjoyed the read. Best to you!

  134. Lindsay


    I’ve read your blog for a long time, and pre-ordered your book. I have always loved your writing, and the book was so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your whole self and for letting us follow along on your journey.


  135. Wendy

    Got your book on my kindle last week and read it in two days! (would’ve been quicker except for laundry, work, kids, sleep, etc. lol) LOVED IT! I wrote a good review for it on Amazon. Best of luck in your future weight loss/maintenance and writing endeavors.

  136. Sue

    Hi Andie,
    I found your book by accident. I bought it immediately and barely could put it down until I completed it. So much of what you wrote was my life and I cannot thank you enough for showing me that there is a way to change habits and continue to improve my health.

    Over the last year I have lost 65 pounds and I was having trouble knowing how to “act” at my new weight. I could not think of what my next steps were “supposed to be”. After reading your book, I know now that I can take these changes one day at a time and I will make and be okay and even healthy.

    I am sending you the biggest virtual hug ever because you honesty and opennes has helped me continue my pursuit of a healthy body and mind.

    Thank you does not seem to cover how much I appreciate your words. Please know you
    have changed my life.

  137. Christina Painter


    I wanted to tell you just how much I’m LOVING your book. This is quite an accomplishment considering that I’m usually not one to delve into a book with such gusto. I have had a love affair and passion for food and cooking ever since I was a young child. Being Lebanese, I can relate to how present food was in your life growing up–particularly being a staple of family time. It’s always about the food! I’m only on chapter four but can already tell that your writing technique is addictive and will take you far. I too write a food blog ( and own a personal chef service (Stir Crazy Cuisine). Thank you for for being so transparent and honest about the joys and struggles in your life!

    Warm regards,

  138. Pat

    I read the book in two nights and felt like I was reading from my own mind. Thanks for helping by sharing your story and it has given me insight into myself

  139. Liz

    Oh Andie, you’ve broken my heart. Your writing talent was already obvious in your blog, but your ability to draw the reader in, to make them feel everything you feel….it stuns me! As a chubby child who lost a father (from a heart attack), I remember those emotions and the search for comfort. As the mother of two children your age, I want to hug, congratulate, scold,…everything! Your writing is so real and so beautiful…don’t you ever stop!!!

  140. Kelly

    Andie, I just finished your book and I truly believe it was placed into my hands for a reason. Though I did not have the added challenges you did as a young girl, for some reason food has always been my source of comfort and celebration through all emotions, and my biggest enemy, as I have struggled with being overweight since I can remember (being teased in 2nd grade after the annual weigh-in during class.) I remember hiding food and stealing from the grocery store at age 6. That was 38 years ago and, to this day, food has slapped me in the face every morning, determining how I felt about myself, and restricting me from living the life I was meant to live. Your transparency through this book has given me hope that the life I deserve, and the life I want to share with my husband and children, are absolutely possible, and that my love for food can be turned into a nurturing and healthy relationship. Thank you so much! This is the most helpful book I have read and it will be one I read on a regular basis on my journey to make friends with food and lose the 100+ pounds needed to be healthy. All the best to you! Kelly

  141. Holly

    I’m so proud of you for writing this book to share your successes and struggles. I’ve been looking forward to reading it since you first started posting about it.
    My 8 year old son wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday that was under $25. He ordered this book for my nook, which was well within his budget. This is the first year that he has shown interest in giving rather than receiving, and I am excited about this lovely gift.
    I’m waiting until Saturday to read it on my birthday.

  142. Irene

    I stumbled upon your blog through the wonders of the internet.Someone that I follow on Twitter retweeted something you said so I just had to search you out,I am now hooked on you blog posts.Spent the better part of the weekend reading through them all.And I am on a wait list from my local library for your book.I can’t wait to read it.I love your Mom too.

  143. ria

    Hi! I just chanced upon an article about you and was able to watch the youtube inspirational talk you gave… thanks sooo much for inspiring me to take it one day at a time… I too have struggles but you gave me hope that I can do better and be better… hope that your book would be available in the Philippines, I have yet to check the bookstores here.. nways God bless and continue to be an inspiration I will definitely follow your blog :)

  144. lily

    your book made me laugh and cry at the same time. I just loved it having read it in one sitting. I will read it again. It was your honesty, yes.. but so much more. I have the same journey you had, and for the same reasons. I identified so very much. thank you for writing it.

  145. Caitlin

    Andie, Andie, Andie. Former twentyfifthyear here. It’s hard for me to match words to my experience in reading your book. Like so many others, I devoured it in a matter of hours, but the impact it had on me bubbled over into the next day, and the day after that and here we are a week later and I am still thinking of you and your story. I knew a lot of your past as a reader here, but really getting to know your childhood, your dad’s story, your experiences – my God, it was moving. At a few points, I just had to stop, close the book for a moment and take a deep breath – sometimes because I could feel your sadness, sometimes because I couldn’t imagine feeling your feelings and sometimes because all I wanted to do was crawl through the pages and give you a hug. It was true to you and such a joy to read. I am so proud of you and happy that so many people have had to opportunity for you to touch their lives.

  146. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing your journey in this book. I saw my own childhood in the pages and relate so closely with it. I’ve struggled with swinging from one extreme to the other, losing and gaining the same 50 pounds over the past 10 years. Your book has been very eye opening into being able to have a healthy relationship with food and I look forward to your website and blog!

  147. Mary Rode

    Andie, I have just finished your book which I started on a trip to Seattle, although I didn’t know until the end of the book that you’d moved there! Anyway, thank you so much for writing it! It is such a revelation for anyone — and you know there are so many of us out there — who has struggled with the bonds of weight and the love hate relationship with food. May I also say that, as a writer, I was enthralled by your writing style and it’s honesty without a shred of pomposity. I learned so many things from your book and it has inspired me to examine my own relationship with food and I already have begun to feel lighter! I cannot wait to share it with my 25 year old daughter. Please know that you are making a difference in so many people’s lives with your bravery! Kudos to you and your much deserved continued success!

  148. Janiver

    An article promoting your book came across my FB newsfeed this morning which also included the video of your TEDx speech. I am so moved and can identify with so much of your story. Even the pain and helplessness that comes from watching the destruction caused by alcoholism. Thank you for the inspiration to others while struggling with your own issues! The Just For Today mantra is one I learned many years ago but had forgotten. So simple but powerful. I am looking forward to delving into your book and following your blog. Thank you, Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

  149. Kt

    I just finished reading, It Was Me All Along. Page 142…contentment doesn’t double by the serving. Hit me like a ton of bricks. Your story is going to remain with me.

  150. Sarah S.

    Andie, thank you for your book. So many similarities….my father died a homeless alcoholic in Phoenix when I was 16….and that year began my love affair with Ben & Jerry (double fudge brownie slightly warmed in the microwave…but I digress.) I have struggled and been up and down in weight and depression since then. I lost 40 pounds last year (yay!) and gained back 30 because I can NOT eat one more frozen meal ever again. The shame and hopelessness and guilt, all the feelings you feel and tuck away when you just can’t seem to get this food (life) thing figured out is real and lonely. I read your book in a day and a half and I thank you for being honest and vulnerable and inspiring me to continue to seek peace with food and my body. Hugs and love from Indiana.

  151. Rian Herscher

    Just read your book and am now following your blog! Thank you for the moving and inspirational story. I have a renewed vow to practice mindfulness while eating, and plan to share with my whole family. I am going to reference your book to some of the patients I see that struggle with weight loss.

    Thank you so much!

  152. cheryl

    Congratulations on your book and on your new journey…a journey that starts and moves forward from where you stand right now…
    I read your book already knowing your story…I’ve walked in your shoes…and I live in them still…
    Thirty two years ago…I started my journey after stepping on the scale at 240lbs…and I want to tell you, so you know it’s possible, I still have 90% of my weight off…I still weight in every week, knowing for me, that I am addicted to food. Life changes as you grown..along comes medical issues and then finally menopause…but don’t worry…if you pick up a couple of pounds…don’t let it get you down…keep going, just like you are now…
    Be proud of yourself…I am amazed at what you have done and now the book…oh my, how good that must feel…
    Life is beautiful in all it’s trials and tribulations…enjoy every moment…it’s all up to you…xoxo

  153. Frieda

    Finally found the time to start reading it. Your writing is amazing.
    I always loved your writing and I am so excited that now the whole world praises it too!
    Your blog is one of the few I am following for years now and I look forward to many more :)

    Happy Birthday!

