My Postpartum Body

Postpartum body

When Daniel took this photo, I was just five days postpartum. We had gone to the pediatrician earlier that afternoon, our third time since arriving home from the hospital with James. Neither of us had slept the night before—or any of the nights before, come to think of it. Instead, we sat on the floor of James’ nursery and tried to comfort him as he wailed, looking at each other (crying at each other?) like, hey so maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we spent all our money on a night nurse. Five days into motherhood and I had become a person who considers a robe an outfit.

I fed James while Daniel ran out to get Five Guys, rocked him until he fell into that deep yet fragile baby sleep, then put him down in his Rock n Play beside the dinner table. I was so happy he seemed to be getting some good rest after the night of no sleep. I cleaned up the kitchen for a little while, unintentionally clanging a dish in the sink, and was relieved to see I hadn’t woken him. Daniel came home and closed the door with a bang—again James stayed sleeping! It wasn’t until I crinkled the foil on my burger that his eyes shot open. I picked him up, kissed and hugged him, and laid him over my shoulder, picking up my burger in the other hand. I looked up from my burger at Daniel, with his iPhone camera pointed directly at me, and attempted to verify that he was indeed interested in being murdered. And yes! He was.

“No trust me this is amazing,” he said. “Think about us in 20 years looking back on this picture—it’ll be our favorite family photo.”

Will it though?

I had to laugh. Will I be glad to have the photographic record of me, 50+ pounds overweight, eating Five Guys in my underwear with my newborn son on my shoulder? Maybe he was right. Maybe James and Daniel and I would look back at this photo someday and just love it. Every family has these time capsule-type photos. I certainly do. And what an appropriate portrait of a first-time mom in the throes of newborn life. What a capture of the way I felt, the way I looked, the way I ate comfort food with one hand when he was born.

Admittedly, I don’t exactly *love* sharing this photo. I’m not happy with being this overweight again. But hey, this is where I’m at. And I’ve been here before, a number of times over the past 12 years. This time though, it’s not terribly painful for me to come to terms with finding myself here again, wanting to feel better. Maybe that’s because this body made my precious son, or because I’m older, somewhat wiser, and a lot kinder. Or maybe it’s because every time that I go through these changes, I learn more about myself and gain a little more compassion.

postpartum body

So this is it, my friends—the start of a new weight loss journey. I’m going to take it slow and have compassion for myself along the way, because it’s never perfect and it’s never as linear as I hope. I’ll be sharing more when I figure out what exactly I’ll be doing and hopefully will update with my progress.

Can you relate? How did you handle postpartum weight loss?



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  1. CLT

    It is so easy to hate ourselves after gaining so much weight. I think it’s too easy to make excuses, too. Good luck finding your medium – where you can be both mentally and physically healthy.

  2. Amy

    Such a beautiful and honest post. I slowly lost my baby weight (felt like so much slower than so many friends whose weight somehow fell off??) and plateaued at about 10-15 pounds about my pre baby weight. My son is 16 months old and I am just now feeling the energy and drive to workout and eat better and try to fit into my pre baby clothes. So many friends who had babies seemed to fit into their pre baby clothes so quickly and at times over the past year I have had half hearted efforts but it’s hard with a little one and I can say now, I don’t regret dedicating that time to him and my family. It’s truly amazing what our bodies do and one thing I can say… it gets SO MUCH EASIER. And you WILL feel like you have time and energy to dedicate to yourself again… it might just be a little longer than you thought (or at least that is how it went for me!) Dont feel guilty about doing what you need to for now. Like Beyoncé said… she feels like right now she and her mommy pouch were meant to be.

  3. Lillian

    I can definitely relate! I’m still losing my baby weight! BTW my babies are now 18 and 16 years old! You look beautiful! Enjoy motherhood! ❤️

  4. Leanne

    I feel this everyday. The fear of a photo, the cringe that you have when you see how big you are. Ugh, I gained 80+ when I had my daughter, she is now three…..I lost a good amount of my baby weight doing Weight Watchers. But now here I am three years later and I’ve crept up to a place I am hating right now. I am so unhappy and uncomfortable in my body. It was nice to see your post today. It reminds me that we have to stop and enjoy the moment with our loved ones. I love following you and your journey, your book was amazing and it’s nice to see I am not alone and tbat so many of us suffer with the same issues but we created our little miracles and they are the best things to ever happen to us. I look forward to following your new journey, you give me such hope and motivation and make me feel so much better. Enjoy your little man he’s absolutely beautiful.

