My Favorite Bakery: White’s Pastry Shop


I thought



I don’t know,


a sturdy five minutes about

titling this post “Gratuitous Food Pornography” as my friend Andrew Scrivani might do [in a much classier, more respectable way].


But then I realized that,


although overtly flashy, lustful, and hotly dramatic characters exist in my mind for both pornography and pastry,whites_pastry_shop-07

Google may not feel so turned on. whites_pastry_shop-14-1

So I settled.





This place- White’s Pastry Shop in Hingham, Massachusetts- is

by and large


my favorite bakery in New England. The cakes, specifically their aptly called “white cake,” is velvet. So soft and light it’s almost ethereal in texture.



And that frosting. A heavily whipped wonder with so much fluff it almost bounces back when pressed. It’s one of *ten things I’d request at my last supper.

*Leonardo DiCaprio being the other nine


My family knows my affection for White’s. In fact,

when I signed both of my book deals this past August, my mother mailed me one of their double layer 10” cakes.

A cake so delicate, so sensitive, that my fork disturbs its entire crumb at the very hint of touch.

Boston to Seattle.

The United States Postal Service.

Boston to Seattle.


See this post for the deliciously true story.


And so,

naturally, when I came back to Massachusetts from Seattle this winter to visit my family,

we made one very celebratory, very special trip.


And I’ll have you know

my mother (the same woman who mailed me 37 Mallo Cup candy bars a few months back) and I (her sweets-loving baby)

waltzed out of White’s with:

*1 cake

*1 chocolate whoopie pie

*1 red velvet cupcake

*1 white snowflake cupcake

*1 vanilla snowman cupcake

*1 chocolate and vanilla frosted half moon


******Our dignity remains in tact.



29 thoughts on “My Favorite Bakery: White’s Pastry Shop

  1. Anna @ Food Fitness Frolicking

    Drooling. I’m simply drooling over this pastry shop.

    This place may be worth making the incredible journey across the country. Actually, it definitely is. But considering how the gas money would cost more than a hundred cakes, for now I’ll just gawk at these photos :)

  2. The Leightons

    Oh, my. I enjoyed every word. Every picture. (My daughter and I adore your blog!) I wish that beautiful cake (first picture) could be flown to Texas and delivered to my home. Tomorrow. (Never mind. I’d drive 80 miles–one way– to pick it up at DFW Airport. Yes. Yes, I would. ) I can almost smell and taste it. Wow.

  3. Jillian

    Yes, iIt’s my favorite, too! I was just thinking about White’s yesterday reminiscing about last year’s Golden Globes. My sister and I both got a cupcake with gorgeous flowers on top and sipped champagne as we watched!

  4. Caitlin

    I just discovered your blog on pinterest and have been reading all evening! I can already tell I’m going to be tuning in daily. And I love White’s ricotta pie- delish. (I’m from MA too) Can’t wait to keep reading, i really enjoy your writing. What an inspiration and what wonderful recipes.

  5. Melanie

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh……I’m such a sucker for treats like this!
    I’m doing some serious muffin baking today for my guys birthday…and this is making me crave these cakes and cupcakes so much that I’ll probably have to eat the batter…..

    I think I just drooled on my keyboard…..shi**


  6. Mindy

    As a baker and bakery owner in my dreams (you know, without all the inventory and paperwork and payroll and red tape issues;) these pictures provide such worthy aspirations! Love the cute snowmen cupcakes:) A great bakery is truly one of a kind!

  7. Jess

    *weeping* once again at the mere mention of White’s…I’ll take an elephant ear, a half moon, a cannoli and a cake…I don’t care which lol Oh and several cupcakes. Thanks. lol

  8. Melly

    as a long time reader I am beyond pleased to see this post about White’s and to know that I am not the only one who thinks its the best. I just wish it wasnt smack dab in the middle of the Derby Street Shoppes.

  9. Andrea

    Thanks for the gratuitous food porn! I’m moving to Boston on Saturday and just googled the address for this bakery…less than a half hour from my new house! I did not need to know that :D

  10. LMF

    I’ll take one of the cookies in picture #2 please and a black and white cookie from picture #4 please. Um, actually make it 2 black and white cookies. Thank you. To go please. Thanks!

  11. Camara

    Seriously, I may just jump on the pike, get on 128 and travel down rt 3 to White’s. I use to work across the street on Derby Street and literally went in there daily just to look at all of the cakes. The best part is everything tastes just as good as they look. YUMMY I could go for a piece of chocolate Mousse cake, hopefully my laziness will kick in before I decide to drive out there. lol

  12. Lydia

    I work at White’s Bakery in Hingham and a customer stopped by and said she HAD to come in and buy some treats cause she read this blog and your rave review about White’s! Love the blog so far and I’m glad you love White’s so much! It really is a great bakery.


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