6 thoughts on “petite_lasagnas

  1. Kathy Theis

    Hi Andie, Saw your first recipe post on Pintrest that lead me to your website/blog. What a beautiful young woman you truley are.. Before AND after your amazing journey.. I have two daughters and one is your age as well, so felt some so connection (not to sound weird) I Shared your website this am with a couple of my co-workers… Keep up the good work, Amazing recipes and of course your Fantastic enthusiasm about life… KT

  2. betty hines

    Just found your site. It looks so interesting Love this recipe! Also, Congrats on the healthy weight loss. Health is my hobby and passion!!! I am so frustrated at my friends that abuse their bodies with unhealthy habits. Then starve themselves to skinny down and wonder why they get sick. I look forward to more healthy, fun ways to eat old favorites.

  3. Julie Luker

    I love recipes and am always looking for new ones to try. I am looking for low fat and taste great ones.


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