  5. Jackie

    You grew a human in your guts, your body is amazing. It took you 9 months for your body to change, give it at least 9 months to get back. You look fantastic, you’re such a beautiful person. Hugs and love.

  6. Megan

    Andie, you’ve inspired me ever since I read your book, and while so much of what you’ve written about has hit home for me, this post is affecting me in a very specific way. I’ll explain: I’ve been some level of overweight my entire life, but at 32 I finally find myself in a place where I’m happy with my body (most days), in a positive relationship with food (thanks to my awesome nutritionist), and about to start trying for a baby. I have MANY fears and anxieties about pregnancy, but the one that I can’t seem to get past or really explain to anyone else is the weight gain that inevitably comes with it. How will I be okay with myself when the pounds come back on, even though I know it’s because I’m making a human? And how will my body, already covered in stretch marks from its journey so far and all the numbers I’ve seen on the scale, be able to lose it again? Can it? It’s that last question that scares me the most, that keeps me up at night. But, seeing you share the place you’re currently in makes me feel less alone. I didn’t realize until reading this post how alone in these fears I really felt. So, thank you for this, for all you’ve shared and continue to share, beautiful and kindred spirit.

  7. Sarah

    I can definitely relate! I just had my second baby in August and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself that I’m not where I want to be. But I have to appreciate my body for what it has done and what it can still do. I started working out lightly around 6 weeks and I do what I can, as I have time. Figuring out what/how much to eat when trying to nurse is tricky, so I try not to focus on that as much yet, I’m just trying to listen to my body and what it needs. Your body spent 9 months (really 10) growing and changing and it’s going to take some time for things to get back to normal. Your baby boy loves you, and Daniel loves you. Be sure to love yourself too! Take the time to take care of yourself and do what feels good. The rest will follow. Congratulations on your beautiful family.

  8. Julie

    Thanks for this. My sister and I are both in the midst of this and were discussing (lamenting) it all recently. It’s never as linear as one hopes, which is frustrating. However, it’s so good to hear that from someone else, because it’s easy to get lost in a negative mindset. I feel like the best thing you can do is give yourself grace, because your body has done some amazing things and the weight will come off.

  9. Michelle

    You know, one day James will look at this picture with love. I do, looking at pictures of my mom. It’s hard, especially when you see celebrities “bounce back” (a term I loathe). But you are beautiful. You did something amazing! Something so wonderful. Take some time to love you, right now, right here. I’m still struggling with my body (I have a two year old and a six year old), but while I try to get healthier, I also try to love the body my babies made too. Its all about balance! :)

  10. Naomi Jones

    What honesty! You are too precious! And you are so right to be eating comfort food. I am glad you are listening to your body when it tells you it needs hamburger and fries. I gained 50 pounds with each of my three pregnancies and it all eventually came off without much effort in my part, just when my body was ready and I had enough sleep to be active again. Also breastfeeding really helps.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I gained 35 lbs on a medication and couldn’t shift the weight over the past three years no matter what I did. Got off the medication and lost 15 lbs and several inches effortlessly. I would love to get to a normal BMI but I am to trying to be gracious with myself as you are. Perhaps my body’s set point has changed? Maybe my new medication won’t let me get back down? I am more curious to see what my body wants now as opposed to dictating what it should be and trying to be happy where I am.

  11. Naomi Jones

    Oh and I second the 9 months to get back to “normal.” I see mom’s who try to diet or over exercise and it can wreak havoc on the body and metabolism especially when you are doing overtime with baby care and nighttime feedings. It is so worth it to take it easy and soak up baby time because it is gone before you know it. You’ll know when it’s the right time to jump back into things because you’ll have the energy for it.

  12. Katie Kenan

    Thank you for sharing this. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. My journey has stalled out 10lbs from pre baby weight. I’m unsure why I’m so hard on myself given the perfection of my daughter. Excited to be reinvigorated through your journey. You inspire many and your son is absolutely amazing!