    Your little German friend Frieda

  154. Eric Daniells

    Sometimes Andie, all you can say is thank you. Your book deserves to be printed, and hopefully many people get the opportunity to see that they’re not alone. I recall all my own struggles reading your words, and none of it was ever easy, plagued by doubt from one moment to the next. Every time I see someone like you who cares enough to reach out, I am humbled.

  155. Jennifer

    Your words have touched me in ways you will never know. Your story, your honest, raw words made me feel like we are kindred spirits. So many of us have these parallel lives and I never knew it.

    In the past few days you will not believe how many times I thought of you. Your story has resonated with me. You have made me laugh (many times) with your witty words and even made me cry. One of the most amazing facets of this that you touched on was: “when I’m thin I will…”

    It made me face the inevitable truth that putting life on hold was so sad. Time to live life and be happy in the now. Being thin won’t make me happy.
    But your words sure did.

    All the best to you, you fabulous lady!

  156. Leslie Hubbard

    Andie Thank YOU for sharing your life! I hope you realize how many people you’ve touched and inspired… I, for one, am grateful for your words and courage to share your journey with the us.. You’re book is amazing – I cried and laughed and laughed and cried – I will read it again.. YOU are an talented writer – Im certain your Mumma is over flowing with Pride!

  157. Emma

    Hi Andie,

    I finished reading your book on my morning train commute today and what an inspirational & engrossing read! I loved your memoir.

    I read the review of your book in People magazine and bought it the next day. Your book inspires me for my own weight loss journey.

    Best wishes to you and congratulations on your successes!

  158. Monica Floyd

    I just finished your book and I loved it. It is only recently that I realized I am a binge eater. My weight has gone up and down for the past 15 years. I turned 30 last month and re-prioritized. In September my three year old daughter almost drowned and after coming home from the hospital with her I fell into a deep depression where I would barely leave the house and just eat to comfort myself. I was terrified something would happen to her. I’m finally coming back to myself and after reading your book it just makes it all seem more attainable. Thank you for your words.

  159. Michelle

    Of course I read your book this weekend after being a devoted reader of your blog for years. I thought you did a phenomenal job and I definitely understood how the writing of it would be so difficult for you given the personal experiences you had to revisit multiple times as you recounted the narrative. Congratulations on creating a beautiful piece of work. I hope you are proud of it and I hope that you’ll start writing again here in this space consistently someday.


  160. Deb

    Dear Andie ~
    I am an elementary principal who has been at home the past two days because of the snow. I read your book in a day–just couldn’t put it down. Although my childhood was happy, I could relate to so much of the book–been there. Your writing is inspirational, comical, and loving. I could feel you in the same room with me as I read. You have taught me to look at food much differently. My stubborn 30 lbs. will be gone soon–but, for the first time, I believe my bingeing eating behavior will disappear as well. I’ve started a journal of feelings as well as setting a timer after my first helping so I truly FEEL the fullness and not just my hands racing to shove more in.
    Thank you for opening yourself up to all of us. Never knew this blog existed and will read it faithfully!
    Sincerely ~ Deb in PA

  161. CT

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a while now. I think I stumbled upon it through Pinterest. When I first saw it, I thought to myself, what in the world could a 20 something year old teach me about weight loss….and then I thought to myself, well, she’s lost 135 lbs and you haven’t been able to successfully lose weight in your 42 years, so maybe she does know something… And then I started reading and I kept reading and I read some more, and I thought, wow, she does a great job writing what’s in my head. I pre-ordered your book, but had to show restraint and finish my (suuuuuper long) book club book before I could start yours. I started it this weekend on, what I realized later, was your birthday! I just wanted to let you know that it is beautifully written and so painful to read because it is like holding up a big mirror. When I first discovered your blog, it inspired me to change my eating and I lost about 25lbs. Life took some nasty turns and I’ve gained it back (ok and 5 more if I’m honest). I’m hoping to that your book will get me motivated to start making better choices again. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for baring your soul to us your readers. Know that it has helped. And thanks for your recipes. I can’t even tell you how many I’ve made, but I can tell you I’ve not yet been disappointed.

  162. Laura

    I just, 2 minutes ago, finished your book. Thank you for sharing your journey and your mouthwatering food descriptions. Somewhere, when you were taking me bite by bite through a piece of cake, I realized that I have stopped enjoying my food. As I often shove the crusts of my twin 8 year olds’ PB & J’s into my mouth as I stand over the sink, somehow I have forgotten how delicious a toasted almond butter and raspberry preserve sandwich can actually be. Somewhere I lost the ceremony in my eating and the reverence for the food I choose to eat. The reminder was a little lightbulb on an often haywire control panel inside my body. Thank you. I’ll be checking back to your blog (and scouring your old posts) to find some more ways to wake myself up and be present.

  163. Celesta

    Reading, reading, reading your book. I cannot put it down! Congrats to you, Andie, and thank you for sharing your experience and vulnerability with us. It just makes us love you more!

  164. jen

    How selfish of you to take 15 grand out of your single mom’s retirement fund to pay for skin removal! Alot of people work to save their own money and pay their own way. Guess you needed the instant gratification of the operation the same way you had to instantly indulge your cookie habit. Sad.

    1. Anne F.

      Jen—first, I feel pretty certain Andie intends to pay her mother back with interest and penalties after her book sales. SO, I guess YOU must know allllllll about how difficult it is to carry around all this extra skin?!?! I don’t know all the circumstances and difficulty around this stretched skin, but I am certain Andie’s mother is a grown woman and knew exactly what she was doing and was warned by whomever about all the ramifications of taking out this money. You have some nerve! This is a clean version of what I really want to say. Walk in those moccasins, buddy and get off Andie’s back.

    2. Stephanie

      Anne has a great point regarding Andie’s intention to pay her mother back. Besides that fact, if you had paid attention to the story, you’d know her mother offered, out of the sheer desire to make her daughter happy.

      And “cookie habit?” Seriously? You obviously have no idea what it’s like to have a disordered relationship with food and your body. Your holier-than-thou attitude is what is sad.

  165. Jan

    Just finished your book and LOVED it. Very thought provoking and so true. Many things you wrote about I experienced, especially towards the end – what you deal with once you lose the weight – the fear, food anxiety, exercise addiction that rules your life. I am better now, maybe because i am 60 years old and don’t hold myself to the strict standards I used to. Thanks for a great book, I enjoyed every page. I think about all the time and energy I wasted and all the things I missed in life because being and staying thin was more important than anything.

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  167. Lauren

    This was the most amazing book I have read in a very long time. It had me crying after the first 2 chapters because I knew exactly what it felt like to have the drunk father that never came hom and the mother that worked her butt off to provide for us. I was always the chubby kid and when parents were fighting I went to food for comfort. It was always there for me! This book is one I would recommend to anyone and everyone. You are one amazing person, Andie.

  168. Monique

    I just got your book yesterday..and started reading it late yesterday afternoon and then in bed.I can’t wait to finish it today.
    It is haunting actually and I could not stop thinking about it.
    I was heavy until I was about 16 and lost weight on my own.Life became different..people were nicer.. know..

    But those 9-16..years..were fraught with bullying by my neighborhood friends..not school friends..
    I have trouble believing now..after all these children coud have been so truly nasty.
    I will be 61 in a couple of weeks.. and although it doesn’t hurt at all did mark me.And if I think about it..I remember clearly.

    Some of the girls became friends..but I think the memory of how they had once been stayed with me in some way.
    Strangely enough ..the one that was kindest..lives away from here now..but she e-mailed me last year and aplogized.
    I told her out of everyone she had been the kindest..and she should not even think of it.
    My mom always told me I was beautiful…it must have broken her heart when the kids were so mean and I would come home crying.
    I lost her when I was 19.
    But I have thought of her every day since.
    She was my best friend.
    I just found your blog today..I have catching up to do.
    Have a beautiful life.
    May you be happy and healthy..loved and love.

