How John Boghos Lost 100 Pounds

How John Boghos Lost 100 Pounds
Weight Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo Beauty. Here is an excerpt from this week’s inspiring story:

John Boghos Lost 100 Pounds: ‘For the First Time in My Life, I Felt Empowered to Love Myself’

John Boghos is 47, 6’1” tall, and currently weighs 204 pounds. In 2016, after walking through some very serious life and health trauma, he found the motivation to transform his physical and emotional health. Click here to read the story of his weight-loss journey.



4 thoughts on “How John Boghos Lost 100 Pounds

  1. Kyrl

    Wow! amazing transformation. To be frank, I couldn’t recognize he was the one. LOL. Anyway, I was almost like this too. Poor eating habit and a sedentary lifestyle caused me to gain more weight. I knew I was in danger and that I needed help. Well, I started exercising and boom, I lost some significant amount of weight. Don’t ask how much! LOL. But I am fine now.

    I used the heart rate zone calculator to find out my heart rate zone. Once I knew the target range, I was able to achieve my targeted goal of losing weight. This is also useful for those training for strength, endurance and fat burning.


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