  13. Ryan Dorothy

    I’ve never had children but I can sort of relate. In my early 20s I was at my heaviest. I didn’t mind taking photos because I didn’t really notice the weight creeping up and I was living my life. Anyway my oldest niece was born during this time. Sometimes I cringe a little if I go to post a throwback from when she was a baby but I won’t let my old bigger body take away from memories. On a similar note, I have a really sweet, genuine picture of my father and I from the same period when I was at my biggest, and when he passed, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was the picture I wanted to post. Plus, now that I’m older, wiser and trying to eat intuitively, I’m getting a little bigger but I’m happy.

    You are just as beautiful now as you have always been!

  14. Sarah

    Andie- I am 10 weeks postpartum and can completely relate!!! I have had so many take out meals that I had to eat one-handed – our go-to has been the Burger and Custard joint down the street. My husband captured a similar picture of me trying to eat a french fry while balancing my son on my knee and I have ketchup dripping everywhere! I love that you are approaching your journey with compassion. I have moments that I wish for my “old body” but then I look at my sweet baby boy and remember that my “new body” is so much better because it gave me him!

  15. Courtney

    Thank you for writing this and for being so vulnerable so we can all connect and not feel so alone in embarrassing weight gains (though yours is not in the least!) and hard-as-shit weight loss journeys! Now please write another book ;)

  16. Brenda

    Awww, I agree with Daniel that it’s a beautiful photo, and one you’ll cherish years from now. Women’s bodies undergo amazing changes and are incredibly resilient—what is appalling to me is the pressure we’re under to always look as though we haven’t undergone any changes!
    Our puberty years, pregnancy years and then menopause and post menopause—-all times we question our very identity in part because of the way our body changes.

    I loved your book, and will gently remind you of the title—-“it was me all along”…that is still true. You have a mother’s body now, and one that will respond to care, good nutrition and healthy movement, but probably differently than it responded before. You’ll feel healthier and better all in due time…until the next change.

  17. Courtney

    You are so much more than your weight- and now you’re a Mommy too! Your body is exactly where it needs to be for you right now. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

  18. Jenny

    You’re number one job right now is to help your baby boy thrive. That’s all you need to worry about for the next year. Just focus on being healthy. Enjoy every single minute of that precious little boy. Don’t be preoccupied with loosing weight. You need to keep up your energy and weight to feed him too, if you’re nursing. It will all come. It took me three years! You will not get another chance to enjoy all of the firsts. Just live in the moment. Daniel loves you just as you are and so does James. You were right, your body just did an AMAZING thing by making that beautiful boy. Cut yourself and your body some slack and just enjoy!

  19. Alli

    Congrats again on your bundle of joy! I can relate so much and am looking forward to your updates. I just started another weight loss journey myself.

    BTW I loved the series with your mom. Would love to hear an update on her approach as well.

  20. Kathy

    18 months. Give yourself 18 months of grace and kindness. So many mom’s think that in 6 or 9 months you’ll be “back to prebaby” but from what I have read and learned it’s 18 months until you have fully healed from the stress of pregnancy and labor.

    There is no pre-baby and no need to strive to be where we were when we were 22. Not only have you had a baby, but we’re older. Beautifully put. I will never be where I was at 20 & I have come to peace with that because THAT girl didn’t love life.

  21. Janet

    Andie, it will come off. You’ve just done something so selfless and amazing. Losing weight will take about as long as James took to grow. But it will happen. And you will definitely have your hands full while you “wait” it out. Congratulations on a lovely child!

  22. Sara

    Andie, I am 62 and, as you now know, no body is as precious as that wee body in your arms. But you know that already. I just wanted to share something a therapist once shared with me when I had gained weight after Iosing it when mom died. She explained I knew how to do it and my body knew how to do it because I had done it before now. And she was right.

    You know how to do it though this time it will be with new mom struggles…but those will just make you a more empathetic mom and blogger. New lessons this trip! But, like your son, know you are loved in whatever beautiful body lets you breathe life into this world! We are grateful for your willingness to share authentically and your ability to be genuine and vulnerable. It helps us in our struggles.

  23. Hilary

    Thanks for sharing! Three great posts I’ve read on this topic:

    1. Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog wrote about buying clothes that fit your body now. It’s just depressing to look at the too small jeans that you may or may not fit in again. Buy clothes that you feel great in NOW!

    2. Kylie from Imma Eat That is a body positive dietitian that had a baby last year. She has lots of great posts about your changing body.