  169. Austin

    Just wanted to say thanks for the book. I had never heard of your blog before, but I saw the book mentioned in the Washington Post a couple weeks ago and I purchased it on a whim. I was happily surprised. I would not have thought I would be at all interested — I’m am active, athletic guy who has no interest in either cooking or weight-loss programs — but your story really resonated with me, and I shared it with my wife (who is also now enjoying the book). Thanks for putting your experience into words. Hearing your memories and your interpretation is very helpful to those of us who, in our own ways, are at various stages of walking a similar path. Thanks.

  170. Lauren

    I just read your entire book in 2 and a half emotionally-charged hours. I felt like I was with you for each of step of your amazing journey, through the tears, frustration and heartbreaks. I’m so grateful that you have shared your story, as raw and real as it is, with the world. You have a new fan! And I’m definitely going to make that cake and watch Titantic this weekend.

  171. Karen

    Dear Andie,

    I just finished reading your book and immediately went to find your blog. I loved hearing about your journey and cannot wait to try many of your recipes! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Thanks for sharing!

  172. Tamarra

    I just sat down and read your book in one sitting. It is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had. I have lost and gained my body weight many times over. I was at a happy 140 pounds for several years, got my heartbroken, had a back problem and chose food. I am now at 230 pounds and so ready for relief. Relief that comes from knowing food is not the answer. Your book (which I will likely read several more times) came at exactly the right time. Your college stories particularly resonated with me, so I will share one with you and this group. I was walking home from class one day and a car load of guys drove by — one yelled out the window, “you would be pretty if you weighed 100 pounds less.” I am 49 years old and can still feel the pain that came from that remark. Thank you so much, Andie.

  173. Courtney

    I have lost 110 pounds over a year ago and have noticed that as I hit my goal weight a sense of panic was creeping up… Your book has showed me that others have the same struggles and that I am not necessarily completely bonkers! I always knew moderation is the key and when others suggest to lose more weight or to Not lose anymore weight… That I need to tune out the noise and listen to the balanced me…. I really appreciate your honest approach and can embrace the set backs with the successes…. Thank you for your story!!!

  174. Nancy Musser

    I just found your blog today as I was searching the internet for healthy recipes. As I began to scroll through the entries I found myself lost in your words. You are a wonderful writer and I am eager to read your memoir. Congratulations on your success! I have a feeling I will be a regular visitor to your site!

  175. Allison

    Andie – I finished your book…in one sitting! Your honesty and insight are truly amazing.
    In my own recovery, I find more liberation in abstaining from sugar and flour…but I love that your tent is big enough to accommodate all current/former bingers. Thank you for your beautiful writing. I hope that there is more to come! XO

  176. Sharon

    Andie, I’m very grateful to you for sharing your story! I read your (well written) book over a few days, not able to put it down. I really needed to hear what you had to say, and I knew that, which is what drew me to read it. It was very helpful to read about your journey and your perspective! Thank you!!!

  177. Megan

    I so enjoyed listening to It Was Me All Along on tape — your voice was so easy and comforting. I’d like to hear more about your experience with 12 Step groups, and what do you think of the Binge Eating Disorder site promoted this week with Monica Seles?

  178. Joyce

    Andie, I don’t even recall how your book popped up last week as I perused Amazon in search of interesting reads… But I can tell you that since discovering “you”, I am overwhelmed with a sense of being “home” here on your website. Your blog and now your book (started it yesterday and trying to pace myself!)…Your Tedx talk, your recipes, your photos… your followers! Like all of us, my journey is woven from the deepest of complexity to the most blissful simplicity. Each day has it’s own sense of adventure.
    Thank you for creating this unconditional place of bonding…

  179. diana

    Andie, not sure where I heard about your book, but I ordered it and finished reading it in two days! Which by the way is the first book I read in ten years, after reading your story I realized that I have to take it one day at a time, and that there will be days when I mess up my food plan, but I have to let that go and continue on my journey. But I do have to tell you while reading your story I was thinking about your chocolate birthday cake, I was going to look up your blog to see if you listed that recipe, I was so surprised when I finished the book, and found it on the last pages. Thanks so much for sharing your story, it has made a big difference in the way I view my food plan and weight loss. You rock Andie! <3

  180. Jenn N

    Andie, all I can say is thank you for writing this book. It is beautiful and has quite honestly made me feel less alone. I wish you all the best and hope you write another! I finished my copy this morning (on the tube on the way to work fighting back tears) and have just ordered the CD version. You are truly amazing! x

  181. Betty McCullough

    Thank you for writing this fabulous book. As a heavy girl most my life I too had many of your fears and joys threw out a very hard 4 years losing over 100 lbs. still struggling with but I still attend Weight Watchers for the support and hoping I can stand to lose more. I’m happy with myself and stay active everyday. Not a question you just have to do it.
    All modernization with food. I don’t like to track but I do so much better when I do.
    Hopefully your thinking of writing another book. We need that inspiration because there are many of us out there that want to someone like you.
    Thank you .
    Betty McCullough

  182. Tidy Cat

    Just finished the book an hour ago (on Nook), had no idea it wasn’t fiction until I got to the end. Lots of insight into my own binging, my own alcoholic father.

    Tonight, I won’t overeat.

    Thank you Andie!

  183. Erin @ Miss Scrambled Egg

    Andie, I finished your book a few weeks ago. A friend and I read it together despite being in two different states; we texted and called each other to talk about our feelings while reading the book. We have both struggled with diets and weight loss. Your writing style is beautiful and heartfelt. I’m jealous that you got to meet Leo. I probably would’ve died!

  184. Corrie

    I just finished reading your book and want to thank you for the wonderful insight. Your descriptions of your feelings, food addiction, thoughts of others…are thoughts I have had for the past 18+ years I have struggled with obesity. Your book has given me different tools and a better way to look at and deal with my issues than the 100+ books I have read and years of counseling I have gone through. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  185. Kate

    I stumbled upon your book somewhere on the internet and purchased the Audible version. I haven’t been able to stop listening. Your story is inspiring and honest and I feel like we would be fast friends if we ever met. You made me realize I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you for sharing your story.

  186. Jessica White, RDN, LDN

    Andie! I applaude you for this book. Your honesty revealing your complex relationship with food is inspiring. I am a registered dietitian and before my days of being a nutritional profession, I struggled with bulimia. After learning that food doesn’t have to control your life, I try to pass this information along to others. I now work with obesity and eating disorders and many people I see are in denial with their own relationship with food. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY. Weight loss is such a hard thing for so many people and your story makes people know it’s possible with hard work and determination, while still enjoying food! You are an inspiration. Your recipes look amazing and I can’t wait to share them with my family and my patients!

    1. Marta

      Dear Jessica,

      Your shared wisdom is a wonderful compliment to Andie’s writing, and I am grateful to you for your words. You’ve encapsulated her message eloquently. I am a psychiatric RN MSN who works with many eating disordered and obese patients on the adult psychiatric unit in the hospital where I work. Food is nurturance and comfort to all of us. Limit setting is the last thing my patients are interested in (versus the only thing some of them have become interested in) and something that engenders anger and resentment toward staff – downright hostility, in fact. I applaud you for choosing the challenging profession you chose. The first thing I feel when appetites are out of control is how disabling it can be to gain weight and I just want to protect my patients by preventing any further overweight in their lives. This is hard to do when people are already upset, sad, anxious, frightened, and so on.


  187. MaryAnn

    I picked up your book yesterday, finished it today. What an inspiring, engaging, relatable read for anyone! Although I have not fought the battle you have, I can still relate on many levels to the love/hate relationship with food. As a pretty damn good amateur cook, I struggle daily with my love for food and the consequences of over indulging in my culinary talent. Great book, I sincerely hope to read another one from you in the future. Thanks for sharing your story.

  188. Nancy Smith

    I couldn’t put this book down………I had some of the same family issues with the dad as you did and my heart ached for you………..we loved them so much despite their alcoholism and bad behavior………your dad sounds as though he was a charmer in his good times………the writing was beautiful as well……… are a very talented lady………..I feel fortunate I found your web-site by accident

  189. suzi

    Well done! I have followed your blog for a couple of years now, and was thrilled to read your memoir. Very powerful, and with your signature writing style. I hope this does really well, and I also hope that you are proud of all your many accomplishments.

  190. Lisa

    JUST finished your book! Incredible. I had no idea what exactly it was about, just saw the review in People magazine. I have a food blog and about 100lbs to lose. Your story hit home in so many ways. I turn 40 at the end of this year and I hope to be able to celebrate it as beautifully as you did your 30th. Amazing story, so so happy it crossed my path. I believe it has changed so much for me already. Much luck and success to you in all that your future beholds. (PS – I also attended IFBC in Seattle two years ago and wondered if you were there!)

