Second Trimester Recap

Fruit Salad

At certain points during pregnancy, you start to feel like maybe you’ll just be pregnant forever. And then one day you wake up at 29 weeks pregnant and realize that it all went by in a blink. Somehow I’ve already erased the nauseous, exhausted memories of those first 3 months, which should serve me well when we decide to do this all again.

These days, I feel great. I’m happy, I’m energized, and I’m very, very intent on organizing every square inch of my entire life and home. Ask Daniel and he’ll tell you about how hard he’s tried to watch the World Cup with a wife who runs in front of the tv 200 times per game just so she can move decorative objects from one side of the family room to the other.

20 week ultrasound

20 week ultrasound! (you can see his profile on the right)

The most exciting parts of this second trimester have been getting to see the baby during our 20-week ultrasound (his little nose and lips!!) and feeling closer and more connected to him every day. In three months’ time, his movements have gone from feeling like bubbles in my abdomen (easy to confuse with gas pains) to full-on rolling, wave-like motions and kicking that even Daniel can feel. It’s as sweet as it is somewhat startling.

I’ve told Daniel a million times times how lucky I feel to have experienced such an uneventful, smooth-sail of a pregnancy. Physically, sure I’ve dealt with a lot of the common pregnancy symptoms you hear about—the heartburn, lower back pain, the itchy belly and boobs, and the aching, restless legs while trying to fall asleep—but really, nothing too bad. So far my most uncomfortable symptom has been the constant peeing. And I’m no stranger to having to pee all the time! For at least the past ten years, I have woken up multiple times per night to use the bathroom. But pregnancy has made things much worse—like peeing every half hour/hour—and I hate it.

Lemon Lime Glucose Tolerance Test

passed my glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks

During this trimester, I also weaned off of my antidepressant—the one I had been on for 6 years, the one I love because after trying four others with no change in my depression, this one seemed to lift the hopeless fog. With guidance from my doctor, I took about a month and a half (perhaps up to two months, I can’t remember) to slowly taper off of the 10mg I was on. Of course I was nervous. Thankfully thankfully thankfully, I felt fine. I didn’t notice a difference in my mood, energy…anything. I’m so relieved that that was the case for me, but I know how individual this experience is for each and every one of us, so please don’t just take my word for it if you’re considering going off of your own antidepressant. Talk with your doctor, always.


Before pregnancy, I never really cared for a number of the things I’ve since found myself craving, like lemon sorbet, key lime pie, and sour patch kids. Other cravings: banana cream pie, soft-serve ice cream, oatmeal…and I miss deli meats and sushi so much.


In the beginning of my second trimester I was still turned off by lots of wholesome stuff—namely veggies, and chicken that isn’t breaded and fried :)—but for most of this trimester I’ve had no real aversions.

Andie Mitchell 26 weeks pregnant

26 weeks

Weight Gain

As of my last doctor’s appointment, at 28 weeks—the start of my third trimester, I’ve gained 40 pounds. I didn’t think I’d say this before I got pregnant, but I feel really accepting of the weight I’ve put on. Of course, there are moments when I get anxious thinking of losing whatever I end up gaining in the end, wondering, will I be too exhausted to fight cravings and make healthy choices? Most of the time though, I feel pretty darn peaceful. I marvel at the ways that pregnancy has changed my relationship with my body, how it’s softened me, made me less self-conscious, and more intuitive.



12 thoughts on “Second Trimester Recap

  1. Joanne

    Andie, I’m SOOO so happy for you and Daniel! You guys will be such amazing parents to this little guy. So much of this resonated with how my pregnancy went, and as far as the weight goes, I was surprised by how much I gained by the end (like 50lbs) but it all came off seriously effortlessly, PLUS more, during breastfeeding after James was born. So in other words, embrace that peace you’re feeling with it. That’s awesome. I’m going to try to relax more for my next one too! XO

  2. Christel

    You’ve such a calm demeanor to your writing, Andie… I can tell you’re embracing every step of this magical journey. Enjoy every moment. It’s one of the most special times in a woman’s life. Ahhh… my baby is 26! I look forward to hearing about the rest of your pregnancy and lifestyle changes with a child added to the mix!

    Best to you and your husband,

  3. Erin

    Congrats on a smooth trimester, and especially passing your glucose test! Failing mine was the most heartbreaking part of my pregnancy. I felt so betrayed by my body and like my healthy lifestyle had let me down. Even though gestational diabetes is caused by hormones and not diet,I struggled with guilt over getting it and it hit me much harder mentally than the weight gain. I did a great job of controlling my blood sugar through a healthy diet and exercise while I had it, and ended up losing a few pounds in the 3rd trimester and gave birth to a healthy baby girl who is now 15 weeks old. It’s fun reading your posts and remembering going through all this stuff that led to her arrival. I am so happy for you and so excited to keep following your writing as you transition from pregnancy to motherhood!

  4. Lorna

    Really enjoyed reading this and it’s fun to share your journey. I know everyone works differently but can I ask which medication you were taking? Thanks

  5. Karen

    So very happy for you! You’re sailing through the pregnancy with flying colors. Your post brings back warm memories of those days thirty-something years ago for me, oh, how fast it all goes. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best! :-)

  6. Kath

    Glad it’s been a smooth sail! I’m 23 weeks and feeling pretty good myself. Can’t wait until my son’s kicks turn into rolls! I also craved sour patch kids (which is normally not anything I’d be interested in) but I also craved sardines so my body knows what it’s doing :)

  7. Melanie

    It was a while ago but-Me too-Sour Patch kids! The orange ones conquered nausea ;) and by the way you look beautiful!

  8. Rachel

    I craved sour patch kids during pregnancy too! I thought I was the only one- it’s such a weird, specific craving. I think it may be because of the delicious chewy prenatal vitamins. I’d take 2 in the morning then think about delicious chewy candy for the rest of the day!

  9. Belle

    You sound so calm and content! I’m so happy for you :-) It must be a relief to have the first trimester nausea behind you.

    You might find you’re more fatigued in your third trimester and, if that’s the case, make sure to take it easy and get lots of rest.

    You’re on the home run now, and will be meeting your little boy in a flash!

  10. Joan Dahlen

    I wish one of my daughters was thinking of having another baby. Your pregnancy story makes me want to be a granny one more time. I had five babies and I remember all the odd crvings. I also gained 40 pounds with my first baby. He is now a 6″5 grown man who looks alot like George Clooney, so maybe your baby boy needs those 40 pounds. lol. Anyway, you will be so busy with your baby and then in a few months so busy chasing him around that those 40 pounds will disappear by the end of the first year. Of course if all you eat are cookies, chocolate and ice cream, maybe not. ha ha Can’t wait to hear when your baby has arrived. I laughed at your pictures of all the things you now have for the baby. It looks like a department store ad.


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