    3. Joanna from Cup of Jo did a post about taking pictures with mom in them. Usually, mom is the one taking the pictures, so all the kids pictures are of just them or of their dad. Kids want pictures with you in them! Many commenters said they only had a handful of photos of their mom when they were young. Your kids will not be judging your body but enjoying the memories you made!

  24. Victoria

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and honest moment. Try not to let your weight take away any of the joy of being a new mom. I felt so much pressure to have it all together after the birth of our first child that I lost a lot of joy. Along the way (we have 5 children!) I learned that the only thing I needed to worry about was taking care of that sweet newborn and taking care of myself so I could do that(even if that means 5 guys and fries). So much freedom and so much joy. There will be time and energy for those other things later. Enjoy!

  25. Alicia Makenzie

    Give yourself some postpartum grace! Your body just went through a whole lot. I am 6 months postpartum and will probably never lose the extra squish in my stomach, but I have a beautiful little girl who is my whole world. It will get easier! Love that baby boy and be gentle with yourself.

  26. Jane Martinez

    Andie…First, thank you for your honesty, I’ve read your books and consider you a heroine. In this world where celebs step out having lost all their baby weight within weeks, it leaves those of us who are mere mortals depressed. However, as a mom to a beautiful, well adjusted 18 year old and yes, someone who eventually got her body back, I know for a fact that those mothers who are dieting are simply stressed beyond belief. It’s a magical time right now for you and yes, believe it or not, it shall go too fast. For myself, the Gods took pity on me and led me to sound books on weightloss. Sensible and tasty so that I could give my newborn my attention instead of obsessing over my weight gain. For me, it was 3 portioned meals (yes, carbs and fat) a day with a rich dessert following either lunch or dinner (alas, not both). A half hour of a combo between walking and slow jogging each morning..I kept that way of eating for the past 18 years and my weight has stayed svelte but more importantly, I eat whatever my body is asking for while adhering to structure and moderation.
    Wishing you all the best :)

  27. Lisa

    First I’d like to say congratulations. You look beautiful! Becoming a mother is the most amazing thing you can ever do. During my pregnancy I was lucky in that I only gained about 10 pounds but I was overweight to begin with. Give yourself some time and don’t put pressure on yourself to lose the weight quickly. It will come off. It took 9 months to put it on, give yourself at least that to take it off. If you’re nursing that will help move things along as well, at least it did for me. I lost a little over 30 pounds by my 6 week check-up (and believe me, I don’t lose weight easily). Give it time, be kind to yourself, and most importantly enjoy your new little one – sleepless nights and all!

  28. Anne F.

    Relax. Remember: This too shall pass! In a few days it won’t be about sleeping anymore. It will be about not having pooped! Take as it comes. Enjoy that precious baby James.
    If you are nursing, your weight will come off. I can only tell you what my friends said because mine were delivered to the door. And 39 years ago!!!!!! Big hugs for you, Andre and some for Daniel.

  29. Ti

    I lost much of the baby weight I had gained just nursing. The hectic nursing schedule took a lot out of me and I could not believe the amount of calories I had to consume in order to keep that up. But I still lost. If you are nursing, just know that a calorie restriction now could affect production. Congrats on your new baby!!!

  30. Cari

    Those newborn days are SO HARD. No one can prepare you for it. Be kind to yourself. Ignore the photos and stories about “getting your body back.” There is no such thing. You body carried and nourished a human being. It will never be the same, and that’s normal and OK. Focus on caring for your baby, getting rest when you can, and nourishing your body. Sometimes that nourishment is fast food. It’s OK. You will eventually settle into a schedule and time for meal planning and regular exercise again, but it will take a couple months or more. In the meantime, focus on the basics and enjoy those newborn snuggles!

  31. Kathryn

    Be kind to yourself. Pregnancy and post partum time is hard. Its physically exausting, but also emotionally and mentally hard. With both of my kids it was over a year before I returned to pre pregnancy size and I didn’t feel like my body was “back to normal” until I finished nursing, which was at about 16 months with each. It can be so easy for us to criticize our bodies after pregnancy, but remember two things: 1) you just grew a human. That’s pretty amazing, and 2) this is a short period of your life. Enjoy it as much as you can, and focus on loving that baby!