  191. Jenn

    I just read your book this weekend and I have to say THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your story, for your honesty, for your humor, for the tears and head nods I gave while reading. The book was very inspiring and your honesty, humor, and frankness about what you went through and your relationship with food made everything about you and this book relatable and endearing. I am on my own weight loss journey for the second time. The first was in 1999 when I was 19. I lost 80 pounds quickly in college. But this was before having people like you on the internet and I never addressed the issues on WHY I would binge eat so much. Over the next 15 years and 1 kid later I gained everything back and another 70lbs. My relationship with myself and food never changed, infact only got worse. And with each failed fad diet, I turned more and more towards food. I feel far older than a near 35 year old should feel, and more so there are so many things I don’t do that I want to do…especially with my son. So I started to make a real change January 5th and to also address the deeper issues. I am doing it the “old-fashioned” way of counting calories and reaching out and finding others with similar experiences to confide in so I do not feel alone, like I have for 20 years. Through the process I found your book and it just really struck a cord with me. It was the FIRST book I have ever read that was honest about how you feel towards food and how even now you still get those urges. You never make someone with similar issues feel bad about themselves or preach how to change, but rather by talking honestly about YOU and what you felt and did to get to where you are, you encouraged me to find the path that works for me and to take it one day at a time. Since January 5th I have lost 12 pounds. I am 5’11” and have about another 130 to go, but this is the most progress I have made in SO long and I actually feel good and motivated to keep going! I am learning to have a healthier relationship with food. Infact I have a brownie on my desk, the first one in a couple months, for over 30 minutes and am just slowly enjoy this special treat all afternoon at work, instead of just eating it and two others. So thank you for sharing your story. I know this is lengthy…sorry!! But I wanted you to know that by being you, you have given someone the continued motivation to change and have opened my eyes to truly exploring my relationship with food. I will be turning back to your book when I need that motivation again. Thank you!!

  192. Kelly

    As a fellow Massachusetts girl (Natick!) who has had my own weight struggles, I really enjoyed your book. It was so honest and real, and very inspiring. I wish you nothing but the best and am dying to know…are you still in touch with Daniel? xoxo

  193. Jennifer

    I am really enjoying your book on Audible which led me to your Blog. You are inspiring and I find the book easy to relate to in many ways.

  194. Jellybeanjo

    In reading your book, I finally recognized myself and my unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Really, I have known it for many years. By using your book as a jumping off spot, It gave me the courage to admit it and I told my husband about my feelings regarding food and my body. Of course he knew it all along.

    I am 57 years old and no longer have the energy for restrictive diets and excessive exercise. As my body ages, the weight, for a variety of reasons just doesn’t come off that easy and it takes twice as long to build that oh so valuable muscle. So, binges, depressive bouts and laying off the exercise are harder to dig out of. I wish I had your smarts at your age to work through these issues so I would have handled them better. It has had such a big effect on my self confidence and body esteem. However, maturity helps and as I face my ” golden years” I will work on confronting my feelings with something other than sugar. Darn those alcoholic dads who loved us but made us feel like we were just not good enough.

    You are very courageous for sharing your feelings and thanks for doing so.

  195. Kaitlyn

    Andie. I am savoring the last 10 pages. Your book is absolutely amazing, it has already changed my life, and I feel SO lucky that it literally fell off the shelf in front of me at Target. Your story is captivating and I am sure you are just the same in person.

  196. Megan

    This book was amazing! I felt like I was reading so much of my own life. You exquisitely expressed feelings and emotions that I have not been able to express myself. It sounds corny but this but was truly life changing to me and eye opening. Your honesty about your journey and the struggles that you face are so real and I applaud and appreciate that you were brave enough to write this. Thank you Andie! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    PS-Everyone thought that I was crazy for seeing Titanic 10 times in the theater and wearing out my two set VHS that it came on. I’m glad to know that there was someone else out there that found something special in that film also.

  197. Sarah M

    I just finished your book and left a review at Amazon. I absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for being so honest and open with all of us, I truly identified with SO much of your book and I loved every minute of it. Thank you!

  198. Jo

    I read your book in two days. I was absolutely blown away. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and inspiring me to start my own. I feel that you are truly a kindred spirit. BTW I owe you a hug if I ever get a chance to meet you. :)

  199. Kathy M

    Hi Andie,
    I just finished your wonderful book and saw so much of myself in it. I have fought my weight for 36 years, all my married life. I thought I had it under control until last year when I lost my Mom in January, not unexpectedly and my Dad in October, very unexpected. I didn’t put on a lot of weight but had to go up one pant size. It is very discouraging. I would love to get to the point that I can eat whatever I want just in reasonable portions. I have recently started a journal and I am hoping it will reviel some new information to me. Thank you again for your wonderfully inspiring book!

  200. Tracy

    I just finished your book, and it was outstanding. So many times (and even now) my eyes welled up with tears. For you – for sadness and happiness. But also for me – that chubby kid who’s best friend was the bag of potato chips after school in the empty house. Feeling again the fear I had after losing over 100 pounds of being that fat girl again. Now – I’m somewhere in between. Your book has been a great inspiration toward acceptance and peace. This past weekend I reached out to a friend I had been avoiding for a couple of years because I’d gained back some of my weight I’d lost and was ashamed. It was a fantastic time. I reconnected with other new friends as well. In reading the book, I discovered your blog, and find it inspiring as well. Thank you for being real, for being honest, for letting us into your life.

  201. Sandy R

    Wow – you are so wise for your young years. I found you via People mag – read the book and now find myself devouring your blog — WOW!! (did I say that?)
    As an ‘older adult’ forever struggling with weight, childhood insecurities, fatherless, shyness, and on and on – You have revealed some very insightful angles to me. Totally new ways of looking at my lifelong struggles, up and down , my ‘fat head’, working with real foods, etc. Thank you for telling your story so honestly, so completely, so personally. You are an amazing woman and as I follow your book and blog I hope I can find my way out, to freedom as well. xoxoxo

  202. Barb

    Hi Andie- I just finished reading your book- What an amazing journey. I was moved to tears when you spoke about being lonely after school, eating to fill the void. We have alot in common –
    having endured the grade school teasing, having to wear “older” clothes because nothing cute came in my size, the living nightmare of showers in gym class (Who in their right mind ever thought that was a good idea!!!!) I have found some ideas in your writing that are ringing true and helping me in my re-commitment to improving my weight and health. I have lost 20 lbs since October. Slow and steady, but my doctor is helping me. I loved your article on not discounting your past life. Its easy to think I’ve wasted all these years, and wish I could have done this sooner, but the truth is I wasn’t ready. I am working on not being so all-or-nothing in my thinking,
    to stop waiting for the perfect day to start- the 1st of the month, a Monday, a day when all the planets are lined up just right. One bite of candy at 10:00 am does not have to mean the whole day is ruined. Your book was the best thing I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are helping more people than you realize. I would love to hear back from you.,if you have time. It would mean alot to me.

  203. Barb

    Hi Andie– I had one more thing I wanted to tell you. I heard an analogy one time about bad past experiences, The author was talking about a beautiful stained glass window- the varied colors, the larger pieces, and the seeming insignificant ones, but when they’re all place just right and the light hits it , it is a beautiful work of art. The finished product is beautiful, but the glass had to be broken first. You are that beautiful work of art, your past pain is the broken glass. You are inspiring to me.

  204. Pam

    OMG~ just finished your book! I have so many friends I will be gifting with their own copy! You have no idea how much your journey is helping me and will continue to help me. Do you have a scheduled tour set so we can come to hear you in person????? I want the front row please :)

  205. Susan

    Hi Andie, I finished your book and thought it was wonderful. I went to read the amazon reviews and while most were glowing, a few were disturbing. As someone who is significantly older than you I felt the need to stop by and say “ignore them.” The people writing them sound truly screwed up, a bit jealous and definitely live angry, miserable lives. The most important thing is to keep going forward and live the life that’s best for you. Trust in yourself. Always. It’s one of the hardest things to do as a young woman in this culture, but look at what you’ve accomplished already. I look forward to reading about your next adventure. You’re doing it. Keep going.

