My 9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves

9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves
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Creating a wedding registry seemed to me like one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, but once I actually got started, I realized I already had most of the typical registry items. I looked through the fancy cookware, the dishes, the appliances and with a small feeling of disappointment asked myself, What do you register for when you have all the basics?

Over the years Daniel and I have already amassed quite the kitchen collection. We’ve got every pot and pan imaginable, a great set of knives, everyday dishes, bowls and platters for entertaining, and one heck of an impressive arsenal of small appliances.

9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves

With that in mind, we registered for only a few kitchen items and instead opted for a few home essentials (like a vacuum and an iron), a couple pieces of furniture for our new house, and other new-house needs from Home Depot.

But this past May, my best friend Sabrina got engaged, which gave me the opportunity to finally do some traditional registry planning. When we lived together a few years back in Manhattan, Sabrina’s cooking was more minimal—and I’ll admit, we ate out our fair share. But over the past two years, she’s been spending more and more time in the kitchen—making everything from beef wellington to gorgeous homemade cakes—so she could really use some of the classic registry items. I loved looking through all the cookware, dishes, knives, and appliances and thinking about my favorite kitchen essentials.

9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves

Some of my picks are things that Daniel and I use every single day, while others make an appearance when we’re entertaining. Here are the 9 things I think every food-loving couple should own.

9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves

Why I Used Amazon’s Wedding Registry

When considering where to register, I wanted at least one place that had a wide range of items—from more practical household things like a vacuum to upgraded kitchen tools like a Belgian waffle iron and the perfect programmable toaster. Amazon more than fit the bill because truly, they have everything. They have thousands upon thousands of brands and products available to choose from, well beyond kitchen and home essentials. On one registry, you can consider adding electronics, gardening tools, outdoor gear, furniture, and even handmade items. Plus, Amazon is already the place where so many of us shop, and that free (and fast) shipping for Prime members doesn’t hurt either. A big perk of registering there is that after your wedding, you can enjoy a one-time 20% discount on anything left on your registry.

I’ve partnered with my friends over there, at Amazon, to share the 9 Wedding Registry Essentials every couple that loves to cook should have. See the list here on Amazon.



7 thoughts on “My 9 Wedding Registry Kitchen Must-Haves

  1. Sabrina

    Honestly could not have crafted my registry without your guidance…and thank god you taught me how to cook, otherwise I would have starved after you moved out

  2. Anne F.

    I have Le Creuset cookware I use for soups and braising. LOVE them! I have a Kitchenaid mixer that I have had for years. Cookie making is a snap! Wouldn’t trade for anything!!! I have an old cast iron dutch oven that belonged to my mother. It is about 75 years old. Wonderful !!!
    Just bought a Vitamix. Haven’t tried yet. Excited to own one. That is my two cents worth. Andi picked well !

  3. Janine Brum

    My cutting board is my prized possession. From Crate and Barrel not Amazon, but I loved how easy Amazon made registering through receiving and sending thank yous.

  4. Cassie

    Great ideas…can I make one suggestion and instead of the iron, get a clothing steamer! I haven’t used my iron in YEARS. It’s amazing – and even gets ruffly things. Totally worth the investment!

  5. Suzanne Comitz

    I love the diversity of my Instant Pot. Once you get comfortable with it, you will want to use it everyday.


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