  32. Nicole Sweeney

    Man do I LOVE this post so so much. It’s certainly hard, still hard 20 months post partum and I’m sure there are moms commenting on here 20 years post partum agreeing. But this time is different because you didn’t just gain weight, you gained a new title, a new love of your life, a new breath of life among many other ‘new’ things you gained that are not weight. Your body was working hard for 9 (really 10) months and now it’s continuing to do what it needs to heal you and nourish and comfort that babe. I try to cut myself a little slack and remember that maybe it’s not my favorite photo of me but it’s my favorite season of life so far so I must have some photos to remember just how tiny and sweet and snuggly that baby is. Congrats to you all. Also your hair looks much more washed than mine was for a few weeks after baby so that’s a win.

  33. Greta

    I’ve followed you for a long time and comment rarely. It makes me so happy when you post reality. It’s not always pretty but it makes us all realize that we go through the same things. I love this picture because it absolutely sums up the newborn stage which is really just all about survival. You are doing so great even when it doesn’t feel like you are. My only advice would be to not listen to anyone else but your own guy. When you do that, you will always be doing the right thing for your family. Hugs to you!

  34. Ruthie

    “I’m going to take it slow and have compassion for myself along the way, because it’s never perfect and it’s never as linear as I hope.”

    You are the wisest. I hope you take this approach not only to your weight loss journey, but motherhood altogether. My son turns 9 next week and it has taken me all of those years to figure that exact thing out… well, still practicing the self-compassion daily.

  35. Andi

    I’m so right there with you. I had my first baby March 2016, I wanted to be successful at breastfeeding, but everytime I tried to lose weight my milk suffered, so I figured I can wait until I’m finished. When my little girl was 8 months old we got pregnant with baby #2, but a few months in we lost the pregnancy. Depression weight gain followed, not much but add 10 lbs on top of my current baby weight. Thankfully, after 2 months we were pregnant again. I now have a healthy boy and girl….and 50 lbs to show for it. My boy just turned 1 and my body is 100% mine again. But now I have to try and get healthy again chasing 2 babies around. So yeah, I can relate. I hope we are both successful!!!! Love you guys! Thanks for letting us be a part of your family.


    This spoke to me on so many different levels. Before I got pregnant, I had successfully lost 60lbs. That weight loss was the reason I was even able to get pregnant. I was so careful all during my pregnancy and only gained a few more pounds than was suggested by my doctor. It wasn’t until I came back from maternity leave that I really gained weight. My postpartum depression got significantly worse once I didn’t have free time to workout whenever I wanted/could and from being away from my daughter.
    It’s hard to look at myself or take pictures with my daughter because I’m so unhappy with how my body looks right now. But every day I’m working on overcoming that, working to get the weight back off but also working to give myself grace due to me as a brand new, first time, working mama. Hang in there, girl.

    PS–James is so adorable!

  37. Elizabeth Carr

    Congratulations Family!

    Andy, you look wonderful. You have a post-baby body and you’re glowing. You’re exactly where your body should be. Just like this, right now.

    I know the impatience of wanting to get “your body back”. Honestly, mine didn’t really start “getting back” until after I stopped nursing (which really burns the calories, let me tell ya). Between hormones, water weight, being hungry all the time from nursing, eating for comfort – it’s ALL GOOD. It will take time, no matter what you do. It’s hard to remember that a couple of years in our lives is really such a small chapter. Just please, please remember your nutrients – I wound up not eating enough iron and had exhaustion/hair loss/etc and it made the journey so much more harder. And water, water, water.

    Enjoy every precious moment, from the little fantastic joys to the excruciatingly hard times – remember to laugh and ask for help. Record/film it all – go nuts.

    Love, Beth

  38. Diane

    First …congratulations!! He looks a beautiful, amazing little creation, a creation that will push you to the edge whilst at the same time as filling your heart with love and joy. Parenthood is the most tiring, frustrating, terrifying and most incredible thing you will ever undertake….good luck. With that in mind, be kind to yourself! You are so strong ….when the time is right and if reshaping your body again is important, you will accomplish it but make it something you want to do, not feel you have to do. Best wishes to you all x