  206. Carolann

    Andie, I just finished your book. I read in in 2 days, unable to put in down! You write from the heart and express raw human feelings beautifully. I battle with food, depression and anxiety and am inspired after reading your book. My dad used to tell me “always have faith, never lose hope”, your book confirms that. Thank you, thank you!


  207. Brenda

    Absolutely LOVED your book, you are so real and smart and honest on top of having a beautiful way with words. A few gems I will never forget:
    “Can you do it today- just for today?” and
    “Oh, it’s going to suck for awhile.”

    Those two sentences are golden nuggets to me. I’ve read a hundred diet/self help books and have never gotten so excited about 2 simple sentences that have already stopped me dead in my tracks from a binge.

    Keep up the great work!

  208. Deb Saaranen

    Thanks for the inspirational read of your journey thus far! I really appreciated the “Can you do it today?” both in regard for eating and exercising. Looking at the BIG picture sometimes can be daunting…! Also, your respect and love for your mother is admirable!

    I look forward to continue to enjoy your blog–great read and love your photos.

  209. Caroline


    I think I speak for all of us when I say I am DYING to hear an update from you! I shamelessly check the blog every day to see if you’ve been around to fill us in on all of your success! Although, I suppose I could understand if, you know, you were trying to have a life or something… :)

    Can’t wait to keep reading you.


  210. Melissa

    Andie, this is so incredibly exciting, congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! I’m going to pick up a copy of your book next time I’m out. Thanks for putting yourself and your story on display to help so many people and share your insights!

  211. Connie

    I just finished your book. Thank you for helping be better understand myself through your words. I have always envied people who can have a healthy relationship with food and wondered why I have to have six cupcakes instead of only one. I am only at the beginning of my own journey, but reading about someone who found her way has made me hopeful for the future.

  212. Jen

    I just finished your book yesterday and I’m so sad that it’s over! I couldn’t put it down, and that’s saying a lot since I have a nine-month old demanding my attention :)

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  214. Molly Boyle

    Dear Andie,

    I have never written to a stranger, but I was so moved by your memoir that I just had to say “Bravo!!” Every single word in your story spoke volumes to me and I want to thank you for expressing yourself in such a loving manner. You can count me among your newest fans and I wish you the best of luck! Xoxo

  215. Sabrina Johnson

    Hi Andie –

    Just ordered your book on audible and look forward to listening after I finish WOMEN, FOOD & DESIRE:)

    I would love to know something about the picture of the books in the bookcases with tags hanging down – it looks like you make these journals (are they journals?) by hand…if so, do you have a website / book/ instructions you can point me to as to how I can make these lovelies?

    Thank you,
    Sabrina Johnson
    If you’re ever in LA, please let me know. I co-host an INTERNET radio show – “The Amazing Hour – Celebrating Everyday Superstars” – and you most definitely are an Amazing Superstar!!

  216. Alison Bowling

    Andie. Honey you deserve this, bask in this moment, in all these moments, and remember what it feels like because I PROMISE you that it’s what you have helped so many of us with on the other sides of our computers. All the things we were too afraid to say out loud, couldn’t admit, all the struggles, and every success. We can feel this too, and I can say at least for me… that I’m super glad you’re sharing such an amazing feeling with us too. We’ll be there for this, that and so much more. :)

  217. Diane Stringham


    Your book is moving and compelling and wonderful as you are.

    Many a time, I had to get up, walk into the bathroom and give out some pretty loud sobs. Belly sobs, as I have had food issues since I was a tiny tot. You give such insight and share your story so very well. It has really resounded in me and has given me courage to stop the mad binge eating and taking one day at a time. I can do it, just for today.

    I’ve lurked on your site on and off for a couple of years and am just so proud of your accomplishments.


  218. Michele

    Thank you for sharing your story. I recently have reached my goal after losing 108#. Maintenance has been challenging as there doesn’t seem to be much information on keeping the weight off. I look forward to checking out your website and appreciate your journey.

  219. Lindsay D

    Andie- I just finished your book, and it was amazing. I could see a lot of myself and what I went through when I turned 22 in your writing. Like you, I was over weight from childhood through high school/college. I didn’t have the family issues that drove me to emotional eating; mine started as eating out of boredom, to eating out of pleasure, finally during grade school to emotional eating from being teased by my peers and feeling so overweight compared to my brothers and sisters. At 21 I had my first child, and after seeing myself in pictures from his 1st birthday party a year later, I knew I had to change in order to be a better mother for him. I did not want my child to grow up with the eating habits that I had and to go through school as the “fat kid”. My starting weight was 275 pounds and I lost 135 pounds in 8 months. 3 kids and 8 years later, I am proud to say I have kept it off. I have been through many issues with body image, people judging my weight loss and how much I exercise and eat/not eat. Reading your book really made me feel like what I went through and still go through occasionally is just part of the process. I am so happy for you that you have been able to stay healthy and discovered your true passion in life.

  220. Kim

    Just started reading last night. As someone who is really struggling with the “after” of losing 100 lbs, this is exactly what need. Thank you for writing it and being so honest.

  221. Sara

    I just finished your book, it was incredible, like I don’t want it to be over, incredible. Thank you for sharing your story, for giving words to my story.

  222. Marta

    I picked up (literal physical action) your book at Barnes and Noble and opened it. I guiltily read it part way without buying it, went home, and bought it on Amazon to continue it [from chapter 5, though now guilt-free enjoyment]. You know how when a book ends you start to get depressed? Except I had as the prescription for that particular depressive episode, which you generously gave us in the book – those of us who’ve been deprived of said beautiful blog, that is, until today. It Was Me All Along is a pageturner that I consumed in 2 days. I found you, I found me, I found your father-my mother. They both drank themselves to death. I was able to see behind my misguided perception of my mother when I read your perception, the evolved one, of your father. I saw a person there who was so obviously sad, a woman, a life, instead of the larger than life persona who I’d thought must have hated and been ashamed of me, who no wonder was not proud of me or loving toward me. At least in my childself mind. I once went to visit her in the hospital. It was during one of many hospitalizations for illness related to not being able to drink because she was too sick with flu or whatever. We could just call it part of her downward spiral, I guess. Anyway the nurse led me to her room. She was asleep in her bed. My mother was 4’11” tall. This would be the first moment I saw her as a human being, a tiny woman, not my mother, asleep, and it was Hanukkah, and she had a tiny menorah on the bedside table. I was taken aback. I realized I had never seen her as a person before. I had perceived her as an all powerful, scary, untouchable figure in my life. Years before, she had given me an interminable restriction to my room after being caught ditching school (depressed during my parents’ divorce, forging notes to skip 5th and 6th periods and getting busted for only one of many forgeries), when I was a freshman in high school. My twin brother, my older sister and my younger brother, would always have a week restriction. Mine was, come home from school, go to your room until dinner, do the dishes after dinner, return to your room, with no end in sight, plus her almighty silent treatment. Plus, dishes every night, not split week by week with my sister. I had long, straight, dark brown hair. My brother came to my room one day to tell me, “She says she’s going to cut your hair while you are asleep.” I began having dreams of a witch tying me to a jungle gym on the sand in a park where I was babysitting my cousins, pouring oil on my hair, and lighting it on fire! I told my father I wanted to speak to his attorney and change custody. She was served with papers. More silent treatment, other than her raging at me, “I know what you’re doing! You just want to be a spoiled princess!” So angry that she had to go to court, (never a honey, I love you, please do not leave, just feedback to my father, okay, you can have Marta, if you give me more child support for Mike, Steve and Cindy). Another visit to my room by my twin brother with a “Please, don’t do this, you will break up the family” was ultimately followed by his last such visit to my room with a tearful “She says you have to be gone before she gets back.” When I got home from school that day, there were boxes all over my bed. It was on a Thursday, my father’s visitation day. My father was a newlywed, married to the receptionist who broke up my parents’ marriage. I had my boxes packed and on the parkway when he drove up, and I was petrified. Of course, the last thing newlyweds need is a 13-year-old moving in? The outcome of hating myself the same way I felt she hated me is the seemingly natural result of role played disdain and disgust, and it feels neverending. My mother wore size 3. She would sew and knit, and one day she took me to a shop to get a pattern to make a dress for me. My closet was bare because I was always grown out of my clothes, and my father would yell at her to buy me clothes, and she would yell, “I’m not buying her anything until she loses weight!!!!!” I was a doctor’s daughter who was dressed in rags at school, where everyone knew my father was a doctor, I thought. In the fabric shop she took a tape measure and measured my hips. She broke out in laughter, and continued laughing, which became uncontrollable laughing that did not stop, the kind where your torso rocks, or seizes, and tears spring out of your eyes. I backed out of the store. I walked home. I felt so numb inside, so destroyed. That I had to arrive at the same home, in the same family, was unavoidable. There was no choice but to live in complete humiliation. I know what it is like to wish to disappear completely, to feel any emotion toward self except love, to not even feel sorry enough for yourself to be the only one who loves you. Through the years I have lost, gained, lost, been beautiful and sexy, gained it all back. There are so many pages in your book I relate to. They remind me of the me who feels I am not in, I am beside myself. In my early twenties I could never handle attention from men, could never look them in the eye, could never bear to reach the end of a date because of an inevitable kiss goodnight because I was too fearful. Finally I did receive the greatest gift a woman can have, unconditional love for me by the best man on earth, may he rest in peace, and we had 14 years I am grateful for, but life is unbearably hard, missing him, and it has been even harder to let go, though it has been since 2001. Still, I have never stopped gaining and losing and am way too fat now, 50 pounds overweight, with little feet that hurt from my 5′ 2″ tall frame. I want to say sorry for writing too much for you to read, and I want to say I have written barely anything at all compared to all the parts of my journey, yet most of all I want to say please accept my gratitude for It Was Me All Along. I love your book, and I am sending it to my sister because it is such an excellent read that I want to share it with her. Also, you opened a new world for me on your blog, which I will enjoy immensely, and already do! Usually I am a better writer, here my run-on sentences are probably irritating. I just couldn’t get my thoughts and praises out soon enough. Thank you, Andie. You are a treasure! Love, Marta & p.s., write more books!!

