She’s here

My best girl came to town.

My mum.

And though I’m usually chock full of words

when it comes to that woman,


the only way I know to accurately convey my joy,

this time, anyhow.

is andie mitchell 2011 (26)


andie mitchell 2011 (25)

and and

AndrewScrivani Photo Wkshop 008

and and and





30 thoughts on “She’s here

  1. Catie

    i made the cupcakes for the cast of the play im in, and they literally couldnt contain their excitement! i hope you had fun with your mommy! thanks for all the thinspiration too!!!

  2. Tracy

    Maybe its a MA thing, but I call my mother “Mum” as well. Mums are the best, mine is my best friend as well!

  3. Lyn @LovelyPantry

    I read this post and started tearing up. My mom just visited me also. We cooked and laughed and she jumped right into my life like she lived here in Canada with me. She’s awesome. I know for sure you enjoyed your moms visit. Treasure the moments. Great cupcake too!!! :-D


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