  39. Cate

    Please be compassionate with yourself and remember all the amazing work you & your body have done to grow and give birth to another human! As someone above said, give yourself at least 9 months to feel some semblance of “normal” again, whatever that means (and I love the suggestion of 18 months even more!!). The stress of sleep deprivation and stress of all the life changes related to becoming a parent (and the changes in your marriage and life in general) are no joke and are a continual process of adjustment. They can also wreck havoc on eating & exercise habits, because you are exhausted! My kids are teenagers now, but you never forget how hard (and beautiful) those early days, months and years were. If you can accomplish one thing off of your “to-do” list per day, besides feeding yourself and baby, then that is amazing! Your postpartum body may never be the same as your pre-baby body and that’s ok. xo

  40. Michele

    I LOVE seeing and reading this! So many friends just lost their baby weight – it’s like it fell off; in fact, that’s what they have said. Or they said nursing made all the difference; it made ZERO difference for me, not to mention 2 of our babes were preemies, in NICU and I COULDN’T breast feed them for a few weeks. Anywho, I cannot wait to follow your journey; I have FINALLY begun losing the weight (let’s not mention my oldest is 22); but dang, losing weight is SO FREAKING HARD!

    I work out 4-5 times per week but that’s not how you lose weight, it’s all in the nutrition!!! You’ve got this; can’t wait to walk the journey from afar! And Daniel’s right; might be your favorite fam photo. :D

  41. Angie

    Love that is was the foil that woke him up! That sums up Motherhood in a nutshell. Somehow they just know
    Congratulations! Beautiful family!

  42. Nancy

    First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL at any weight and don’t forget that. Please don’t focus too much on your weight and enjoy this wonderful time because you will NEVER get it back. I have 4 kids 15-22 and I would go back in a minute. You have nurtured and grown this beautiful baby boy! How amazing is that? My other recommendation is TAKE PICTURES!!! I have always avoided or have been the one taking them and now I wish there were more showing me loving on my kids. Congrats Andie! Enjoy!

  43. Mimi

    You are so beautiful! Women don’t give themselves enough credit after going through labor, delivery, and 40ish long weeks of pregnancy. I know I didn’t until many months after my daughter was born, she is now almost 2. Women are so brave and strong and amazing, we don’t get enough credit for the ability to grow humans! After I had my daughter I just expected my clothes to fit like normal shortly after she was born. I hated only fitting into maternity pants. I felt ugly. Looking back I now realize the hormones were (mostly) to blame and I was just having a hard time adjusting to my new mom life. I now realize I should’ve just focused on my amazing new daughter and I just needed to be patient in losing the baby weight. I did eventually lose it. Post-partem everything can be SO hard. Being a new mom gets easier and easier as the months pass. You’re doing an amazing job. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family.

  44. Julie

    You are a brave, beautiful and loving mother. Continue to be as compassionate with yourself as you are with others. James and Daniel are very blessed.

  45. Lauren

    Congratulations! I am 50 and my son is 16 and daughter is 11. With my daughter I gained 40 pounds ( I’m 5’0 and have always struggled with 10 to 15 pounds).
    After she was born I consciously chose to just accept the weight, live happy and diet when I was ready. I breastfed . No weight loss, but I was ok with it. After my daughter turned 1, I decided it was time to get healthy. Still a struggle with food at times, but that’s my own emotional eating stuff. So, guess I’m just trying to say…. there’s no rush. Healthy weight loss will always be there for you when you are ready.

  46. Annie

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and have obviously been gaining weight. Even knowing that this is what my body should be doing, I feel anxious about how I look and how hard it’s going to be to lose weight post-partum. It’s great to hear about other mothers being gentle with themselves and not shaming themselves for something like weight. Our bodies can do amazing things and make amazing people, and there’s no reason to hide them away.

  47. Abbi

    Beautiful momma!!! I always yo-yo with my weight, and right now it is at a high point. My husband and I were going to wait to start our family until I was at a more comfortable weight but I’ve learned you can’t put your life on hold for a number on a scale! So we are jumping in! I will be here cheering you on from the sidelines knowing I’ll be following in your footsteps! You got it!

  48. Rbee

    This post deepened my respect for you, Andie. You manage to be genuine, but not self deprecating, about a tricky topic. I admire your stability and values reflected here…thank you for your example.