  223. Wendy

    I just finished reading the book and so many of the things you talk about are what I have experienced in my life. I have weight to lose, about 50 pounds, my father is an alcoholic, my mom is a enabler, as is my husband. My husband falls right in line with how your mom was, food for everything. No matter what the occasion, could just be a Wednesday night watching Survivor and he is munching on something right in front of my face. My will power is not strong so I give in and immediately feel repulsed at myself. I plan on reading your book again, this time highlighting lines that gave me that Ah Ha! moment as I read it the first time. I don’t know you, but I am so very proud of you for what you have accomplished in your life. Take care Andie!

  224. Becky

    Just read your book last night. It was such a great read. I can relate to so many parts. If you haven’t had a serious binge or a million it’s so hard to understand what someone goes through. So many in my life say “just have one”. That is so hard for me to understand unless my willpower is at an all time high. Your book gave me hope. There is another side. Not easy but it’s there. Keep blogging!

  225. Laurie

    I just finished your book. I applaud you for your difficult,life changing journey. I believe so many of can relate to your lifelong struggles with food,weight and body image.
    What stood out to me at throughout the book was your Mom’s incredible strength, love and support. It was clearly evident that she loves you and would give you the world! Your Mom should pen a memoir of her own! She appears to be an incredible woman!

  226. Nicole

    I’m totally sucked in 90% of the way through your story in 3 days. I have 2 young kiddos and a full time job, so in this case, the stomach flu has blessed me in a way by allowing me time to laze around and read. I don’t have the words, except I so relate to you, and your struggle. Glad to find your book and your website. Sending Love!

  227. Klutzyninja

    Read it cover to cover and am going back for seconds. It was amazing. Thank you for bearing it all.

  228. Heather M.

    Andie- reading your book makes me want to hug my 7 year old self. I was a chubby child and after two children, am finding myself a chubby adult. Your book and this beautiful website have given me the inspiration to keep going. Thank you!

  229. Barbara

    Andie, i just finished your book right now and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have never read your blog, and I have never been overweight, but i related to it in many ways. I want to thank you for your honesty, your beautiful writing, and your spirit. I struggled with not eating enough and being underweight in college, due to stress. In many ways, I was your opposite. I had a hard time making friends, and I stopped eating and started running, and things went downhill from there. Like you, I had a mother who cared, and a boyfriend who loved me, and i am forever grateful for that. I think it is interesting that it took me a semester abroad in europe to also feel more comfortable around food. Isnt that funny-how we need to get out of the us to see how to eat intuitively? Makes me wonder sometimes about our culture. Anyways, i will be forever jealous that you met Leo, and I cant wait to read your blog. Thank you for sharong your story, and showing us all that people are beautiful at any size.

  230. Julie

    I just finished your book and immediately came here to your blog. I am currently on a weight loss/get healthy journey and reading your book has been so therapeutic and inspiring, I will carry your words of wisdom with me. And I will now be following your blog!

  231. vicki

    I just finished your book. The photo on the cover could have been me. I’m 58 years old and have struggles with food, self-acceptance and my weight for my entire life. I pray I can learn by your example. Well done, you!

  232. Sue

    Just read your book in one sitting and found lots to relate to. Just subscribed to your blog and looking forward to exploring it. Thanks for sharing your story in such a great read!

  233. Sandy

    I love, love, love your book. Thanks for being so candid. It helped me in ways I never though it would. Thanks Andie!!

  234. Terry S

    Bought it, read it, loved it. You are a very gifted writer. Congratulations on all of your successes. You deserve it!

  235. Heather M.

    I just finished your book, Andie and I would like to thank you for accurate depiction of what its like for your life to revolve around food. I binge eat every day. I can’t stop. It’s all I think about. I’ve gained 30 pounds this year and I cry everyday in my office alone. I feel like I’m too far gone…for 25 years I’ve been dieting and binging over and over and over. Your description of the feelings and pain associated with this disorder is spot on. I’ve always marveled at my friends and co-workers that eat their lean cuisine and go about their day – hit the gym at lunch because they “have to”. I “have to” eat and feel stuffed all the time or I’m in a frantic state disarray. Anyway, I appreciate your absolute honesty. It helps. Hopefully, one day I’ll be an “after” because I ,like you at one point, don’t know how much longer this can continue.

  236. Angela

    Thank you for writing your book and creating your blog. I plan to follow your blog more closely now that I know about it. I too have struggled with my weight and could relate to many of the emotions you shared. I spent all day reading the book. So sorry that you lost your dad in a sad way and at a young age. Thank you for your courage to rise above the pain and to share your journey. You truly make food sound so much more inviting and an enjoyable experience than I have made it in the past. Which is probably why I binge to this day myself. Thank you again!

  237. Christine

    I am just finishing your book and it has spoken to me in so many ways. My personal struggles, while not a mirror of yours are non the less painful and difficult. You have helped me find my path. Thank you.

  238. Leslie

    Just finished your book! What a great read and story. So inspirational to people of all ages, weights and stages of life. I feel a bit like I did when I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. Anything can be accomplished with some grit, blood, sweat, tears and the love of family and friends. I will now follow you on your blog and definitely try your recipes as I am a real foodie and love to cook when I can carve out the time between working, being a single Mom and knitting.
    Thank you for sharing you story with me & the world!!!

  239. April

    What a fabulous book! I found it two days ago at Target and I’m almost done with it! This book could be my story as well–the way you describe food, feeling uncomfortable in high school, weight loss etc–all seems as though it’s come from my head! :) Congratulations on a beautifully touching and inspiring book–I hope its the spark that helps me get back on track. So many blessings to you from a fellow lover of food and baking.