  49. skb

    Andie, you’re a beautiful, alive woman.
    My whole life I’ve suffered with my own weight, which was rooted in my mom’s suffering and subsequent obsession with her weight. Her story, at some point, became my story. But now I am breaking the cycle. YOU are breaking the cycle. If it ever feels hard, just remember that you are breaking a generational and cultural cycle, and it’s a big deal.
    Enjoy your son, enjoy your husband, enjoy your body, enjoy your FOOD, and fully enjoy all that you are.
    Sending you all love and support.

  50. Kate

    100% relate. My baby turns 15 months old this week (is he even a baby anymore? is he a toddler now? what is time?!). I had lost about 80 lbs prior to getting pregnant, and naively assumed I could just easily do it again as soon as I gave birth. Instead, I’m continuing to hover about 20-30 lbs higher than my pre-pregnancy weight. None of the diets I’ve tried are working and I can’t seem to recapture any of the motivation and willpower I had before. I went to my doctor a few weeks ago, convinced that there was something wrong with me — thyroid issues? Imbalance of some sort? She just reassured me that this is completely normal and to give myself grace and it’ll work out as life calms down. I’m trying to believe that and just take care of myself but it’s hard. Anyway, sorry for the rant…but just wanted to say that you’re not alone and I’m thankful that you’re continuing to share your journey! Reading your book was a big part of my motivation the first time I lost weight (maybe I should re-read it?) and I’m looking forward to following along in this part of the journey as well. And for what it’s worth, that is one fine-looking baby and you look great yourself!

  51. Alison

    This was just what I needed. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I haven’t had a baby, but after losing almost 80 pounds 3 years ago I have gained 20 pounds and am struggling to be kind to myself, not let myself spiral into eating terribly because I ate one bad thing and letting myself know I can do this. Trying to be kinder is the best advice we give one another…kindness and support because this is our body at the moment, it has done amazing things and can do so much and we can get back into the pattern of healthy eating and losing weight. You look great and your attitude is great.

  52. sarah Redmond

    You are wonderful and beautiful! and as Ellie would say “shiny” . Thank you for again being so vulnerable with us. Its why I keep coming back, why I love you! Motherhood is such a crazy journey. You will get there. You will have hard days, but also some of the most magical days where your weight doesn’t matter in the slightest. Enjoy that sweet man. Lilly is 12 and it was such a blur.
    big hugs

  53. Kate

    I totally agree with Daniel. Someday, you’ll look back on this picture and laugh at how you had never been more exhausted in your life and cry because your baby will be walking (or in my case, driving). My firstborn had horrible colic and I remember feeling like all of that sleep deprivation was making me crazy. He grew out of it and I must’ve forgotten about that time because I decided to have another baby, even after going through all of that. ;)

    It took me a long time to lose the weight and – I think you’re right – no point in beating yourself up over it. Focus on your little family – happy mom makes for a happy household.

    Sending you much love!!

  54. Dimitra

    Dear Andie,
    First of all I send you my best wishes for your beautiful family, I am very happy for you!
    I have been following your blog and your story for a long time, I have your books and I really admire you (and your mom!).
    I have never had serious weight problems (maybe because of my mediterranean nutrition, I am Greek and live in Creta Island), but when I am nervous-sad-dipressed I eat A LOT of sugar (I bake a lot, it’s my passion, but one slice of cake per day is not the same with five), so keeping my normal weight is not always exactly smooth and easy.
    During my first pregnancy I took 40 pounds and during my second 30 (I’m just 5,2 feet tall) and I lost most of them just by breastfeeding (thanks to the support I had to the hospital I had a lot of milk some days after) and the rest during the following months, no anxiety and no diets.
    Don’ t be anxious for your weight now, just enjoy your baby and your food, it’ s a period like no other. But please, don’t let your self forget your weight loss effort. Be kind with your self, be generous, but don’t forget your basic nutrition rules for a long time and mother nature will continue her great job with your body.
    I don’t want to sound “strict” though, the bad guy here. After all, you are trully amazing and beautiful just the way you are TODAY.
    And your did an excellent job.
    Enjoy it!
    Love and support.

  55. Rebecca

    Hi Andie,

    This one really hit home. I have a five month old and feel like the weight just won’t shift. I have a big belly, few of my pre pregnancy clothes fit and my baby is no longer newborn. Sometime I imagine people look at my baby, then me, and do the mental calculation that I should have lost it. I am moving more and trying to get on top of my eating habits but waking multiple times during the night seems to ambush my efforts. This baby is number four and I can say that it takes time, at least a year, to get back to normal. Hormonal things are going on as well – you just have to give your body the time to rest and reset. All pregnancies are different too; the same person can gain more in some pregnancies and less in others underlining how comparing ourselves to other mothers is completely futile.