  240. Kim

    I’m about 60 pages from finishing your book. I was browsing at Barnes and Noble and saw it and was instantly drawn in. There are so similarities in our lives. Losing weight, a parent, the plastic surgery… It’s so nice to feel like my experiences are not mine alone. Your success is giving me hope. I’m still searching for the right path and your story is so inspiring. Thank you. :)

  241. Trude

    Hello Andie. I just finished your book on my iPad. I read it in 3 days. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Many parts of it resonated with my own, but I so appreciated your candid expression of the emotions you lived and worked through to write this book. Prior to purchasing it, I had not heard of it. It was found on a health and fitness search in my ibooks app. I downloaded the sample first and read it quickly. I couldn’t stop reading it, which if you knew me, was odd. I’m more of a hands-on person and not much of a reader.
    Your journey taught me some things about myself and my own relationship with food. I feel more prepared to embark on my own journey. I already know that I will reread parts, if not all of your book while taking on my own fitness challenge. Thank you. Thank you. <3 Trude

  242. Pam

    I just finished your book, I LOVED IT so much I went online to Amazon and bought my own copy! ( I had borrowed it from the library.) You have really got me wondering why I am over weight and my own relationship with food. You described me to a “T” when you said whenever you were sad,lonely or bored you ate. Yep me too! I hope today is the start of my very own journey and you my dear have gave me the inspiration to do so! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  243. Renee

    I just finished your book and it was so moving. You described my whole childhood and my love/hatred /obsession with food. Thank you for being true to yourself in your writing because your honesty will help others including myself continue to work on finding a balance.

  244. Julia

    Hey Andie, Congratulations on getting the book published and also the fantastic media coverage! I’ve just ordered the kindle edition and expecting it to be $12.77 well spent :-)

  245. June

    Last week I took my e-reader on vacation to Mexico with your book on it. WOW! I’m 67 and always seem to havethat 20 pounds that won’t let go. Your personal thoughts and honesty about this “journey” touched me and inspired me.” This ” a huge, huge, topic that is very hard to slog through….it gets discouraging. But you wrote about that part of your life……. and kept going……and going….just like the EverReady Bunny. Good on you!!

  246. Hal Morgan

    I feel like I am a bit late to the party, but I am looking forward to reading your book. After all the saying is better late than never. I am impressed with your blog and feel I can learn even more from your book. Thanks for your frankness.

  247. Beth G

    I’m reading away on your book & love it as much as I thought I would. You’ve just moved to Seattle….Thank you for sharing so openly your struggles and successes with us.

  248. Tamara da Silva

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the book – I”m at the beginning of a hopefully successful weight loss journey and your books was a great way to start! I relate to so much of it and realize that I have NO IDEA of what I look like to others – I look so different in my head – more like my early 30’s before the first major accident and being told I’d never walk or talk again – now – 60+ lbs. heavier I HAVE to do something and find myself again – Coronary Artery Disease – 2 major TBI’s and multiple back injuries – I have to do this –
    Thanks for the great recipes and great blog and book!

  249. Wendy

    Andie – I’ve had your book for months, but I just finally made time to read it. God definitely had a hand in the timing. I’m on day 7 of a 21 day cleanse, and your book helped me realize that these cleanses I do are just a form of control. I’ve been heavy all my life, but almost 7 years ago I lost 40 pounds when our family went through a pretty traumatic accident. I’ve managed to keep most of the weight off, but I still struggle with ups and downs. This latest cleanse was in answer to my latest “up”. Just yesterday I had a good friend tell me I needed to try “moderation” rather than these extreme methods, but I laughed and said “I don’t seem to be able to do moderation”. Your book made me realize that the only way I can “do this”, at least for the long hall, is moderation. Needless to say, I quit the “cleanse” today and am excited to find my “moderation”: And I need to learn to love myself, and find “Joy” through all of it. Food and exercise can’t be about control, they have to be about living life! Forgive me for my long winded post, but I wanted to share a very heart-felt thank you for laying yourself open on you blog and in your book. Thank you and keep up the great work. Your mother must be very proud of you!! – Wendy

  250. Kristen

    Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing your story. While my journey is different than yours, I saw myself in many of your struggles and stories. I appreciate your willingness to be so open in talking about the challenges of being heavy, but also the challenges of being thin as well.

    My blog didn’t create an automatic trackback, but I shared more about the book here:

  251. Melissa Powers

    Hi Andie! Thank you for the beautiful story, you look amazing and are beautiful inside & out. I just finishe your book, I had to wait a month for the library to have it available! I made your ginger shrimp in 15min last night & it was easy & delish! My kids don’t like shrimp but they ate some ( which is a miracle ). I recently lost several pounds whe I went through the whole winter grazing & eating whatever I wanted, I saw the pounds creep up… I didn’t feel good, about myself, so I started to eat cleaner, very little bread, & dairy, more vegetables, smaller more frequent meals, and I’m exercising again! A lot of women have this issue with their bodies, eating, maintaining weight & the fluctuating seasons & Holidays! I am not severely overweight, got about 20lbs to lose, but I want to feel good about myself! You’ve done wonderful & thank you again for sharing your story! You’ve got a new fan & follower for your blog & wonderful meals, I too love to cook…
    Sincerely, Melissa Mom of 3, wife & cardiac nurse at night!

  252. April H.

    Hi Andie,

    After seeing your book in People magazine, I immediately downloaded it. I just finished reading it and I can’t thank you enough for letting me travel your journey with you. Finishing it was bittersweet but I’m excited to find your your blog. You have given me hope that maybe one day I will stay successful with a healthy life. Now to get started…

  253. Alison Phillips

    Andie we miss you hun, you out doing interviews for your book? I can’t wait to see more from you, you’ve been such an inspiration for so many people. I hope this message finds you well and most importantly, happy.

  254. Carolyn Ethen

    Dear Andie,
    There are so many things I wish I could say. I picked up your book because the cover caught my eye. I thought “she looks just like me as a little girl”. I read it and felt it was the story of my life. Thank you for putting into words what I could not say. Your book has touched me like no other. I hope to use what I learned from it to conquer the emotional battle I have with food.

    Thank you again,

  255. Kathy

    Seems I did things a little backwards. I bought your book a couple weeks ago and it sat on my nightstand until two days ago. Once started, I could barely put it down. And that led me to your blog. Your food looks fabulous! I can’t wait to try out some recipes. Although I haven’t had the same struggles as you, I am from the Boston area, had an alcoholic father, have fought to have a healthy relationship with food (mostly sweets) AND we share our birthday. Granted, mine is about 20 years before yours : )
    Thanks for your candidness. I saw myself several times while reading your book.

  256. Nienke

    Congrats, Andie! I only recently started reading your blog, but already you have inspired me to write about my own weight loss adventure. You’re such an inspiration!

    And for everyone else, feel free to visit my blog

  257. Shawnna

    I have just finished reading your book and I am truly inspired! I am hopeful to know that I can overcome binge eating and a develop better relationship with food. I always knew that I had a bad relationship with food but never really knew how to overcome it. I have only ever focused on losing weight. I have lost weight many times in my life. I am 39 years old. Most recently I lost 65 lbs and gained back about 40lbs. It is because I reverted back to old habits. I was ok during the weight loss process but once that ended I didn’t know what to do but eat. I too thought that once I lost weight I would automatically be happy. I thought that being thin would make me happy. When that didn’t happen (because life was still the same) I ate my emotions. I am thankful that you wrote this book and that I found your blog. I am beginning to look at food and life differently. I will take it one day at a time. I am not obese, but I am overweight and I need to be healthy for my two children. I will eventually get to my happy place. I truly believe that. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  258. Molly

    Andie–I just read a short story on Yahoo about your journey, which lead me to your blog–and all I can say is WOW. You truly are an INSPIRATION!! Going to look for your book on Amazon now! THANK YOU! :) -Molly

  259. Amy

    Andie, I just finished reading your book in a matter of a few days, and enjoyed every word. To finish a book is a feat for me, as I really don’t read books unless I have to. Your writing is beautiful. Your story is inspiring. I discovered your blog a few years ago, and because I enjoyed it so much, I knew I’d enjoy your book. And I was right. I, too, struggle with binge eating, and can relate to everything you said. I joined Overeaters Anonymous a little over a year ago, and I no longer binge of a regular basis. It’s progress. My best wishes to you, Andie, as you continue your journey through life! :)

  260. Lauren Vance

    Andie, I can’t tell you how much I loved your book. I couldn’t put it down! I read it in four days which is amazing for me b/c I work full time and have two very active kids. I’ll have to admit that their needs took a backseat to reading for a few days, but no one suffered :) Thank you for telling your story. You and I are so very similar and you give me hope that losing weight permanently can be achieved. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  261. Sue

    I just listened to your book on my Kindle as I drove from Portland, OR to Eureka, CA….it was wonderful!!! You have given me hope that after many decades of an unhealthy weight I am not alone in my struggles and the reasons aka excuses I give for my food choices are something I have the power to control. Thanks for letting me know I am not a bad person!!!