    I understand your aversion to photos but I have to agree with all the comments. Having these sweet pictures of your James are priceless and testament to the amazing thing you’ve just done. It helps me to focus on the strength of my body – to have gotten through the labour, the fear and fatigue and pain to give birth is nothing short of amazing. I also try to banish negative thoughts (for some reason I keep going back to a Kelloggs cereal ad from the 80s about “pinching an inch” only wishing I only had an inch to pinch ;)

    Enjoy your time with James and take it easy on yourself. You’ll get there in time. Bravo to you three.

  56. Anna

    You grew a baby…..with your body!!! You’re still as beautiful as ever. And James looks like a real-life doll. :)

  57. Lynne

    Every time I see a newborn these days I cry… Tears of missing that feeling of cradling a little bum on my shoulder, making honest eye contact, smelling that lovely newborn smell….I remember people telling me to “enjoy these times” and thinking… “What?! my seemingly 50 hour days; chapped nipples, sleepless nights, wanting to smother my husband as he slept through fits of crying… It’s so overwhelming and way more than any “What to Expect” book could ever intimate. They let you take him home!!!

    You have a very important job to do – maintaining, nurturing and loving this new life that YOU made happen. You are a beautiful mom! I have no doubts that you’ll get your body back in top shape when you are ready. For now, get used to being a parent. Figure out how to manage your schedule, your sleep, your eating, your exercising, your relationships. Let Daniel help – more than you want him to!

    AND ENJOY THESE TIMES – It’s over in a blink!!! And then they’re 19 and 16 and you wish you weren’t so wrapped up in what’s next… Live in this day.

  58. lan

    Thoughtful comments… After giving berth,its time for going back to normal body figure that you always wanted,why not give it a go on this… many are having success in losing belly fat /weight loss and regaining their ideal body figure by this.

  59. Peggy

    It wasn’t around when I was postpartum years ago, but had Bright Line Eating been around then…I would have fallen into its brilliant arms! Beautiful baby!

  60. Shelley

    I love this post. Thank you for your honesty, and I can relate to this so much. I had my son 5 years ago, and it took a good year to get back to where I wanted to be, size-wise and fitness-wise. During this time period my husband took less-than-flattering pictures of me that made me think, hmm, REALLY? I also had a moment of crying in an Old Navy’s fitting rooms at 8 weeks postpartum because I grabbed a size that was two sizes bigger than my normal one and it did not even come close to fitting me. But I did get back to where I wanted to be, albeit slowly. Now I am 13 weeks pregnant with our second, and I can’t help but be a bit nervous about gaining all that weight again and having to lose it, but I know if I did it once, I can do it again. Many hugs to you. We’ve got this!

  61. Kate Miller

    I love your blog, what a lovely experience, beautiful James, your advice I will combine with this I am using for my best results, I hope in the future to achieve my weight goals and take it a little more with calm since I have anxiety about my overweight. thank you for sharing your gifts

  62. Haley

    You are beautiful! I’m so happy for you. I’ve followed you for so long and you are the ultimate inspiration. I read this when you first posted it, but I always go back and re-read your blog posts when I’m needing inspiration. I’m starting my journey again too. I’d love to know what you decide to do!

  63. Lisa

    I just finished your audiobook It Was Me All Along and you are such an inspiration! I have to say I’m so happy things worked out for you and Daniel too and a baby!!! Congratulations! My baby is now pushing 10 and in almost at my pregnancy weight without being pregnant. I’m hoping to use your recipes and wisdom to shed some pounds.
    Thank you for all you do!

  64. Alexa

    I just finished Chapter 10 of your memoir, in regards to the part about your adominoplasty and thigh skin removal. Do you wish you would have waited until postpartum to have these surgeries? I, too, lost 130 lbs and at 26 years old I’m struggling with the excess belly and thigh skin. When I spoke with a dietician, she was the one who suggested waiting until after I have children to have this kind of surgery. Your comment about having closure really stuck with me, and now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t wait so long.

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