  262. Lisa

    I just finished your book and it brought me to tears. I can’t tell you enough how much your story spoke to me. Im 33, and I feel like your story is so similar to mine. I’ve been struggling to lose 60-70 lbs. for the last six years with so many different diets and failed workout attempts, which result in me only losing a few pounds and becoming frustrated. Just reading your story made me understand that my journey is really about so much more and how I really need to think about my relationship with food. Thank you for writing this.

  263. Gretchen

    Thank you for sharing your story. I found your book at the library last week, and could not put it down. I also have had problems with my weight, for most of my life. Your book was the inspiration that I needed. I hope to find a healthy relationship with food, as you have. Again, thank you. I am now a devoted fan. :)

  264. Alex @ get big, go to work

    I just finished reading your books and it was amazing!! It is the first book I have read cover to cover in YEARS. That says something!! It was gripping and I felt all of the emotions when reading it. I could definitely relate to parts of the book. I can’t wait to check out your blog.

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  266. Laurie Boggs

    Hello Andie! I walked into my public library yesterday, looking for a specific title that was not on the shelf as I had hoped. I am not one who chooses books by their covers, buy the precious child on the cover of It Was Me All Along caught my eye and stole my heart. She was ME in about 1957, only she has brown hair instead of blonde, and she was smiling, which I would not have been.

    I checked out the book and read it in two sittings, devouring each word like that Sour Cream Fudge Cake which you so mouth wateringly described in your book. You touched me in all my chubby, dark corners! You touched and inspired my weight weary heart! You know me! How is that possible between strangers?

    Thank you so very much for writing this memoir! Thank you for this blog, which I expect to come to know, inside and out. Thank you for instilling hope and affirmation in the soul of this almost 64 year old woman who has struggled all of her life in her relationship with food and weight and worthiness.

    I appreciate you! I stand in awe of you! I am truly grateful!

  267. Judy Caliz

    Hi Andie, I just this second finished your book (kindle edition) I found it in the PEOPLE mag :) I truly admire how you went for it and wrote what you felt like. I do am a “former,still” fatty. I had GBS in 2008, got to my goal of 145 (still too much for a 5’3″) but I was size 6 and my collarbones were scary. anyway in the past 2-3 years I’ve gained 25 lbs. I’m hovering from 160-167 depending what week it is. Sometimes I don’t even think I had the surgery until something tries to choke me :( I know many other surgery gals, and a few of them have also gained some weight. I truly try to be content with where I am, yes I’m still overweight, yes I’m still fat, still jiggle, still have rolls I can’t stand, but I’m 100 lbs lighter, size 10-12, which is better than 24, I just wish I could get better control of my eating so I could lose the weight I’ve gained. It’s terrible how our weight can either make us feel like a success or a failure. ugh so annoying. I do have a couple of things that don’t help me lose weight, horrible arthritis, from tip to toe, the 24/7 pain is too much for anyone to understand unless they’re also suffering. Main reason for the constant pain is the GBS took away my ability to take Arthritis meds, no anti-inflammatories, so all they do is give me opiod narcotics to take the edge off the pain but even that doesn’t work. so no type of exercising I can do will work, because I barely am able to walk without limping in pain. I also have a knee that I need to replace, another reason for immobility, bad back, the list goes on. so exercise is very very limited, the one thing I could do and I actually enjoyed was walking, and now I can’t even handle that. so then comes the fact that I’m not interested in food. I eat whatever, whenever and it’s easier to eat some cookies than cook anything. yuck. I see your awesome recipes and pictures but I don’t like veggies, not many anyway, I just don’t find interest in feeding myself. seriously I pick a lot. snack all day in order not to starve, I do eat but it’s not #1 on the list. I guess not only am I not interested, the fear of gaining weight keeps me from eating but then again I’ll eat a cookie if you give it to me. I do have self control, don’t get me wrong. I’m not eating crap 24/7, I have limits. but for the most part I can’t seem to get motivated to lose the 20-25 lbs I’ve gained, or be happy where I am. vicious cycle. when I was reading the end of your book I saw a lot of what myself and a lot of overweight people feel, it’s not just loving food that makes us fat, there is a lot of underlying issues that we don’t face or don’t “think” about or don’t even realize that cause us to just not care. anyway you know all this, I just wanted to say hi. let you know that I read your book, it was great. I’ll subscribe to your blog from now on so I can see how you are doing and read about peoples journeys. I blogged my surgery journey for awhile but I stopped publishing. prob cause I feel like I failed, who wants to blog about that :) you keep on doing your best and sharing, it really does help others.

  268. Nancy Ball

    Dear Andie,
    I just finished your wonderful book, and I felt compelled to write to thank you! I normally do not read weight loss books, but a review in People Magazine, I believe, enticed me to give it a try. I’ve been an member of Overeaters Anonymous for twenty-five years, and I’ve learned many of the lessons there that you have learned through all your experiences. Your success and continued lifestyle changes are a testament that we can change our lives. Personally, I needed the support of a 12-step group, but whatever solution works, works! I appreciated your honesty especially about your love of food. That’s the problem with most weight loss approaches. They treat food as the enemy. Overeating/Restricting are just symptoms of a larger issue. When we work on the issues, food is relegated to its rightful place. Thank goodness, because I, too, love food and cooking. I’ve subscribed to your blog and will continue to follow you, as well as try those delicious-looking recipes. Thanks again, Andie, and congratulations!!

  269. Lauri

    Hi Andie! Boy, I think you are my long lost little sister. I lost about 110 lbs without surgery, have had a tummy tuck and a boob lift to get rid of the extra skin (need one for my legs but cannot afford the money or time off). I suffer from disordered eating as well and exercise addiction. This is where I am stuck. I have put on about 20 lbs from my lowest trying to get find a happy medium from being too obsessed about food, calories and exercise and living a happy life. I am very jealous that you have found a happy medium while at the same time, I am very proud of your efforts, knowing how difficult it is to find a nice place to keep your weight off without obsession. Thank you for writing this book. I will take some of these tools to bring them into my life to get the extra weight off and hoping to get rid of the OCD I have with calorie intake and calories burned, to give myself a more relaxed life. Thank you for sharing your story!

  270. Meg Higgins

    Hi Andie,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for four years now and I have been more inspired by your blog/TEDx talk/book than by any other single source for healthy living. I love how you love food and have reconciled your relationship with it and I try to model my attitude toward it on yours. I plowed through your book in three days and I just love how you see the world and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. In my imagination, we sit down and have coffee and chat for hours about our journeys.

    My journey FINALLY began this April and I am down 45 lbs! I am so proud of the progress but it is truly a struggle every day. I started a blog at the beginning of my journey and I aspire to have one that is successful like yours and can, perhaps, inspire others. I’ve got a lot more to lose (about 180 total since I started at 349) but your book gave me lots of hope and encouragement and I so appreciate it. Thank you for being you, Andie!

  271. Rebecca

    Dear Andie,
    I’m from Germany and I don’t even remember how I stumbled over your Blog one day – several years ago. I always kept in touch, visited your site over and over and from the beginning on I was absolutely inspired by your story. You can be really proud of how far you’ve come, especially your honesty about so may things everyone feras to talk about is awesome. I felt this way already about your blog but some days ago I finished your book. And well… I even can’t find words (especially in a foreign language :-)) to express how amazing you are and how impressed I am by your story, your clarity and your ability to tal/write about all those personal experiences. It is such a huge present for me to read how you got through all this incredible challenges and I thank you so much that you were willing to share this story wih us.
    I’m sorry for my somehow weird English, I’m totally out of practice.:-)
    I wish you all the best and I’m really happy about the coffee date on your blog.

  272. Shannon


    I just started reading your book, and I am in love! It is so well written and keeps me interested. I can relate on so many different levels, yet my story is so different from yours. I have always wanted to write a memoir, but the fear of failing at it makes me stuck. Thanks for sharing your story!

  273. Michele @ Alwayzbakin

    Andie, I LOVE your book. I’m in the middle of reading it right now, but I had to stop and tell you that it is so inspiring and motivating for people who are trying to lose weight and work through their demons with food. I feel so lucky to have found it. I can only hope to be as successful as you as I work at losing 65 pounds. I’m trying to do it while still keeping my baking blog, Alwayz Bakin’. Thanks so much for writing this book. It’s getting me through each day!

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